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LLS Chapter 70 – Understanding while acting confused.

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Chapter 70 – Understanding while acting confused.
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Taffy and Sephillia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Luo Hua City’s Mistress beckoned towards Yue Yang, signalling for him to come over.

First, being full of curiosity, she sized up Yue Yang. Then, she looked at the crescent blades he seized from the Demon General and Hui Tai Lang who had turned into a Two-headed Demon Wolf. She lightly chuckled, “How come everyone’s injured after the fight, yet you look like you’ve just gone for a vacation?”

“I am an advocate of Pacifism.” Yue Yang repeatedly stressed this point.

“The problem is that the Abyss of the demon doesn’t know that you are a believer of Pacifism right…Don’t tell me that this sword was picked up.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress heartily laughed.

Laughing was Luo Hua City Mistress’ unique trait. A normal girl would laugh in a reserved manner, especially if one was a lady. They would not show their teeth when laughing, and emphasised on manners, intention, upbringing, etiquette and other factors. However, she was an exception. She would laugh whenever she wanted to, not caring about any manners and would laugh unrestrainedly. Her smile was as brilliant as a flower, the sound as crisp as a bell, resounding in the heart. It had a kind of sincerity that could not be explained, causing people to feel extremely generous and truthful.

Yue Yang originally did not hold any twisted thoughts about her. But, seeing how moving this lady’s laughter was, he inexplicably started to feel mischievous, and joked around, saying, “No, how could it be possible for me to pick this up? This thing is a magic equipment, how could I have picked it up from the ground? This was a gift given to me by a witch, I guess she fell for me!”

Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others did not dare to speak, much less laugh.

They suppressed it with their lives, and it was extremely hard for them to hold it in.

“A witch gave this to you?” when Luo Hua City Mistress heard about it, she continued to laugh harder, “Did the Bloody Witch give it to you? Why did she only give you a crescent blade, and nothing else?”

“No, the Blood Witch is a low-level little witch, how would she know that I had such an amazing talent? It was a hot demon queen with unique Divine Eyes that was using these crescent blades to press against my neck, wanting to kill me. At the very last moment, I decided to flaunt my talent, and let her understand that killing me would be the greatest loss to the three worlds. You don’t know this, but by softly reciting a poem, her pair of crescent blades fell on the ground with a “dang” sound. The beautiful devil queen was overflowing with tears, crying until she was nearly dead. It was difficult for me to calm her down, and finally, she gave this pair of magic equipment as a memento for me. While tears were still welling up in her eyes, she sincerely told me this with great passion, ‘I sent my love away with tears on my face, hating that we met but can’t wed’… Her miserable sobs were so pitiful that the heavens might grieve along with- Ow, who hit me?” As Yue Yang was feeling full of himself, a person in the crowd suddenly rushed out and threw him a flying punch.

“You shameless guy, still trying to fool everyone here. Don’t listen to him, this joker’s poems are all plagiarised!” The person who rushed out from the crowd was the bright-eyed thief that Yue Yang had once flirted with.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not it’s plagiarised, but it sounds pretty good.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress laughed heartily, and praised Yue Yang’s sentence slightly.

Following that, she looked at the bright-eyed thief again, and with a little bit of curiosity, asked, “Eh? Yi Nan, why are you dressed like this? Do you know him?”

Without waiting for the bright-eyed thief to speak, Yue Yang hugged the sweet smelling bright-eyed thief’s shoulder, laughing loudly, “Of course, brother Yi Nan is my partner, we have promised to co-write a girl’s encyclopedia together, bringing blessings to every single person on this continent and save all the lost boys around. Our noble friendship was not only limited to spending the night together on Merry Forest Inn, we are also very compatible and always helped each other. You definitely didn’t know that Brother Yi Nan and I had the same way of thinking, and that is to have all the beautiful girls in this world…”

Brother Yi Nan?

Fatty Hai felt an urge to commit suicide on the spot. How could this Yi Nan be a guy?

Ye Kong had also realised that the Yue Clan third master was not only useless in contracting beasts, he was also useless in seeing through other people.

He had heard from others that Yue Yang had rejected an engagement with a miss from the Xue Clan, but Ye Kong didn’t quite believe it. The Xue Clan’s miss was such a nice girl, why would anyone reject her? Now Ye Kong finally understood a little. This Yue Clan third master had no eyes for women. His eyes must be blind.

Where on earth would there be a brother with such beautiful looks, perfect body, and sweet smell like this Yi Nan over here?

“Get your damned hands off me!” The bright-eyed thief who was called Yi Nan by the Luo Hua City Mistress elbowed Yue Yang on his ribs, and while grasping Yue Yang’s collar preparing to hit him again, she suddenly saw Yue Bing who was carried on Yue Yang’s back. She immediately stopped and asked, “Who is she?”

“Cough, cough, bro..brother Yi Nan, this is Yue Bing, third master’s sister.” Ye Kong felt that he was obliged to relieve Yue Yang from the situation.

Otherwise, later on, jealousy would probably break out.

It was a misunderstanding that could be cleared with a sentence, he hoped that it wouldn’t cause a bad outcome.

Indeed, when the bright-eyed Yi Nan heard it, her attitude took a 180 degrees turn. She quickly held Yue Bing and grumbled to Yue Yang, “Why are you carrying her on your back? What’s wrong with her? Did she faint from overusing her mental capacity? I have an idea, wait for me here. Luo Hua County Princess, Yi Nan needs to save a person first, I’ll catch up with you later.”

Hearing this, Yue Yang asked curiously, “Aren’t you City Mistress? When did you rise in rank and become a County Princess?”

Luo Hua City Mistress laughed out loud and explained, waving her hands, “Seems like you really don’t know anything. County Princess is my identity, that indicates my status as someone’s daughter, who had no use whatsoever. Do you know how many Princesses and Princes there are in the Soaring Dragon Continent? How many County Princesses are there? If you add them up, the number would be more than 200. Aside from the Three Royal Families, the other Princes, Princesses and County Princesses from the smaller countries are all worthless… But City Mistress is different. It proves your worth as a Ranker, because you must at least be a level 6 before you could be conferred the position as the governor of an area. It’s better if you just keep calling me ‘Luo Hua City Mistress’, I like that name.”

“But County Princess sounds pretty cute,” Yue Yang paused, before switching to another question, “Can any level 6 ranker become a governor?”

“Theoretically, yes. But some people only have military skills, and have no administration skills, so they wouldn’t make a good governor. Oftentimes, they would simply took up a position as a general that practically had no duties. Actually, as long as one reached level 5, they can advance to a deputy general, a position who didn’t have to do any duties. Apart from going to wars or invading the Abyss to resist against the demons, they’re free to do whatever they want. Oh right, my city is still missing a guard captain, Want to try it out?” Luo Hua City’s mistress laughed.

“As they say, ‘soldiers that don’t want to become generals aren’t good soldiers’. I’ll refrain from becoming a guard captain so that I can just become a general later on.” Yue Yang rejected the offer.

“I feel like your words are so teasing. If it were anyone else, I wouldn’t even care at all.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress didn’t really care much about Yue Yang rejecting her offer; in fact, she seemed to have predicted he would do so.

She lightly tossed a silver card at Yue Yang and smiled, “This is the award I give to your group. As for the awards, military service, and glory from the Warriors Guild, you guys need to go and retrieve those yourselves. I still have things to do, so I’ll take my leave first.”

Luo Hua City’s Mistress smiled as she waved her hand, and she floated away while carrying her three tailed snow fox, and leaving behind a fragrant scent.

Yue Yang noticed that the Luo Hua City’s Mistress’ skirt hem had become quite damaged. Clearly, her battle hadn’t gone all that smoothly. It seemed that her opponent had been quite bothersome, and it was fortunate that she hadn’t been injured. Yue Yang felt that she was actually quite formidable, as she had dared to resist the abyss, even while bringing only a few subordinates with her. If it had been anyone else, even if they were ten times stronger than her, they probably wouldn’t have dared to do what she did.

“Return to your senses already. Your eyeballs fell onto the ground, hurry up and pick them up.” The bright-eyed Yi Nan had suddenly come back at some point, and she gave Yue Yang a punch in the chest. However, her small, cotton-like fist hitting Yue Yang made him feel very comfortable instead.

“I also have the noble dreams you guys have about a world full of beauties….” While Fatty Hai laughed so hard that his fat began to jiggle, Yue Yang had an urge to throw him a punch.

“Do you have a hobby of being beaten up?” Ye Kong couldn’t bear that guy. He picked up a stick and smashed it hard onto the back of Fatty Hai’s head. When Fatty Hai collapsed, Ye Kong joined the Li Brothers as they charged forward and gave Fatty Hai a sound beating. They had just met after such a long time, what right did this dumb fatty have to interrupt it? What would his actions meant if he wasn’t seeking to be beaten?

“They are…?” The bright eyed Yi Nan was confused as to how Yue Yang would befriend such people.

“Ignore them, they’re just impatient because they’re young. They normally accumulate a lot of their energy, and any leak is unacceptable. Brother Yi Nan, you don’t know how how worried I’ve been for you these past few days.” Yue Yang warmly reached out his hand, about to grasp Yi Nan’s shoulders.

“Lies. I’m perfect fine, so what would you be worried about?” Yi Nan’s pale face flushed, but quickly returned to its original state. She dropped her shoulders to dodge Yue Yang’s shameless hand.

“I know you’re still a beginner; moreover, you have an introverted and shy personality. Although you are curious about women, you don’t dare to make a move. Normally, you restrain yourself so much that it becomes unbearable. If you continue on this way, you’ll end up having issues. That’s why, as a brother, I definitely cannot witness you keep going like this. I’ll help you….Yi Nan, as long as you did your first time, you’ll understand what a man should be. With your charming face, perhaps you might become my rival in the art of relationships. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you.” Yue Yang looked extremely sincere, and was prepared to drag Yi Nan to get a room and let him had his first time.

Ye Kong and the others were sweating profusely, pretending that they hadn’t heard anything.

Fatty Hai, who was sprawled on the floor, began to cry. What exactly did that idiot want to do? He could bring any girl in, yet he just had to take Yi Nan…

The bright eyed Yi Nan was so angry that her whole face had become red. She sent Yue Yang flying with a single hit and indignantly shouted, “Go die. I hate people like you the most, pervert!”

Yue Yang pretended to act confused as he pointed at Yi Nan’s huffing back and asked, “What’s wrong with Yi Nan? Why is he mad?” When Fatty Hai heard this, he was unable to endure any longer and began to sob loudly. “Don’t ask me, just let me die instead. I also hate you. You’re such an idiot, how could you just waste a chance like that?”

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      [ First, being full of curiosity, she sized up Yue Yang. Then, she looked at the crescent blades he seized from the Demon General and Hui Tai Lang who had turned into a Two-headed Demon Wolf. She lightly chuckled, “How come everyone’s injured after the fight, yet you look like you’ve just gone for a vacation?” ]

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