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LLS Chapter 634 – The Secret at the Bottom of the Lake

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Chapter 634 – The Secret at the Bottom of the Lake
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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When Yue Yang, Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian and the others reached their destination, they saw a huge lake.

The lake was still, and the water had become bright red coloured.

Countless corpses from the sacrificial offering filled the waters.

“Seems like we were one step too late.” Princess Qian Qian looked around the surrounding with a grave expression. Looking at the messy traces on the lake, with her Six Records Inherent Skill, she was able to quickly find a suspicious set of wet footprints. From the footprints, there was at least multiple human-shaped lifeforms coming out from the lake with the help of the offerer.

“Let’s follow!” Luo Hua City Mistress saw that the wet footprints were not dry yet, which meant that the enemies had not left for a long time. If they followed the footprints, maybe they would still be able to catch up to them on time.

“Something seems wrong.” Xue Wu Xia shook her hands.

She frowned and thought for a while.

She shook her head: “We can safely assume that some of the enemies had left, but are these the footprints of the offerer, or the thing that was sealed inside? We can’t tell at all! I think the lake is the strange one. If we go, I think we may miss out something.”

Listening to Xue Wu Xia’s analysis, Yi Nan who had came out from the Grimoire World asked: “Then shall we split up?”

Before Yi Nan finished speaking, Luo Hua City Mistress immediately refuted: “No, it’s bad to split our forces. We need to stick together to display our maximum power. Splitting up will make it easier for our enemies to strike us one by one. We can’t let Ancient Demon King succeed with his plans. Wu Xia is right, I also think something is wrong. If it is so easy to release an Ancient Seal, it is definitely not an Ancient Seal! Black Hell King, Thousand Goblin King and Scarlet Emperor could only escape from their seals after hundreds of years and after receiving many sacrificial offerings. Right now, do you think it’s possible that the Ancient Seal would be released so easily after Ancient Demon King randomly asked the Black Hell Army to find a few human lives as sacrifice? It is impossible! There are only two possibilities in this current situation. First, the Ancient Demon King had already attempted to release the seal before. Second, he’s playing tricks on us, trying to deceive us.”

Princess Qian Qian nodded after thinking for a while: “The second point is more probable.”

Xue Wu Xia pointed out accurately: “Most importantly, if the sealed beings are all Ancient Demon King’s friends or subordinates, would he reveal the secret to us? Of course not. He would only reveal it if these sealed beings are his enemies… Ancient Demon King would kill two birds with one stone this way. Not only would he be able to cause chaos in Tong Tian Tower by releasing the sealed beings, he would also be able to eradicate us, his enemies.”

Her words made Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and Yi Nan to think deeply.

Ancient Demon King’s ultimate purpose was definitely the God’s Ruins.

According to common sense, it would be better if Ancient Demon King had more power before he did anything. Right now, before Ancient Demon King’s powers recovered, his actions of hurriedly releasing these sealed beings proved that his intention was not that simple. There must be a deeper meaning behind his actions.

“Now what?” One of the girls finally passed the decision making task to Yue Yang.

“We can assume that since the enemy has already evaded us far away, we may not even be able to catch up to them if we chase after them. Then why should we waste our energy? They said that rather than having ten birds on trees, it would be better to have one bird in hand. Right now, there’s something wrong with this lake, so we should first investigate it clearly. If we found that there’s nothing wrong, we can continue to chase after the enemy. We won’t be able to catch up anyway, so we should do choose something that we have confidence in.” Yue Yang smiled.

The enemies’ thought process was undoubtedly hard to guess, but they could think about it in another way.

Since they weren’t able to guess the enemies’ real thought process, then they should at least avoid the traps their enemies had laid for them. They should be doing something that their enemies didn’t want to see the most.

There seemed to be something wrong with the lake?

There was also water footprints coming out from the lake…

Splitting their forces was most probably the decision that their enemies wanted them to make the most. Hence, they must definitely not make a decision according to their enemies plans. The thing that their enemies did not want to see was Yue Yang and the others staying back to investigate the lake. Otherwise, the enemies wouldn’t leave such an obvious track in front of Princess Qian Qian who possessed the Six Records Inherent Skill. They were just pretending to reveal what they intended to hide!

“You go and take a look around below, we’ll wait for you at the shore!” Luo Hua City Mistress thought that this was a good way to lure the enemies’ out.

“No.” Yue Yang rejected with one word.

“Don’t worry, we’ll be fine.” Luo Hua City Mistress had already performed Body Fusion cultivation with Yue Yang, and also received Night Empress and Zhi Zun’s tutelage, hence she had improved a lot.

Especially for the special kind of spiritual energy, which was left behind by the warriors of the Heaven Stairway, that was similar to the Code’s energy, Luo Hua City Mistress had deeper understanding of the energy than Yi Nan and was able to control it better. Hence, she would still be able to put a fight when facing against enemies that were way stronger than her. At the very least, she, who had low defense and high attack previously was now able to protect herself without any problems. Her favourite beast, Nine-tailed Spirit Fox, had also followed a humanoid route evolution after Zhi Zun’s secret tutelage… Its every rank up and level up was all the fruits of Luo Hua City Mistress hardwork in cultivating it.

Nine-tailed Spirit Fox was not much currently.

However, it would definitely become a Holy Beast or even a Divine Beast in the end.

Because of its special connection to Luo Hua City Mistress, Nine-tailed Spirit Fox would become like Zhi Zun’s humanoid beast, Blood Winged Angel. It would be different from a normal Divine Beast.

“Having confidence is one matter, strategizing and implementing it is another matter.” Yue Yang laughed: “If the enemy is not a fool, the strategy of ‘luring the enemy’ would definitely fail. Ancient Demon King is not a fool. He even thought that we may not even realise his tactics, so we need to do something that he doesn’t like. Only then would we be able to frustrate him. You guys, come over here, let’s do this…”

“We hate scheming the most.” Princess Qian Qian expressed her dislike on the surface, but she actually liked this aspect of Yue Yang. She liked him to be especially ‘cunning’.

Xue Wu Xia?

She was the one who always executed Yue Yang’s plans with the most rapport!

Yue Yang sent Xue Wu Xia, Princess Qian Qian, Luo Hua City Mistress and Yi Nan back inside the Grimoire World. Then he, alone, jumped into the lake that was giving out a very strong smell of blood. He swam deeper into the lake, believing in his instincts, and continued to swim downwards.

When Yue Yang started diving into the lake, a few shadows appeared behind the distant ruins.

They saw that Yue Yang did not split his forces. He did not follow the tracks and chase after the footprints, instead he kept the girls and dove into the lake.

The one that seemed to be the leader couldn’t help but to sigh: “His majesty was right. This Yue Clan third young master is really difficult to deal with. If this person continued to exist, our plan to conquer the Tong Tian Tower will be very hard to accomplish. Why does such an exceptional talent always appear in Tong Tian Tower? I initially thought that the Prison Emperor at that time was just an exception. I never thought that this Yue Clan third young master would appear.”

The man standing beside the leader immediately refuted: “No, there are many dangerous people in the Tong Tian Tower. It is not only the Yue Clan third young master. There is also that Zhi Zun!”

The leader nodded: “I’m really looking forward to fighting against her. It’s a pity that we can’t reveal ourselves publicly for now.”

The other man agreed: “Yes, his majesty’s plan is perfect, but we have too little time.”

Another man, who did not speak from the start and stood on the left side, suddenly murmured: “If we cannot fight, then why would you go to the Heaven Realm to invite us here? It took a great toll on us to go through the Heaven Realm Door. We thought that we could enter the God’s Ruins immediately, we never thought that you would actually hesitate and worry about this and that, like a cowardly little mouse. The way I see it, that Yue Clan third young master is nothing much, he’s not even Heaven Rank. I can kill him with a punch, I really don’t understand what are you guys afraid of!”

The leader of the group listened quietly, waiting for the other side to express his dissatisfaction, then slowly answered: “Do you know why you are just a party member and not a party leader? Do you know why your Palace Lord asked you to listen to my orders? The reason is simple. It’s because I’m smarter than all of you! Don’t even try to think with that pig brain of yours, you are not the expert in scheming, understand? The only thing you need to do is to shut your mouth and follow my plans exactly! Lastly, I want to say something. If Yue Clan third young master is so easy to deal with, why did our Lord ask your Palace Lord to form an alliance and share his profits with you guys? With his power and his brains, why didn’t he just kill Yue Clan third young master personally and enjoy all of the benefits of the God’s Ruins for himself? Did you think the ones sitting in your Palace Lord and our King’s position are idiots who are not as smart as a pig brain like you?”

His calm and slow words were filled with disdain.

It was as if he was explaining about the simplest thing in the world, one that he did not expect to be refuted at all.

The other man seemed to be very angry, but was unable to refute because before they left, his Palace Lord had warned them with a strict tone that he never used before. He warned them that he would eliminate their whole clan if they dare to disobey orders and made a big mistake.

They did not want to implicate their whole clan from a single burst of anger. Furthermore, this leader was indeed a smart person.

Their Palace Lord had even looked upon him favourly.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the leader was forever loyal to that King of his, Palace Lord would definitely gave him a position as the Chief Elder. They, who were way behind the leader no matter power or intelligence, would naturally not dare to protest. However, after hearing the leader’s disdainful tone, they were completely unable to calm their indignant hearts. Was this Yue Clan third young master really that powerful?

Even if he had a bounty of 100 million gold in the Heaven Realm, what did it signify?

In their party, who did not have a bounty of 100 million gold and above?

“Let’s go, it’s not good for us to stay too long. If Zhi Zun or Night Empress found us, it would be very troublesome. Maybe they would immediately be on alert and see through his majesty’s plans straight away. Before his majesty’s plans are realised, I don’t want to reveal ourselves.” The leader gave a final look at the lake before he and his party left.

He had some sort of feeling.

Just now, when Yue Clan third young master was jumping into the lake, it was as if he had given him a brief side glance.

Could it be that from such a distance, he was able to feel his presence? If that was true, then the Yue Clan third young master was really too frightening! This matter was of utmost importance. He must go back and report to his king. Maybe this could be the key to Yue Clan third young master’s mystery! If his Majesty could see through Yue Clan third young master’s mystery, their plans would at least be ten times easier to execute. It was a pity…

“Eh?” In that instant when the leader glanced at the lake, he saw that there was some kind of strange energy on the lake. It was as if there was a huge explosion at the bottom of the lake. He immediately shouted in alarm: “Did the Yue Clan third young master discover the secret of the lake bottom so quickly? Not good, this Yue Clan third young master really had a special kind of eyes.”

“Maybe it was Ghost Genius’ Yue Gong’s Quintet Puppet Mice?” His comrade guessed uncertainly.

“Let’s hope that’s the case.” The party leader bitterly sighed: “Let’s hope this boy didn’t have an Inherent Skill like Omniscience. Otherwise it will be very troublesome..”

At the bottom of the lake, Yue Yang had summoned the Quintet Puppet Mice and found a special barrier.

If it was another person, he would definitely not dare to do anything rash to it.

However, Yue Yang who possessed Divine Vision Inherent Skill, immediately took out his Tao Tie Blade and tore the barrier apart.

The unknown barrier opened with a huge rumble, but didn’t break to pieces. Yue Yang had skillfully used his blade to accurately catch the perfect opportunity to stop the energy circulating around the barrier, like a grandmaster creating his masterpiece. The most amazing thing was that from an outsider’s perspective, Yue Yang had destroyed the barrier, not open it.

The two results were completely different.

When Yue Yang opened the barrier, he could observe, recall and duplicate the barrier through his Divine Vision before it disappears.

Destroying it wouldn’t produce such a result… Outsiders would never know that in the moment Yue Yang opened the barrier, it was like a lesson for him… Just like a thief that learned a new technique to unlock a magic lock. Without personal experience, one would never fully understand the full secrets of the technique.

Countless energy rushed out from the barrier and pervaded the whole lake

A huge and ancient-looking teleportation portal appeared before Yue Yang.

Without waiting for Yue Yang to do anything, it suddenly lighted up. Countless Heaven Realm Dwarves that only existed in the Heaven Realm rushed out from the other side of the teleportation portal like torrential water.

Among these Heaven Realm Dwarves, there was Heaven Realm Goblin that was not very tall but was at least Earth Rank Level 3. He held a whip and was whipping the dwarves cruelly to form a certain formation according to a magic circle, as sacrifice for the Teleportation Portal. According to Yue Yang’s judgement, this was an attempt to increase the output power of the Teleportation Portal through sacrifice offering, so that they would be able to receive a very strong Heaven Ranker.

“So it’s like that… That’s so interesting!” Yue Yang looked at the unceasing torrent of Heaven Realm Dwarves and those evil Heaven Realm Goblins, and smiled.

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