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LLS Chapter 631 – Meeting Of Old Friends? Test of Treachery

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Chapter 631 – Meeting Of Old Friends? Test of Treachery
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Shiro
TLCed by: Last

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In a distance, around 10 kilometers across the wasteland, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai could see some light from afar.

Over there, there must definitely be a huge army of soldiers performing the sacrificial ceremony in order to speed up the process of dismantling the seal of the Ancient Demons.

They intended to get to there as quickly as they possibly can, but they all stopped at the same time unconsciously when they saw the figures appearing before them. Ye Kong slowly nodded towards Elder Xing Pan and said: “You all go ahead, we will try to get there as soon as possible.”

“We understand.” Elder Xing Pan led two Abyss Manatees, moved past the two dark figures and sped towards the sealed area ten kilometers away.

“…..” Those figures only watched quietly, not showing any signs of trying to stop Elder Xing Pan and the others.

On both side, none needed to be said.

They simply started summoning their beasts, preparing for the deadly battle ahead.

Ye Kong summoned the King Kong Demon Ape and Herculean Rhinoceros Beetle… Fatty Hai summoned the Iron Rhinoceros, Little Hippopotamus and Wind Breath Seabird… As for the party they were facing, the leader of the party first summoned a Gold Dragon King, followed by a higher ranking beast, the Demon Dragon. His body also started to demonify. Horns appeared on his head, claws extended from his fingers and a snake tail grew from his back and started swiping from side to side. His bat wings also unfolded while crimson coloured scales started forming under his skin that was burning with demonic flames.

Behind this man, all the other Rankers started to raise their powers to get ready for battle.

The strongest two warriors had reached a strength level of Innate Level Eight, the level of which Ye Kong and Fatty Hai could never handle in any battle.

However, in reality, these two Innate Level Eight Rankers’ target was Hui Tai Lang!

They were two of the five generals under the Black Hell King. After the death of War Tiger Of The East and Fierce Tooth Of The North during the fight in the Death Arena, the remaining Blood Hoof of The South and Wild Wind of the West had come this time. Their loyalty to the Black Hell King had prepared them for death. Even though they knew that they cannot defeat Yue Yang, their wish was to destroy Hui Tai Lang, eliminating Yue Yang’s Beast would at least count as Black Hell King’s revenge.

These two stubborn Innate Rankers were an old bull and an eagle.

Individually, their strengths were less than either War Tiger Of The East or Fierce Tooth of The North. However, they were both still within Innate Level Eight which cannot be ignored.

Besides Blood Hoof of The South and Wild Wind of The West, there were still a number of Innate-ranked Demon Lords. They were all commanders from the loyal Black Hell King’s Personal Army. Each of them had murderous looks and were prepared to duel with Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the Li Brothers till death.

They did not care if they were right or wrong, they only knew that Black Hell King was dead.

As they were all prepared to die for their master, the only reason that they did not commit suicide themselves was because they wanted to destroy Yue Yang and his followers. Revenge was all they could think of…

“It’s you?” Xue Tan Lang raised his power to his maximum level before he stood up and pointed at the figure undergoing demonification, and said: ”Bai Yun Fei, I really never thought that it was you!”

“Look at you turning your body into something that is neither human nor monster. Did you sacrifice your potential in exchange for power? Did you burn your life in exchange for a moment of glory? I really don’t know what to say to you anymore! We thought that you could be somebody great, but you are not even worth to be a joke. And you, Xue Qian Ren, you are also a moron.” Pince Tian Luo was normally a very even tempered and calm person. Today, however, was an exception.

When he saw the figures before him, he couldn’t control his temper anymore.

He needed to vent his anger and gave the opposition a good scolding.

The figure standing before him that had become demonified was the Floating Mist Sect’s Junior Sect Leader Bai Yun Fei.

Standing on left and right of Bai Yun Fei were the pitiful guys’ love rival Xue Qian Ren and someone who was almost unrecognisable. Only through inference from Xue Qian Ren’s identity, Ye Kong was able to recall that he was the bastard Xue Qian Qiu.

Xue Qian Qiu was crippled before, but he looked extremely pleased now. This must be because someone had used a secret method to heal him and even help him to reach the Innate Realm.

Or perhaps, Earth Rank Level Two.

Becoming an Innate with no Grimoire, a man-made Innate who did not reach the Innate Realm through their own power and revelation was similar to those Earth Ranked monsters in the Heaven Realm. Although they had strong powers, their realm of enlightenment was low. Xue Qian Qiu became Earth Ranked Level 2 and similarly, Xue Qian Ren was also at the peak Earth Ranked Level 2. As for Bai Yun Fei, he was Earth Ranked Level 3. They hold great powers, but the problem was that their Grimoires had become decorative items.

The Grimoires could not recognise their power that was obtained through this secret ritual.

What they did to exchange their potential for real power was but a moment of glory, it would not last forever…….

“Feng Qi Sha, Yan Po Jun, Xue Tan Lang and Prince Tian Luo. All of you have no right to laugh at me. Did you all get your power through the proper Innate enlightenment? No. It was all due to that damned Yue Clan Third Young Master! Without him, could you all attain Innate Rank?” Bai Yun Fei remained quiet while the angry Xue Qian Ren with his large wings and lion tail bellowed: “You were all lucky, you had Yue Clan Third Young Master to help you. Who do we have to help us? So unfair. You expect us to remain weak and accept the life of a weakling? No, we were never weaker than any of you. The only thing we lacked was a little bit of luck! This reality proves that if we were similarly given a chance, we could also be Innates!”

“Pei! You call this Innate?” Xue Tan Lang did not bother to even look at them.

“Xue Tan Lang, no matter how much you despise me, I am now at the same level as you are, maybe even stronger than you! Yes, you could hypocritically say that you had understood the way to Innate, while we had to use an injection of demon blood to get there. So what? As long as you believe that this world is ruled by power, anyone that has power would be the winner!” Xue Qian Ren could not stand being demeaned by Xue Tan Lang. He bellowed out loud in anger.

“Do you all think this kind of power is everything?” Feng Qi Sha softly sighed.

“Bai Yun Fei, Qian Ren, turn back and repent!” Yan Po Jun stepped forward, extended his hand, said: ”I used to go down the same wrong path as you guys, fortunately I was able to repent and returned to the right way. I still break out in cold sweat recalling those times. Repent, guys. These powers are just an illusion, they are not real!”

“You hypocrites with your fake act of kindness. Yan Po Jun, I can see right through you. Who do you think you are? You only know how to rely on your clan, how to please your Yue Clan Third Young Master to get to where you are now! How dare you lecture me? Aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Look at you, you are still on the lowest Innate level one, whereas I am already on Innate Level two, this scum that you had despised! What is an illusion? I, Xue Qian Qiu will slaughter you and bury you here in Heaven Stairway Level One. I will wipe out the Yan family’s entire hopes and dreams, that is what I call an illusion! His Majesty the Demon King can offer me eternal life. As long as I can make contributions, I will be given greater powers. I don’t even have to cultivate. In the future, forget about Innate Level two, I may even reach Innate Elder Level Two. As for you all, you would just be a laughing stock and a mere bag of skeletons buried beneath this wasteland!” Xue Qian Qiu whose body was infested with worms had tentacles and compound eyes growing on his skin. His appearance was truly revolting.

“…….” Yan Po Jun sadly shook his head and took a step back.

“Pa pa pa pa!” Ye Kong clapped loudly, agreeing with Xue Qian Qiu and praised him.

“People always say that stupidity has no cure! Now I truly understand what they meant. This here was what it is!” Fatty Hai nodded in agreement: ”Since we are enemies, there really is nothing further that we could say. Let’s fight! This was not an internal battle within the Soaring Dragon Continent, only a battle between the normal people and the brainless.”

The Li brothers linked their minds together.

They were the first ones to rush out to battle, the one that they want to take on was the Xue Qian Qiu who was not only laughing but sneering at them.

Bai Yun Fei raised his hands and produced a shockwave. Powerful shockwaves came rushing at them knocking the Li brothers back to their corner.

He pointed his finger at Xue Tan Lang: ”Within Soaring Dragon Continent, other than Yue Clan Third Young Master, you have the most talent and power. During the Hundred School Elite Competition, I missed the chance to do battle with you. Today, it is either you die or I die….in this world, the winner takes all and the champion takes full power, whoever is the winner today would then be the renown genius of the Soaring Dragon Continent!”

Xue Tan Lang proudly moved forward snickered and spoke with a chilling voice:” Renown genius? Life winner? It may not be me, but it would certainly not be you!”

Both sides were stewing in hatred and anger.

With a loud shout on each side, each found an opponent to battle, their battle to the death…..

On the other side, Yue Yang continued to head towards the right sealed area with Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia in toll. At this same moment, he stopped moving.

Standing before them was a person with a straw hat.

The figure stood there all alone like a ghost.

On the other hand, it looked like he knew of Yue Yang’s arrivel over on this side. He was waiting quietly, just waiting for him, patiently and silently, just like when he waited for the Black Hell King. As usual, he had his back to Yue Yang, believing that Yue Yang was a true gentleman, that he would never mount a sneak attack. He leisurely clasped his hand behind him while standing on top of a broken pillar.

Yue Yang, Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wu Xia and Luo Hua City Mistress had never seen this person before.

But, a mere look made them understand who this person was.

Today, this was the vessel of the Ancient Demon King’s soul…..

“Yue Clan Third Young Master, Do you know who I am?” The shadow came across with some cheekiness, asking: ”Surprised? Actually I did not need to come see you this quickly, you were a very fun toy for me to play with. With you, my life would be more exciting. Similar to the times when Prison Emperor was around. When he was present , a new glorious historical record gets added to my life. You are not at his level yet, Prison Emperor was such an elegant toy for me to play with, I admire him. I do certainly appreciate you Yue Clan Third Young Master, the first toy that I could not understand in these thousands of years……because of that, I decided to come out to meet you, giving you a real target to aim for! You know that if you do not work harder, you would just die a very terrible death.

“Have you gone crazy from age?” Yue Yang stared at him like he had just met a mental patient.

“No, I could assure you that I have no mental problems. You said these because you were just afraid, you are scared of me!” The shadowy figure in a straw hat laughed very hard.

“Aren’t you just the vessel of the Ancient Demon King, what’s there to be afraid of? You could scare the little children, but for us, this is really not enough.” Princess Qian Qian unsheathed the Prison Emperor Divine Sword from her back and held it in her hand, meanwhile raising her power, trying to summon the power of the divine sword and the will of the Prison Emperor. Suddenly, they felt as though there was a divine sword hanging in the sky, and this sword could easily divide the heavens and earth. The sword suppressed everything in the area.

“You all want to kill me? Too early!” The shadow being suppressed by the power of the divine sword was still able to speak casually: ”I am not as stupid as the Black Hell King. If I see any danger to myself, I would certainly not come out to meet with you all.”

“What do you want to say?” Luo Hua City Mistress stepped forward and held Yue Yang’s hands, providing support for him so that he would not lose his mind and do something rash.

“I am only here to say hello.” The showy figure sighed :”Actually, I really would like to kill all of you right now, but I am still unable to do so.”

“Then leave!” Yue Yang was tempted to use the Ancient Code Power to destroy this guy, but he guess if he killed off this shadow, all he was doing was destroying one of the many vessel of the Ancient Demon King’s Soul only, and it did not affect his soul at all. All Ancient Demon King had to do was to find another one, then he could come again to seek trouble with him. He could never kill them all. He needs to locate Ancient Demon King’s flaw.

It was possible that this vessel was here to test him.

He wanted to test and understand Yue Yang’s power.

Using a vessel, in exchange to know Yue Yang’s true power……this plan would be the true aim of the Ancient Demon King.

Yue Yang would not fall into his trap, he raised his right hand, brought out the Tao Tie Blade and prepared for battle. Princess Qian Qian, the obseving Xue Wu Xia and the encouraging Luo Hua City Mistress followed suit.

When the shadowy figure felt that Yue Yang did not fall for his trick. He waved his hand, breaking the space with a silver streak of light.

It had disappeared.

He really did not want to battle Yue Yang today.

He was afraid that his secret would be reveal and Yue Yang would be able to see through him!

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