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LLS Chapter 643 – Want to talk about conditions? Bring it on!

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Chapter 643 – Want to talk about conditions? Bring it on!

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Demonic Sky Palace’s Sky Demons(by order of highest rank):
天诛 – Sky Execution
天罚 – Sky Law (Phoenix Fairy Beauty)
天谴 – Sky Wrath
天劫 – Sky Calamity
天罪 – Sky Crime
天灾 – Sky Disaster
天怒 – Sky Fury
天杀 – Sky Assassinate
天剑 – Sky Sword
天龙 – Sky Dragon (dead, replaced by Yue Yang – Sky Wolf)
天狼 – Sky Wolf (Yue Yang)

The tall-hat man failed to see his companion driven into corner, he feigned retreat to lure Phoenix Fairy Beauty, so that he could distract the strongest one away.

Never would he dreamed that his two Heaven Ranked comrades were not only unable to attack the enemy, they were also desperately in need of his help.

Due to Yue Yang’s arrival, the members of the Demonic Palace knew there would definitely be zero possibility of failure. Their confidence levels rose rapidly. Seeing how Yue Yang was able to play tricks on the enemies as if they were nothing, their morales were greatly boosted and they went all out to attack. Ultimate skills were released as their attack sequence became smoother. By mutually strengthening each other’s power, their combined power became multiple times stronger than normal.

After an hour of ferocious battle, the Sandworm that was underground was shot dead by Sky Disaster. She took most of the credit killing the first monster.

Drunken Cat Big Sis, little panda girl Niu Niu, Yue Yu and her beast ‘Stormy Waves’, Storm Mermaid together defeated the Rock Horn Lizard, making it the second monster to die. However, the monster that was supposed to die second was the Evil Spider, who was fighting against Sky Wrath. For the sake of upgrading himself, Sky Wrath deliberately left the Evil Spider alive and continued to train with it. He wanted to achieve a breakthrough and rank up. Furthermore, Evil Spiders had an unbelievably fast self-regenerating abilities. Once it had a moment to rest, it would recover all of itss battle power. It was an extremely difficult opponent. Among the Demonic Palace members, other than Yue Yang and Phoenix Fairy Beauty, only Sky Wrath had the power to win against this monster.

The arrogant Sky Calamity fought against the Infernal Nightmare for a long time.

He was reluctant to kill this strong beast. He would rather force it to betray its master and forced it to serve him.

It was a pity seeing how the Infernal Nightmare was very loyal to its masters. Although Captain Bai Ma was currently being ganged up and beaten by Xiao Wen Li and the others, it still persistently refused to betray its owner, leaving Sky Calamity with a mixture of emotions filled with hatred and happiness.

He was happy that the Infernal Nightmare remained loyal, proving that it was a good beast. What he hated was, it did not belong to him.

There was another battle between Sky Crime and the Heaven Realm Flaming Horse, which was also intense as it was hard to differentiate the winning party. If the Heaven Realm Flaming Horse’s abilities continued to be amplified by Spring Breeze’s amplification skill, Sky Crime would only be able to fight on par with it. However, due to Xiao Wen Li’s Purifying Light skill that had the ability to disperse energy, Spring Breeze’s amplification abilities were greatly reduced. Anywhere that was touched by the Purifying Light caused a gigantic decrease in the enemy’s powers. On the other hand, everyone in Yue Yang’s party was healed from tiredness and fatigue. Without the support and the power of Spring Breeze, the Heaven Realm Flaming Horse could not release powerful attacks to break through the strong defense of Sky Crime. On the contrary, the violent storms summoned by the Storm Mermaid had caused a rapid decrease in Heaven Realm Flaming Horse’s battle power, causing it to retreat little by little from Sky Crime’s attacks.

Luckily, it was nimble enough to escape from a fatal attack.

Sky Crime was not able to take it down in a short while.

Before Storm Mermaid blew her horn to summon violent storms and before Yue Yu summoned Stormy Waves, the Demon Rattlesnake was extremely formidable. By relying on its own strength, it had caused the three fairly low-levelled Sky Demons namely Sky Fury, Sky Assassinate and Sky Sword to fall back as they were unable to return its attacks.

Sky Sword’s sserious injuries had previously implicated him, which caused him to be almost killed several times.

Nevertheless, Hai Ying Wu’s powerful Golden Three-headed Dragon stepped forward bravely and saved his life.

With the emergence of Yue Yu’s Stormy Waves and the Storm Mermaid’s violent storms, Demon Rattlesnake suffered immeasurably in the slippery conditions as its natural instinct and habitat was dry deserts. After Yue Yu used her Healing Water Ball to heal Sky Sword, he became so angered that he became even mightier than Sky Wrath who carried the Sky Anguish Drum. Waving his Holy-ranked sword, Sky Sword faced the Demon Rattlesnake, who had its movement and reaction time greatly reduced, head on. He used his sharp, piercing Holy-ranked sword to stab his enemy many times, trying to appease his hatred from almost being instantly killed previously.

Captain Bai Ma and Hei Tu could not imagine that just by making it rain and summoning a water type beast, would change the direction of the battle completely.

The wet environment also had a huge impact on the Infernal Nightmare and Heaven Realm Flaming Horse, who were fighting an aerial battle.

At the same time, the hateful Thunder Naga summoned thunders and lightnings from time to time, landing sneak attacks on the enemy on the enemies.

Despite losing the ability to go underground, the Evil Spider was still able to float on water, so it was not very badly affected.

However, Sandworm, Rock Horned Lizard, Evil Spider and Demon Rattlesnake had indeed fallen into a drastic state. Especially Sandworm, as its natural fighting skills evolved around the deep, buried sands, it had became useless without the underground environment. It had turned into an ice statue due to Sky Disaster’s skills, Judgement Day: Tornado and Judgement Day: Glacier. Since the Rock Horned Lizard was unable to drill underground and fight in the wet environment, it became a stone figure which eventually got crashed alive by the violent lady and small panda… It was the one who died the most tragic death as it had perished under the hands of non-Innate ranked warriors.

Captain Bai Ma hated Xiao Wen Li the most as her presence had prevent his attacks form pushing through after receiving a binding pressure.

The little lamia was more evil than the devil itself!

Yet, Hei Tu did not agree.

He felt that the real terror was none other than the Barbarian Cow Shadow as she had the Heart of Earth with unlimited stamina as well as the power of a titan.

Even a Heaven Ranked Level 2 was beaten up by her with almost no powers left to return attacks.

At times, Hei Tu even doubted whether he was a Heaven Ranker.

Of course, he would have been long dead if he were not Heaven Ranked.

Ah Man, who had extra strength from Giant Shadow, was not a foe any ordinary warrior could take on.

To hei Tu, he must admit that this had really been a torturous battle. When exchanging their attacks, he sorrowfully realised that the female Barbarian Cow’s martial arts were better than his. Furthermore, exchanging blows with her was meaningless. As long as she stood on the ground, she would quickly stand up no matter how many times she was beaten down. What if he tried to escape? This female Barbarian Cow held the God Binding Chains in her hands. This damned chains even had the ability to completely restrict him, a Heaven Ranker… Hei Tu, who was caught up in this situation where he kept getting beaten, almost cried when he saw Storm Mermaid summoning a storm and Yue Yu summoning Storm Waves.

This was too unfair! Forget about fighting against the Female Barbarian Cow who possessed the Heart of Earth, which was his weakness, they were even starting a water battle!

The tall-hat man circled around and returned without attacking.

He initially thought that he would see his enemies corpses lying all around, and his comrade would be waiting for him to attack Sky Law together, with smiles on their faces.

He never thought that the actual situation was the opposite of what he had expected. The number of enemies did not decrease but his comrades were beaten up and wounded badly instead. His enemies were laughing, waiting for him to return… Seeing how Yue Yang put up a bright smile in his face, he had a sudden impulse of knocking his head on a tofu to death. (Shiro: knocking head on tofu = speechless, dumbfounded. Coz death by knocking your head on tofu is like, you know?)

“Damn it, Zhong Guan, how did you become a special envoy? You reported the wrong information, leading us to a trap and escaped by yourself. All of our beasts are going to die soon, where the hell have you been?” Captain Bai Ma forced himself to swear in the middle of battle because he was immediately, utterly infuriated when he saw the tall-hat man finally returning after pursuing Sky Law.

“Come here quickly……” Hei Tu did not even have the luxury to talk.

Sky Calamity, Drunken Cat Big Sis, Yue Yu and the others who had killed their enemies had some free time to help Ah Man fight against Hei Tu. To Hei Tu, this was basically making his situation even worse than before.

This was because a water battle was never his forte.

It was his weakness!

Seeing the powerless situation, the tall-hat man Zhong Guan started to have a headache.

How did his comrades, who were all Heaven Ranked, got beaten up so badly by the enemies like this? What happened? He had only circled the place once with Sky Law, but the situation here suddenly became like this. It was simply unbelievable!

Like a lightning flashing across his mind, he suddenly had a revelation. If the rumours were true, there was only one person who had this kind of abilities! The tall-hat man Zhong Guan, shrieked towards Yue Yang who have not been attacking from just now, “You, are you the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master? No, you should not be here, how did it happen? Could it be that Ye Xiao, Zi Guang and Yue Su did not manage to tie you down? You are supposed to be fighting in another Ancient Seal, you are not supposed to be here. How did you manage to rush here? You, did you use a body double previously?”

Yue Yang kept mum.

When his sarcastic smile was still reflecting on the tall-hat man Zhong Guan’s pupils, Yue Yang’s body had disappeared.

He the re-appeared right behind Zhong Guan. When Zhong Guan’s pupils contracted and he was preparing to escape, an Everlasting Wheel that had a diameter of ten meters appeared beneath Yue Yang’s feet. Zhong Guan’s body froze in the sky. From Captain Bai Mai and Hei Tu’s perspective, Zhong Guan was like a wooden puppet that was smashed into pieces with one attack from Yue Yang. He was beaten to the point that his eyes turned green and his nose became swollen. His beautiful clothes now became even more tattered than a beggar’s. Even the tall hat on the tall-hat man Zhong Guan’s head that he valued like his own life was swept away, floating on the knee-deep water.

The first thing Zhong Guan did when he recovered was to retrieve his hat.

He wore it with pride.

Only then he heaved a sigh of relief, as if the hat represented his own life.

However, Yue Yang refused to let him go, he waved his Tao Tie Blade and unleashed his skill, Earth Splitting Slash…. Zhong Guan hurriedly escape, with his hands supporting his hat. His body fell miserably into the water with a drastic impact, causing a huge splash of water.

“It is impossible, right?” Captain Bai Ma and Hei Tu was undoubtedly disappointed, they had initially hoped that Zhong Guan would be their saviour, but he ended up being in a more terrible state. The young guy’s capabilities were way higher than any of them. Even if the three of them attacked simultaneously, they would probably still lose, especially with the presence of the horrifying Sky Law and the other abnormal beasts.

“We are willing to surrender. We hope all of you will follow the rules of a Heaven Realm Battle and let us surrender with pride, we will be more than willing to pay for compensation fees.” The tall-hat man Zhong Guan understood as well that he was never an opponent for the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master. If he were to continue fighting, he would not be able to go back to the Heaven Realm alive. Hence, surrendering would be a better choice.

The moment he saw that Yue Yang was slightly distracted, he stood up immediately.

He first tidied up his hat, making it straight.

He then arrogantly said to Yue Yang, “As a Heaven Realm warrior, even when the battle is lost, there will still be recognition and dignity. Before we pay the compensation fees, none of you should throw any forms of insults. Besides, we have the rights to keep secrets, no questions allowed. As a Heaven Ranker, we view our honour like our lives.”

According to the rules of Heaven Realm Battle, Heaven Rankers were indeed allowed to perform a surrender of dignity when faced with an unfavourable circumstance.

For instance, the Raging Flames Chivalrous Bandit Group, when the Niu brothers saw an undesirable situation, they surrendered to the Lionheart King.

Nobody mocked them because in Heaven Realm, it was a perfectly normal act in order to conserve one’s strength or if it was necessary in that situation.

As a Heaven Ranker, their lives could be placed above anything else… There were many kinds of favourable policies for a Heaven Ranker’s surrender. For example, even though the Niu Brothers had surrendered, they still maintained their dignity and reputation. The Clown wasn’t able to insult them nor force them to reveal secrets. He could only detain them from the battle.

Of course, this situation was completely different from Tong Tian Tower.

Tong Tian Tower viewed surrender as a form of insult.

Especially at these three places: the Soaring Dragon Continent, Heaven Stairway and Demon Abyss. In these places, dying in battle was regarded as the highest honour while surrendering was regarded as the most despicable and weakest action.

This was the reason why the tall-hat man Zhong Guan explained the rules quickly in fear that Yue Yang might not know the rules of the Heaven Realm.

Yue Yang listened and nodded his head, with a hint of a smile, “Well, Heaven Realm may be like that, but all of you have to keep in mind that this is in Tong Tian Tower and this is Heaven Stairway. Of course, none of this is important. Most importantly, I am the one in charge of this place, understand? Only my words can become the rules. Otherwise, I will assure you that you will definitely ‘enjoy’ this beautiful journey in Tong Tian Tower.”

“Ah no, I would like to protest……” The tall-hat man Zhong Guan became furious, it was as if he was meeting with an unreasonable barbarian.

“My first rule is, whoever wants to talk about the conditions must first have the authority to.” Yue Yang laughed while ignoring the protest.

“So how do we determine the authority to request conditions?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty asked while laughing.

“For instance, not uttering a single word after getting beaten up for a few hours.” Yue Yang understated.

“Understood!” everyone responded.

The fastest one to react was the Barbarian Cow Shadow Ah Man. She landed a powerful punch on Hei Tu, causing him to cry out loud in despair, “What an idiot you are, Zhong Guan! Since we are at his mercy, we need to bow our heads to him. Why did you talk about those Heaven Ranker’s dignity bullshit? What surrender of dignity? All these beatings and mockery were all the results of your arrogance! Idiot, just agree with him already, I am almost dying from the beatings of this female Barbarian Cow!”

Zhong Guan did not have the chance to speak up as he was beaten up by the collaboration of Phoenix Fairy Beauty as well as the Charm Demon Queen. He had no time to plead for mercy.

Things was slightly better for Captain Bai Ma.

After being beaten viciously by Xiao Wen Li and the Bloody Queen Red once, he could finally catch his breath and surrender out loud.

Yue Yang looked to the sky and dug his ears with his pinky, pretending that he could not hear anything.

The arrogant smirk in his face really deserved a beating…….

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