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LLS Chapter 635 – Hell Hydra

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Chapter 635 – Hell Hydra
Translated by: Jonathan
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Last

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There were many ways to offer a sacrifice.

Demon Abyss and Soaring Dragon Continent both had different ways. Of course, Heaven Stairway had a different method too.

The most direct way was Demon Abyss’ method, which sacrificed lives, also known as Blood Sacrifice. It was the most cruel and ineffective way of sacrificing, but it could be used a lot of times under no strict restrictions. With regards to the Demon Abyss that possessed a huge amount of monsters, blood Sacrifice was something that the Demon Kings would willingly do. Soaring Dragon Continent, on the other hand, used Soul Sacrifice. Soul Sacrifice was achieved when a warrior willingly and selflessly contribute his soul… It could be said that Yue Shan’s suicide to stop Black Hell King was a type of Soul Sacrifice. It was because of his Soul Sacrifice that Black Hell King’s Betrayal Inherent Skill would lose its effectiveness momentarily, resulting in him being killed by Sky Execution.

The biggest difference between Soaring Dragon Continent and Demon Abyss, was that one was voluntary, and the other was forced.

Six thousand years ago, Prison Emperor used his life and soul to seal the Three Great Leaders of Heaven Realm.

This was also a type of sacrifice.

It was a more advanced, more powerful type called Heaven Earth Sacrifice.

It was also the sacrifice method that warriors from Heaven Stairway used most commonly. This Heaven Earth Sacrifice, not only requires the warrior to sacrifice voluntarily, but it also needed to sacrifice the lives of the living things around to become more powerful. When a Heaven Stairway warrior performs this, any living thing in an enormous space that accepted the warriors will and guidance could join in. The power would become strong enough to destroy the world.

Yue Yang found that the Heaven Stairway was in complete chaos due to two reasons. The first reason was due to a great war.

The second reason was because a Heaven Stairway warrior had performed a Heaven Earth Sacrifice.

“Aoo aoo aoo…”

Those Heaven Realm Goblins that were exceptionally strong were preparing to kill a large number Heaven Realm Dwarfs as a Blood Sacrifice in the Ancient Teleportation Portal.

A golden arrow flew into the area and accurately shot down an Earth Rank Level 5 Heaven Realm Goblin Leader. In split seconds, that ugly and ferocious Goblin turned into a stone statue. If this shot was not enough to cause panic among the Heaven Realm Goblins, then the appearance of the Gold-ranked Level Eight Blood Python King would definitely intensify this panic. Stone Element Medusa who was standing beside Yue Yang, summoned the Gold Tiger Shark King and the Blood Python King.

The Stone Element Medusa had not allowed the Blood Python King to fight previously as it was in a weak state due to serious injuries and childbirth.

Today, the Blood Python King who had finally recovered couldn’t wait to show off.

It was also a creature adept in water battles.

Under the terrorized gaze of the Heaven Realm Dwarf and Heaven Realm Goblin, the Blood Python King stretched out its long neck and directly bit the Earth Rank Level 4 Heaven Realm Goblin Warrior in place.

 The power of the Blood Python King’s giant bite could easily break the bones of the Goblin Warrior, but this was not enough to satisfy the Blood Python King. When the Heaven Realm Goblin Warrior wanted to struggle free, the Blood Python King flung it away, forcefully slamming the body of the Goblin Warrior against one of the pillars of the Ancient Teleportation Portal.


The Heaven Realm Goblin Warrior, who was half-dead, had no time to respond before the Blood Python King constricted its body against the pillar.

When the Blood Python King’s huge body tightened around the Earth Rank Level 4 Goblin Warriors, its bones were fractured and broken, its internal organs burst into pieces, and blood starting oozing out from its eyes, nose, mouth and ears. It died in complete agony… Now the infant Gold-ranked Level 3 Blood Python Kings hiding behind their mother, a little timidly and bloodthirstily started to stick out their heads one by one. There were around 7-8 of them in total.

One of the Blood Python King’s children had the fastest movement.

When the mother loosened the Goblin Warrior, it immediately opened its bloody mouth and rushed to swallow the Goblin Warrior’s bloody corpse in one mouthful.

Although they were infants, they all grew very quickly. They were all ten meters long on average currently.

However, as compared to their mother, who was more than fifty meters long, they were only insignificant little snakes.

Seeing the Blood Python King showing its glorious power, the Gold Tiger Shark King most certainly dare not fall behind.

The Gold Tiger Shark King, who had devoured many varieties of strong monsters and fought many battles for a long time, had far surpassed the Blood Python King in terms of level and abilities. The Gold Tiger Shark King had reached Gold-ranked Level 10. Although it was not able to upgrade its rank to Platinum, it continued to accumulate its combat power and had far exceeded the abilities of a normal Gold-ranked Level 10 monster. Yue Yang had no time to pay attention to it at the moment. Otherwise, if he tried to think of a way, he should be able to trigger the Gold Tiger Shark King to undergo variant evolution to become even stronger.

The importance of the Gold Tiger Shark King’s cultivation certainly could not be compared with that of Hui Tai Lang. After all, its battle limitations were still restricted to water.

If it could fly in the sky like the Ancient Magic Sharks in the past, Yue Yang would naturally cultivate it more.

In another words, if it wanted to stand out from others, it needed to work even harder.


With the continuous massacre spree of the Gold Tiger Shark King and the Blood Python King, the Heaven Realm Goblins, who were responsible for maintaining order, died one after another. In the end, none of them survived. Even if they kept appearing from the Teleportation Portal, they were not strong enough to defeat the two beasts. Yue Yang thought that those Heaven Realm Dwarves would flee in all four directions, but they actually did a completely different thing.

Those Heaven Realm Dwarves were terror-stricken. Not only did they not flee, they even knelt down.

Neatly mingled in a circle, waiting for Yue Yang’s decisions for them.

They were very docile, totally unresisting and even lost their guts in escaping.

The Heaven Realm Goblins continued to be exterminated. Under the condition where there were no sacrifice offerings, the number of Heaven Realm Dwarves and Heaven Realm Goblins coming out from the Ancient Teleportation Portal become lesser and lesser. After a long time, finally a Goblin Leader appeared, but it was immediately killed by the Blood Python King and Gold Tiger Shark King. There was no more movement after that. Yue Yang waved his hand and ordered those Heaven Realm Dwarves to move to the side and wait for him while he entered the Ancient Teleportation Portal together with Stone Element Medusa.

Yue Yang ordered the Gold Tiger Shark King and the Blood Python King to stay.

Standing on the Ancient Teleportation Portal, Yue Yang used a large number of magic crystals as an energy source to light up the teleportation portal pillars…

He was teleported instantly.

When Yue Yang and the Stone Element Medusa slipped out of the space time tunnel, they discovered themselves in a world of water.

In this peculiar water world, there was nothing but water. There was only a small island to get a foothold, and the surrounding was filled with Heaven Realm Dwarves and Heaven Realm Goblins.

The total number of population of these two races could be more than 100,000. The Heaven Realm Dwarves were stunned when they saw Yue Yang, the uninvited guest, but they bore no malice towards him. The ignorant Heaven Realm Goblins who liked to act recklessly, on the other hand, had actually decided to all jump towards Yue Yang in hostility. Hundreds and hundreds of Heaven Realm Goblins surrounded Yue Yang, to the point of covering the sky. Unfortunately, their status and strength were too low to pose a threat to Yue Yang.


When Yue Yang prepared to kill those Heaven Realm Goblins with one move, he suddenly found that there was some kind of Code Power surrounding that place. It was not as obvious as the Code Power in the Zodiac Temples, but it prevents grimoire owners from attacking. The strangest thing was the Code Power also restricted the use of weaponry in this water world.

Stone Element Medusa was stunned and immediately put away her bow and arrows.   满头烈焰蛇发一舞。
The flaming snakes in her head danced furiously.

A sharp sound resounded.

Her eyes shot out some kind of death-like beam, the kind that was able to attack souls directly.

This was the first time Yue Yang saw her use this special skill.

The Heaven Realm Goblins who saw her eyes fell into the water, head first, one by one… Before they even entered the water, their bodies had all turned in to stone statues. With his Divine Eyes, Yue Yang found out that those Heaven Realm Goblins did not immediately die. However, both their soul and body were severely damaged.

Unless Stone Element Medusa allowed them to revert, these Heaven Realm Goblins would never be able to return to their normal state.

The Stone Element Medusa did not forgive her enemies easily. She pointed her hands towards the petrified enemies and closed them.

Those petrified goblins broke into pieces and their souls annihilated with her move. As for what little life energy they had left, it was all extracted by Stone Element Medusa and gathered in her hands.

“Do you want to use these energy to level up your weapons?” Yue Yang, for the first time, found out that there was such a wonderful usage for life energy.

“En!” Stone Element Medusa nodded.

Stone Element Medusa’s killing spree did not scare the enemy, but instead provoked the fierceness of these Heaven Realm Goblins.

They decided to rely on their large numbers. There was also an Earth Rank Level 6 Goblin King who was leading them. Those ugly and violent Heaven Realm Goblins, after a brief moment of being intimidated, became even crazier and rushed in fearlessly.

Because of the Code Power in the water world, these goblins did not use any weapons.

Moreover, they only had whips on their waists that were made from rubber. It could only be used to intimidate and banish those timid Heaven Realm Dwarves which did not have any hostility at all. With regards to the attack launched by these crazy Goblins, the Stone Element Medusa, who was fighting alone, appeared to be very angry. She felt that her dignity was challenged by the weak.

She was furious.

The snakes in her head, moved by themselves.

Those snakes that were supposedly fast asleep, opened their eyes and mouths, and revealed their fangs.

Numerous flame arrows came flying out from the mouths of the snakes.

With their mighty power, they easily shoot the Heaven Realm Goblins on the foreheads, directly causing their enemies’ head to explode.

The most frightening thing was that these flame arrows were like snakes. They seem to had lifelike movement while following the commands of Stone Element Medusa. Even if an enemy avoided those flame arrows, they would follow their master’s directions and automatically chase after the enemies. They would only disappear after hitting their target.

The Stone Element Medusa’s flaming snake hair was actually created from fake Nirvana Flame that she received from the [Copy] Law in the Gemini Temple.

After combining with Yue Yang’s Heaven Fury Fire Lotus, Dark Cloud Sky Flames and Pure Blue Fire Form, Stone Element Medusa was finally able to control the fire ability that she could not control before. Her usual snake hair had turned to ‘Pure Fire Snakes’. They would only burst into flames during battles or when Stone Element Medusa was angered. Of course, this was still not her final evolution form. Yue Yang hoped that one day she would be able to fuse with many other fire abilities, and created her very own unique ‘Demon Fire’.

Raindrop-like ball of flames spurted out, causing the approaching Heaven Realm Goblins to be engulfed in fire.

All attacks from every directions were in vain. Even the most ferocious Heaven Realm Goblin would have lost their morale.

The Goblin King thought that the enemy in front of it was simply undefeatable. It immediately waved his hand and commanded his subordinates to recede into the water and retreat from the enemy for the moment.

It was thinking that fleeing into the water would help them break away from this terrible Medusa.

Little did it knew that water warfare was actually Stone Element Medusa’s real strength.
“Eh?” The Stone Element Medusa, which was ready to chase down water, had discovered the enemy even earlier than Yue Yang. She immediately instinctively stopped in front of Yue Yang, eyes staring into the deep water.

“It is a Hell Hydra!” Yue Yang made a slight frown.

The Hell Hydra was not a creature from Tong Tian Tower, but a Heaven Realm creature. At Tong Tian Tower, the ordinary Hydra was only a Bronze-ranked monster. A small number of elites were Silver-ranked and only the King Beast was Gold-ranked. The Hell Hydra was different from the normal Hydra. This monster was already Gold-ranked from the moment it was born. Furthermore, Elites and King types were Platinum-ranked the moment they were born. A small number of Hell Hydras who managed to survive for a long time could even become one of the Ten Calamity Beasts in Heaven Realm.

Amongst the Ten Calamity Beasts, the Heaven Realm Giant Dragon was the strongest, followed by the Ancient Demon.

Ancient Slaughterers, Hell Hydras, Dragon-eating Demon Spider, Evil Demon Eye, Thunder Winged Tiger, Flame Manticore King and so on were all on the list.

The number of Hell Hydras that could occupy the top five position in the Ten Calamity Beasts were not as many as the Heaven Realm Giant Dragons and the Ancient Demons. Having possessed a legionary level power, they could possess such a reputation because they were so fierce, greedy, cruel and violent.

The Hell Hydra that had emerged from the deep waters was as large as an island.

Furthermore, there was more than one.

There were as many as five, the strongest being Heaven Rank Level 5 and the weakest being Heaven Rank Level 3… Yue Yang really could not imagine this situation. How could there be such a strong monster sealed in the Heaven Stairway? Also, who was the one who sealed these Hell Hydras here? If only the five Hell Hydras were sealed here, why would they leave a Code that prohibited weapons?

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