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LLS Chapter 71 – Chain Quest?

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Chapter 71 – Chain Quest?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

At the corner of the Warrior’s Guild, there was a clinic.

However, this clinic was not a place that anyone could enter.

This wasn’t because of the clinic’s regulations; rather, it was because of the clinic’s fees. The fees for this institution was more than a hundred times higher than normal clinics outside of the Guild.

Unless they were completely unconscious, ordinary mercenaries would never step inside this clinic, even if all of their four limbs had been broken. Even when they bought Healing Stones, they wouldn’t buy them from here. Instead, they would buy it from street peddlers outside. Although those mid-lower-ranked Healing Stones, which were produced from special-type medicinal beasts, gave less than par results and were crazy expensive, the prices were still ten times cheaper than the mid-average-ranked Healing Stones sold by the clinic…

It was said that the reason why the prices in the clinic was so high was the result of the decision made thousands of years ago by the Five Great Heroes that founded the Warrior’s Guild. The reason was not to earn money, but to remind the later generations to make use of their brains more in battles, so that they would suffer less injuries and refrain from being reckless fools.

Despite this, Yue Yang felt that this clinic was actually much better than Celestial Empire’s clinic. At the very least, there weren’t fake medicines nor practitioners in this place.

It was true that it was a little more expensive, but it was better in quality and authenticity.

There was also another point. The clinic didn’t offer different goods and prices to different customers; a prince and a commoner would get the same quality of goods at the same price.

After Yue Bing was admitted here to receive treatment just now, she had recovered very quickly. When Yue Yang visited her again, she had already woken up. Yue Bing was very excited when she saw him. She immediately ran up to him and hugged him, crying, “Third Brother…” in a choked voice. Seems like the young lady had gone through quite a bit of of suffering, and she was pouring it all out along with her tears at this moment. Yue Yang had to reassure her for a long time before Yue Bing’s sobs gradually calmed down.

Wiping off her tears, Yue Bing immediately covered her face with her black veil again and looked warily at Fatty Hai and Ye Kong, who were standing right behind Yue Yang.

After going through the betrayal of her own team members and receiving a surprise attack, Yue Bing had developed a wariness for strangers and was on guard.

“My, my name is Ye Kong, I’m Third Master’s guide,” Ye Kong hurriedly introduced himself.

“My name is Hai Da Fu, but people call me Master Hai. I am usually low-key. Even though I own a summoning grimoire and a Bronze-ranked, level 2 Iron Rhinoceros, I never boasted to anyone. I’m not that kind of person, little Yue Bing. You can call me Boss like the others. Although your brother is the group leader, I’m still his Boss. You can be rest assured, if anything happens in the future, I’ll cover for you. I guarantee that as long as I, Master Hai is here, nobody would dare to bully you. Look at my arms, this isn’t fat; this is all muscle… Ouch!” Before Fatty Hai could finish his words, he was already rolling on the ground, beaten up and stomped on by Ye Kong and the Li Clan Brothers. As he cried out in misery, he seemed to resemble a pig about to be slaughtered.

“Third brother, why did you come to Tong Tian Tower?” Yue Bing asked seriously. Now that she finally saw her brother, whom she had not seen for a long time, he looked strong beyond measure. He held an aura of unimaginable strength, which gave others a feeling of safety; like a tall mountain that they could depend on.

“Fourth Mother has been really worried about you, so she sent me here to bring you back.” Yue Yang reached out his hands and patted Yue Bing gently, smiling a little.

“I also wanted to go home, but my training here is not done yet. Without the Heart of Oak to raise my levels, my Treeman Warrior will never be their opponent.” Yue Bing was talking about was the Clan’s upcoming New Year’s Tournament which would test the capabilities of the younger generations of the Yue Clan. Yue Bing was determined to pay back the grievances that her parents and brothers had suffered, so she had come to Tong Tian Tower to train. If she went home now, she believed she would never be able to defeat Yue Tian and Yue Yan, who were both raised by Main Family of the Clan. Although her Treeman Warrior had risen to Bronze-ranked level 3, its movement speed was still very slow. Furthermore, Yue Tian and Yue Yan owned Treeman Warrior’s nemeses: fire-type beasts. They were also raised as the main focus of the Yue Clan; therefore, they even owned strong puppet-type beasts. Even if they send their puppet-type beasts to fight against Treeman Warrior, they would not lose.

“Don’t worry. I’ll accompany you to finish your training these two days. We’ll go home after that.” Yue Yang once again patted Yue Bing’s head compassionately. The Fourth House had been relying on this little lady all this time. Turns out that she had suffered all these years because the tragic guy was useless (although he had tried his best).

“Yes…” Hearing this, Yue Bing was extremely moved. She finally had an older brother she could depend on.

Although he had only just contracted a grimoire not long ago…Although he was still a level 1 [Apprentice], and only had a Thorny Flower as a contracted beast… He couldn’t even call out his Guardian Spirit Beast…

However, with a hidden talent like his own, as long as he trained diligently, he should be able to be successful. At this moment, the little lady Yue Bing was determined to help Yue Yang increase his battle capabilities. She was determined to buy a good fighting beast for her brother and bring him out to train, so that he would be able to maintain his reputation and showcase his hidden potential at the Clan’s New Year’s Tournament. Then, he would give off the impression to the Clan members that he was definitely not a useless person, but a hidden genius. At the same time, he would also give both father and mother the greatest of surprises.

Hui Tai Lang had been staying silent the whole time, but it finally felt that people had forgotten about itself.

It immediately walked towards Yue Yang and rubbed its head on his legs, wagging its tail, trying to win Yue Yang’s favour. Its actions give out the feeling that it was saying, “I want to welcome the Mistress too”.

Its appearance made Yue Bing jump with shock.

She stared dumbstruck at Hui Tai Lang who had two heads, a fire-breathing nose and a body that continuously emitted black aura, standing right in front of her.

Strange, this should be an uncontracted Wild Wolf…

“Brother, that…that?” Yue Bing stuttered, stunned more than ever, as she watched Yue Yang sent the boot-licking, attention-seeking, two-headed demonic wolf flying with one hard kick.

“Don’t even mention that dog, I get angry every time I hear about it.” The moment Yue Yang thought about how Hui Tai Lang had swallowed the Fog Monster and the Demonic Fireball, he felt like his heart was on fire. Those beasts all had Bronze-ranked level 3 demon crystals, but Hui Tai Lang had swallowed them without even asking for his permission. Hui Tai Lang, this fellow, was already so brazen out in the open in front of him, wouldn’t it behave worse behind his back? Previously, he had no time to pay attention to it, but now that he thought about it, if he didn’t beat it to death, he would be letting it go too easily.

“Is this Twin-Headed Demonic Wolf your beast, brother?” Yue Bing’s eyes cutely widened. She completely couldn’t believe it.

“I guess so. It’s called Hui Tai Lang, a greedy lowly mongrel who was born to be beaten up.” Yue Yang nodded.

“Aungg.” Hui Tai Lang scrambled back with eager jostling butt, wagging its tail. Although its level had increased very quickly, it was a pity that its intelligence couldn’t catch up. It probably had the intelligence of a dog.

“How did you manage to get it, brother?” Yue Bing didn’t believe there would be a Fighting Beast Store that would put a Bronze-ranked level 5 Twin-Headed Demonic Wolf on sale. Even if there was, it wouldn’t be so tame. How could there be a Bronze-ranked beast that was willing to be kicked flying? If it was a normal Bronze-ranked level 5 Twin-Headed Demonic Wolf that had been beaten like this, its loyalty would have dropped to zero long ago, and it would have fled away without even waiting to be summoned in a battle.

“The story goes like this…” Yue Yang proceeded to trick the young missy again.

He began to tell his tale animatedly, saying that he had seen a beast egg selling for a discounted price of 5 coppers in the corner of a Fighting Beast Shop.

It was covered with dust, no one had shown an interest on it.

This Hui Tai Lang, had actually come out from the 5 copper egg that he had bought on a whim. When it first hatched, it was a weak Level 2 Iron Clawed Wolf. Along the way, it was unclear what it had picked up on the road (it looked like something that was shooting fire), and suddenly it evolved into a Bronze-ranked level 3 Ironbacked Demonic Wolf.

Then, entering the Tong Tian tower, it was also unclear what it had eaten, (something like a fog and something like a fireball), but it finally evolved into such an ugly beast.

Yue Yang then ended his story bitterly. Hui Tai Lang always stirred up troubles and was a glutton. It was a complete failure as a beast… These words, let alone Yue Bing, even the whole staff in the clinic had all turned into stone.

Who was he trying to fool?

Every single beast egg would need to be rigorously checked to find information on the beast inside. It would be checked so thoroughly that it would be impossible to have a more accurate result, before it was put up on sale.

Furthermore, they had also never heard of a beast egg that was sold for 5 coppers.

It’s not as if it was chicken’s egg!

“Where’s that Fighting Beast Store? We should buy every single 5 copper eggs from there, maybe there would even be a second Hui Tai Lang!” In this whole place, the only one who believed everything Yue Yang said was Fatty Hai.

“…” Ye Kong facepalmed. He was worried that if he associated with him too much, this damn fatty’s retardation would rub off on him.

One thing he was sure of was that: the only way Fatty Hai was going to die would be by his own imbecility; it couldn’t possibly happen any other way.

If he believed that he could buy a Bronze-ranked, level 5 Hui Tai Lang with only 5 coppers in a Fighting Beast Shop, he might as well daydream instead. In his imagination, there would probably be a strong beast that came to him on its own, who would want to form a contract with him dead or alive. Not only that, it also want to share its life with its master forever. Is that even possible? Definitely not. If it really was possible, bacon would rain down from the sky.

They had all seen naive and foolish people before, but none of them had ever met such a pig-headed, naive and foolish person as this Fatty Hai.

Buying another Hui Tai Lang with 5 coppers; only he would be capable of imagining something like that.

“No matter what, brother, you have a strong beast now. That’s a good thing.” Yue Bing was happy for her brother. With a Bronze-ranked level 5 Hui Tai Lang, when they return to their clan castle and fought in the Clan’s New Year Tournament, wouldn’t every single person from the castle be shocked with brother’s progress? Their mom and dad would also definitely be elated with them.

“Are you guys now going to the Blackstone Labyrinth to finish the quest of the Heart of Oak? Let me tag along,” A bright eyed Yi Nan suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

“Brother Yi Nan, did you find any related clues by chance?” Yue Yang smiled widely as he asked.

“Ah!” The moment Yue Bing heard Yue Yang called Brother Yi Nan, she almost fainted thinking about her brother’s sanity. She thought to herself: Seems like it won’t do a person any good if he had stayed cooped up in his house for a long time. Her own brother was so dorky that he couldn’t even differentiate between a guy and a girl.

“I have a chain quest, and one of the quests was ‘Heart of Oak’. My aunt said that if I could finish this chain quest successfully, I would at least receive a Gold-ranked fighting beast or item. If I finished it beautifully, then they might even give me two fighting beasts with intelligence. Do you guys want to join our team to try it out?” Although the bright-eyed Yi Nan was still fuming at Yue Yang, she didn’t forget to invite him for this chain quest.

“Chain quest?” Ye Kong almost went mad. You would need to hit at least level 5 [Grandmaster] to be able to receive chain quests. Could it be that this ‘Brother Yi Nan’ was actually a level 5 Ranker?

“Increasing fighting beasts’ intelligence?!” Fatty Hai’s mouth opened wide, causing drools to flow down like a waterfall, flowing until a distance of at least 1000 metres…

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