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LLS Chapter 638 – Next will be your turn!

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Chapter 638 – Next will be your turn!
Translated by: Trudie Teo
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Last

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“It’s you?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty frowned her eyebrows. Actually, she already knew that the Southern Goblin King would come here to battle, but she never thought that she would be support her instead of directly looking for Yue Yang.

“I didn’t miss any exciting battles right?” Southern Goblin King waved her hand lightly, her fingers stroking her pipa softly.

The tinkling sound were as beautiful as the sound of heavens.

Another tinkling sound resounded.

It was so beautiful and fresh like spring water dripping within one’s heart, making one drunk from the music.

Thunder of the Center slowly opened his eyes wider and wider, realising that this pipa sound was actually a deadly attack!

A round of sound wave very obviously rushed towards him. With his skills, he was naturally able to defend against it. However, his personal guards started vomiting blood one by one in the midst of this soul crushing music. Just now, he was already very angry when the Southern Goblin King came and killed more than a hundred of his men. If it wasn’t because they had carefully laid a plan that made him unable to interfere in the matter now, he would have gone berserk. Right now, Southern Goblin King had actually provoked him again with her Sound Wave attack, killing more than a dozen of his personal guards by rupturing their internal organs.

The worst part was that even in death, his personal guards were still strangely wearing an expression of bliss from the beautiful music, as if they were unaware that their internal organs have ruptured.

The Charging Wolves Mercenary Captain actually clapped his hands and laughed, “What a beautiful sound! What a graceful way to kill your enemies. It’s really a pleasant surprise.”

Southern Goblin King said with a winning smile, “There is an even bigger surprise later!”

Not waiting for Thunder of the Center to speak, she moved both of her hands quickly, like violent wind and rainstorm.

The originally beautiful and moving pipa sound suddenly changed to become clanging, exciting and resounding, as if millions of soldiers were marching on a battlefield.

Even those slow witted people who did not understand music could almost see a band of soldiers marching. At the orders of the commander, they neatly surged forth, sweeping towards the enemies. The scene really made people filled with uncontrolable passion as their blood boiled. Look, the battle flag fluttered, flying in front of the army, leading the soldiers to charge forward; Listen, the battle drums sounded, horseshoes clapped, shaking the ground with great force, till the color of the sky started to change… They were greeted by a rain of ten thousand arrows, greeted by erected pikes. Those soldiers that hed been killed did not stop moving as they fearlessly charged forward..

Those who were killed collapsed on the ground.

The invincible army did not stop moving even if their horses stomped the corpses of their comrades ……

The entire place was enveloped by Southern Goblin King’s deathly music. Members of the Thunder Corps listened to the music, and one by one collapsed on the ground., Some looked like their foreheads were struck by arrows, some looked like a pike had struck through their hearts, some looked like they had been trampled by horses. Their deaths were similar to the soldiers in her song. Their souls quietly roared and died one by one starting from the weakest of them.
(Last: If you did not understand: the soldiers seen from the song represented the Thunder Army)

Those who were slightly stronger bitterly braced themselves, but following the change in the music, they had already become drunk to the point that they could not free themselves.

If, at this moment, Thunder of the Center stood out and shouted loudly, he might have been able to break the music and save them.

Very sadly, the current Thunder of the Center, was also immersed in the music. Even if he used his fingers to cover his ears, he could not stop his soul from resonating. It was not only Thunder of the Center, the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group members, even their captain and vice captain could not avoid from falling into the the Music Mirrage.

The first person to break free from the Music Mirrage was the guy with the tall hat from the clown group.

He did not speak up to disturb the Southern Goblin King performance.

The first reason was because he loved music and could not bare to break this kind of soul shaking natural music. Secondly, the members of the Thunder Corps were to be turned in to sacrifices as part of the plan. Borrowing the enemy’s hand to kill them would not even make Thunder of the Center feel disgust. Although he didn’t care about the opinions of Thunder of the Center, he still needed to rely on him in offering the sacrifice for the Ancient Seal, and also rely on him for searching through God’s Ruins. Thirdly, Sky Law was on the other side, and currently charging her terrifying Sky Law Lightning. Once he breaks the Southern Goblin King’s music that terrifying Sky Law Lightning would definitely land on his head.

What reason did he have to take on this lightning in place of the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group?

The Charging Wolf Mercanary Group was originally meant to be the scapegoat!

The tall-hat man didn’t speak. He just remained in silence, slowly backing up, seeking the most safest distance to avoid Sky Law’s attack…… He cleverly moved Sky Law’s killing intent from him and pushed it onto the Charging Wolf Mercenary Group Captain.

Under the situation where no one disturbed her performance, Southern Goblin King continued playing without any impatience as she played slowly.

The rhythm slowed down, just like the short period of peacefulness after a violent storm…… Listening to this part of performance made people almost see fresh red blood spilling across the sky. After the violent storm was over, bloodthirsty rampaging soldiers, fell to the ground. Their corpses scattered all over the mountains and fields, the battlefield was particularly bleak.
Surviving soldiers in the piles of corpses slowly began to crawl their way out.

They did not cheer. They only sat on the high high hills of corpses numbly, eyes looking bleak with no source of energy in sight.

The sky started to rain. Biting coldness and the blood stained evening wind moved through the battlefield. The blood of many people formed creeks and convered into blood pools.

Other than the flapping flag, nothing else was alive or able to move.

Darkness began to descend.

Dark Clouds covered the skies hidding the moon, like the soldiers’ overcast hearts.

Bleak, painful breeze swept across the battlefield. The rain in the sky gradually became pieces of broken snow. Cold wind kept caressing, as if like it could blow to the distant homeland.

Countless white haired parents, countless dependent and hopeful wives, silently weeped. They will eternally not be able to hope for the return of their loved ones. Only those children who could not comprehend worry would smile happily under the lamp and ask seconds from their mother, unaware that what they ate was the last of their food supply…… The elderly parents were filled with anxiety, while their daughter-in-laws pretended to be happy to console them, but secretly cry at the deep darkness of the night when no one was aware.

Great amounts of snow began to conceal the bloody battle field…. A few old soldiers who barely survived moved through the snow one step at a time.

From time to time, some would fall to the ground and sleep for eternity.

The last remaining troops to return, was left with only a single person. The solitary figure gradually moved further and further away in the snow.

Until daybreak, when the sun rises from the east, everyone could see that the last person wasn’t able to walk out of the boundless snow. He had long been turned into an ice statue, but his eyes were looking in the direction of his hometown…… Behind that ice statue was a trail of blood-coloured footprints. The cold wind blew hard between the sky and the earth losing all vitality.

“Huff, huff!” When Thunder of the Center, this lizard awakened from the music, he realised his body had been frozen and became hard as wood. There were even frost on his face, and the breath that came out from him was white vapour.
(Last: Yes Thunder of the Center is a Thunder Lizard)

He couldn’t believe that he, who was an Innate Level 9, was unable to defend against this music illusion. What would happen to his subordinates?

When he turned around, the only thing he could see was a field of white ice statue.

The whole Thunder Corps that consists of thousands of elites had all been turned into ice statues.

Other than a small number of Innate Rankers who barely managed to survive, the rest of the army was annihilated!

“No, ah no!”

Thunder of the Center miserably cried out, grabbing his own chest tightly.

It was the first time in his life that his heart felt this painful!

It was the first time he felt despair.

The pain he felt was as worse as when he heard the news of Black Hell King’s death.

Even though commander Thunder of the Center was already in high alert and blocked his ears, he never thought that Southern Goblin King’s Music Mirage would still resonate with his soul, and would still be able to cause his body to trigger a reaction. Immersed in the Music Mirage, he was unable to stop himself to indulge in the music. The thing that made Thunder of the Center despair the most was that because Southern Goblin King had released two sound waves attack previously, he mistakenly underestimated her true strength. He thought that he would be able to defend against her music attack. Who would have guessed that when she released her ultimate attack, the whole Thunder Corps would be annihilated!

If the Thunder Corps was annihilated by a Heaven Ranker like Sky Law, Thunder of the Center wouldn’t feel such regret. But Southern Goblin King was just a girl who was his equal in terms of level.

Why did it had to be her that annihilated his army with one attack, the army that he spent hundreds of years to train?

Thunder of the Center was so angry his lungs almost burst.

“Kill!” He charged towards Southern Goblin King. Whatever battle skills, rules and schemes, he didn’t want to give a damn anymore.

In his heart, he only wanted to eliminate the woman who annihilated his army.

She must die by his hands!

Southern Goblin King who was holding her Jade Pipa floated in the air with a little disdainful look on her face.

She was like an angel descending on earth.

Her movements were as beautiful as a dream.

Even when she was dodging Thunder of the Center’s angry, fatal attacks, it looked like she was dancing in the air.

She knew that she was not as strong as Sky Law, but annihilating the Thunder Corps and luring the angry Lizard Commander was still something that she could do. As for fighting those three Heaven Rankers, she would leave it to Sky Law. She had no chances on fighting those kind of enemies at the moment.

Just like they initially planned, Southern Goblin King, who lured Thunder of the Center away to alleviate her comrades’ burden, quickly disappeared into the horizon.

Thunder of the Center pursued hurriedly.

The two people quickly disappeared from the battlefield.

Sky Wrath, Sky Calamity and the other Demonic Palace members looked at each other in fear!

Fortunately this Southern Goblin King was not their enemy. Otherwise, they would have a big headache. Who would have a way to escape the Music Mirage? Southern Goblin King was only Innate Level 9 currently. If she ranked up to Heaven Rank and achieved enlightenment to the Innate Elder Realm, and used her Sound Wave attack then, would there be anyone in this world that could be her opponent? Even if there was, there would only be a handful of them!

The Eastern Goblin Tribe was definitely not an easy opponent, it was no wonder that their race was known as the strongest race in Tong Tian Tower.

“Not bad, I liked it very much.” The Charging Wolf Mercenary Group’s captain who came from the Heaven Realm pretended to wave his hand in a relaxed manner. In reality, he, a Heaven Ranker, was also trapped within the Music Mirage just now.

Fortunately his enemies didn’t take that chance to attack him. Otherwise, he would really be embarrassed.

In order to conceal the fact that he lost control of his soul just now, he decided to show some moves.

The Thunder Corps annihilation had perfectly fit the sacrifice offering requirements to activate the Ancient Teleportation Portal. He pointed his fingers, imitating Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s posture just now. A burst of Heaven Rank energy streaked across the ground, creating a trench that was hundreds of metres long, 2 metres wide and 3 metres deep from him all the way to the edge of the Ancient Seal. At the same time, he had also snapped his finger confidently, creating flames with his finger that enveloped the whole battlefield, quickly thawing the thousands of ice statues that Southern Goblin King created.

A river of blood that had been thawed flowed through the trench.

Slowly, it flowed towards the Ancient Seal… Although the results wouldn’t be as effective as sacrificing the lives on top of the Ancient Seal itself, it would still be better than making it go to waste!

“Let’s add your blood too!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s figure disappeared and reappeared right behind the Charging Wolf Mercenary Captain’s back. The three Heaven Rankers started their attacks altogether. That Mercenary Captain seemed to have predicted this, he slashed his earth splitting sharp claws to attack Phoenix Fairy Beauty back. The Bear-man Vice Captain let out a strong punch that would definitely crush Phoenix Fairy Beauty if it hit. The tall-hat man was even faster than the other two. Like a ghost, his corpse-like green fingers drenched in poison stabbed Phoenix Fairy Beauty in the back.

“You’ve fallen into our trap!” That Mercenary Captain smirked. The glee of successfully trapping his enemy shone in his eyes.


Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s answer was only that one word.

She didn’t avoid nor disappear, instead, she reached out her hands and pushed a burst of energy into the enemies’ head… Due to the deadly attacks by the three Heaven Rankers, she was immediately sent flying, her body creating a parabolic path as she fell from the air. When she got back up on her feet, her body was slightly trembling. There were ten stab wounds on her back, slash wounds on both her shoulders, and her left arm was dripping with fresh blood.

However, everyone was still looking at Sky Law with surprise in their eyes, as if they couldn’t believe what had happened.

They were shocked, not because of her wounds, but because of her terrifying killing potential!

The Charging Wolves Mercenary Captain from Heaven Realm was an unbridled Heaven Ranker.

Amidst everyone’s dumbstruck gazes, his head exploded into pieces!

Soul Annihilation!

Instant kill!

The corpse that had lost its head fell to the ground, splashing blood all over the place! The most terrifying thing was that the fellow didn’t even realise that he had died. Before his head exploded, he was still smiling arrogantly because he thought that he had successfully trapped his enemy… As for Phoenix Fairy Beauty who had just instantly killed a strong enemy, she simply wiped the blood at the corner of her mouth unperturbed. Charmingly, she charged towards the Bear-man Vice Captain with a beautiful yet deathly smile: “Next will be your turn!”

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