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LLS Chapter 645 – Mutual Slaughter?

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Chapter 645 – Mutual Slaughter?

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“Where the hell have you been?”

Yong Hui flared up when he saw Yue Yang, he flew down furiously and shouted, “Fight or not, where have you been for half a day?”

He was not only furious but also a little wronged. Just like a widow, secretly finding a partner and when he finally came, with the posture ready and preparing to relax, instead, that guy went to close the door for half a day, which angered him. Captain Yong Hui felt sorrowful and extremely bitter, did they think it was easy for him to coordinate? Firstly, he had to summon Sunny Sunflower, then the Spirit of Radiance and when the fight was about to start, the guy disappeared to god knows where.

Luckily, they were enemies and not friends. If not, Captain Yong Hui would be extremely furious.

The most saddening thing for Captain Yong Hui was that he had to spend 10 years in this water world with him. If Yue Yang did nothing but hide, what else could he do in there?

He was indifferent if they fought all day since he would not die, but if Yue Yang kept hiding, then he would be bored to death as he stayed in the water world!

Yue Yang remained calm and unagitated, he even smiled and said, “Sorry, I was rushing for the toilet just now!”

“You peed for half a day?” Captain Yong Hui felt that only an idiot would believe his lame excuse. He suspected that this guy was trying to stall time to wait for the summoning period to be over in order to fight. He used an arrogant look and smirked, “Don’t be naive, the beasts that I have summoned can at least stay for a month. If you have the guts, then hide for a month.”

“So it is for a month.” Yue Yang nodded, as if he understood something.

“…….” Captain Yong Hui found something amiss.

This guy, he would not hide for a month right?

It was useless to hide for a month as he could just summon another beast. The problem was, if Yue Yang really went into hiding, then he would have no one to talk to, and would be bored to death. It was simply too pathetic to be left alone in this water world while Yue Yang entered his Grimoire World!

Captain Yong Hui started to feel dizzy. Although Tong Tian Tower Rankers were not strong, their ability to contract grimoires far surpass Heaven Realm.

Even a Heaven Rank Level 4 like him did not have grimoire.

However, in Tong Tian Tower, anyone who claims to be an Innate would have one in their possessions. Moreover their grimoires were all higher than gold rank, which was totally insane. The ancient legend was right, Tong Tian Tower was a place where even a god would be jealous. Luckily, the strong warriors were gone, if people like the Prison Emperor existed, then Heaven Realm would not be at peace.

A million years ago, it was rumoured that the Heaven Realm was a battlefield where Tong Tian Tower Rankers fought…….just imagining that half of the Tong Tian Tower’s highest bounty came from Tong Tian Tower was enough to frighten others.

“Let’s start, no matter you or me, in this ten years, we should not think of getting out. We should take this chance to fight everyday. Who knows, maybe you will be able to reach Heaven Rank when you leave this place.” Yong Hui did not want to kill Yue Yang and even if he could kill him, he would not do it because he would go crazy due to boredom and loneliness without enemy or friends. He felt that the best way was to disable the guy and then make use of the guy’s recovery period to train his beasts.

He would slowly torture the guy while leveling up the his beasts. 10 years was plenty. Moreover he had the Green Dragon Pearl which was able to increase his beasts’ fighting strength!

After nurturing his beast, even Ye Xiao and Zi Guang would have to be submissive towards him.

Weren’t they only stronger than he because they had a grimoire, a Guardian Beast? Was what he thought..

Yue Yang randomly found a rock on the island to sit on and asked, “Since we cannot leave within 10 years, maybe we can converse normally. Even if we cannot be friends, we do not necessary need to be enemies too.”

Captain Yong Hui sneered, “If you are a Heaven Ranker, I might reluctantly agree to your suggestion. Unfortunately, you are just an Earth Ranker, the difference in power is too vast.”

Yue Yang did not waver upon his disdain, “Are there a lot of Sunny Sunflowers in Heaven Realm?”

His question sparked an alertness in Captain Yong Hui. He coldly stared at Yue Yang, “What do you mean, Yue Clan’s Third Young Master?”

Yue Yang explained, “It’s like this. If there are many more in Heaven Realm, then I do not need to snatch this beast. It is not really that great, but barely qualified. If there was anything better, then I would want a better one. In contrast, if Heaven Realm did not have many Sunny Sunflowers, then I will reluctantly accept this beast of yours as it is better than not having any beasts!”

Captain Yong Hui was furious. He laughed angrily, “Why don’t you snatch my Spirit of Radiance too?”

Of course, what he said was only an ironic remark.

In Heaven Realm, even an idiot knew that once a contract was signed with the Spirit of Radiance, it would remain loyal and nobody could snatch it away.

As a peak Level 4 Heaven Ranker with an enormous power, not beating a puny Earth Rank level 8 like him was already the best result, but he even dared to say that he would steal his beasts. He did not know whether to laugh at his arrogance or laugh at how he did not know the immensity of Heaven and Earth!

Captain Yong Hui felt that this Yue Clan’s Third Young mAster was a really spoilt child. Even though he possessed Nirvana Flames, World Exterminating Wheel, as well as achieving Earth Rank Level 8 at such a young age, he had a flaw. He simply did not know the difference in power, did not know that the Heaven Ranker in front of him could kill him by just raising his hand. Who did he think he was that he could say that he would steal his beasts? He was only a frog at the bottom of the well. He was only a young little brat, who was not even a Heavern Ranker, yet he wanted to steal his beasts.

“Honestly, I do not like the Spirit of Radiance because it has no intelligence. If there’s a way to increase its intelligence, maybe then I will reconsider.” Yue Yang replied coldly.

“Ah….are you having a fever?” Yong Hui first touched his forehead to make sure that he had no fever, hence he was not hallucinating.

He came up with a conclusion.

If he was not sick then it had to be the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master who was. Maybe he was a crazy person!

Yue Yang smiled. It was rare for him to speak the truth, yet he did it. Compared to Captain Yong Hui’s hidden beast, Light Speed Fang, the Spirit of Radiance was not that powerful. Yue Yang’s real intention was to get the Light Speed Fangs. The Sunny Sunflower and the Spirit of Radiance were not too bad and both could be useful for either the plant expert, Yue Bing or healer, Yue Yu.

Seeing the panicked look on Captain Yong Hui, Yue Yang simply took out the Demon Suppressing Pagoda and let Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu out.

He simply said, “One word, fight. All of you will continue to fight until I command you to do otherwise.”

He ignored their reactions and disappeared like smoke.

Captain Yong Hui saw the three-man group, Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu and was astonished, “What is wrong with all of you? Why are you all here? What is your relationship with the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master? Zhong Guan, did you make a mistake somewhere. He is our enemy, yet you are working for him!”

Zhong Guan sighed and replied, “No hard feelings, Yong Hui, this matter has turned rather complicated and cannot be easily explained.”

Bai Ma and Hei Tu started to summon their beasts, getting ready for a fight.

Seeing their actions, Captain Yong Hui became hurt emotionally, which side were these guys on? He angrily asked, “Zhong Guan, are you really going to fight against me? Did a donkey kicked your brains? We are all from Heaven Realm yet you are listening to the commands of your enemy to fight against me? Is he crazy or are you guys mad?”

“I know, you are the Captain Yong Hui! I am sorry, be it putting up a show or fighting for real, let’s just fight! To tell you the truth, you should listen to me and follow our actions, just surrender to the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. He is someone that we can defeat easily. It is just going to waste your energy and digging your own grave! What you said is correct, we are all warriors from Heaven Realm and had became sworn enemies with Tong Tian tower. We came here for money so why bother sacrificing our lives here?” Captain Bai Ma felt that since they had already surrendered and exposed the deepest secrets, there was no turning back. Hence, he did not mind listening to the commands of Yue Yang. Most importantly, he knows the consequences of defying Yue Yang’s orders.

“Yes, do not make things worse. The pride of being Heaven Rankers is nothing. If people do not want to give you face, yet you want it badly, that is much more shameless!” Hei Tu advised Captain Yong Hui to know his worth and try not to go against Yue Yang, unless he wanted to suffer greatly under Yue Yang’s hands.

“So what you meant is, you want a Level 4 Heaven Ranker like me to beg for his forgiveness?” Captain Yong Hui felt that something was amiss today.

Could he be dreaming?

If not, how could such ridiculous thing happened?

How did Zhong Guan appear in this water world, and why were all of them listening to the command of the enemy?

The thing that caused Captain Yong Hui to faint was that the three of them, Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu simultaneously said, “If you can do this, he will definitely accept your surrender…..”

“Spit, I’d rather die in a fight than surrender! I shall see for myself that who is going to kneel in front of who! With just three traitors you dare to fight against me?” Captain Yong Hui laughed, what was the use of three injured Level 2 Heaven Rankers? Even if they were not injured, Yong Hui would still be able to beat them up.

If this place did not restrict weapons and personal involvement, Yong HUi believed that he could heavily injure one of them in one move and finish these three traitors in a hundred moves.

Also, this was the water world which restricted his strongest power.

However, was not easy for three Heaven Rank Level 2 to fight against him…… A peak Heaven Rank Level 4 would always be stronger than three Heaven Rank Level 2.

Zhong Guan sighed slightly, “Let’s fight, let’s fight, I expected that matters would progress like this. Be careful, Hei Tu, you are not strong in water battles and if you are hit with the Yong Hui’s Light Speed Fangs, you will be dead!”

His words irritated Captain Yong Hui.

Yong Hui roared loudly, “Are all of you idiots? It is obvious that my powers are far ahead of you, yet you still want to listen to the enemy and fight against your own comrade?”

Captain Bai Ma cried, “You, you think we wanted to do this? We have no choice too, as compared to the torture from Yue Yang, that guy, we feel that fighting with you is safer. At least, there are chances for us to avoid the hits. Nevermind, I shall not say anything else, if I say any wrong word again, that guy would be able to find an excuse to beat me up.”

“…….” Captain Yong Hui was speechless, he had never seen such cowardly Heaven Rankers. Was he a Heaven Ranker or just some Heaven Realm Dwarf?

“Why are you all still bullshitting?” Yue Yang howled from the middle of nowhere.

“We will, we will fight now!” Hei Tu was petrified and quickly answered.

“……..” Captain Yong Hui was completely speechless, he thought in his heart that this guy was not a Heaven Ranker, he was simply a slave, a slave of the lowest rank, a slave that was not even equal with the dirt under his feet.

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      “He is not someone that we can defeat easily.”

      “He is someone who can defeat us easily.”

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  2. JayVlad Dark Heart says:

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