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LLS Chapter 633 – Curse of the magic box

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Chapter 633 – Curse of the magic box
Translated by: Megan, Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Last

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Gale of the West and Blood Hoofs of the South were relentlessly pursuing Hui Tai Lang that was running around in a loop continuously.

They knew that killing it would not be easy. Yue clan’s third young master’s devoted beast was not just any average beast, it was a World Exterminating Demon Wolf. It had not fully grown yet, but this beast could bite through a Heaven Ranker as if it was biting through a Chinese Cabbage once it has reached its prime. This was precisely why Gale of the West and Blood Hoofs of the South were determined to kill it now. Killing the beast was the only way to weaken Yue clan’s third young master’s abilities.

“Meow! “ Hui Tai Lang was sharp enough to know that the two was out to kill it and stealthily took flight, delaying time instead of confronting them.

It would be more advantageous for it the more time stalled.

Gale of the West and Blood Hoofs of the South tailed behind as close as they could and striked with all their might, aiming to behead this beast.


Due to some unforeseen events, the battle was slightly stopped, but it was about to break out again.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai managed to defeat the enemy after gaining support from the Great Totem Pole Technique that increased their strength. Upon witnessing the unfortunate turn of events, Bai Yun Fei took out a black magic box. This holy-ranked box was filled with a curse, and was in fact a double-edged sword. When opened, the user’s enemy would be cursed. However, there was a possibility that the curse might backfire, striking the owner with an even deadlier curse. Regular warriors daren’t use it, for each time the box was opened, the chances of the curse backfiring increases and luck would not be on the owner’s side in future battles.

However, Bai Yun Fei was not worried at all. From the Ancient Demon King’s place, he had obtained a secret method to gain immunity from the curse.

This meant that the curse would only strike his enemies when he opened the box.

No harm would come to him as there was no possibility of a backfire.

“Magic Box, open.”

Bai Yun Fei gently opened the box, letting out an evil black light within.

The black light slowly took on the form of a demon, and pounced in the direction of Xue Tan Lang. Xue Tan Lang attempted to dodge, but was shocked to realize that he wasn’t able to move as the curse was already in effect. Seeing what was happening, Prince Tian Luo ran towards Xue Tan Lang and pushed him away, using his own body to block the demon. With all of his power, Prince Tian Luo formed his Flaming God Shield and blocked Bai Yun Fei, who was attacking from above.

Xue Tan Lang was enraged, he wore an unchanging ruthless expression with a murderous gaze.

He flashed behind Bai Yun Fei and gave him a heavy hit.

Smashing him down.

Strangely, the fatal blow that Bai Yun Fei had taken did not have any effect on him. On the other hand, Prince Tian Luo suddenly vomited blood and there was an obvious indent on his armour. His body then slowly froze into ice.

Xue Tan Lang was stunned to see that his attack had caused harm to his ally instead.

“This is the Substitute Curse.” Bai Yun Fei laughed proudly: “Oh Xue Tan Lang, any idea why I didn’t dodge when you attacked? Indeed, I was wishing you’ll hit me hard! How comfortable it was… If only you had hit harder, how much more comfortable would it have been? Hahaha, want to know why I’m not afraid of the magic box’s curse? That’s because I have placed a curse on myself, and so long as this little curse continues to exist, the magic box will never be able to release its curse on me. Furthermore, so long as I continue to hold onto the magic box, you are all guaranteed a tragic end!”

“……” Xue Tan Lang held on to a shivering Prince Tian Luo and lifted his head up to glare at Bai Yun Fei with eyes filled with hatred and anger.

“It’s okay, I’m fine.” Prince Tian Luo kept bleeding from his mouth. He made his best effort to stand, but wasn’t able to as his injuries were too severe.

If Xue Tan Lang had attacked normally, under normal conditions, Prince Tian Luo would still be able able to resist it with his defensive abilities. However, this Substitute Curse had rendered him unable to move at all. Just one hit had caused his internal organs to be seriously damaged. The true reason for Prince Tian Luo’s severe injuries was that apart from leaving him defenseless, the curse had also caused Xue Tan Lang’s powerful freezing attack to seep deep into Prince Tian Luo’s internal organs.

Bai Yun Fei wasn’t pleased with the way Xue Tan Lang was glaring at him, all indignant and infuriated. He felt that as the victor, he shouldn’t be on the receiving end of such a glare.

He gave himself a heavy punch in his chest.


Prince Tian Luo twitched all over and blood spurted out from his mouth. It was very clear that Bai Yun Fei’s chest was completely fine, but another indentation had appeared on Prince Tian Luo’s chest. Under the power of the Substitute Curse, his ribs had broken into 3 pieces. At this time, Fatty Hai’s Hippo Meteor Punch and Ye Kong’s Totem Pole Explosion stopped right at his forehead.

Now everybody understood why this damned Cursed Magic Box was a Holy-ranked Artifact. It turned out that its curse was continuously active.

It was not limited to a one-time usage.

The Substitute Curse on Prince Tian Luo’s body continued to take effect.

Before the Substitute Curse was dispelled, all of Bai Yun Fei’s injuries would be transferred to Prince Tian Luo.

This was the most frightening aspect of the curse…

Fatty Hai and Ye Kong who were so angry that their lungs were about to burst could only stop their attacks so that they wouldn’t accidentally use too much force and beat their comrade to death.

They all stopped, but Xue Qian Ren did not.

Slashing his claws, he ripped Ye Kong and Fatty Hai’s back apart. Flesh and blood flew all over the place… Ye Kong and Fatty Hai wanted to retaliate and attack back at first, but Bai Yun Fei suddenly raised up his fists and prepared to deliver a smashing blow to his head. Xue Tan Lang howled out in grief and carried Prince Tian Luo 100 meters away, preparing to escape. However, Bai Yun Fei appeared right in front of them and glared at Xue Tan Lang icily: “Kneel down, otherwise Prince Tian Luo will immediately die! Escaping is useless, this curse has an effectiveness radius of hundreds of meters, how far do you think you can run? If you don’t want to see your comrade reduced to a pile of broken bones, kneel down in front of me right now.”

“Impossible, I’d rather die!” Prince Tian Luo struggled out painfully.

“Pa!” Bai Yun Fei slapped his face powerfully: “Shut up, it’s not your turn to speak now! Right now I’m the boss, only my words count!”

Bai Yun Fei had actually wanted to slap Prince Tian Luo the second time, but Xue Tan Lang stopped his hand angrily and shoved Bai Yun Fei’s whole body to the ground. He raised his fists up high, almost turning Bai Yun Fei’s head into a rotten watermelon.

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai stopped Xue Tan Lang’s fist with all their power: “There must be a way to dispel the curse, there must be! Don’t be impulsive! Let us think about it, there must be a way to dispel this damned curse! Leave this trash Bai Yun Fei alive for the time being, restrain yourself for a while, I will think of a good idea soon…” As Ye Kong and Fatty Hai advised Xue Tan Lang frantically, Bai Yun Fei leisurely stood up, his face full of arrogance. He brushed the dust off his clothes, showing his calm. Xue Qian Ren, Xue Qian Qiu and Bai Yun Fei then started to attack Prince Tian Luo like lunatics.

Xue Tan Lang, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai used their bodies to protect Prince of Tian Luo who was already unconscious. They didn’t move at all, completely submitting to their enemies’ attacks.

When the Li Brothers joined the fight, Bai Yun Fei opened the Magic Box once again.

It was the second time he used it.

The Li Brothers became blind immediately, making it easy for Xue Qian Ren to give them a hard, flying kick.

“I’ll go!” Liu Ye didn’t know if her Cleansing Inherent Skill would be able to dispel a Holy-ranked Artifact’s curse, but there was no way she could do nothing and watch her comrades being battered by their enemies.

“Leave this place immediately!” Xue Tan Lang, whose face was drenched in blood, grabbed Xue Qian Ren’s hands and threw him out. Ye Kong and Fatty Hai also immediately worked together to kick Xue Qian Qiu and immobilize Bai Yun Fei. They understood that they wouldn’t be able to win against Bai Yun Fei, who was holding a Holy-ranked Artifact, with normal methods. This was not only the power of a Holy-ranked Artifact’s curse, it was also the Ancient Demon King’s scheme.

Ancient Demon King had already predicted this result before. Unless Yue Yang was here, they would not be able to break through their enemies’ schemes.

Right now, if they continued to fight, they would only hasten Prince Tian Luo’s death.

Hence, they could only choose to escape.

Xue Qian Ren was beyond enraged. When he was just thinking of beating up the Li Brothers, Fan Lun Tie and the others just now, Xue Tan Lang had sealed him in ice with just one attack. On the other side, Xue Qian Qiu who was charging towards Liu Ye was even more unlucky. With a blast of Cleansing Inherent Skill, he started to howl out in pain. He quickly escaped from Liu Ye as his body started fuming with smoke.

Only then did he realize that Liu Ye was not a girl that he could take liberties with as he wished.

Fan Lun Tie was an Ox-head Warrior that would never retreat at normal times. However, today, she was the first to stand out as she supported the Li Brothers: “Go, let’s go!”

Those Demon Abyss Lords that were at disadvantageous positions just now started circling them again.

Thinking of escape?

Not that easy!

In that situation where fight or flight was difficult for them, Bao Er, who had not fought at all from the beginning, suddenly stood up and spoke out a little shyly: “Why don’t I try something! I don’t know if this will work, but Brother Yue Yang said that I’m a lucky star. Let’s try it out. Don’t blame me if it doesn’t work!”

Her words were like the light at daybreak, it illuminated everyone’s hearts in an instant.

Fatty Hai’s tears started falling out: “My dear great aunt (Chinese people uses seniority in family tree as a form of respect), why don’t you say it earlier? You are going to shock me to death! Quick, quick, save this fellow. Nowadays the number of people who are willing to call me Big Boss has been shrinking, so you have to bring him back. If this fellow dies, the old fox will tear open my bones. I would never be able to borrow erotic books from him anymore!”

Xue Tan Lang appeared beside Bao Er in an instant. His hands stopped Bai Yun Fei’s fists that were about to smash on Bao Er and said: “Your debt, I will count it slowly in the future! Scram!”

The moment he flicked his hand, the Innate Rank Level 3 Bai Yun Fei was flung away into the distant sky.

Bai Yun Fei fell to the ground, shocked speechless.

Xue Tan Lang whose power was equally matched to him just now, how did he become so strong?

Was this his power when enraged? Or was this the innate potential in Xue Tan Lang’s body that had not been released?

Bao Er hurriedly summoned her grimoire and summoned her Guardian Beast, ‘Little Flower Fairy’. Little Flower Fairy rushed towards Prince Tian Luo who was unconscious and flew around him. With a swish of her hand, rainbow coloured light entered Xue Tan Lang’s body.

In an instant, from Prince Tian Luo’s body, an demonic shadow jumped out as if it couldn’t stand to be inside anymore.

Without giving it a chance to escape, the Little Flower Fairy immediately covered it with rainbow coloured bubbles.

The demonic shadow struggled with all its power, but was unable to escape.

Bao Er shouted urgently: “This is bad! My Little Flower Fairy can’t dispel the curse. I can only make it weaker. We need to find someone to bear the curse, I can’t dispel it completely!”


Bai Yun Fei’s expression was initially very bad, but after hearing this, he thought that the little golden elf girl was only loud thunder and drizzle!

Bai Yun Fei, Xue Qian Ren and Xue Qian Qiu laughed maniacally, pleased with themselves.

Since they had to find someone to bear the Substitute Curse, they would still suffer in their hands. Prince Tian Luo was already seriously injured, wouldn’t it be an ideal situation for them to change their target? Bai Yun Fei laughed out happily, Xue Qian Ren laughed out loud, pleased with himself, Xue Qian Qiu also laughed out degradingly. His laugh was so nasty that everyone felt like carving out his flesh with a knife, fry his skin, break his bones, pull out his muscles, drink his blood…


Suddenly, Ye Kong also laughed. He laughed like a madman.

Then, Fatty Hai started to laugh too. Immediately afterwards, Xue Tan Lang who would never laugh normally started to laugh. Even Li Brothers who would usually not speak a word even when they were beaten up started to laugh. All of them started howling out in laughter, laughed until tears formed in their eyes.

All of their laughter made Bai Yun Fei and the others dumbfounded. They stared at their enemies who seemed to have gone mad blankly.

What the heck?

Have these people gone mad because they couldn’t endure the pain after being beaten up so much? Xue Qian Qiu exploded in anger and cried out angrily with his crow-like voice: “Don’t laugh! What’s so funny about this? Everyone shut your mouth! You are all going to die, what’s so funny about that? Shut up! All of you are fools who don’t understand that your lives are at their ends. Idiots!”

“Really sorry, just now we thought of a very funny thing.” Ye Kong didn’t pay attention to Xue Qian Qiu, he turned around and apologized to Bao Er, then slowly stroked her head: “Quickly put the curse on my body. I really can’t wait for it, I want to know the effects of this curse. Right, can you also put the blind curse on the Li Brothers onto my body? Yes, it’s fine if you put more curses on me, please move their curses to my body!”

“It’s fine if you have more curses?” Bai Yun Fei was dumbfounded. Could it be that Ye Kong had an Inherent Skill that could make him immune to curses?

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