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LLS Chapter 632 – You are already dead!

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Chapter 632 – You are already dead!
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Wasteland, Battle intensifies.

Golden Dragon King dove to the ground while spewing out dragon flame that melted the ground.

Prince Tian Luo had to retreat quickly. The other Demon Dragon coordinated with the Golden Dragon King and spewed out demon flames and corrosive venom. These streams of high temperature venom had strong corrosive properties. Fan Lun Tie used her axe and threw it towards the Demon Dragon, while in the air, the axe was melted away by these streams of venom, becoming just a liquid and splashing on the ground.

Ox-Head Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie could not free themselves to help Prince Tian Luo’s battle with the dragons, as they were being circled by five Demon Bears and two of the Demon Abyss Lords.

If not for the arrival to the rescue by Golden Elves Lin En, Anna and Bao Er, both of them would have been in danger.

“Purify!” Liu Ye’s Cleansing Innate Skill was useless against normal people. However, against the Demon Abyss Lords, it was powerful even against those that had reached Innate Realm.

“Damn humans, damn their Innate Skills!”

The Demon Abyss Lord, who was far stronger than Liu Ye, dodged with fright at the gentle white light emitted by Liu Ye.

He ran away but left cursing loudly, hatred emanating from his form.

It wanted to use its Blood Axe and split Liu Ye into two with a single stroke, but it soon found out that even if it was three times stronger, it would be impossible for it to do just that. This harmless looking little girl was being protected by a Guardian Beast, the Perforate Deer. This deer had no attacking power, but it can instantly move through any obstacles in its path. Coupled with the master’s synchronised movements, they had an abnormal dodging ability.

No attack could actually hit her in the process.

Worst still, none of the movements made by the opponent could escape her pursuit!

Perforate Deer and the little girl both almost arrived at the same instant. Whenever they caught up to their opponents, their opponents would be in despair. Furthermore, this completely innocent and weak looking little girl emitted a gentle light, which directly damaged a demon’s body. Even the defense of an Innate Ranker’s body would not be enough……

The Demon Abyss Lords were very sure that if this little girl was pitched against a human warrior, she would not be able to even defeat a level six elder.

However, if she fight against them, she could defeat an Innate Level One opponent, and beat them to a pulp. It was truly frightening!

“Standstill! Purify!” Liu Ye had never fought alone against an enemy this powerful. This was so different from their normal practice runs, against her now were opponents that would fight with their lives. For a person that had no real battle experiences, Liu Ye felt a little nervous, but as an obedient disciple of Yue Yang, she would alway remember the things that he taught her and the tactics that he developed for her. She would meticulously implement them…. She was but a novice in the battlefield, but on tactics, she was perhaps in the master class.

The tactics developed by Yue Yang were so detailed that they were hopeless for the opponent to counter.

Liu Ye picked an enemy with the densest demonic qi. Yue Yang told her earlier that this kind of enemy would be easiest for her to kill. Unless the opponent was above Innate Level Six, she, who possessed the Cleansing Innate Skill, she did not need to fear enemies that had dense demonic qi.

Cleansing Innate Skill was the nemesis of all demonic qi, poisons and even evil spirits.

Together with the Perforate Deer moving in step, once her purifying energy touched an enemy, the power would immediately leave their body.

Liu Ye did not need to find their weaknesses, all she needed was to keep up the attacks……If the enemy launched their full power, then the Perforate Deer would just run straight through them, and as long as she kept in step with the deer, she would never be harmed. For Liu Ye, if she kept her focus with combined attacks from Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers, she would be able to stay safe and sound for at least half an hour and not be defeated.

She currently could not teleport anyone with her.

If Liu Ye brought along her companions for the attack, with her in the battle, the enemy was just going to be in tears all round!

“Get Lost! I do not want to fight you!” The Demon Abyss Lord felt so depressed that he wanted to kill himself. It had been hit by the attacks for more than twenty times and had not been able to even touch the opponent at all.

“Clear mind, my heart and mind are cleared. I cannot hear anything. I must focus.” Liu Ye nervously keeps mumbling to herself. Yue Yang had told her before, no matter how much dirty and foul language the enemy hurled at her, she had to keep her mind clear. When she was faced with the enemy, ready for the kill, she could not lose her focus. This was the first time she was facing the enemy alone. She needed to remind herself time and time again to not be affected by the foul language and insults that the enemy was hurling at her.

“Pffff…..”The Demon Abyss Lord was injured and angry over the event, as it threw up blood.

“Get lost you lowly ants. Die!” On the other side of the battlefield, they were fighting against Xue Qian Qiu, whose body had turned into worms, which make him unafraid of any attacks.

Everytime the Li Brothers managed to create a hole in Xue Qian Qiu’s body, Xian Qian Qiu would only grow more tentacles from these holes.

Conversely, the tentacles on his body fiercely whipped towards the Li Brothers, sending them flying through the air.

If not for the defence of the Golden Soldier Ant, both of them would have been smashed to pulp by now.

Xue Qian Qiu was like an tireless, voracious tentacle worm. He relentlessly attacked the Li Brothers while laughing as he attacked, “Dumb Fools, I am invincible. You puny people will never understand my power. I am immortal, you cannot kill me, come, try to kill me! Use your weapons, and stab my body. I can even pose nicely for you and let you kill me. Look at your incompetent self, so pitiful, just like the world’s greatest tragedy, Hahaha, Such fun!”


A fiery cloud descended from above, burning Xue Qian Qiu black and all his tentacles to ashes.

Yan Po Jun came flying towards them shouting at the Li Brothers, ”Change opponents, let me kill this Xue Qian Qiu!”

Xue Qian Qiu got very annoyed and spoke with a shrill voice, ”Its you, Yan Po Jun? You self-confident idiot. Do you think I would be harmed by this tiny flame? I possess an immortal body that the Demon King presented to me. Just a little fire from your Flaming Lion and you think you could kill me?”

“In reality, you are already dead….the you now is only a piece of meat!” Yan Po Jun showed disgust in his face when he said this, ”Yue Clan Third Young Master had already killed you. Xue Qian Qiu does not exist in this world anymore. You, you are just a lump of rotting meat that is full of worms. The Ancient Demon King might have told you that you are still intact, but you are just naive, still thinking that you are still the old Xue Qian Qiu. If you are still Xue Qian Qiu, can you remember who is your fiance?”

“Me, I have a fiance? Yes, must be her, I am positive that it is her!” Xue Qian Qiu looked up at the sky, at the moving Liu Ye. He immediately came to his senses and pointed at Liu Ye, replying boldly to Yan Po Jun, “Yan Po Jun, you think you can strike me down with just a few of your words? I do not deny that when I was reborn, I lost some of my past memories, but I am certain that I am Xue Qian Qiu….you think that with just these few words from you, you can create a rife between me and his highness Demon King? I will be loyal to his highness forever. Anything that you say is useless!”

“What an idiot, I am not talking to you at all. Don’t you understand Xue Qian Ren? You, Xue Qian Qiu and even Bai Yun Fei are all god damn parasites. You are all dead and became toys for the Ancient Demon King, his plaything!” Yan Po Jun ignored Xue Qian Qiu, looked back at the battle between Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Xue Qian Ren.

“….Don’t say it anymore. I will never believe you, Yan Po Jun, keep you ruse!” Xue Qian Ren’s face turned extremely ugly instantly.

“Poor thing, just a mere parasitic body!” Ye Kong waved at Fatty Hai, “I can do this alone.”

“Monkey, don’t you damn die!”

Fatty Hai indeed left the scene, leaving with his Wind Breath Seabird, looking for areas where the battle was tense, and that would be the Ox-head Li Ao and Fan Lun Tie’s battle.

Xue Qian Ren shook with anger and howled at Xue Qian Qiu, ”Attack, use your Worm Sea Technique, don‘t allow Yan Po Jun to utter another word, just kill him!” As soon as that was said, there was a loud bang that echoed from the sky, Feng Qi Sha had defeated his opponent and came up beside Yan Po Jun while looking at Ye Kong and said, ”Let us use the Great Totem Pole Battle Technique!”

The Li Brothers in the sky now reversed and sped towards the ground. Countless meteorite iron pillar had been inserted in the ruins.

A domain like energy rose from the ground and covered the entire battle ground.

Beside the battling Bai Yun Fei and Xue Tan Lang in the sky, all the others would be affected by the Great Totem Pole Technique and its energy. The demonised Bai Yun Fei quickly circled around Xue Tan Lang. He did not ride the Golden Dragon King as he focused on speed.

Xue Tan Lang was a unique opponent.

He moved at a very high speed while specialized in freezing his opponent, severely slowing down their reactions.

The Storm Giant merged with Xue Tan Lang, allowed him to control the surrounding air while making the snow in the air dance and making a giant storm……though he could not control lightning, he could use the storm to control lightning. By increasing the storm’s power, he even caused the likes of the Golden Dragon King, which was a large target, into ice. Bai Yun Fei was just hit with a cold punch, caused half of his body to turn to ice. If not for the demonic fire that was still burning, he would already be at a disadvantage.

Bai Yun Fei finally understood that this Xue Tan Lang was truly abnormal.

An abnormal genius.

Although he was not as fearsome as Yue Clan Third Young Master, Xue Tan Lang was also not an ordinary being….fortunately, Bai yun Fei was faster.

Speed was the key to winning this battle!

“Die!” Bai Yun Fei moved lightning fast and passed Xue Tan Lang, dodging the on coming cold punch, pressing his burning claw on Xue Tan Lang’s chest and made the demonic flames explode.

“Is this the power of a peak Innate Level Three?” Xue Tan Lang with blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth, coolly wiped it away before looking down at his chest, where it was still burning with the claw marks. Then he blew a breath, and the demonic flames just turned to ice.

Bai Yun Fei thought that this sneak attack earned him the advantage, but in the midst of congratulating himself on it, he realised that the attack was quickly nullified.

He felt a sharp piercing pain emanating from the palm of his hand.

Little did he know that the demonic flames on his hands had been extinguished and a layer of frost had built over his hands, disappearing slowly.

Bai yun Fei took a deep breath and exhaled, ”You have truly proved yourself, Xue Tan Lang. Very good, you are truly worthy to witness my full power!”

All of a sudden, Xue Tan Lang just vanished, and when he appeared again, he had already landed on the head of the Golden Dragon King. He placed his hands on the Beast’s head, with tremendous strength pressed the head of the dragon toward the floor….Bai Yun Fei tried to rescue the dragon, but Prince Tian Luo managed to conjure up the Flaming Shield, blocked and, stopped Bai Yun Fei who was just getting ready to strike back. “It’s not that I cannot defeat your dragon, but I had promised that I will let him off three times, three time to repay the favours that the ancestors owed the Golden Dragon Clan! Now, I have repaid all of it to you!”

The Prince Tian Luo’s strength was certainly behind that of Bai Yun Fei.

Bang. Smashing toward the ground.

At the same moment that Bai Yun Fei attacked, he shot towards the higher class Demon Dragon like a meteor. The dragon opened its big mouth wide to swallow up Prince Tian Luo in a single gulp, but the Prince of Tian Luo summoned his Skyfire Meteor. It descended from high above, from being very slow to lightning fast, in a flash, hit right at the back of the Demon Dragon, caused it to howl loudly in pain and then fell flat onto the ground……

“Use your treasures!” Bai Yun Fei’s voice became suddenly sombre. He raised his hands, holding onto a Holy Rank Black Magic Box that was covered in thick demonic qi..

Xue Qian Ren’s demonic flame claws were at Gold Level.

And, Xue Qian Qiu popped into his mouth and ate a greenish looking Demonic Pearl.

Aaaaaaaaaaaah…..While the dark lights sparkled around them, the Demon Abyss Lords, that Liu Ye was fighting, fell to the ground in great pain. Being hurt badly, it raised its hand towards Xue Qian Qiu saying, “Help me!” Xue Qian Qiu smiled sinisterly. Countless eyes appeared on his body and shone with cruel lights. Suddenly, all his tentacles extended towards the Demon Abyss Lord and pieced its body, snatched up all his flesh and strength, sucked it all into his own body to become a part of him.

The way in which the flesh was taken and consumed was disgusting.

Liu ye almost threw up.

But, she held it back.

Just as she was preparing to start her battle, Ye Kong waved at her and said, ”Let me do it, this kind of evildoers is most suited for me to fight against!”

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