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LLS Chapter 642 – Who Is Saving Who?

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Chapter 642 – Who Is Saving Who?
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Last
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The tall-hat man absolutely did not believe that Yue Yang actually knew their Leader. Let alone those in the Tong Tian Tower, but even the warriors of Western Heaven Realm might not even know the Clown Group Leader.

The reason Clown Group Leader specifically moved to Southern Heaven Realm to create the Clown Group was to keep it in great secrecy.

However, he also suspected that there may be a traitor in their midst, leaking out their secrets.

The Black Hell King’s underling, Thunder of the Center, was one of their suspects.

This guy faked a chase, leaving speedily from the scene.

Who knew if he was passing information to the enemy? Black Hell King was dead, how loyal could Thunder of the Center be?

“Don’t think that you could scare us just because there is a traitor among us giving you secret information. I am very sorry. We, from the Clown Group, are not easily scared.” Now the tall-hat man seems to be more optimistic, as he saw that Sky Law was the only person who had reached Heaven Rank. Now that she had exhausted her Sky Law powers, she could only fight to a standstill with him. He had two partners here. One was Captain Bai Ma who was capable of fast movement; the other was Hei Tu who possessed the ability to take the energy from the earth. They could certainly instantly kill everyone from the Demonic Palace. If the three of them combined their powers and still could not defeat Sky Law, then they don’t even need to go back to the Clown Group out of shame.

“Haha. You are truly smart, it seems that I cannot deceive people from the Clown Group.” Yue Yang shrugged as he pretended to have failed in deceiving people.

“Come out Spring Breeze.” Unlike the tall-hat man, the two other Heaven Rankers embraced a blitzkrieg strategy because they could not reveal their true identity for the sake of their secret mission. If it was not because their ally called them, they did not want to appear. The white clothed middle aged man stretched out his hand and summoned a wind element beast.

This beast was almost transparent and shapeless. It was far too different from normal wind type beasts.

It even looked like a domain, a mild breezy domain.

All the people around, including Yue Yang was enveloped within the body of this wind element beast. At the same time they also experienced the restrictive effect that it had on their ability.

This wind element beast was called “Spring Breeze”. It had a restrictive power different from a domain. While inside its body, a person could still fly, but their flying speed would be greatly affected. Moreover, the energy used to fly was greater.

Conversely, the white clothed middle aged man, would not be affected in this wind element beast’s body, instead he would be able to move like a fish in water.

Besides him, the tall-hat man and the black clothed old man had their speeds increased by a lot.

In contrast, Yue Yang’s party seemed to be affected greatly.

The situation right now was definitely not in their favour.

The white clothed middle age man did not only summon the elemental beast Spring Breeze, he also summoned a Heaven Realm Flaming Horse and an Infernal Nightmare.
(Last: It’s a Rapidash guys)

Although both Heaven Realm Flaming Horse and Infernal Nightmare were both not Holy Beasts, their levels were very high. Their power was very close to Heaven Rank, almost the same as a Level 10 Innate in the Tong Tian Tower. Their main task was not to attack, but to block the enemy’s escape. With their extreme speed, once someone on Yue Yang’s side wins a battle, they would not be allowed to leave the Spring Breeze’s enveloped space. With the Heaven Realm Flaming Horse and the Infernal Nightmare blocking them, they will die without a doubt.

“Sandworm, Evil Spider, Rock Horn Lizard, Demon Rattlesnake.” The black clothed old man summoned even more beasts. Their power was equivalent to that of the white clothed middle aged man.

The Evil Spider had the power of a Heaven Rank Level 1.

Its large body was more than twenty meters long. If a Giant Dragon were to see it, it would probably be scared running.

The black clothed old man merely use both of his legs and stamped on the ground. His energy was then transmitted to the ground. The energy of the ruin floor had been absorbed by him, turning the floor around his body into sand. After a few seconds, it had spread ten meters around him, and after a minute, it had reached a hundred meters in diameter, reaching Yue Yang and the others.

This person’s beast seemed to be expert in fighting battles in sandy terrain.

On the other hand, the Heaven Realm Flaming Horse and the Infernal Nightmare immediately flew in the air, as if they did not want to touch the sand……

“Kill!” The tall-hat man felt that he had nothing to say to Yue Yang. Heaven Rankers were fighting with Earth Rankers. Moreover, the Heaven Rankers had such strong beasts, was there any doubt in their victory?

“Let them kill!” Yue Yang unconcernedly waved his hands.

“Who allowed you to shoot your mouth off….” The white clothed middle aged man didn’t even wait for Yue Yang to finish speaking, as he appeared behind Yue Yang. He fiercely punched, wanting to shatter Yue Yang’s backbone to pieces. He was always annoyed by people who were all talk and no ability. For these kinds of people, he had the same punishment and that was to break their backbone with a single blow. Then watch them squirm on the ground like a dying snake, weeping in regret. At the same time, the black clothed old man also quickly got behind Sky Wrath, as he could see that other than Sky Law, this was the strongest person among the people from Demonic Palace.

The tall-hat man started his attack. He used his shape shifting skill to appear behind Sky Law.

Naturally, he was only trying to test the waters.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty ignored him. In exchange the Charm Demon Queen, defending her, shook off the attack and quickly counterattacked with her demon tail that was like a sharp spear.

Sky Wrath, Sky Calamity, Sky Crime, Sky Fury and the others did not even bother to surround and attack the black clothed old man. On contrary, they acted as though they did not see him and rushed straight toward the Sandworm, Evil Spider, Rock Horn Lizard and Demon Rattlesnake.

On the other side, Yue Bing too had instructed her Ancient Titan Tree to attack.

Hai Ying Wu’s Golden Three Headed Dragon avoided the strongest among them, the Evil Spider, instead it decided to take to the air to fight the Infernal Nightmare.

Although its level was not enough, it was still a descendant of the Golden Three Headed Dragon King. Even if it was unable to defeat its enemy, it would be able to hold for a long while.

Yue Yu did not move forward to attack.

She continued using her Healing Water Ball toward Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl who was resting in Yue Yang’s arms. After a bloody battle, Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl was seriously hurt in the battle. Drunken Cat Big Sis had her morale boosted when she saw Yue Yang’s arrival. After she was knocked flying by the Rock Horn Lizard, she made an exception and drank strong liquor in front of Yue Yang. Using liquor as a trigger, the huge hidden energy inside her body became stimulated…… once she entered into a drunken rage, her fighting strength changed. She was even able to shake off the influence of the beast, Spring Breeze, during her fight.

“Hey, Get Lost!” Drunken Cat Big Sis grabbed hold of the Rock Horn Lizard’s tail, lifting its big body and swung it around.

Its body rotated a few rounds, and then tossed a hundred meters away.


The Rock Horn Lizard was half buried into the ground. If not for its thick skin, it could not avoid receiving heavy injuries. But the type of brute strength shown by the Drunken Cat Big Sis made every male from Demonic Palace flabbergasted, thinking that even before she was Innate, she already had this kind of strength. If she leveled up to Innate, how strong would she get?

In her drunken state, Drunken Cat big Sis could really defeat any normal Innate….especially after her training with Yue Yang, this Big Sis’ battle ability had rapidly shot up. She found it difficult to display this kind of potential when she was not in a drunken stupor. Once she was drunk, she found it easier to control her strength/ This was the reason Yue Yang trained her specially.

The white clothed middle age man attacked Yue Yang. At the moment his palm touched his back, a sharp blade tore through space to attack him.

It was a banshee with a speed far greater than him who was known for being the fastest in the Clown Group.

It was Red, who was holding onto Crescent Moon.

Her strongest advantage was her speed.

“Ah……..” Bloody Queen Red let out a sharp cry. Her Banshee Cry caused Captain Bai Ma to feel like his brain was being stung by thousands of bees, buzzing around. It was also similar to having ten hammers slamming down on it, causing him to blank out. When he came to his senses, he found that the sharp, chilling blade had already unleashed more than ten slashes in front of him.

Captain Bai Ma tried to take one slash as a way to quickly escape.

He felt that he had fallen into their trap.

The opponent was calm and collected, so there must be a horrifying plan in place, he thought.

Just as that thought surfaced, his body had already retreated more than a hundred meters with his quick speed. What really startled him was that he actually bumped onto another person, it was the person he wanted to kill, the talkative man who was not even a Heaven Ranker. How did he get here ? How was he quicker than him when he was actually trying to escape a death blow? Was it real or an illusion? The white clothed middle aged man could not think right now as a Lamia Loli appeared and attacked him with her Dual Icicle Blades.

Whether it was because of the freezing effect of the icicle blades of some kind of binding power, Captain Bai Ma was not able to quickly respond..

He noticed that he had already been fixed in mid air……

The talkative man that was still holding the Little Panda Girl did not actually made any move against him, and only let out a ridiculing smile at him.

From the sky, a thunderbolt accurately aimed at Captain Bai Ma’s head. Although the power may was far from Sky Law’s Thunder, receiving this thunder bolt would still be unpleasant. Captain Bai Ma felt that his elegant hair would be no more and turned into a birds nest.

“Slip away!” Once Captain Bai Ma regained his freedom, he once again tried to make a run for it.

Between the pincer attack from Xiao Wen Li and Red, Captain Bai Ma was able to miraculously escape from their attack net. It was very mysterious and very dangerous. Once he activated his special powers, he was confident that he could escape from even a Heaven Rank Level 3 without being hurt. This technique, ‘White Horse Slipping Away’, was the move he was known for and also the origin of his name.
(Last: Bai Ma means white horse)

After escaping at least a hundred meters away and about to wipe his sweat away, he unexpectedly knocked into another person. It was once again Yue Yang.

Captain Bai Ma was now quite frightened of this perilous situation. He wondered who Yue Yang really was. How was he quicker than him even after he used the “Slip Away” technique?

No one could offer him an answer. A Medusa appeared by his side and launched an arrow, attempting to hit his lower leg before he escaped again. Just as his speed slowed down, a Whip of Agony came down on him, heavily striking Captain Bai Ma’s back.

Storm Mermaid and Yue Yu almost simultaneously conjured two water dragons, shooting towards Captain Bai Ma’s body.

This kind of blow was ineffective against a Heaven Ranker.

But, to the Ice Serpent Demon, these two water dragons were her best killing machines….she was faster than the Thunder Naga and came from afar, she leaped and slashed at the water dragon, trapping the Captain Bai Ma within the ice formed by the water dragon.

A spectacle appeared in the sky.

The two water dragon quickly turned into ice, forming what looked like an arch bridge, with their mouth biting Captain Bai Ma, seling him in ice.

Captain Bai Ma could not bear the pain and shattered the ice dragon, escaping from the broken pieces of the ice.

He did not want to fight anymore, this was not a real battle, it was really just torture! He hadn’t even displayed a tenth of his overall strength but he had been beaten thoroughly and senselessly. This battle was too depressing….. Captain Bai Ma decided to change opponents. He went after the people from Demonic Palace instead and let Hei Tu kill this brat.

Just when he manage to escape, he once again bumped into another person.

It was Yue Yang again.

Captain Bai Ma immediately had an impulse of weeping bitter tears, “Can’t you just let me fight properly? I had received support from Spring Breeze and used my Slipping away skill, how can I not even match up to you who is holding the Little Panda Girl? Could it be that you want to force em to hang myself?”

“Hei Tu, let’s change opponents.” Captain Bai Ma tried very hard to hold back his tears. Using his hoarse throat, he shouted a phrase.

“This old man here is not free, come over here and help me get out of this trouble first….”

On the other battlefield a much more painful cry for help echoed.

Captain Bai Ma was stunned, he found that his partner Hei Tu who could absorb power directly from the earth was now bound with the God Binding Chain by a Barbarian Cow Shadow, being beaten severely from head to toe, unable to even fight back. He was frightened, only after quite a while before he uttered, ”What about your ability to create sand, can’t you escape underground anymore?”

Hei Tu was seething with anger, ”Escape your ass. This damned Barbarian Cow Shadow has the Heart of Earth and just restrained my power. Quickly come help me!”

Captain Bai Ma felt pain in his balls when he heard this. He wanted to ask for help but his ally was also being beaten up!

Again he saw that Yue Yang was sneering at them, then he realised that Bloody Queen Red, Stone Element Medusa, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon were all slowly surrounding him. He nervously swallowed, wetted his lips, then turned to Hei Tu and said, ”I think that I also need a bit more time because it seems that the enemy will not easily let me leave……”

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