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LLS Chapter 644 – Secrets, and more Secrets to Come.

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Chapter 644 – Secrets, and more Secrets to Come.

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Based on the ‘voluntary answers’ from tall-hat man Zhong Guan, Bai Ma and Hei Tu, everyone finally understood the whole situation.

The truth was, the Heaven Realm Gate’s seal was not as perfect as they imagined it to be.

Somewhere in the Guang Ming Continent in the Tenth Floor of Tong Tian Tower, there was a tiny crack.

Every year, due to the turmoil of storms in space, there would always be a crack in that area. If a large amount of fresh blood was sacrificed, together with a firm control of space, sending one person from the Heaven Realm to Tong Tian Tower would not be a problem, as it had more than 80% of success rate. In other words, besides the Heaven Realm Gate that would only open in every 100 years, there was another pathway leading to the Heaven Realm through Guang Ming Continent. Sadly, the controller had been secretive.

This controller was none other than the Ancient Demon King.

Even the Guang Ming Continent’s Winged Clan had no idea of this secret because the crack existed in their God’s Graveyard.

When a Winged Clan Ranker died, a tiny crack would form in the deep space.

The Ancient Demon King who held this secret was in no hurry to look for helpers from the Heaven Realm.

For thousands of years, he had been more actively searching for his sealed body and a vessel for his soul, so as to restore his power… It was only until the awakening of Black Hell King, that Ancient Demon King realised that there was a high possibility that a second Prison Emperor had been reborn. However, by the time he was aware that the real successor to Prison Emperor was not Zhi Zun but Yue Yang, it was all too late. Given his current state, he could no longer kill Yue Yang. Furthermore he also had to hide from the pursuit of Zhi Zun……When Yue Yang came back from the battle in the Heaven Realm, Ancient Demon King quickly made plans to get reinforcements from the Heaven Realm and resurrecting the Ancient Demons.

The Charging Wolves Mercenary Group, the Clown Mercenary Group, as well as many other mercenary groups from Heaven Realm, had all accepted and agreed to work for the Ancient Demon King.

Under Ancient Demon King’s convincing but insincere words, all of them came to the Tong Tian Tower to participate in Ancient Demon King’s plans to release the seals and resurrect the Ancient Demons.

Thus, leading to the explosion of the battle here in Heaven Stairway…… Through Zhong Guan and the others’ story, Yue Yang were able to predict several future possibilities and also obtained the answers to the questions that he had been harboring for a long time in his heart. The Ancient Demon King definitely had many helpers and luckily, he knew a portion of them, otherwise, it might have been dangerous. Yue Yang had given up in guessing who the man Ancient Demon King was possessing. He was confident that it was that person…… However, where was the real sealed body of the Ancient Demon King? This was a question that Yue Yang needed to answered desperately. No matter what, he could not allow the Ancient Demon King to find his real body.

“Just now, you said that other than your party, there are two other parties here, right?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked.

“Maybe there are a lot more.” Zhong Guan nodded his head while carefully setting his hat straight, “But I have only seen Ye Xiao, Zi Guang, Yue Su, and Yong Hui’s party. There was one more which I have not seen but heard of. Anyways, only god knows whether the Ancient Demon King has a fourth team, even I do not dare to guarantee it.”

“Tell me more about Ye Xiao, Zi Guang and the people in their team.” Sky Disaster asked.

“You are not Heaven Ranked, we have the rights to reject your questions.” The tall hat man Zhong Guan was afraid to be arrogant in front of Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty but felt that they should still throw the airs of a Heaven Ranker in front of Sky Disaster.

“Are you asking for a beating again?” Yue Yang was angered. She was his sister-in-law, only he was allowed to bully her.

“Beat him, brother-in-law, give him a harsh beating!” With the support of her brother-in-law, Sky Disaster did not care about the Heaven Ranker at all.

“Hey, let’s not use violence, we can talk it out instead.” Zhong Guan could not be arrogant in front of Yue Yang, he quickly defended himself in fear that Yue Yang might really beat him up badly. He put on an act of honesty and said: “Ye Xiao and Zi Guang were originally warriors from Tong Tian Tower, they were Ancient Demon King’s subordinates. However, after the Heaven Realm Gate separated the two worlds, they could not return from the Heaven Realm. Hence, they formed the Ye Guang Mercenary Group, which had a fairly strong reputation in the Western Heaven Realm. After a long time, when the Ancient Demon King appeared, they returned to Tong Tian Tower again. Both of them are very strong, they are both above Heaven Rank Level 5. Their bounty adds up to 500 million gold or more.“
(Last: Ye Xiao means night owl, Zi Guang means violet light, merging them together makes Ye Guang – night light)

“In one of the region in Western Heaven Realm, Yue Su was once titled the king of air battle as he was extremely powerful in air battles.” Captain Bai Ma, whose face had been so badly beaten up that it resembled a pig, quickly explained to Yue Yang as well: “However, although Yue Su is a Heaven Rank Level 4, if loses his air superiority, he would be more useless than the 3 of us. Many warriors from the Southern Heaven Realm thought that Yue Su was a pseudo Heaven Rank Level 4. His real strength was only Heaven Rank Level 3, but as his aerial beasts were extremely outstanding, he was recognised as Heaven Rank Level 4. His bounty is not that high, it’s just 250 million gold. Compared to our 150 million gold bounties, his bounty is only higher by 100 million.”
(Last: Ye Su means moon lodge)

“How about Yong Hui?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked.

“That fellow, he is the leader.” Even though Hei Tu did not know as much, he didn’t want Yue Yang to feel that he didn’t contribute anything, so he quickly replied.

Zhong Guan explained, “He was a friend that Ye Xiao and Zi Guang made in Heaven Realm. I don’t know how he got his shitty luck, but he has three extremely abnormal Beasts. First is Sunny Sunflower, second is Spirit of Radiance. With these two beasts, it is almost impossible for him to die. Killing him would be harder than killing a Heaven Rank Level 5 warrior. The third beast is known as Light Speed Fang, it is a very strong beast. Together with his first two beasts, they formed a terrifying team. That fellow, Yong Hui, is even harder to kill compared to Ye Xiao and Zi Guang. The only thing that he lacks is attack power.”

“There should be more, right?” Yue Yang asked. Yue Yang had met Yong Hui and seen Sunny Sunflower as well as the Spirit of Radiance, so he was confident that this fellow wasn’t lying.

“In their team, there is another weird guy called Bei, another one called Wo Gua, and another one called Gu Deng. All of them are stronger than us. They are the strongest team. We only have four Heaven Rankers on our side, or rather we only have 3 Heaven Rankers. After reaching the third level of Heaven Stairway to revive an Ancient Demon, I was paired up with Thunder of the Center and arrived here. Hence, I am not very sure of the detailed situation over there. I am not very sure about the other parties too. It had been rumoured that they might still be in Heaven Realm as a huge amount of power is needed to transport them through space to Tong Tian Tower.” Zhong Guan reported. Actually, the reports he gave was not much. To Yue Yang, the only important information he garnered was the existance of that crack in space.

“Continue with the reports on Bei, Wo Gua and Gu Deng.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty decided to squeeze every last detail from them.

“Ah, we are not so sure. Heaven Realm is a very big place, bigger than you ever imagined. It is impossible for us to know each and every person.”Zhong Guan shrugged, indicating his lack of knowledge.

“Maybe all we need was just a gentle reminder, to aid your memory.” Sky Disaster clenched her fists and flashed a violent look.

She stood beside Yue Yang to make use of his authority to scare them and threw her fists in the air, trying to scare them.

“What are you saying? When we say we do not know, we really don’t! You are just a weak, insignificant girl. You are not even a Heaven Ranker and you dare to question us? As a proud Heaven Ranker, our words are as good as gold, and as long as we are willing to spill any secrets, we will not hide it away. Hence, you should never question our honesty.” Zhong Guan furiously shouted at Sky Disaster.

“Beat!” Yue Yang waved his hand and gestured to Bloody Queen Red and Ah Man to hit them.

“We really did not hide……”Captain Bai Ma and Hei Tu panicked. Wasn’t confessing everything enough? Why were they still getting hit despite confessing?

“Even if you were not hiding anymore secrets, you will still get beaten, it all depends on my mood.” Yue Yang decided to stand up for his sister-in-law. He was obviously avenging a personal grudge in the name of public interests. Mocking my sister-in-law? That was just seeking death. I am the only one who can shout at her. His expression was showing defense towards his sister-in-law without him saying a word.

“You are the best, brother-in-law!” Sky Disaster used her sweet high voice to compliment her brother-in-law.

“If anyone dare to bully you in the future, just tell me their names.” Yue Yang said as he patted his chest, acting as arrogant as the dragon slaughterer, Lord Shabak from the Legend of Mir 2.
(Shiro: Some online game)

“Okay!” Sky Disaster nodded happily like a newbie getting protected by the big boss, a very good feeling indeed.

What can Zhong Guan and the rest say?

They were just sacrifices in the process of his flirtatious actions. They understood it and had no choice but to be strong.

Anyways, they had already been beaten up numerous times, so a few more times would not matter.

Yue Yang did not ask about the Clown Mercenary Group as it would definitely arouse their wariness against him. Even if he were to interrogate, he would have to wait until their defense was down and then bring it up casually. Only then would he be able to make sure of the Clown’s true motives. Clown clearly knew the Ancient Demon King, they could even be best friends too.

Before the Ancient Demon King was reviving Ancient Demons, the Clown already sent a few of his subordinates. Furthermore, it was more than half a year ago.

So, what did this mean?

This meant that he obviously knew vital secrets of Tong Tian Tower!

Also, why would the Clown who originated from the Western Heaven Realm, travel all the way to the Southern Heaven Realm to form the Clown Mercenary Group? Why would Lionheart King from the Southern Heaven Realm collaborate with Clown?

All these doubts showed a distinct conclusion.

Clown was definitely not as simple as he seemed…

Yue Yang couldn’t rush the investigation of Clown right now. He had some kind of premonition that if he was able to unravel the riddles on Clown’s identity, maybe he would be able to understand the Ancient Demon King’s situation more clearly.

Surely, these two parties had an extremely close relationship!

“Come in to the Demon Suppressing Pagoda. When we reach Heaven Realm, pay the compensation fees and we will release you.” Yue Yang first made a promise, pretending that he was abiding by the Heaven Realm ransoming rules. Furthermore, Zhong Guan and the others also didn’t have any power to retaliate. They could only hope that this brat could quickly reach Heaven Realm so that they could pay the ransom fees and escape. Once they returned to Southern Heaven Realm, they would never set foot on this horrifying Tong Tian Tower again.

“What should we do now?” Everyone looked at Yue Yang, hoping that he would provide a good idea.

“Brothers from Demonic Palace, the battle here has ended. If you are tired, you can go back to rest or provide support to the others.” Yue Yang knew that these people were battle maniacs. They wouldn’t return just like that, hence, he gave them a mission.

“How about us?” Sky Disaster was unwilling to leave as she wanted to stay with her brother-in-law a while more. She felt that it was very exciting when she was staying by his side.

“Ah, we will be getting ready to beat up a big, big mouse.” Yue Yang turned his head towards Yue Yu and Yue Bing: “Yue Yu and Bing’er, I have an excellent plan, and I might able to get some good beasts for each of you. We shall judge the suitability of the beasts for each of you when we take it down!”

“What are we waiting for? Let’s go!” Sky Disaster couldn’t wait to leave. She didn’t even want the corpses of the Sandworm and Rock-horn Lizard.

“Help me get one Infernal Nightmare, you can set the price.” Sky Calamity did not manage to force the Infernal Nightmare to betray its master at the end. He grinded against his teeth and seeked help from Yue Yang: “I am willing to exchange with my entire assets.” He had great determination. For the sake of his beloved Infernal Nightmare, he went all out.

“Good, wait for me to finish this battle. Good things will be shared among everyone, just give me some time.” Yue Yang knew that finding another Infernal Nightmare was not a big deal. Even though Sky Calamity was slightly arrogant, he was still his wife’s family after all. Using an Infernal Nightmare to buy over his brother-in-law was quite a good deal. There would definitely be times when he would be of good use. Moreover, this brother-in-law was willing to use his entire asset to make an exchange. Hence, Yue Yang would not be at the losing end.

His words cheered up Sky Calamity as well as Sky Fury, Sky Assassinate and Sky Sword.

Without a powerful beast, it was difficult to increase their battle power and capabilities.

Sky Wrath and Sky Crime looked at each other.


Sky Crime kept the corpses of Sandworm and Rock Horned Lizard, then rushed towards Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s battle.

Even though Hui Tai Lang was supervising together with two Abyss Manatees, due to the inconsistent changes during battles, they could only be at ease after checking personally.

As for Yue Yang, he brought Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Sky Disaster, Yue Yu, Yue Bing, Hai Ying Wu as well as Drunk Cat Big Sis to another battle. The battle at that place would be their end game.

That place was a peculiar world that prohibited the use of any weapons and bare-handed attacks.

It was the water world that had been sealed with the Ancient Code by an ancient ranker.

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