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LLS Chapter 636 – ‘Stand Straight’ and ‘Fortitude’

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Chapter 636 – ‘Stand Straight’ and ‘Fortitude’
Translated by: Alv
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Last

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If the strongest sealed monster in this Water World was the Hell Hydra King, Yue Yang definitely would not believe it.

What he was most concerned about was this Hell Hydra King could be the subordinate or friend of some ancient being that just wouldn’t die.

Just like that black bearded Mo Long who was sealed in the Death Boundary within the man-eating lake in the Southern Heaven Realm, the Ancient Demon Shark, Ancient Island Whale, Dragon Electric Eel and Cuttlefish King were also sealed together with him. These five Hell Hydras might just be the subordinates of some ancient monster, who knows?The Hell Hydra King seemed to have a certain intellect as it had a doubtful gaze when it saw Yue Yang and the Stone Element Stone Element Medusa.

The other four Hell Hydras were the complete opposite, especially the ones who just reached adulthood. They attacked Yue Yang and Stone Element Medusa the instant they saw them. Many gigantic heads spouted raging flames, icy frost, thunder, lightning, black fog and poison, all at the same time, charging towards their enemies ferociously.

Having a long history of battle, Stone Element Medusa was undaunted.

The level pressure was nothing to someone who was as intelligent as her.

She wanted to accept the battle but Yue Yang felt that carelessly starting the battle was the most foolish decision, since it might just be what the Ancient Demon King wanted.

“Let’s go!” Yue Yang said, flying up high.

In this water world, flying was not restricted by the Code.

Even though Stone Element Medusa was not very good at flying, but as a Beast close to becoming a Holy Beast, floating in the sky would not be a problem for her.

Four Hell Hydras that were the size of small islands, spouted different attributes of attack towards Yue Yang and Stone Element Medusa, weaving up a fire net in the sky. If Stone Element Medusa was the only one, she might not be able to completely dodge the attacks. However, Yue Yang held her hand and skillfully got out of the fire net, escaping at a fast speed while keeping close to the water surface.

The Hell Hydras pursued relentlessly but soon realised that Yue Yang had left their attack range and disappeared, teleporting in an instant.

Having lost their target, they could only helplessly return back to their King’s side.

The Hell Hydra King’s eyes contained suspicion, as if it was thinking of something.

Responding quickly, it submerged underwater in a hurry. The four Hell Hydras could not understand what was happening, but they closely followed their king. At a depth of one kilometer underwater, the seabed was not in complete darkness. Rather, there was a peculiar scene. The seabed had countless glowing plants and animals, decorating the seabed brightly like the starry sky. Underneath some gigantic glowing plants shone as bright as the day.

There was nothing on the water surface, but the seabed was thriving with life, turning the place into an indescribably marvelous world.

Seeing the Hell Hydras swimming across the sea, all the fishes hid inside the reefs. Some of the glowing plants even shrunk into a lump.

However, the Hell Hydra King did not bother about the surrounding and went straight towards a huge underwater forest.

The size of the forest was unknown, every tree was old and at least a hundred meters tall.

After entering a distance of ten kilometers, a wide vacant land appeared.

An Ancient Seal, which was ten times bigger than the Ancient Teleportation Portal outside, appeared in the center of the vacant land in the forest, surrounded by ten crystal pillars. The Hell Hydra King returned to the center of the Ancient Seal, wanting to rest when suddenly its eyes suddenly opened. Looking towards the southeast direction, Yue Yang’s silhouette appeared on top of a crystal pillar.

“Thanks for leading the way, I finally understood what was happening. “

Not waiting for the Hell Hydra King to get angry, Yue Yang immediately teleported away.

So much for the Ancient Teleportation Portal sacrificial offering, everything was all the Ancient Demon King’s schemes. There were three parts to the Ancient Demon King’s plan: First was to separate Yue Yang from his party and then get a hostage to drive him mad. Second, it would be to get Yue Yang to fight with Hell Hydra the moment he enter the Ancient Teleportation Portal. When both sides were exhausted, the Ancient Demon King would strike. Third, when Yue Yang killed the Hell Hydras that were guarding the place, he would provide the chance for the Ancient Demon King to release his companions… These Hell Hydras were the guards. Yue Yang did not know why they were guarding, but they were definitely guarding. The real monster was still sealed in the Ancient Seal, unable to escape!

Those Heaven Realm Goblins and Dwarves should be workers that were providing food to the Hell Hydras.

It could be that the Ancient Demon King convinced the Heaven Realm Goblins, so when the sacrifice begins they would drive away the Heaven Realm Dwarves.

If Yue Yang did not arrive, these Heaven Realm Dwarves would have all escaped and the Hell Hydras would have no one to support them. They will then leave the seal in search for food, letting the Ancient Demon King have his way.

Returning to the water surface once more, Yue Yang immediately asked Stone Element Medusa, Storm Mermaid, Thunder Naga and Ice Serpent Demon to search the whole isle on this water world separately, killing the Heaven Realm Goblins above. Only through getting rid of the Heaven Realm Goblins, the Heaven Realm Dwarves would be able to stay in this water world for the time being. Considering the dwarves were very well tamed, they would not leave this water world.

Inside Yue Yang’s heart, he had a strong premonition that after this small secret battle, there would be a huge war waiting for him.

Due to this, he let Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the others to rest temporarily so that they would be in their best form for the huge war.

The Ancient Demon King definitely would not be an easy enemy. What other tricks did he have up his sleeves?

Yue Yang was waiting patiently, so that he would be able to adapt.


On the other side of the battlefield, Ye Kong who was under the effect of the curse, started laughing maniacally as if he could not bear the pressure and turned into a madman.

The demonified Bai Yun Fei, beastified Xue Qian Ren and insectified Xue Qian Qiu all felt puzzled.

They guessed that Ye Kong had some sort of Inherent Skill which would give him immunity or help weaken curses, which explained why he was laughing so proudly. Bai Yun Fei used his demonic claws to slash the back of his hands, but it did not crack since he had demonic scales to protect his skin. The back of Ye Kong’s hand splattered with blood, since the Substitution Curse was still in effect. When Ye Kong stopped laughing and looked towards Bai Yun Fei, Bai Yun Fei and the gang felt startled. What they saw were a pair of blind eyes, there were no colors and emptiness in his eyes, exactly the same as a blind person.

Immunity to curses had never been Ye Kong’s Inherent Skill.

Moreover, Ye Kong had not contracted his grimoire for too long. Even if his Inherent Skill was very powerful, it would not be able to be nullify the power of a Holy-ranked Artifact.

“You are just a clown, who are you trying to scare?” Bai Yun Fei used strength to beat up his body. He didn’t seem to feel any pain, but Ye Kong, on the other hand, was very beat up as if hundreds of mammoth were trampling his body. His body was dented, bones were cracked, nose bleeding and some of his skin had been charred, revealing dripping wounds.

“Bai Yun Fei, you weakling, can’t you use more power? I’m very disappointed, was this all you had?” Ye Kong wiped away the blood on his nose and mouth softly, staring at Bai Yun Fei with a look of disdain.

“Nonsense!” Bai Yun Fei was triggered. Due to the demonification, he might have received a slight sense of regret with his body, causing the words to really hurt his feelings.

He almost went into berserk state to beat himself up ruthlessly.

It was completely a masochistic and self-harming act.

Bai Yun Fei knew that this sort of action would have double effect on the body of Ye Kong and would have no effect on his own body.

The rest watched silently. No one dared to stop them. The Xue Qian Ren and Xue Qian Qiu wanted to watch a good show, while Xue Tan Lang had a cold expression on his face. The unusual part was that Fatty Hai and Li brothers looked as if they were watching a good show. Bai Yun Fei hurt himself to the extent where he felt a faint pain and his bones were about to break. If there was no substitution curse, he believed what he have done would have brought about serious damage to his body. He stopped and looked at Ye Kong, feeling that he would probably see Ye Kong in a horrible and pitiful state.

However, he was disappointed.

Ye Kong was still standing on his feet.

Though covered with scars and bruises, his facial expression remained contempt.

He did not bother about the injuries on his body and spitted on the ground: “You don’t even have the power to beat people up yet you are still pretending? If you keep this pretense up, you must be an idiot! ”

“No, this is impossible!” Bai Yun Fei flew into a rage. He knew his own strength. He could cut through mountains and break stones. He had hit himself hundreds of times. Let alone a human’s body, even a golden mammoth would have long been killed. Why did Ye Kong looked fine? Why was the damage he received less than before?

 ”Before you die, I will tell you the answer.” Blind and bloody, Ye Kong forced himself towards Bai Yun Fei step by step.

“Get lost!” Bai Yun Fei’s claws flew.

The strength of his claws can completely tear apart Ye Kong’s body into shreds.

His speed was even more unparalleled. However, a strange things happened. Ye Kong’s body had more claw wounds, but the damage was not serious. On the contrary, the damage became even weaker. No matter how much Bai Yun Fei increased his strength, the damage still become weaker. In the end, Bai Yun Fei was exhausted and gasped for breath non-stop. Ye Kong was still standing in front of him, perfectly fine: “Are you done yet? You can continue if that wasn’t enough! How dare you show off with the likes of your strength and naivety!”

Bai Yun Fei stepped back powerlessly and looked at Ye Kong in horror.

Xue Qian Ren was unwilling to give up.

Waving his flaming claws, he advanced with Xue Qian Qiu, frantically attacking Ye Kong at the same time.

Ye Kong had completely no intention to resist. Xue Qian Qiu and Xue Qian Ren became exhausted after attacking Ye Kong, yet they noticed he was still fine and standing. There was almost no damage on his body, there were just superficial wounds, not even his internal organs were damaged .

Xue Qian Qiu shot a tentacle with barbed teeth, trying to bite Ye Kong’s face and destroying it.

However, the tentacles bit for a long time but only managed to leave a few teeth marks.

“Impossible!” Xue Qian Qiu and Xue Qian Ren were astonished that this kind of defensive force actually existed in this world. Could his Inherent Skill be a defensive Inherent Skill? But if that was true, he should be immune to wounds, yet he was covered with cuts and bruises. Before Bai Yun Fei and gang could think of an answer, Ye Kong suddenly waved his fist without waiting for them to finish thinking.

A meteor-like punch streak across the short distance, accurately aiming towards Bai Yun Fei, Xue Qian Qiu and Xue Qian Ren…

Bai Yun Fei’s reaction time was the fastest, when the fist hit him, he was already fifty meters away.

Xue Qian Qiu have a sharp reaction time. He tried to receive the punch while stepping back, thus eliminating the power of this punch which did not seem powerful to him. However, after receiving the punch, he staggered one step and fell to the ground with his eyes turned white.

A huge fist print was engraved deeply on his chest.

Ye Kong currently only had the power of a Heaven Rank Level 1, it should be impossible for him to release such such a terrifying punch.

“Why?” Bai Yun Fei was still pondering over this matter as he bent over to throw up wildly. The pain was making him unable to think deeper, he felt that his internal organs were almost crushed and were in pieces, the pain could hardly be described.
This was the power of Ye Kong’s punch? An Innate Level 1 against an peak Innate Level 3, how was Ye Kong able to hit him till he vomited blood?

“That’s because he has the ‘Stand Straight’ Inherent Skill and the Guardian Beast ’Fortitude’.” Fatty Hai laughed: “I am sorry. As his boss, I did not introduce him to you. My little brother, Ye Kong, is not afraid to be beaten. You might not know it but his life is lowly, just like Hui Tai Lang. The more he was beaten the more spirited he gets. In the battlefield, he would always stand straight and would never fall. If you didn’t hit him, he may fall, but the more you hit him, the more his damages will accumulate, and the more powerful his Inherent Skill’s power would be. As for his Special-type Guardian Beast Fortitude, he is just like his master. The more you beat him, the stronger he gets. The stronger he gets, the stronger his return attack will be. Do you understand why I’m explaining to you? Because there is another person here with an Inherent Skill that gains power the more depressed our enemies become. If he had a big mouth, all of you would have died ten times already!”

“Enough of your nonsense.” Xue Tan Lang increased his power and shouted cooly, “Hurry and send them on their way! “

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