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LLS Chapter 630 – Dangerous times, Disappearance Of The Ancient Seal

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Chapter 630 – Dangerous times, Disappearance Of The Ancient Seal
Translated by: Ken
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Last

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After going through the teleportation portal again, what appeared before them was a barren, desolate world.

Emptiness. Nothing but a wasteland as far as the eye could see.

A place where there was no life, a dull and lifeless world that devoid of life itself. The remnant of the buildings around the place depicted the glorious past of this world, a world that used to celebrate life. Traces of past life could be found everywhere…..but curiously, this world did not had any life. There were no human life forms, animals, insects or even a single blade of grass. Just a quiet, empty space.

The surface of this world was devoid of colour, just blackness. The sky was gray and there was not a wisp of air movement, no wind.

Nothing seemed to be moving here.

When Ye Kong and Fatty Hai walked out of the teleportation portal and stepped into this world, their first reaction was one of primal fear.

“What is this place? Is this the God’s Ruins?” Even Xue Tang Lang who had a strong will normally did not dare to raise his voice.

They were all afraid that any sound could break this dead silence and awaken the evil that was still in deep sleep beneath.

Contrary to their normal gregarious and boisterous nature, Ye Kong and Fatty Hai both felt nervous and continued to look around nervously.

Prince Tian Luo and the Li Brothers fanned out immediately and formed a semi-circle attack formation. They took each step cautiously, feeling the ground, fearing that a heavier step would break the ground and unleash trouble. Besides Phoenix Fairy Beauty, the only person that could step forward casually was Hai Yingwu. Phoenix Fairy Beauty was a highly skilled Innate Elder. Furthermore, she had been here before so she did not show any of the fear that was seen on everyone else.

Hai Yingwu had also been to similar territories in the past. Furthermore, she already knew this place as she had been substituting Yue Yang to monitor Thousand Goblin King’s double.

Although she was inwardly fearful, she managed to hide her emotion and remained calm on the surface.

“God’s Ruins? If it’s so easy to get to the God’s Ruins, the Innates of Tong Tian Tower wouldn’t have so much problems.“ Princess Qian Qian shook her head side to side and then made a comment that no one expected: “Actually, this is the First Level of the Heaven Stairway!”

“What?” Ye Kong and Fatty Hai were both stunned. This was the Heaven Stairway?

“Is this place really the Heaven Stairway?” Both Yue Bing and Yue Yu could not believe it. In their hearts, Heaven Stairway should be pretty as a flower garden and should be full of blooming flowers. Who would have thought that the real Heaven Stairway was a wasteland. There was not even a sign of life, just a land of nothingness… It made one wonder what kind of disaster happened in the Heaven Stairway that turned it into a wasteland like this. What wars were waged here ? They really could not imagine what had happened here! They knew that the history and civilisation here was definitely not inferior than Soaring Dragon Continent.

The entire Heaven Stairway Level 1 was completely destroyed.

Who could have done this ?

Also, what was the reason that made the Heaven Stairway’s entire civilisation turn into this terrifying wasteland in an instant?

Princess Qian Qian nodded at Yue Yu and Yue Bing, speaking in a serious tone: ”While trying to protect the God’s Ruins, almost all of the occupants in Heaven Stairway were destroyed. Only a small fraction escaped to the Soaring Dragon Continent to continue their life. They were some of our ancestors, the perished Ming Kingdom and The Valley of Butterfly And Hundred Flowers. Though Heaven Stairway has become the destroyed world like it is today, previously, our ancient ancestors had sealed many strong enemies coveting the God’s Ruin, such as Thousand Goblin King. Night Empress had mentioned this to us before, but there are probably more secrets that even she was unable to obtain or understand. We were here because Hai Lan found out that Thousand Goblin King’s double will be coming to Heaven Stairway to find and fuse with the demon heart so that he could become the new Thousand Goblin King.
(Hai Lan is Hai Ying Wu’s other name, chapter 593)

Fatty Hai and the others were excited by this news.

Heck, even if Thousand Goblin King was extremely powerful, it was said that the Thousand Goblin King’s double was only an Innate, extremely weak.

If the Thousand Goblin King’s double attempts to steal the demon heart, they would make sure that he never returns. Of course, they were not wrong in thinking this way. However the more careful Prince Tian Luo thought that this matter was not that easy. If it was only the Thousand Goblin King’s last double coming to steal the demon heart, why would they muster such a large force?

Yue Yang could easily take care and eliminate the Thousand Goblin King’s double, he did not need anyone else. However, even Sky Law had come along this time!

From this, it could be seen that the enemy was not going to be easy.

“Within Heaven Stairway, there are many ancient seals, and they are all related to the Twelve Zodiac Temples. Since Yue Yang cleared all the obstacles in the Twelve Zodiac Temples, he has released all the ancient seals. This is due to the inheritance of power from the old to the new generation. When a new expert is born in the Tong Tian Tower, the older generation expert’s will will begin to disappear… In other words, from the first day that Yue Yang started clearing the Twelve Zodiac Temples, the Ancient Seal started to be released. We have to re-seal them, otherwise, the monsters that were held by those seals will be released from the underground…” Once Xue Wu Xia said these, everyone understood why they had to come to Heaven Stairway.

“Goodness, would there be many enemies like the Scarlet Emperor being released from the underground?” Fatty Hai blurted out, but as soon as that was said, he regretted as it was too scary for monsters like that to be released.

“Some of them may even be more powerful than the Scarlet Emperor!” Yue Yang nodded towards Ye Kong and Fatty Hai. They felt faint.

“It is not ‘may’, it is definitely.” Xue Wu Xia closed the ancient book held in her hands, then explained to them in a calm manner: “Night Empress told us that the stronger the monster, the stronger was the seal and therefore it takes longer for the seal to be released. Looking at the time taken for the seal to be released for Thousand Goblin King and the Scarlet Emperor, it is really nothing compared to the strong warriors ten thousand years ago. Night Empress and Zhi Zun sent us to Heaven Stairway’s Level 1 just for some practice. The more frightening enemies are located on higher levels!”

“What are we waiting for then? Let’s start re-sealing the ancient seals!” Even Xue Tan Lang was getting impatient.

“Ask him.” Luo Hua City Mistress pointed at Luo Yang.

“I am sorry, I don’t know how to seal them back.” Yue Yang shook his hands, telling them that there was nothing much he could do.

“Huh?“ Prince Tian Luo felt a little headache and asked anxiously: “Have you not learnt the art of sealing? Didn’t Prison Emperor pass on the skill to you?”

“Forget about inheriting the skill of sealing, even if I had inherited it, I may not even be able to use it. When the Prison Emperor was at his peak, he could merely seal enemies like the Scarlet Emperor, the Ancient Demon King and the three great leaders of Heaven Realm. According to the principle of the weakest seal being first released, this means they were the weakest enemies. More fearsome ones are still to come. What do you think I can do now? I have not been taught the skill of sealing and my powers had not even reached that level yet!” Yue Yang said honestly.

“Then, then…what do we do now?” Ye Kong asked weakly.

“Wait for them to wake up….” Sky Law jokingly said.

“Blop !”

Ye Kong and Fatty Hai both vomited blood and fainted.

Although it was ruthless, this was the reality that they could not accept.

Although they were fully aware that the enemies were still sealed, no one knew how to renew the seal before the enemy escaped. They had no idea on how to handle the enemy. If they made a mistake in fiddling with the seal, they may even speed up their awakening…

Yue Yang had always been fast to level up, and Ye Kong and Fatty Hai had always been jealous of his abnormal levelling speed. Now, they were not jealous anymore. They even hoped that Yue Yang had an even more abnormal levelling speed, a hundred fold, a thousand fold or even even tens of thousands of folds faster. If he did not manage to learn the skill of sealing and these old monsters broke free from their seals one by one, they really could not imagine what the world would become.

With just the release of the Black Hell King, the Soaring Dragon Continent was rendered in utter chaos.

It was not easy to kill him.

When the Thousand Goblin King was killed, he was able to maintain a body double to continue his work even though his Soul Crystal had been fused with the Tao Tie Blade.

As for the Scarlet Emperor who battled with the Prison Emperor, and the Ancient Demon King who might have indirectly killed both the Black Hell King and Thousand Goblin King, were all still out there. No one could stop them.

If this was the weakest batch of monsters, then when the old monster awakened, would there be anyone who would be spared?

“Can we fight them?” Fatty Hai said with knees trembling. Just by thinking about the Black Hell King, who was the weakest of the batch, he was already going weak in the knees.

“If they broke out from their seal and emerge, we certainly have no way to fight them. Just a swipe of their hands would kill all of us.” Phoenix Fairy Beauty said with a laugh: “Your enemies are not these sealed old monsters, they won’t be able to escape immediately. The enemy you should focus on are those people who wants to release them earlier , like the Thousand Goblin King’s double and the faithful servants of the Black Hell King….”

“Where are they now ?” Ye Kong jumped off the ground. He could not imagine what it would be like if these people were allowed to release another monster like The Scarlet Emperor or the Ancient Demon King through their sacrificial ceremonies or secret methods.

“You will find a sealed area fifty kilometers from here, another about a hundred kilometers to the left, and another one two hundred kilometers to the right.” Hai Yingwu relates the information she gathered. So far she had only found these 3 sealed areas, but the enemies may release the seal in more areas. With the death of the Black Hell King, his loyal subjects went crazy in search of these sealed areas. With Thousand Goblin King double’s further assistance. They want to speed up the process of unsealing these areas to release the monsters inside, to take the warriors of Soaring Dragon Continent down together with themselves.

“Damn!” Fatty Hai, Ye Kong, Xue Tan Lang and the others ran forward with lightning speed, so much that they had no time to call out their Beasts.

They were sure that they could only fight those enemies within the closest sealed area.

Otherwise, Yue Yang would not set the teleport location here.

They were only worried that they alone might not be able to defeat the loyal soldier of the Black Hell King. They were not confident in this battle, even Yue Yang felt that they were likely to lose!

Hai Yingwu summoned Elder Xing Pan and let this old octopus lead a couple of Abyss Manatee to assist.

Yue Yang was still worried and sent Hui Tai Lang too.

As for the sealed area to the left, Sky Law led Hai Yingwu, Yue Yu, Yue Bing, Drunken Cat Big Sis and the others to intercept the enemy. With these people, Yue Yang was still worried. However, the soldiers of the Black Hell King had angered the Demonic Palace. Sky Execution had not yet completely recovered from the fight with Black Hell King, so he might not come. However, Sky Wrath, Sky Disaster, Sky Fury and other members of the Demonic Palace would not standby and watch.

Yue Yang decided to go to the right sealed area himself.

He was on his way there alone but Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia were worried about him so both decided to accompany him. Even Luo Hua City Mistress also tagged along.

“I had a feeling that the main assault force will come for the right sealed area. We cannot, at this moment, predict if the Scarlet Emperor will appear or not, but the Ancient Demon King is very likely to appear. Even if the Ancient Demon King was still not at his peak, his could sneak around and cause a lot of problems for us.” Xue Wu Xia tried to convince Yue Yang.

Women’s sixth sense were extremely accurate, especially when it came from Princess Qian Qian, who possesses the Six Records Inherent Skill, and Xue Wu Xia, whose natural instincts were very accurate.

Yue Yang did not need to believe on his own sixth sense, but he will certainly not doubt theirs.

Currently, at the third level of Heaven Stairway…

The grey sky was emitting bright rays that were a thousand times brighter than the sun, a 1.8 meter tall Ancient Demon had just drilled out from the ground. It howled miserably as its body melted under the destructive light…..

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