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LLS Chapter 641 – Sunny Sunflower, Spirit of Radiance

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Chapter 641 – Sunny Sunflower, Spirit of Radiance
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last, Shiroyukineko

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Water world.

Captain Yong Hui was really puzzled, how did this Yue Clan Third Young Master know that he would be coming through?

If he knew that he was coming, and if he saw that he destroyed the island, why didn’t he stop what he was doing?

This guy was really too calm.

So steady and unperturbed that it seemed a little abnormal, and also a little suspicious…..

“If you really think that you’ll be able to trick me with these cheap tricks, think again, you are gravely mistaken.” Captain Yong Hui had enough confidence in himself. He was a peak Level 4 Heaven Ranker, almost reaching Level 5. Although Yue Yang possessed both the World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame, his speed and ability was not enough to be able to hit him, absolutely impossible!

Anyway, as long as there’s light in this place, this Yue Clan Third Young Master would not be able to kill him.

He possessed the beast, Spirit of Radiance.

No matter if it was the bright sun during the day, or the light from the night stars, it could give him unlimited power. This meant that as long as his beast did not die, he, who was contracted to it, would also never die! This was the reason captain and vice-captain picked him to enter the water world, and not Yue Su.

Captain Yong Hui secretly looked down on Yue Yang in his heart, but on the surface he continued to be cautious.  
After all, the Yue Clan Third Young Master had a very bad reputation to his name.

Also, both World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame were formidable and were no laughing matter.

He summoned another Heaven Realm Beast, Sunny Sunflower.

Sunny Sunflower was a very special kind of beast which had no fighting power, it was normally an Earth Rank Level 1 plant-type beast that lived in colonies. Since they could not live without sunlight, they could not leave the Sun Valley. The Sun Valley was also known as the Hot Valley, which was the only area where Sunny Sunflower could spawn. Other than spawning Sunny Sunflowers, there was also a gigantic tree called the Fu Sang Tree in that area.

Of course, if it was just like that, the Sun Valley would have become an adventurer’s paradise, since the lowest levelled Sunny Sunflower was selling at one hundred thousand taels of gold each in the Heaven Realm.

However, Sun Valley was an off-limits area for all Heaven Realm Rankers because there lived a Divine Bird known as the Golden Crow.

This kind of Divine Bird was already a Holy-ranked beast when it was first born.

It will become a Divine-ranked Beast once it evolves into a Golden Crow King.

Within the Sun Valley, no one could ever defeat the Golden Crow King, not even the strongest of the Heaven Rankers. It was impossible……. Even if a Domain Emperor-class being personally visited the Valley, they had to transact with the Golden Crow King before being able to obtain a Sunny Sunflower. It was impossible for them to steal one, and more impossible for them to occupy the Sun Valley. Sun Valley was a forbidden land, belonging to one of the powerful Eastern Globin Tribe, the Golden Crow Tribe. Even the Central Palace and the four Realm Kings acknowledge this point.

Heaven Realm’s Sunny Sunflower was an ancient plant type beast that was thousands of years old.

Yong Hui was able to obtain a Sunny Sunflower purely because he was lucky. With both Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance, these two beast helped built a name for Captain Yong Hui in Heaven Realm. From this other began calling him ‘Eternal Splendor’, which then led him in building his Yong Hui Mercenary Group, a group that was within top thirty in the Western Heaven Realm.

Once both were beast summoned, Sunny Sunflower would take to the sky, straight up, reaching several meters high.

Like the sun, it emitted unbounded radiance.

It could maintain light continuously for a month, and before the light goes out, any attack on it was ineffective. There was only one weakness for this beast, but even Yong Hui was not aware of its actual weakness. He had only heard from the mysterious giver that a weakness existed.

Since he himself was not even aware of this hidden weakness, surely Yue Clan Third Young Master would not know it too. Captain Yong Hui felt pretty confident of that.

With the Sunny Sunflower, Captain Yong Hui would never die, almost becoming immortal.

He also had the Spirit of Radiance.

Its body was almost transparent like a ghost. It wore a laurel on its head and emitted a soft glow all over its body like an angel suspended in mid air.

She was the Spirit of Radiance.

The way to produce this beast was to extract the spirit of a Radiant Angel which was forced to destroy its own physical body, then go through a secret refining method to wash away its memories, creating an almost man-made beast.

The secret making this Spirit was a forbidden technique in Heaven Realm, as this was an inhuman method that destroyed a body. The method for creating a Spirit of Radiance was called “Demonic Spirit Slave Refining” in Heaven Realm. It was considered as one of the ten Heaven Realm Evil Technique. Within the Mercenary Guild in Heaven Realm, anyone caught using this forbidden technique would be given a bounty of one billion, and if any organisation was found using this method, the Domain Emperor Class Ranker would send in their experts to destroy and kill all that were involved.

Surely in the black market, these refined spirit slaves was one of the auction items.

Perfectly refined spirit slaves like the Spirit of Radiance owned by Captain Yong Hui would cost as much as sixty million in an auction.It was three times more expensive than the Sunny Sunflower’s cost.

The Spirit of Radiance could absorb all light from the surrounding ten kilometers.

And then convert that to energy, endlessly supplying energy to its owner.

Even if the contracted master of the Spirit of Radiance received a life threatening damage, it would immediately heal them with the energy it converted. As long as there was light, the exceptional healing powers of the Spirit of Radiance could be used on their master, such that the master would have no fear of death! Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance was a perfect combination. It was many ways better than the combination of a Sleepy Moon Dragon and a Dream Eating Tapir. The healing powers of the Spirit of Radiance was much better than the Radiant Angel, focusing all its power for healing purpose would certainly enhance and magnify that power.

Its only weakness would be its inability to fight.

Spirit of Radiance that had lost its intelligence, did not understand how to help its owner.

She was left with only one ability.


“Come, Hit me!” Captain Yong Hui could easily imagine how the opponent would react when they see the immediate healing effects of the Spirit of Radiance. What would their facial expression be like? In Heaven Realm, Heaven Rankers, who were stronger than him, were not even willing to fight him, because it was only a waste of effort on their part. With the combination of Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance, nothing would be effective unless they were able to instantly and directly destroy the Spirit of Radiance’s soul..

“Gu, gu, gu……” After seeing both Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance in the sky, the Hell Hydra King retreated into the water, avoiding a battle with them.

“Ha, Hahahahahaha!” Captain Yong Hui laughed out loud. The Hell Hydra also knew that it could not win the battle. He had the Green Dragon Pearl for water and now there were Sunny Sunflower and Spirit of Radiance in the sky, so what if the Yue Clan Third Young Master was abnormal? Could his World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame attack the Sunny Sunflower that was thousands of meters above ground? Under his own instruction, any attacks against the of the Sunny Sunflower would be useless in the end. The Spirit of Radiance would move at an even higher speed than it, very much like himself. She could actually return to his side at anytime, so there was really no concern against any quick attacks that the opponents could mount.

“That’s good. Looks like you are very confident!”

Yue Yang clapped his hands and laughed, ”I only wanted to entice an ordinary Heaven Ranker, instead, I received such a surprise, not bad!”

After commenting, he moved in the blink of an eye.

He simply disappeared right before Captain Yong Hui’s eyes.

The speed in which that happened took Captain Yong Hui by surprise and stunned him. He never thought that Yue Yang possessed speed ten times faster than what he anticipated, so he quickly ran away. When he finally felt safe, he could no longer find Yue Yang anywhere.

Even the Heaven Realm Level 4 Captain Yong Hui could not find any trace of where Yue Clan Third Young Master was.

Did this guy dive into the water?

Or he was hiding in a place, preparing for an ambush?

Captain Yong Hui had to keep moving, he could not stop and continued to fly haphazardly around, not giving Yue Yang any opportunity to sneak in an attack on him.

Anyway, they both had all the time there, it was only a matter of patience in the end. He had the Spirit of Radiance, which was never going to feel tired. So he could pick on him slowly as he got tired. If Yue Yang was to hide away and avoid a fight with him, then he could use the Green Dragon Pearl and train another powerful beast from it, ten years was the time he had with Yue Yang!

Little did he know that right now, Yue Yang was hiding just behind the giant Sunny Sunflower right now.

Looking at all that was happening below him.

Yue Yang’s face revealed a somewhat mysterious smile…….

He brought out the Three Realm Compass and temporarily teleported away from behind the Sunny Sunflower, a blind spot that even Captain Ying Hui was not aware of. If not for these two amazing beasts, Yue Yang would have started fighting him and steal his treasures. Then he would leave the place, leaving the guy there to stay within the water world for the next ten years.

After seeing these two beasts, he changed his mind.

He decided to deal with something much more important first.

Later when he could find some free time, he would utilise the Three Realm Compass to return and take care of this guy.


The gigantic Bear-man Vice Captain, fell to the ground. The entire Heaven Realm Charging Wolf Mercenary Group had been completely destroyed, other than the tall-hat man.

How could the people from Demonic Palace be all vegetarians?

An up and coming youngster like Sky Disaster could cause a major disaster by just letting out her full strength. Also, how could those that are lined up after her like Sky Crime, Sky Calamity and Sky Wrath, miss this chance of increasing their level with this battle? Sky Calamity was heavily injured, but his opponents were crushed to death by him. Sky Crime and Sky Wrath had received almost the same amount of injuries, but their enemies were much more tragic. One of their enemies had been subjected to the pain of atoning for his crimes before he could die. Once the enemy died, their souls would not be able to obtain peace. Another one had its soul crumble apart, before its body dies, its will was slowly erased.

Certainly, compared to Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Sky Law judgement power when she annihilated captain, these two were far weaker than her.

They were only able to injure the enemy’s soul, but not destroy them.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s Sky Law power could completely destroy the soul, preventing them from reviving.

The tall-hat man on one hand was frightened, but also delighted. Sky Law had used her power twice already for the this battle, she may not be able to use it the third time. Based on her current strength, she should not be able to use it the third.

He now felt completely safe.

What’s more frightening was if this lady wanted to duel to the death battle with him, as they were both Heaven Rank Level 2, he might not be able to defeat her…..

When the tall-hat man saw that the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group was completely destroyed, and that the Thunder Corps’ Innate Rankers being attacked by Sky Disaster, Yue Bing, Yue Yu, Drunken Cat Big Sis and Hai Ying Wu were either killed or captured, he started to hesitate. Then he saw Sky Law for the very first time summon her Guardian Beast. The Charm Demon Queen started to dance, and the power of this Divine Beast started to suppress everything else. He started to change his original plan. He took out a special Flaming Arrow found only in Heaven Realm and let it fly up into the sky.

He called for reinforcements.

Without powerful comrades, this battle could not be easily won. Even if it was won, it would cost too much.

The tall-hat man did not want this outcome.

Following his signal, two member of the Clown Group bearing their badges came from afar. They looked around at the situation carefully, then looked at the tall-hat man and said, ”Didn’t we say not to call on us? We will be easily exposed. Could it be that you can’t even capture a Heaven Ranked woman? Except for this woman, others are just ants!”

Both that arrived were Heaven Rank Level Two.

One of them was stronger than the tall-hat man by a bit. However, the tall-hat man had a special skill ‘Shape Shifting’, which gave him the upper hand.

“Stop spouting nonsense. We need to quickly kill them all to complete the sacrificial offering.” The tall-hat man no longer cared about his reputation. He shouted and attacked together with the other two secret comrades.

“In that case, it may be wise for us to call for reinforcements too!” Hai Ying Wu waved his Ocean Emperor Halberd and a man wearing a Gemini Mask appeared.

The tall-hat man initially thought that this was a beast, but on careful examination, he found that it was not.

Then he looked around and found that this person was only Innate Level 8, therefore he did not care anymore and waved his hand, ”Kill them all, don’t leave anyone alive!”

The man with the Gemini Mask heard that and was shocked, ”Fighting is not good, why don’t we all sit down, drink tea, eat some buns, and slowly discuss this? I really want to know why people from Southern Heaven Realm like you would actually travel thousands of miles to come to the Western heaven Realm lower level Tong Tian Tower? Don’t doubt me, I am actually a very good friend of your Clown Group Leader, in fact, I had a meal with him some time ago and we both also went in to the sauna together. We were just short of performing the ritual to become blood brothers…..what do you say, you of a lower level than me, why did you come to my home?”

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    “In that case, it may be wise for us to call for reinforcements too!” Hai Ying Wu waved his Ocean Emperor Halberd and a man wearing a Gemini Mask appeared.

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