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LLS Chapter 637 – Pearls Falling Onto A Jade Plate

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Chapter 637 – Pearls Falling Onto A Jade Plate
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Shiro: Title means very good music

Phoenix Fairy Beauty led Hai Ying Wu, Yue Bing, Yue Yu, and the Drunken Cat Big Sis to another Ancient Seal location.

However, there no one could be seen close to the Ancient Seal.

Could it be some kind of plot?

Had they fallen into a trap?

“Everyone pay more attention. Something is wrong.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty pulled Yue Yu and Yue Bing to her side her to protect them. Hai Ying Wu had summoned her Golden Three Headed Dragon and let it search the surroundings. In truth Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s perception was able to cover 10 kilometers, nothing inside could escape it. However, 10 kilometers was a very short distance for Rankers, as they could appear in a flash. It could not guarantee their safety, but it could at the very least prevent ambushes.

“There is also a possibility that there really is no one here. After all, the enemy numbers are not enough to reach every place. Splitting up too much would be suicidal as they would decrease their fighting strength. It was much more plausible for this to be a misinformation to split up our forces and lure the lion away from the territory.” Hai Ying Wu judged.

“There is also a chance that the main target of the enemy is us.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty became unsettled as her heart sank.

“Since we are here, then we definitely have to fight to the end.” Yue Bing’s expression was filled with determination. After going through Yue Yang’s guidance and gaining battle experience, she had changed from a stubborn girl to a qualified warrior.

The current her was filled with unbendable confidence and energy.

It was totally different from her previously depressed self.

Actually, separating from Yue Yang this time was all due to her suggestion. She did not want to always be under her brother’s protection. She wanted to stand up and fight for her brother and become his strength. To do these, she needed to become strong. She knew that fighting was dangerous, but in order to obtain more experience, she let go of all her hesitation.

Yue Yu, the girl who was as gentle as water, also had the same thoughts.

Hai Ying Wu looked at the Drunken Cat Big Sis and Niu Niu the little Panda Girl, then asked Phoenix Fairy Beauty, “When will the people from Demonic Palace arrive?”

Phoenix Fairy Beauty knit her brows, “They might have already arrived, but they are in battle…… Sky Wrath, Sky Calamity, Sky Disaster and the others would absolutely be not slower than us.”

The fact that Sky Wrath, Sky Crime, Sky Fury and Sky Disaster hadn’t arrived showed how serious the situation was.

Should they wait or search ahead?

Everyone looked at Phoenix Fairy Beauty, waiting for her decision.

Yue Yang was not there, so she was the strongest and the one with the most fighting experience. Listening to her was not a wrong choice.

“We wait!” Phoenix Fairy Beauty decided to stay after pondering. Searching for it did not mean that they would find it. There was also a huge chance for things to go wrong. Another reason for doing this is to prevent the enemy from offering sacrifices, which is another plan to lure the tiger away from its territory. The final reason, if Sky Wrath and the others could not stop the enemy, then going there to support them would not really help that much. If they could handle it, then waiting here was better.

Phoenix Fairy Beauty chose to believe her comrades.

Yue Yu, Yue Bing and the others also chose to believe Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

After waiting for around an hour, a group of people finally entered Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s perception.

They were Sky Fury who was drenched in blood, Sky Crime who had a hole through his lungs, Sky Sword who had fainted and carried by Sky Assassinate, Sky Disaster whose clothes had been torn to shreds but received the least injury, Sky Calamity who could not turn invisible anymore, and Sky Wrath who was indifferent to his injuries.

The people from Demonic Palace finally arrived, but they were wounded.

They had already fought quite hard before arriving…….

“Please excuse us for being late. Nothing could be done about the traffic jam.” Sky Crime joked. This was a joke that he learned from Yue Yang. Everytime Yue Yang arrived late, he would find all kinds of excuses, such as traffic jams.

“How many did you fight to get into such a situation?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty felt pain, especially after seeing Sky Disaster’s tragic appearance. However, she did not show it and even teased her about it, as if her comrades were not impressive enough and made her disappointed. The people from Demonic Palace knew her temper, so they laughed and found a place to sit down. Only Sky Disaster threw herself into Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s embrace as she acted like a spoiled child.

“There was a problematic Heaven Ranker in the other party.” Sky Wrath, who had been surpassed by Phoenix Fairy Beauty in the Demonic Palace Rankings, warned her.

“No wonder. It will be alright now, it’s not like I haven’t killed Heaven Rankers before.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s eyes shone with fury. Whoever dared to touch Demonic Palace must be killed even if they were Heaven Ranked!

After ten minutes, a group of people appeared.

This was the Black Hell Army’s Thunder Corps.

Leading them was Thunder of the Center. He was the commander that plotted against the Wyvern Valley.

Among the five commanders of the Black Hell Army, this Thunder of the Center was the strongest. He controlled the Thunder Corps and even the corps that had been left behind by War Tiger and Fierce Tooth after their deaths.

However, he was only a Level 9 Innate and not the strongest person in the entire war.

The strongest was a group of mercenaries that had never appeared in the Tong Tian Tower before.

In Heaven Realm, this mercenary group could not even enter the top 1000, but in Tong Tian Tower, their strength could even overturn the Demonic Palace.

In this mercenary group, there were actually two Heaven Rankers. Although they were both at Heaven Rank Level 1, they could already do whatever they want in Tong Tian Tower. Let alone these two Heaven Rankers, even their thirteen subordinates, who were nothing much in Heaven Realm, were all above Earth Rank Level 7.

Three of them were Earth Rank Level 9, four at Level 8, and six as Level 7.

Their strength was comparable to Tong Tian Tower’s entire Guang Ming Continent or even the Hei An Continent. Nobody would even dare to criticize them. Unfortunately, they were not satisfied. They came to the first level of Heaven Stairway to covet God’s Ruins. This decision had sealed their fate.

“The Tong Tian Tower is not bad. There are many beautiful women and every one is extremely weak. Everyone would cower at our presence. Hahahaha, everything that person said was correct. This place is truly a good place. Since this is such a good place, then it should not be occupied by such incompetent people. Tong Tian Tower should belong to us. Its natural resources, women, treasures, everything should belong to us, the strong. Although we suffered a bit from coming here, it was all worth it.” The mercenary captain looked at Phoenix Fairy Beauty, Hai Ying Wu, Yue Yu, Yue Bing and the others with desire in his eyes.

“How could cowards become Heaven Rankers? Could it be that Heaven Realm specialised in producing idiots?” Phoenix Fairy Beauty shook her head and sighed.

“Hahahah!” The people in the mercenary group did not get angry at her words. On the contrary, they even laughed.

In their eyes, the beauty in front of them was already in the bag.

The only question they have was how they would split it.

The vice captain was a Bear-man with overflowing muscles. His strength was at Heaven Rank Level 1 and was only a bit weaker than the captain. This Bear-man was probably from the same tribe as the Three-eyed Tiger that Yue Yang was acquainted with. In front of Phoenix Fairy Beauty and the others, he carried an honest looking appearance and spoke, “Beauties, don’t be scared. We are actually the good guys. As long as you are obedient, we would not harm a hair on your bodies! We, the Charging Wolves Mercenary, have come here after receiving an invitation. Our goal is to keep the peace of Tong Tian Tower. We are fighting for justice. If there is some kind of misunderstanding between us, we can slowly discuss over it, and settle it with discussion.”

“I cannot imagine what there is to talk about with a coward.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty disdainfully sneered.
(Shiro: the chinese word for ‘coward’ here can also mean a bear, so there’s pun intended)

“Sis, something is wrong. The Heaven Ranker that we saw weren’t these two.” Sky Disaster hurriedly warned Phoenix Fairy Beauty.

“Got it. That bastard is hiding himself. He thought that others could not see his disgusting appearance, truly a disgrace.”

A bolt of lightning that carried the power of judgement was shot to midair.

After moving a hundred meters, the lightning struck empty space, and it began to shatter.

A crooked nosed, wide mouthed, small eyed man wearing a top hat and bizarre clothes appeared. He jumped out from empty space. He wanted to confidently escape the lightning, but he never imagined that he would make a lapse in judgement. The power of judgement had numbed his fingers and made his body tremble. If he was not at the peak of Heaven Rank Level 2, he might have already become a charcoal man.

If Yue Yang was here, then he would be able to immediately recognize this person from his badge. This person was the Heaven Ranked Expert in the Clown’s group.

“Careful. That man is an expert in illusions.” Sky Wrath warned Phoenix Fairy Beauty. Although she was currently at Heaven Rank Level, there were three Heaven Rankers on the other side. Moreover, the Ancient Demon King was probably hiding and preparing for an ambush.

Whatever the case, Phoenix Fairy Beauty, as the backbone of the group, cannot have anything bad happen to her.

Her existence was a deterrent against the enemy.

At the same time, she was also the basis of her comrades’ confidence.

If she falls, then the consequences that Yue Yu, Yue Bing and the others would face was too horrible to contemplate.

“Don’t worry. Nothing will happen to me. Nothing will happen to us.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty did not believe that the enemy could defeat her easily. So what if there were three Heaven Rankers? She had enough confidence that she could not be defeated even by the Ancient Demon King as long as he had not regained his full power.

Sky Law had self confidence, because under Zhi Zun’s guidance, her advancements were huge.

Moreover, she had performed Double Body Fusion with Yue Yang, became reborn under Nirvana Flames. Her Guardian Beast, Charm Demon Queen, had leveled up to become a Divine Beast. In the end, she had even fought in the Death Arena and even Heaven Realm. She was even amazed at her own improvements. If the abnormal Yue Yang was not in front of her, then she would become more arrogant. While she was comprehending the powers of Sky Law and the Innate Elder Realm, she had received guidance from her sister and Night Empress. Phoenix Fairy Beauty’s will became a hundred times resolute than before, and she was even able to gradually form her Innate Elder’s Heart.

The sound of pipa suddenly echoed form the far east.

This sound was like pearls falling onto a jade plate.

“On the yellow sand, on the lush green plains, our troops set forth, singing courageously. Looking around the millions of men, I noticed a few of my age. Carrying our flags and banners, whipping our horses, watching our comrades’ back as the sun sets across the horizon. Away from home, we slept on a faraway mountain….The general led the attack, fire beacons were set off continuously…… “

The wind suddenly stopped.

A beautiful woman appeared in the still sky like a fairy falling into the world. Her clothes fluttered as she flew down.

Everyone listened to her outstanding performance, forgetting everything else.

Her beautiful voice had especially reverberated, giving off an intoxicating feeling.

The entire Thunder Corps was totally oblivious that they had been captivated by the beautiful sound of the pipa as they quietly listened. Even the three Heaven Rankers from Heaven Realm, who had kept up their guard, couldn’t help open their mouths as they listened to her voice. They stared at her blankly as she moved down. Wherever she walked, the soldiers would be placed into eternal rest as they fell down the ground…

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