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LLS Chapter 65 – Perilous Situation

Chapter 65 – Perilous Situation
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: The poor guy, Brian and Rango
TLCed by: Zaza, Shiroyukineko

TL Note: Luo Hua City’s Master has been changed to Luo Hua City’s Mistress because it fits better.

By contracting in front of everybody, a Secondary Grimoire could be obtained. However, even an idiot would begin suspecting him.

Especially since he had already contracted with a Bronze Grimoire before. How would he explain a contract with this Silver Grimoire right here and now in front of the public, to the beautiful woman, Yue Bing, and the others? Contracting in front of the public. What kind of reaction would the Feng, Xue, Yan and other clans have? What if another Innate pillar of light shone out for everyone else to see? Or what if contracted grimoires could only be bronze grimoires? Would contracting with a silver grimoire in front of the public, cause suspicions to be raised in the hearts of the crowd and Luo Hua City’s Mistress?

But what if he did not contract now and lost out on this chance; could he re-contract another one again?

If he could not, then he would be overwhelmed by tragedy…

After struggling in his heart a few times, Yue Yang finally rejected the notion of immediately contracting this Secondary Grimoire. It was good to be special, but if people found out then it would do him no good.

As Yue Yang rejected the Silver Grimoire, he was scared that he would really have no chance of ever being able to do so again But who knew that the message still existed, it was as if a sentient being was calling out for him, causing his heart to be both surprised and pleased.


Even if he did not contract now, it was not akin to missing out on this chance altogether. Later on, after finding a spot with no people, he would contract with this Silver Grimoire…

Right, now what was this mysterious black metal fragment?

As Yue Yang was preparing to use his Divine Vision to investigate it, Luo Hua City’s Mistress suddenly threw another small Silver Decree across, “Little Thief, I order you, Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, Xue Tan Lang, the four of you, to be the group captains for the expedition to the Abyss. Pick five elites now. Anyone will do.”

“Me?” Yue Yang’s face was even more bitter than a bitter gourd.

He had only wished to carry Yue Bing, leave this messed up battlefield, find someplace where there was nobody around, and contract with the Silver Grimoire.

As for great tasks like this; a campaign to slaughter hell’s demons, just leave it to the young Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang. If he were to run with his younger sister into the Abyss, what would he do if he were to come across a terrifying Demon Lord Class elite? Even if he did not meet them, the Abyss was not a place to play around in… However, to Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun and Xue Tan Lang, Luo Hua City’s Mistress’ order was absolute. While Yue Yang was still hesitating, the three of them, brimming with killing intent, had already picked the Golden Armour Guards or the best Silver Armour Guards and gone over to counterattack in the Abyss.

Entering the Abyss to attack the demons, this was the greatest honour for any warrior of the Soaring Dragon Continent.

Ye Kong, Li Qie and Li Ge were so excited that their bodies were trembling. They saluted, saying, “Captain, we’re already ready!”

“You want to subdue the Abyss? The three of you with your current condition, would probably be enough to get stuck in between a demon’s teeth, no?” Yue Yang rolled his eyes as he heard this. Although he had seen foolish people, he had never seen those that were foolish to this extent. If they wanted to court death, going to Yu Long Valley to feed the worms would do. Why was it necessary to go into the Abyss?

“I won’t request anything else. Just that you can bring me into the Abyss. Even if I drag the weakest green-skinned demon down with me, it’ll do.” Ye Kong was normally very rational, but once he heard of conquering the Abyss, his intelligence dropped into the negative region. He hugged Yue Yang’s thighs, unwilling to let go until he dragged him into the portal. Actually, it was not only him, but even Li Qie and Li Ge became blood-thirsty berserkers, staring at the portal while brimming with killing intent.

If not for needing Yue Yang as a team captain to lead them in, they would have already rushed in and fought the demons with their lives.

“If you want to go then just go. I’m not going.” Yue Yang was probably the first warrior ever in Soaring Dragon Continent’s history who had rejected going into the Abyss to kill demons.

“You can put the girl on your back down. We swear that we will definitely ensure her safety.” A Silver Armour Guard thought that Yue Yang was worried that Yue Bing who was carried on his back would be in danger, and took the initiative to offer to look after Yue Bing in Yue Yang’s stead.

“Nonsense. If I hand her over to you, I’ll feel much more worried.” Yue Yang had never heard of a situation where handing over a little sheep to a bunch of wolves would have a good ending.

“I’ve come late, all of you demons, come at me… Wait, let me enjoy myself first, I haven’t killed any demons before. Let me…Oi, son, why are you stealing my kills? Would you die if you killed one less? Do you know how much that hurts my, Master Hai’s, heart? My heart was born to exterminate demons, but with the kind of merciless blows you’re dealing, what if I get too depressed and kill myself? Can you pay for my life? Wait, good dog, leave this green-skinned one to me, I’m an expert in killing the green-skinned. I was born in this world to kill the green-skinned… Damn, you lowly dog… Ah, that’s not right, you’re a powerful and good dog. I didn’t see that you were a Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ironback Demonic Wolf. It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. Wait, why aren’t you contracted… My god, you’re my brother’s dog! I haven’t seen you for a few days, and you’ve already raised a level! Where’s my brother?” A Fatty who was three times larger than a normal person and was riding a white rhinoceros galloped over at an incredibly slow speed, wanting to kill demons. But with that speed, even a single hair could not be obtained.

After recognising Hui Tai Lang, he looked around, and finally spotted Yue Yang in the messed up battlefield and elatedly bounced down from the white rhinoceros’ back.

Due to his heavy weight, the ground had started to shake.

This, was the Fatty that loved to be called the boss, Hai Da Fu.

Fatty Hai, like a small meat hill, rushed towards Yue Yang with a rumbling sound that caused two beasts and three mercenaries to fly away as he crashed into them. Even the Silver Armour Guard got scared and quickly dodged to one side.

Yet, Fatty Hai was not conscious of the fact that he was a human tank. When he had taken a few steps, ran to Yue Yang’s side and patted his shoulders firmly, he even nearly caused Yue Yang to be thrown flat on the ground. “Brother, you were here? Why didn’t you notify this Boss here, and instead you snuck into this place to exterminate demons? Even if there are a lot of demons here, don’t worry, this Boss will protect you… Look, this is my beast, the Bronze-ranked Level 2 Iron Rhinoceros, as long as it stands on the battlefield, it’s an impregnable city wall. Who are these three? Are they your friends? Did they join the guild? All of you, call me Boss, I’ll cover for you from now on.”

“Who wants you to cover for us?!” Ye Kong was going crazy. This Fatty had almost no chance of survival on the battlefield, yet he dared to act as if he was an expert.

“Although your strength is quite weak, I will train you up. From now on, I, your boss, will carry you and pass the trials! After all, I’m the renowned Trial Clearing Prince of this Tong Tian Tower!” Fatty Hai did not recognise Ye Kong, who had lived for 2 years in a level of Tong Tian Tower, at all, and continued to boast.

“Trial Clearing Prince? Why haven’t I heard of you then?” Ye Kong suspected that this Fatty’s brain was made up of mushy beancurd, and one that had become spoiled rotten at that.

“Then you’re ignorant and inexperienced! Even if you go to a place with very little people and asked around, everyone would recognize who am I, the Young Master Hai… But don’t call me Young Master, it feels too tacky. Just call me Boss will do!” Fatty Hai was extremely fond of the word Boss.

“Who in their right mind would call you Boss?” Ye Kong and the Li Clan brothers’ mind nearly exploded when they heard it.

“When you see my strength, I can guarantee that you will sincerely call me Boss!” Fatty Hai snorted, full of confidence.

“Idiot, I can’t be bothered to talk to you. Let’s go to the Abyss, even with the magical formation sustaining the portal, I’m afraid it won’t hold up for even half an hour, we have to hurry up to see and learn more of the Abyss…“ Before Ye Kong had finished speaking, Fatty Hai shrieked as if he had been f*cked.

“Going to the Abyss? You have the Captain’s Decree? Wow, you really have it! Brother, you’re really worthy of being this Young Master Hai’s little brother, how awesome! Let’s go go go, don’t you know that I was born into this world to kill demons? I beg of you, please bring me along, at the very most I’ll let you be the boss for a little while first!” Fatty Hai patted his chest, causing ripples to form from his fat. Seeing that Yue Yang did not want to go, he immediately resorted to barbaric methods, desperately pulling on Yue Yang’s arms, insisting on pulling Yue Yang into the portal.

“……” Ye Kong felt a large amount of dislike towards Fatty Hai – the guy held no strength but liked it when people called him Boss. But seeing that he could use brute strength to pull Yue Yang into the Abyss, he quickly chased after them.

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong shoved and jostled Yue Yang, forcefully pulling him towards the Abyss. The fanaticism of wanting to conquer the Abyss in their eyes was scorching Yue Yang already.

Truthfully, Yue Yang was also a little curious.

It wouldn’t hurt to gain some knowledge…

Even if he could not win, he would only have to run at the very most. With the Abyss being that huge, how could he possibly be so unlucky all the time to meet Demon Lord class elites the moment he set off?

It was dangerous to carry Yue Bing and teleport into the Abyss. But, he could not feel at ease leaving her here in this messed up battlefield. Turning his head back, Yue Yang saw Yue Bing’s pale little face fast asleep, and a kind of tenderness sprouted in his heart that had never existed there before.

If he brought her along, he would be there for her. After all, she was his younger sister.

Since he brought her to the Abyss, then he must be able to bring her back to Tong Tian Tower safely, back to that warm little home, and back to Fourth Mother’s side.

“The few of you. If you don’t want to die, after you enter, don’t move around randomly, check the situation out before doing anything.” Yue Yang felt that Ye Kong and the others who had let glory and their hot-bloodedness rush into their heads would instantly die the moment they stepped into the portal. Even if there were a hundred more with them, they would probably be served up as dishes to the Demonic Army.

Ye Kong and the others were not fools. Of course, they understood this logic.

But as they examined Yue Yang’s serious expression again, the existence of a glimmer of warmth in that coldness could be seen. Although the warmth was only a thousandth of the warmth that Yue Yang had shown while looking at Yue Bing just now, they still felt a ripple of warmth forming in their hearts that flowed throughout their bodies. Their blood boiled with excitement as they nodded enthusiastically, standing at attention, shouting out, “Yessir!”

As Yue Yang stepped into the portal, he felt the scenery around him go black.

After the dizzy spell passed, he found himself in a land of purgatory with a blood red sky.

A round, blood-red moon oddly gave off a red light from within the black clouds, causing the sky to be dyed in a shade of crimson similar to the colour of fresh blood.

In front of them, on top of a reddish-black rock, innumerable demonic monsters stood there, densely packed. As Yue Yang saw this, he drew in a breath of cold air. The monsters in this place were estimated to be a force of at least a hundred-thousand… It would most likely be impossible to kill them, even if they stopped attacking and stretched their necks to be slaughtered by everyone, not to mention the endless reinforcements that would come after.

This battle, really seemed like a pain in the ass.

“Everyone, be careful. The Demon General has arrived. It’s hard to kill the Demon General since these types of monster normally have a summoning grimoire. We have to fight a decisive battle, by focusing on mass killing the weaker demons.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress released the white pillar that had been charged for a long time. A light pillar shone in front of her. Any demon who touched it was vaporised immediately, instantly annihilated to the point where no ashes were left behind. The light pillar’s killing effect was enough to destroy hundreds of the demons in the Demon Army in seconds, immediately opening up a huge gap within the densely packed region of demons.

“Lady Luo Hua is invincible!” The human warriors all cheered, with their morales greatly boosted.

“…..” However, Yue Yang was clearly aware that this white pillar of light could not be released more than a few times by Luo Hua City’s Mistress. Even after charging up for such a long period of time since just now, she could only reach this level of power. Now that the enemy was streaming towards them, and the current her, who had almost completely depleted her energy reserves, would not have enough time to condense her energy again.

“Try your best to kill the enemy. With every slaughter of a group of a hundred small demons, I will bestow on you the honor of being a ‘Demon Slaughterer’, and permit you to return to Tong Tian Tower.” Luo Hua City’s Mistress did not set a difficult condition. Her objective was to lead the human’s young elites to kill into Abyss as training, and not let these young elites with unlimited potential to die in battle for glory while slaughtering demons.

Training up the bravery, willpower and chivalry of these young people was her ultimate objective.

As for strength, or accomplishments, they could be achieved via ordinary trials.

“Ye Kong, none of you move. Only do so after I check the situation out clearly.” Yue Yang felt uneasy and nervous due to his sense of danger. If the hundred thousand demonic monsters here were all Level 3 and below, he would not have this sense of danger. Even if there were a few Demon Generals at Level 5, he would not feel his hairs standing on their ends.

Within the darkness, there must be another demon with much scarier strength hiding and waiting for the perfect moment to assault them…

This demon would more or less be a Demon Lord Class elite even if they did not count as one.

What if the strongest here, Luo Hua City’s Mistress was attacked? Relying solely on Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, Xue Tan Lang, along with himself and his four burdens, how long could he stand his ground for? Not only that, he was also carrying the unconscious Yue Bing on his back…

What would he have to do to get out of this perilous situation?

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