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LLS Chapter 67 – I’m Currently Pondering Over What Shivering Is.

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Chapter 67 – I’m currently pondering over what shivering is.
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

Shiro: Some changes. Little Wen Li -> Xiao Wen Li

Yue Yang’s actions had practically turned the Demon General insanely angry…

However, this guy was not a fool.

Even when he was extremely angry, he did not lose his ability to think rationally. He understood that this person, who could land a punch on his nose without him being able to react at all, was not a good person to provoke. He was definitely not as disappointingly weak as the other four people. Even with a woman on his back, he could still land a punch on him. This person would definitely not be an easy opponent. The Demon General brandished his twin swords and retreated thirty metres back before taking out his crystal to summon his beasts.

Seeing that the Demon General did not have a summoning grimoire, Yue Yang heaved a sigh of relief in his heart. He hated meeting opponents who had summoning grimoires. The protective shield that looked like an eggshell was simply too annoying. Not only was it impenetrable, it also allowed enemies to escape easily.

Thank goodness this guy did not have a summoning grimoire, but only two swords that looked like ‘egg swords’, a crescent blade demon soldier.

If everything went well, this guy’s ‘egg swords’ would be his.
(Seph: WoW reference Illidan Stormrage’s weapon, Warglaive of Azzinoth, nicknamed egg swords by the Chinese)


However, the twin crescent blade held by the Demon General seemed to be a little different from the legendary ‘egg swords’ in shape. It was not as curved and it placed more emphasis on one side, so that it would be able to deal more damage to the enemy instead of being just eye candy. But Yue Yang did not mind it at all. In fact, he was already drooling at the sight of this pair of magic blades. He had already determined that this was the Abyss’ version of the ‘egg sword’. Aside from the Lich King’s ‘Frostmourne’, the ‘egg swords’ of Illidan was the coolest looking weapon amongst all others. As the saying goes: “You will be wiped out when the ‘egg swords’ come out”. It could be seen how powerful the ‘egg swords’ were.
(Seph: It was an exceedingly rare weapon in WoW after all. Frostmourne is also a WoW reference, see below pic.)


Since he came to the Abyss, how could he live up to his own expectations if he did not bring the two ‘egg swords’ back?

“Hui Tai Lang, what are you waiting? Go on!”

Following Yue Yang’s orders, Hui Tai Lang immediately obeyed and moved.

On the other side, the Demon General’s strengthening-type summons had just started its strengthening process as Hui Tai Lang pounced towards him. The Demon General did not think that Yue Yang could be this shameless. Forget about the fact that he just sneaked an attack, he even set his dog loose on him to boot… Of course, Yue Yang did not think about it that way. Setting the dog on others was a noble tradition of the Ancient Chinese. If not for Erlangshen setting his deified dog on Sun Wukong, him taking down Sun Wukong would have been questionable.
(Shiro: Erlangshen and Sun Wu Kong are characters in a Chinese folklore – Journey to the West – the one about the monkey born from stone)

Therefore, letting a dog loose was very important.
(Seph: what kind of logic is this pls)

Now the Demon General was extremely depressed.

His summoned beast’s strengthening process had not been completed yet; it would need an estimated two to three more seconds in order to bring out its full power. Yet it was forced to stop fusing.

The Demon General’s body and his beast seemed to be tied by an invisible force, and both were unable to budge even an inch. This accursed human warrior just had to be a fool who specialised in combat techniques instead of contracting a summoned beast. This fool had beaten him up until he was completely disoriented and seeing stars. What made the Demon General truly furious was that in the next moment, this guy had stolen the twin blades from his own hands, and he was using them more fluidly than himself, slicing left and right, slashing up and down, spinning, circling, slaughtering, revolving the weapon in all sorts of manners, as if this pair of crescent blades were specially made for him to use. It was not easy to endure this youngster’s hurricane-like blows. When he had finally crawled back up, the Demon General found his entire body covered in wounds.

“Your ‘egg swords’ are not bad. It’s too bad the quality isn’t that great. How could a noble Demon General like you only use a Bronze-ranked magic equipment?” Yue Yang expressed his slight discontent.

“Human, you have completely pissed me off.”

Although the human with the exquisite martial art techniques was extremely powerful, he did not have summoned beasts. This would be his fatal weakness.

Although the Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ironbacked Demon Wolf was powerful, it was merely a feral beast, and was nothing much to be fearful of.

As a Level 5 elite, the Demon General did not think that a human without any contracted beasts who focused only on battle techniques and a wild wolf with a slightly higher rank would be able to defeat him. Did this human think that by using the crescent blades to cut him apart, he would be able to win? What a joke. Did he not know that the Demon Race dominated the worlds due to their strong bodies?

As long as the heart was not pierced, as long as the head was not lopped off, then he could continue fighting without any drop in his strength.

The twin crescent blades was only used to assist his attacks. His strongest possession was his extremely tough body.

The Demon General took a deep breath, and thoroughly fused with his summoned beast, Devil Lizard.

His whole body started to change slowly. The curved horns on on his head grew longer and sharper, his fingernails turned into claws that could rend metals and split rocks. The muscles in his body bulged, and a layer of thick scales covered his skin. Behind him, his tail grew coarse and extended. At the end of the tail, a sharp barb grew as well. The two thin flesh wings that grew on his back helped him glide further in mid-air after a jump…

Yue Yang saw that the Demon General’s toenails, which could lengthen or retract at his will, actually carved out numerous deep indentations on the black stone floor as it cut across the ground.

In an instant, he revealed an extremely astonished expression.

“Now that my **, strength and movement speed has increased by five times compared to before, shiver and cry, you weak, powerless human.” The Demon General burst into a loud laughter.

With a single leap, he flew towards Yue Yang from the skies. Yue Yang used the crescent blades to meet his attack, but was easily repelled by the Demon General’s palm. The sharp crescent blades could not even cut through the solid scales on the Demon General’s palm; it could only carve out a single, insignificant wound… Raising his other hand, the Demon General seemed to rend the sky apart as he brought his claws down onto Yue Yang. Yue Yang hurriedly turned around, using the other crescent blade to defend. The Demon General laughed as he pushed against the sword, applying pressure with his strength as he forced Yue Yang’s body towards the ground. Suddenly, a tail full of barbs flashed in front of Yue Yang’s face like a viper.


With a backflip, Yue Yang narrowly dodged it.

Instead, the ground where he had been before was smashed to pieces by the barbed tail.

At this time, Yue Yang showed an astonished expression on his face, just like a country bumpkin who had just moved to a big city and saw airplanes for the first time.

“Shivering already, weak little human?” Pleased with himself, the Demon General summoned another beast, a fireball, and let it ignite on his claws. Originally, this was supposed to be used to enchant the crescent blades, but the magic equipment was stolen by Yue Yang. He had no choice but to apply the enchantment on his claws instead. However, the enchantment power wasn’t any weaker.

As long as he could scratch this human boy with his claw, the Demonic Fire Beast would incinerate him.

Seeing Yue Yang backing off, the Demon General was pleased and laughed loudly.

Soon after, he chased after Yue Yang at a lightning-fast speed. He raised his flaming claws and slashed downwards at him.

However, the binding power that the Demon General could not comprehend appeared again. He felt the sky spinning at the same time, and when the Demon General could finally react, he found his whole body had been thrown down onto the ground. A tall ox-headed human warrior was looking down at himself. Its eyes were as red as fire… The Demonic Fire Beast between his arms let off a ‘Bang’ sound and separated itself from his body.

It had turned into a demonic fireball, rolling on the ground.

Before the Demon General had time to understand what was going on, he saw a ferociously huge cow hoof stepping down on his face with great force.

After waiting for a long time, Hui Tai Lang saw the Demonic Fire Beast that exploded due to the appearance of the Barbaric Cow Shadow that used its Death Gaze to instantly kill it. It rushed up and swallowed this Demonic Fire Beast’s carcass into its stomach whole.

“You lowly prodigal dog, eating anything you find, did you think you’re a government official, getting food served to you everywhere you go?” When Hui Tai Lang swallowed the Demonic Fire Beast’s carcass, a blaze appeared around its body, burning brightly on his skin. Weirdly, another head popped out from its neck, and within two minutes, Hui Tai Lang had completely assimilated the energy from the Demonic Fire Beast, officially rising to become a Bronze-ranked Level 5 Two-headed Demon Wolf.

It was evident that Hui Tai Lang was not used to its new body after its evolution, which had two heads. It was slightly uncomfortable when it walked, and when the two heads looked at each other, they had frightened expressions on their faces. Finally, after observing itself over and over again and it confirmed that another head had sprouted from its body, Hui Tai Lang’s four eyes turned white at the same time and it fainted to the ground.

Yue Yang was speechless.

He reckoned that Hui Tai Lang was the first beast in history from the wolf race, or even the entire world of beasts to have frightened itself so much that it fainted.

With this little courage, it would be hard to visualise it succeeding in the future.

On the other hand, the Barbaric Cow Shadow, who did not know what fear was, kept ruthlessly stamping onto the Demon General who was out of eighteen lifetimes’ worth of luck. Under her brutal hits, the Demon General did not have any chance to counterattack. Even if he could counterattack, it would be completely useless; because blinking her doe eyes and watching the show from one side, was Xiao Wen Li.

However, the true reason why the Demon General was completely out of luck was Yue Yang’s sword qi.

With a stream of Yue Yang’s sword qi, he easily penetrated the Demon General’s weakest spot, his heart.

“With everything I have, I offer up to the Great Demon King Baruth, long live the Demon King… “ The Demon General fell into despair and shouted this loudly. Following this, his muscles started to deform oddly, and his stomach stuck out. His demonic qi had rapidly condensed into a sphere that covered his entire body.

“Could you please be quiet for a while? I’m currently pondering over what ‘shivering’ is.” The Demon General was thinking of self-destructing, but Yue Yang did not have time to bother with him.

On the contrary, Xiao Wen Li who was spectating for the good half of the time was unable to stand the Demon General any longer. She summoned the Petrifying Medusa out, and with a single arrow let loose from the Petrifying Medusa, the Demon General who did not die after being stamped on for quite a long time by the Barbaric Cow Shadow and was preparing to self destruct was instantly turned into stone.

The Barbaric Cow Shadow stamped wildly on the Demon General a few more times. The Demon General had met a truly tragic death; turned into stone and then shattered to pieces.

“Do I immediately contract with it, or grab hold of another gold grimoire before contracting with it? Why did Shi Ming not send me a gold grimoire, the grade of the silver grimoire is simply too low!” Yue Yang who was never content with what he had had completely forgotten that his own summoning grimoire was only Bronze-ranked Intermediate. It was two levels lower than this Silver-ranked Intermediate grimoire.

If he contracted a Secondary Grimoire, would he be able to get another innate skill and Guardian Beast?

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      It’s important to note that in China, the release of Wrath of the Lich King was delayed by 2 whole years. That’s right, while western players were awaiting the release of Cataclysm, Chinese players had yet to move on.

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