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LLS Chapter 640 – Sorry, I Too Hid My True Strength

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Chapter 640 – Sorry, I Too Hid My True Strength
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Last
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The lake side was filled with Heaven Realm Dwarves.

Ever since their supervisors died, they simply did not know what to do. Right now, all they were hoping for was for Yue Yang their new owner to return. However, Yue Yang did not come out at all, instead only Stone Element Medusa came out. She first unsummoned her Golden Tiger Shark, then she instructed the Blood Python King and its children to head toward where Fatty Hai and Ye Kong were located.

All the Heaven Realm Dwarves kneeled, praying for Stone Element Medusa to take over them.

They were fully aware that she too was another person’s beast, but they had been accustomed to having warriors look after them. Without an owner, they were not able to live.

Stone Element Medusa pointed at the Blood Python King, then indicated that these extremely timid dwarves should follow them, making them leave the place……then she patroled around the lake one and leaped back into the lake, returning to Yue Yang’s side.

After she vanished, those shadows in the far away ruins appeared once more.

“The unsealing of Heaven Stairway’s third layer had failed. Zhi Zun and Night Empress had seen through our plans. Your Majesty, we need to redeploy and rework our plans and aim to beat the enemy. Otherwise, we are not going to be successful in the entire unsealing plan if this goes on.” The leading shadow, with some worry in his voice said, ”Both Zhi Zun and Yue Clan Third Young Master are real difficult opponents, unfortunately, your Majesty’s power has not recovered…..if they are both not eliminated quickly, their combined power is going to be more powerful than Prison Emperor many years ago.”

“We still have a little time. With the Heaven Stairway’s limitations, We have a chance of killing both Zhi Zun and the Yue Clan Third Young Master. We hold the initiative here, not them. Even if we are racing against time, we still have the advantage right now.” The other shadow said to ease the concern.

“Yue Clan Third Young Master is an unstable element in all of these. We cannot rest until we are able to kill him.” The leading shadow said and hatefully looked at the lake.

“He should be in a battle with the Hell Hydra right now. The fact that the Stone Element Medusa coming out unhurriedly to patrol the place, we can conclude that he is neither in advantage or disadvantage. With his craftiness and ability, it is very difficult for the Hell Hydra to defeat him. The only question now is how long can this guy stay inside the water world. The longer it takes, the worst it would be for our plan. There is a huge chance that he will notice that luring him inside to kill the Hell Hydra is a trap.” The man standing beside the leading shadow habitually stroked his chin thinking, ”Maybe we need a new plan…..”

“If captain and vice captain do not mind my intrusion, I have a good idea.” A big giant among the Heaven Realm Warriors stood out.

“Tell me.” The leading shadow lowered his voice, deciding to listen to these muscle for brains.

“Actually, in order for Yue Clan Third Young Master to not suspect our plan, we simply move right in, lend a hand and help him kill this Hell Hydra. He would never know that our main purpose is really to kill this Hell Hydra and not him!” The giant explained.

“Once we enter, the Yue Clan Third Young Master is just going to run away.” The leading shadow felt that this was not a good idea.

“No, if all of us enter the place together, that will naturally scare away Yue Clan Third Young Master, and will also alert Zhi Zun. However, if we only send a few of us in, like someone from the Heaven Realm, who is well versed with underwater battles, join hands with the Hell Hydra and fight against him, then what will the Yue Clan Third Young Master do then? He will not run. He will only try harder to kill the Hell Hydra.” The giant was pleased with himself for the suggestion and laughed out, he thought his plan was certainly going to work.

“Two problems, one, how will Yue Clan Third Young Master know that the person entering the fold is friendly with the Hell Hydra? We know that the Hell Hydra’s attacks are indiscriminate. It would be easy for him to conclude that we are not allies. Two, how will this person gauge his power? If this person is too powerful, this will force Yue Clan Third Young Master to retreat, if this person is too weak, then it is easy for him to die by Yue Clan Third Young Master’s hands, maybe it will end up as pointless.” The leading shadow questioned.

“This…….” The giant had no other suggestions, bowed his head and was unable to give any more answer.

“We can still try it out. I guess that Yue Clan Third Young Master is fully aware that it is impossible to kill all the Hell Hydras, but he will do it a bit at a time. First he will try to kill the weakest one, keep them agitated and slowly grind away their strength. If none of us go in, then he will have all the time in the world for a war of attrition. If we send someone in there to join in the fight, it may be end up being better for us.” The vice captain, who habitually stroke his own chin, thought that the plan might just work. Success would depend on how they planned everything.

“Zhi Zun and Night Empress are probably coming to support Yue Clan Third Young Master very soon. If they are allowed to enter the water world, things will become worse.” The leading shadow told them that there was not much time left and they needed to come up with another plan and set that in motion soon.

“We can send in a single person skilled in aerial battles, pincering him in between sky and sea.” That vice captain brought out a star shaped piece of treasure, ”This is the Peace Medal, its function is to eliminate hostility. Although the effect of this talisman on a powerful opponent like the Heaven Realm Hell Hydra is not significant, it is certainly better than having nothing. I also have another plan, and that is to immediately sink the Ancient Transportation Portal below the water world’s depths, the lower it is the better. We then activate the portal from outside, using Heaven Runes to gain control over the Ancient Transportation Portal’s energy, using it to extract the water from the water world. In this way, Yue Clan Third Young Master would be unable to teleport out, temporarily trapping him inside. He would be unable to get out until the Ancient Teleportation Portal is above the water level. I estimate that if we blow up the island and sink it with the Ancient Teleportation Portal ten meters below water, the Yue Clan Third Young Master is likely to be trapped in there for at least a year.”

“Wonderful plan, the only unknown here is whether Yue Clan Third Young Master can escape using items like teleportation scrolls.” The leading shadow felt neither glad nor worried.

“If we base his teleportation abilities on his teacher, Shui Dong Liu, he should not be able to affect the sealed area within. Yue Clan Third Young Master’s skill in teleportation originated from Shui Dong Liu, but he did not delve into it too much, so his improvements should not be that much. The only problem here is that they were able to go to Heaven Realm, then they surely have a teleportation type treasure. This treasure could be with Zhi Zun or with Yue Clan Third Young Master. We still have no information on this.” The vice captain analysed.
(Shui Dong Liu is the old fox)

“Yue Clan Third Young Master should not have teleportation treasure. This is because when Sky Execution was fighting the Black Hell King, Yue Shan was there. If Yue Yang had such a treasure, then he would not be absent. He would not sit and watch Yue SHan die. The teleportation treasure should not be with Yue Yang or Zhi Zun. It should be with the NIght Empress. Zhi Sun could break space, so teleportation type treasures are not really that useful for her. However, we cannot ay the same for the mysterious Night Empress. She is also one of the formidable opponents that we cannot look down on.” The leading shadow based his information on various reports and made a very sound judgement.

“Very well, since that is the case, we would like to invite Mister Yong Hui to make a move then!” The vice commander looked at the shadow behind him and handed over the Peace Medal.

“Why me?” the shadow was baffled, ”Isn’t Yue Su better at aerial battles?”

“It is correct that Yue Su is better at aerial battles, but Yue Su has no experience in water battles. The consequences would be dire once he falls into the water. Captain Yong Hui, your duty is not to kill Yue Clan Third Young Master, but just to annoy him, harassing him so that he has no time to think about our plans.. Maybe you will also be trapped inside for a year. Within the year, please ensure that you will not be killed by him and keep wasting his time and strength, leaving him no time to do his training or to level up in his skills!” The leading shadow trembled slightly, then passed something like a shining rainbow coloured pearl to him, ”This is the the best of the Four Division Pearls, Green Dragon Pearl, it is rarer than any holy treasure. When you possesses it, you can enter the water like a dragon. If you can collect all four of these pearls together, then they will transform to become Four Holy Pearls, which in turn can transform the beasts into holy beasts! This is a treasure that His Majesty gave me as a present. I am now lending it to you, and if you do what we expect of you and succeed, His Majesty will have more treasures to bestow upon you!”

“Yes.” Yong Hui immediately became happy and quickly accepted the pearl, promising that he would complete his mission as planned.

“……..” few of his comrades had sparkles in their eye, completely jealous of him.

After putting on the Peace Medal, he held onto the Green Dragon Pearl.

The one named Yong Hui, a Heaven Realm Ranker, moved through the sky like a meteor and slipped into the lake quietly.

After teleporting successfully, he entered the water world where he could find Yue Yang. After about three minutes, a big water column came out of the lake, spraying upwards and reaching over a hundred meters. This phenomenon made the leading shadow somewhat happy and began shouting out his orders, ”Search everywhere, see if Yue Clan Third Young Master had escaped from the water world!”

The vice commander already rushed to the lakeside.

He carefully sensed the place and realized that no one had left.

Quickly, he dove into the lake and used a Heaven Rune to keep the Ancient Teleportation Portal’s operation….. He had set the elaborate Heaven Rune to only transfer water and a few weak fished. Teleporting an Innate like Yue Yang would require more energy.

The beautiful part of this Ancient Teleportation Portal was that as long as it is transfering something, the other side could only wait.

That was to say, if the water continued to flow, Yue Yang would not be able to leave the water world no matter how powerful he was, unless someone discovered the secret to controlling the energy for the Ancient Teleportation Portal and destroyed the Heaven Rune attached to it.

No matter how smart Zhi Zun and Night Empress were, they would probably think that Yue Yang’s disappearance was caused by his Majesty’s plan, but they would never guess that he was trapped in the water world….this was really a very efficient and clever plan that had worked out perfectly. Perfect timing and location had just came to pass. It wa even better than anything man-made. The success of this plan was certainly not due to their intelligence but through the assistance of the favourable location and the timing of it all.

The only thing they need now was a trap to divert both Zhi Zun’s and Night Empress’s attention onto his Majesty, or even to Heaven Realm. This way Yue Clan Third Young Master would to be trapped in the water world for the next 10 years!

The leading shadow, together with the vice captain smiled at each other, they were both pleased that this impromptu plan worked.

Within the water world, Captain Yong Hui, who had fully released his Heaven Rank power, was very pleased with himself as he sunk the island a hundred meters below the water.

Even staying in the water world for the next ten years would be alright.

At least for the time being, the Green Dragon pearl belonged to him. With it, he could raise a stronger water-type beast! Actually, he had thirsted for the leader’s treasured Green Dragon Pearl for a long time, but he would not dare to show that he longed for it. Refusing to be part of the plan was just a ruse to draw out the Green Dragon Pearl. Who knew that it would succeed. As long as he stayed here for ten years, the leader would be no match to him after he come out, at that time who would be the owner of the Green Dragon Pearl?

It’s really not easy to say!

“Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap!” Yue Yang continued to clap his hands as a sign of welcome for Captain Yong Hui, confusing him. Was this guy crazy or what?

“What a joke! Kill!” Captain Yong Hui did not even care about the Yue Clan Third Young Master. He was not even a Heavern Ranker, so what if he was strong?

“Wait, I really do not want to fight you now.” Yue Yang shook his hand and put on a nice smile, as bright as sunshine, ”Perhaps we are going to be neighbours for many years to come, let’s just say hello and introduce ourselves!”

“What are you talking about?” Captain Yong Hui felt a little confused.

A few of the Hell Hydras that saw the little island disappear were alarmed, each of their bodies floated above the water surface like little floating islands.

Yue Yang laughed and said,”Actually, I cannot bear to say goodbye to you. Moreover, someone as generous as you is rare as you took so much trouble in bringing this treasure here. I know that it comes from your heart, now perhaps I can just accept it gracefully!”

In another battlefield, Thunder of the Center that was chasing the Southern Goblin King, stopped suddenly.

He look proud.

He sneered at the stunned Southern Goblin King, ”Eastern Goblin Tribe’s Princess, I would like to apologize. If you don’t have any other capabilities, I will kill you right here. Do you know why I chased you all the way here? I was afraid of revealing my true power to certain people. In fact, I have reached Innate Level 10 over half a year ago, My true power is over ten times more than what you can see right now.”

Thunder of the Center pressed both hands and his body slight shuddered.

Tremendous power seemed to emanate from his body.

Compared with a moment ago, this was certainly at least ten times more than what could be seen. Electric arcs grew around his entire body. A strong shockwave shook the earth within a thousand meters. Stones and sand moved. The ruins under his feet was turned into fine powder, becoming a sand storm.

In an instant, Thunder of the Center arrived behind the Southern Goblin King.

He raised his lightning fist in the air, used a rather dispising tone and said, ”Do you have any last words?”

The Southern Goblin King was stunned.

It was after a while before she recovered and reacted to what was said.

She turned around slowly, assessing the real power of the Innate Level 10 exhibited by Thunder of the Center.

Initially, Thunder of the Center felt very glad. In fact he enjoyed the look of helplessness in others face. He liked using this kind of unexpected power to break their spirit. The total dominance seemed to give him great pleasure. He liked to watch enemies that were full of themselves and reversing the situation on them, making their faces turn white with despair when they saw the fist coming down on them for the kill.

If not for the fact that he wanted the Southern Goblin King to die with maximum pain and filled with so much fear in him, he would not have waited at all and killed her in an instant.

But, killing her instantly would not be pleasurable!

What he wanted was to scare her out of her wits before killing her.

Shiver, shiver before me! Thunder of the Center’s gave was filled with sheer arrogance and contempt for the world.

Suddenly, he felt surprised as he did not see the Southern Goblin King trembling anymore, instead she was rather happy and looked at her own hands. He felt rather confused.

“Is this thing on your arm the Thunder God Chain? Isn’t that supposed to be hanging around your neck? Give that to me. I like this treasure. Quickly take it down for me. Such precious treasure is a waste in your hands!” Southern Goblin King had a craze for collecting treasure. As soon as she sees treasure, she did not care who owned it, she just had to have it no matter what.

“Now, I truly understand that talking to a woman is really a waste of time!” Thunder of the Center was rendered speechless. All they worried was treasures even though they were close to death.

“Not all men think like you. Yue Yang would be different. Surely you are not him and had not attained his level, so it is normal.” Southern Goblin King smiled as though she was just boasting like any idiot would.

Thunder of the Center felt so angry, he wanted to bring down his killing fist at the moment when she produced her sweetest smile. the fist was going to come down for the kill.

This fist had the power to kill anyone below Innate Level 9.

But nothing happened to the Southern Goblin King at all.

She repelled Thunder of the Center’s palm easily, with a laugh. She gradually raised her power to peak Innate Level 10. Not only did she raised it to the same level as that of the Thunder of the Center, but she surpassed it reach the peak of Innate Level 10, very close to Heaven Rank. In total disbelief, Thunder of the Center suddenly felt fear rising, Southern Goblin King gracefully stroked the jade pipa that she held, ”I am sorry, I too hid my true strength…..I will surely take your Thunder God Chain. Anyway, since you are so close to death, that is going to be useless to you, isn’t it?”

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