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LLS Chapter 639 – Look, This Is Power Derived From Wrath

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Despair SenseiChapter 639 – Look, This Is Power Derived From Wrath
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Last
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After he saw that that the Captain was killed in a single stroke from the Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the Vice Captain was just stunned and all he could do was just to swallow his saliva, his eyes showing intense fear.

Actually it was not only him, the entire Charging Wolf Mercenary Group members were scared half to death.

The Heaven Realm warrior were crying out in fear!

Looks like the people from the Tong Tian Tower were also not to be trifled with. Otherwise, why would the Western Heaven Realm take so much trouble in closing up the door to Heaven Realm and seal it up? Fortunately, there wasn’t another person similar to the Prison Emperor, else the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group coming here to Tong Tian Tower was merely to deliver some dishes.

The tall-hat man was secretly pleased that the captain of the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group was dead. It did not matter since he was just supposed to be the scapegoat anyway.

However, it was obvious that the Sky Law energy could not be maintained for an indefinite amount of time. After each use, it would require a lengthy period for her to recover and be able to use it again. Charging Wolf Mercenary Group Captain died, he did not die in vain. At least indirectly he saved the tall-hat man and kept him from harm. As long as Sky Law used her power to kill the Bear-man, then her power should be depleted by a lot. The tall-hat man might even be able to obtain the final victory….the tall-hat man found that the original plan was not executed as per plan, though there were some variations, the overall scheme had not deviated by much. Since his allies were all dead now, as long as he was still alive, that would be alright.

“Forward, everyone attack…..”

The Bear-man found that Phoenix Fairy Beauty was staring at him and he felt a shudder went through him. Immediately he instructed the other members to attack, thus distracting her in the process.

He must obtain hostages to keep his life.

Else, the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group Captain would not be the only one to fall that way.

Before the entire Charging Wolf Mercenary Group rushed forward, the people from the Demonic Palace already charged forth to do a preemptive attack. Only Sky Disaster faced off against the three vice commanders of the Thunder Corps. These three vice commanders came from Thunder, War Tiger, and Fierce Tooth’s armies. Each of them were perhaps Innate Level 6 and might even possibly be Level 7 Rankers.

Three of them ganged up for the attack, the power that they muster was no small matter.

Sky Disaster was almost immediately caught up in a tough battle.

There were also a few Demon Abyss Rankers, all possibly Innate Rankers, and they charged toward Drunken Cat Big Sis, Yue Yu and Yue Bing.

They had placed the hatred they had from Southern Goblin King killing their entire army onto their heads. Moreover, Yue Shan had killed the Black Hell King, and Yue Clan Third Young Master winning the Death Arena had indirectly caused the deaths of War Tiger of The East and Fierce Tooth of the North. They all certainly did not have any good feelings for the Yue Clan.

“Do you think that with the Innate title you will be able to defeat us? You are so wrong!” Without any fear, Drunken Cat Big Sis used her full power and headed straight into the battle. She had been oppressed by Yue Yang and gained a lot of battle experience. She had previously held Innate Rankers in reverence, but now, the ones she was fighting against were Innates!

Innate Level 1, Innate Level 2, what were they worth?

When she used to practice with Yue Yang, he used at least Innate Levels four or five strength level to oppress her, Innate Levels one or two was really nothing much to look at really!

Before the battle began, Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl carefully wrapped up her favourite sweet bean cake with her handkerchief, which was specially made for her by Fourth Mother, so nothing must be wasted. After she had properly kept the sweet bean cake, she faced her opponents, made a stance, and use her feminine voice to call out, “Thank you for waiting, Niu Niu is now ready, let’s battle!”

On the opposite side, the Demon Abyss Ranker thought that it would be easy to be fool her, and made a plan, ”Little girl, why don’t we both sit down and share some candy, I have a lot of them and they are all very sweet. I will share them with you!”

“Thank you, Niu Niu cannot accept anything from the bad guy!” Niu Niu The Little Panda Girl was full of principle. However, on one hand she gulped as she would really like to have them. On the other hand, she struggled to refuse the offer by shaking her head.

“Me, I am not a bad person, all I want is taels of silver!” That Demon Abyss Ranker acted like it was a very good person.

It stretched out it’s hand.

Many multi coloured candy, like magic just appeared in its palm, blinding Niu Niu’s eyes.

Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl kept staring ahead, making a great effort and continued to shake her head to say no. Suddenly, she turned her eye once again to look at the candy, and weakly she said, ”Are they really sweet?”

Once the Demon Abyss Ranker saw that there was a chance, it just nodded to her and tempted her once again, ”All yours and I have plenty more where it came from, you can eat all you want, till your heart content!”

Having no resistance to candies, Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl took another two steps toward the candies, then stopped.

She took another two steps and then stopped again.

The Demon Abyss Ranker kept tempting her, baiting her, removed a wrapper on one of the candies, popped it into his mouth, then proceeded to chew very loudly and expressed that the candy was really nice and sweet.

Obviously Niu Niu was tempted.

She walked closer and closer.

It kept smiling at her, encouraging her to go to it. It felt so proud of what it had done to attract her. Dealing with such a beast with low intelligence was too easy.

Their intelligence told them that this Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl loved sweets and all they need to do was just to prepare some poisoned sweets for her to consume. They would not need to fight and be able to capture her easily.

When it was feeling all pleased with itself over the ploy to poison her, suddenly, Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl exploded forward with a thunderous and powerful punch.

She hit right at its heart.

The Innate Level one person was hit with full force and flew sent flying.

Its ribs were all crushed, as it laid on the ground, spewing blood.

“You actually wanted to tempt Niu Niu with delicious candy, you are definitely a bad person. My brother told me, unless they are my relatives, whoever gives me any candy are the bad guys! You are just despicable, you know that Niu Niu loves delicious candies, so you use that to lure Niu Niu, I hate you! My brother told me that bad guys like you need to be fiercely punished by Niu Niu, otherwise I will be cheated. Niu Niu will never be cheated. You bad person who bullies children, accept death!” Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl was so angry that her power increased more than before. She rushed forward and further bashed up the Demon Abyss Ranker so much that he could not even get up, just groaning on the ground……

Yue Yang knew the weakness of Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl way beforehand, which was why he had trained her specially to resist these kinds of temptations.

Except for himself, Fourth Mother, Drunken Cat big Sis, Yue Yu and the other girls, he had prohibited her from accepting food from anyone else. In her special training, they had even tested her with food brought in by Ye Kong and Fatty Hai to tempt her and she was told not to accept. This was to improve her determination to resist and also to improve her memory so that this would become something that she could truly implant in her memory, just like what she just did.

Anyone else that intended to bribe her with candy for whatever reason or purpose, she was to treat them as the enemy.

According to Yue Yang’s special training, Niu Niu was to pretend that she was falling for the ruse, get closer to the enemy then hit them with her strongest punch!

This special training that she underwent was extremely successful.

Finally, this overly confident person finally got it from her, what a tragedy…..

“I hit him, again and again, you are a bad person who bullies children, you really need to be taught a lesson, hit, hit, hit, hit!” If Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl had not ambushed it with a powerful punch and fought head on, there was only a fifty-fifty chance for the battle to be won. Since this surprise attack was a success, it heavily injured the Demon Abyss Ranker and beaten it to the point that it was not able to retaliate any further. It could only endure the pain and crawl away.

“Move out of my way!” In a move, its ally, who had sent Yue Yu flying, came over to replace it, ”You cannot even defeat a Holy Beast, what kind of standard do you maintain?”

“Be careful, this little panda is not that simple.”The Demon Abyss Ranker who was on the ground warned his ally.

“You are just useless, not that she is powerful or skilled, get out of my way, little kids just go home to suckle on your mother’s breast. This is a battlefield, there is no room for little kids who cannot survive out here!” Another Demon Abyss Ranker nearby specialised in Hell Fire just used his claws to fling away Niu Niu the Little Panda Girl’s fists. His mouth spewed a column of fire which made Niu Niu scream in pain and retreat.

“I will not let you go, you dare to hit out at my second sister and Niu Niu!” Yue Bing saw how Yue Yu was sent flying and also the burn on Niu Niu. Her anger rose close to the boiling point. She was originally observing Sky Disaster, who was in the most dangerous situation adn prepared to assist her. Now that she saw that both Yue Yu and Niu Niu lost, she summoned up both her Ancient Titan Tree and Green Light Tree Demoness, while she herself entered directly into battle with the two Innate Ranker that came from Demon Abyss. Although Yue Yu was a stubborn girl, she was normally good tempered and rarely got angry, but once she gets angry, she was the same as Yue Yang and went berserk.

Yue Bing’s eyes widened round, pupils in that instant turned green while emitting a soft glow.

Her black hair stood on ends, though there was no wind around.

A terrifying energy surged up from her ten fingers.it rapidly expanded forming a huge energy field…..Within this energy field, both the thirty meters tall Ancient Titan Tree and Green Light Tree Demoness became stronger than before and become one in will with their owner.

Both Innate Rankers that had just arrived at the battlefield, realised that they were trapped within this energy field, feeling surprised.

The Innate Ranker who tried to deceive Niu Niu with candies was also caught up in the energy field. He was badly injured, so he retreated quickly as he did not dare face Yue Bing head on.

Conversely, the partner that felt that he was better skilled actually advanced towards her, reached to claw at Yue Bing’s face and spewed a column of fire from his mouth. He did not believe that a person like her, who was not an Innate, could actually fight and beat him, a Level 2 Inante. Even though she was the sister of Yue Clan Third Young Master, beating him would still be impossible!

In their intelligence report, this Yue Bing was not even a match against Feng Qi Sa.

Even if she had improved tremendously under the guidance of Yue Clan Third Young Master, she would not be able to match up to him in battle. She was not even an Innate so it was simply impossible to beat him……

“Die ! Though your brother is the Yue Clan Third Young Master, it does not mean that you are going to survive fighting with me!” In his heart, he continued to sneer at her as his claw almost reached and pierced her eyes. He saw no reaction at all from her, thus it increased his confidence that he could indeed kill Yue Bing.

“The moon is curved, the moon that looks like a hook!” Yue Bing did not defend herself, she just did a somersault. Her body gracefully turned. While both her legs were in the air, she used them to draw out a crescent shaped silver light. These kicks developed by Yue Yang were specially tailored for his sisters and this was not the first time they were being used. It’s power had already far surpassed the power when it was first conceived. It was hundredfold more powerful now. A mere inversion of her body was all it took for the proud Innate Ranker to fly across the ground.

It felt the full force of the kick and felt immense pain across its chest and stomach areas, sending him flying away.

From the sky, Ancient Titan Tree used its massive hands and slapped it back to ground, just like swatting a fly.

The Ancient Titan Tree hit it directly and brought it straight back to the ground.

With the enemy still in immense pain all throughout its body, when it could not even avoid or move anymore, Ancient Titan Tree further used its enormous legs to step on it.

The Innate Level 2 Demon Abyss Ranker used his arms to defend himself from death, but it was still ruthlessly stepped deeply into the ground. The Ancient Titan Tree stretched out its hand and dug out the ground along with the enemy. It then heavily threw it back to the ground. At the same time the enemy landed on the ground and spat out blood, countless thorns had tenaciously bound the enemy’s body. The thorns had grown from the ground and directly pierced through the enemy’s body.

The Demon Abyss Ranker that was hurt earlier came rushing in to try to assist and save his partner. However, all he saw was a partner that was almost completely dark green from head to toe.

Its partner hand been inflicted with poison.

Even if it could bring its partner away, it would definitely die in the end.

It had to run away, the fear it felt was unimaginable. Suddenly, a shadow appeared from the sky. It was Yue Bing who descended downwards, ”Moon Step!”

Yue Bing could not have killed it with a single attack. The terrifying one was actually the Ancient Titan Tree, which had exceptional reaction time surpassing any of the plant type beast. Just after Yue Bing sent the opponent flying in mid air, it stretched out its hands and caught the Demon Abyss Ranker that tried to trick Niu Niu. Then, it slammed and pressed the Demon Abyss Ranker into the ground with its hugh hands, sending him almost ten meter under the ground with its tremendous strength, causing the ground to shake with a very loud bang.

It waited until the thorns and vines were wrapped around it before it released its hands.

Then, it took ruthlessly stepped on it……

The Demon Abyss Ranker had not yet died. It tried to struggle free from the vines and escape the place. However, Yue Bing did not pay anymore attention to it. In the sky, Yue Yu dived down with the Angel Blade acting as wings behind her.

One slice and the Demon Abyss Ranker was decapitated. Its head flew through the air.

“Ancient Tree, trample!” said Yue Bing who had just arrived at Sky Disaster’s battle site. Ancient Titan Tree ran right into the battlefield while ignoring the shockwaves caused by Innates fighting. It followed Yue Bing’s instructions and trampled on the Innate Level 7 vice commander of the Thunder Corps. You could see the pain and agony the vice commander was experiencing under its foot. He had to tunnel himself out, digging a channel under its foot like a marmot while the Ancient Titan Tree continued to step repeatedly on the ground until he managed to escape. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Until now, he finally realised that this little sister of Yue Clan Third Young Master was really a tough opponent.

Especially her Beast, which could not be looked down on.

The vice commander’s beast was a huge Thunder Lizard. It was originally a strong beast, but it was not even fart in front of the Ancient Titan Tree, as it was oppressed.

“Kill!” The Fierce Tooth Corps’ vice commander made a surprise attack towards Yue Bing, wishing to kill this girl.

“Ancient Tree, substitution….” The Green Light Tree Demoness had stayed by her master’s side protecting her when the enemy attacked. All she did was wave her hands and miraculously Yue Bing and the Ancient Titan Tree would swap places. Ancient Titan Tree took an attack from the Fierce Tooth Corps’ vice commander, then counterattacked with its huge arms, reaching out and even extending the hand when needed. It chased the vice commander by growing its arms and then swatted him like a fly.

“This Green Light Tree Demoness is the real key.” War Tiger Corps’ vice commander suddenly realised that she was the real problem. However, it was too late. Sky Disaster had gained a chance to catch her breath. She yelled in anger, ”You damned bastards, taste my power…… Sky Disaster descend!”

When Sky Disaster showed her wrath, it was no joking matter.

Before this, she was waylaid by three of the vice commanders, leaving her no room to make her move. She was thoroughly pissed with her opponents.

Yue Bing came to the rescue in time, and also gave her a chance to breakout. Once Sky Disaster released her strength, people of Demonic Palace who knew of her power stayed away.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty forgone her battle and came right back, shielded Yue Bing, Yue Yu and Niu Niu The Little Panda right behind her.

Hai Ying Wu and Drunken Cat Big Sis also took the chance to beat back their opponents, and arrived behind Phoenix Fairy Beauty. When the enemy finally realised that something was wrong, they tried to disperse, but it was already too late. Sky Disaster was already high above the ground, her anger reached its peak, releasing the power of Sky Disaster.

Lara oozed out of the ground, flowing and spreading all over the area.

Millions of meteors appeared in the sky, whistling downwards as if it was the end of the world.

The most terrifying thing here was that all these natural disasters had their purposes and were not random. The meteors would chase after the enemy

Sky Disaster’s unique skill needed time to execute. When faced with a powerful opponent, her Sky Disaster power would not be able to display its might.

However, if she was rubbed the wrong way, and obtained a chance like this, it was equivalent to judgement day.

The earth shook and the ground cracked!

Judgement day!

This Sky Disaster power was her strongest power.

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