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LLS Chapter 63 – Counterattack against Abyssal Magic?

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Chapter 63 – Counterattack against Abyssal Magic?
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Brian, The poor guy, Rango
TLCed by: Zaza

In that instant, that exceedingly normal-looking expert, who had been hiding his strength, discovered that he had made several mistakes.

The first was gauging the situation incorrectly. He had thought that he had concealed himself well; but little did he know that his opponent had long discovered that he had been spying in secret; The second error was that he had misjudged the opponent’s ability to react; or rather, the opponent’s target had been him all along, not Shen Tu Hao and the other students. This extremely powerful yet shamelessly despicable young man had already set up a trap early on, and had waited for him to fall into it. The third error was misjudging the capability of the opponent’s sight. His greatest weakness was his lower body, and the opponent had hit the target, ferociously attacking his lower body… This was definitely not a coincidence, but rather his opponent seeing through his weak point.

“Summoning Grimoire!”

A deadly feeling of crisis exploded in the normal-looking guy’s heart. He had no other choice but to move and attack Yue Bing who was in front of him, and shouted loudly.

In an instant, a Silver Grimoire appeared in the air, with orange rays of light shooting out of it.

A round Halo Shield rapidly spread, protecting his body… The ordinary pike that had penetrated his lower body turned into fine powder as the Halo Shield spread. Even so, this normal-looking ‘expert’, who had been hiding his strength, was painfully kneeling on the ground, clutching his lower body as if he was experiencing the pain of death.

Although the thrust that Yue Yang executed, was not able to take out the enemy instantly, it had still managed to cause severe damage to him.

Upon having seen through the normal-looking expert concealing his power with his Divine Vision, he became aware that this man’s greatest weak point was on his lower body.

This man’s body had an interesting abnormality within his body. With Yue Yang’s current Divine Vision, he was still unable to see what this strange thing was, but Yue Yang could discern that the opponent’s greatest weakness was this point on his lower body.

In that point, there seemed to be an energy core. As long as one lightly attacked it, it would cause major damage. The result of his earlier attack practically confirmed that Yue Yang’s judgement was correct. If not for the person being an ‘expert’ who had the protection of a Summoning Grimoire’s Halo Shield, he would have, no doubt, been felled by Yue Yang’s pike. Yue Yang felt that it was a shame, as he had not thought that this guy was an expert who had contracted a grimoire. He was also surprised that his sneak-attack did not fetch a 100% rate of success. But Yue Yang was more concerned about Yue Bing’s safety. As the enemy was clutching his lower body, groaning painfully, he immediately went towards Yue Bing’s side, leaned over, and carried her on his back.

The shirt, which had been torn into pieces of cloth belts before, were now put to good use.

As Yue Yang bent over, he took Yue Bing’s soft body and tied her on to his back firmly…The mercenaries were dazzled by watching his actions. Suddenly they realized that this youngster had already planned to run away with his younger sister on his back. No wonder he had carried out those actions that no one had been able to understand just now.

“Ye Kong, Li Qie, Li Ge, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s go!”

Yue Yang shouted, and rushed out of the crowd, snatching another pike from a dumbstruck mercenary’s hands.

Ye Kong and the others were initially startled, but suddenly realised that as the crotch-covering disguised expert pressed his hand on the grimoire, a crimson teleportation door was summoned. They could not help but feel their hairs standing on their ends, being terror-stricken.

Heavens above! This disguised normal-looking expert was actually a heretic?! Was he actually summoning the ‘Demon Gate’?

“Don’t panic, everyone, back off!” The silk-clothed Master of Luo Hua City’s face changed. Her blonde eyebrows were slightly knitted and with a wave of her lily-white hands, a golden grimoire twice as large as a bronze grimoire was summoned. The golden light revolved around her beautiful figure faintly, as if it were corporeal. At the same time, the Three-tailed Snow Fox at her feet enlarged to ten times its size, becoming a seductive Six-tailed Kitsune. The six tails swished, forming an incomparably wonderful sight, as if they were dancing, holding the naturalness of a willow welcoming the wind.

From the crimson Demon Gate, innumerable monsters came out.

As the mercenaries looked on, they could see that aside from the minority who either had great ability or were daring, standing their ground courageously. Others were so scared that they ran away screaming.

From the Demon Gate, monsters poured out in waves. They were of different sizes, some having yellow skin, green skin, fierce teeth, claws, some with big heads and small bodies, some with sharp horns and crimson eyes, some with bodies so huge they looked like mountains of flesh…

Yue Yang was dumbstruck, as he saw this too.

He did not think that this would happen. Before Yue Yang attacked the disguised expert, he had instinctively felt that that normal-looking guy, who was constantly recording him in secret, had a kind of unspeakable danger; but he had never thought that this guy would be able to summon a Demon Gate, capable of unleashing hell’s evil spirits. Now, if he did not hurry up and destroy the teleportation portal, and that Demon Lord Ha Xin ran out from there… he would be destroyed.

Of course, Yue Yang, who had only been transported to Soaring Dragon Continent a few months ago, did not know the strict requirements needed to summon a Demon Lord.

That requirement was nothing short of a hundred lives as sacrifice along with the summoner’s own life. A normal Demon Gate could only summon hell’s evil spirits with fighting abilities equivalent to Level 5 and below, and it was impossible to summon one of hell’s Demon Lords.

If not for Yue Yang causing him to use his final trump card that night, Xie Huo would definitely not have had to offer his life up to summon Demon Lord Ha Xin.

“What should I do now?” asked Ye Kong who had fled to Yue Yang’s side and was so scared that his teeth were clattering.

An innumerable amount of hell’s evil spirits that poured out from the Demon Gate, were now throwing themselves at the mercenaries who were originally spectating. Some of the mercenaries who could not escape in time, were downed by the tide of monsters and ripped to pieces. Seeing the situation growing worse, the fleeing mercenaries, in order to protect themselves, took out their weapons or summoned their beasts one after another to fight off the evil spirits who were chasing them. But, aside from a few strong mercenary warriors, who were barely holding on, the weaker mercenaries fell the moment they turned to fight. Those who were surrounded by evil spirits were in even more imminent peril.

The silk-clothed Master of Luo Hua City raised her hand, and summoned a golden scepter.

As this golden scepter pierced the ground, a golden wave of light, with a range of at least a hundred metres, spread from the staff.

All the evil spirits who were enclosed by the golden light painfully screeched. The weakest yellow-skinned and green-skinned little monsters fell within the golden light, unable to get up. However, the human warriors felt their vitality brimming, . It was as if a wave of strength had entered deep into their bodies. They could not help but shout emotionally, “Haah!”

“Monarch’s Decree!”

Yue Yang saw Luo Hua City’s Master materialise the golden decree*, summoning a burst of white energy.
*TL note: Something like this:

In that instant, a white light appeared under everyone’s feet.

Although his estimations were not necessarily correct, Yue Yang felt that his body had at least become two times stronger as a result of the buff. His power and senses, under the buff of the white halo, were greatly improved.

“Monarch’s Decree: Everyone present must fight the evil spirits, otherwise they will be regarded as deserters!” The silk-clothed beauty’s shrill voice caused the mercenaries’ hearts to shiver. She turned her face, and rushed towards Yue Yang saying, “Little thief, go stall that heretic. Just two minutes will do, I’ll destroy this evil spirits’ teleportation door. Summon: Great Trial, Aurora!”

Rings of light appeared on the delicate hands of silk-clothed beauty who was the Master of Luo Hua City. After fusing with her delicate body, a burst of intensely cold white light shone upon everyone.

After that, all of the white light condensed towards her right palm…

If this wave of energy exploded, Yue Yang believed that the power would be as strong as that green light released by the Demon Lord Ha Xin.

But, in contrast with Demon Lord Ha Xin, it took far too long for the Master of Luo Hua City to condense the power. Not only that, condensing the power also took up a lot of her energy, unlike Demon Lord Ha Xin, who could use it on a whim.The pike in Yue Yang’s hands revolved once, killing the evil spirits that pounced on him. While carrying the unconscious Yue Bing, Yue Yang flew towards the disguised expert who was painfully standing up.

Enduring the pain, the disguised normal-looking expert summoned a monster that was covered in fog.

When Ye Kong saw this, he shouted loudly, “He wants to use a Fog Monster to disperse a mist amongst us that has the ability to commit genocide. He’s preparing to use Human Blood Sacrifice… Kill that Fog Monster quickly! The method, that’s right! Against the Fog Monster, you need to find its core and destroy it…”

Yue Yang did not recognise any Fog Monster. This thing, to the dimension traveler, was yet another abyssal magic creature that was foreign to him.

However, with his innate gift of Divine Vision, how could the Fog Monster’s weak point remain hidden from him?

In fact, piercing the disguised expert’s lower body was not because he had the hobby of violently attacking others, but rather to attack the weak point of the monster. The disguised expert had a summoned beast on his body. Based on how the disguised expert’s complexion and figure was slowly changing, Yue Yang determined that the summoned beast was a special-type transforming summoned beast. It had disguised the expert into a seemingly normal, common mercenary and covered up any evidence that he was a heretic. But as Yue Yang had pierced through the core of this special transformation beast, located on the master’s lower body, it had caused the disguised expert to misunderstand and believe that Yue Yang had seen through his identity as a heretic. In response, he immediately summoned a Demon Gate with all his might.

The six-tailed kitsune was faster than Yue Yang. With a swish of its six tails, a wonderful fragrance was emitted that seeped into the man’s heart.

The Fog Monster who was not afraid of physical attacks was painfully crying out and continuously rolling around from within the fragrance .

Its body was now extremely condensed, and finally only balls of smoke and a black pearl that wandered around were all that was left of it. Before Yue Yang was able to capture it with his hands, the greedy little bastard Hui Tai Lang had already opened its mouth and caught the Fog Monster. Then, it swallowed it into its stomach with a gulping sound as if it was eating supplements.

“Fuck, you lowly dog, eating everything. Do you know how much money that magic crystal could sell for?” Yue Yang was furious, and kicked Hui Tai Lang several metres away.

“Uwaa!” Hui Tai Lang quickly climbed up, and eagerly ran back to Yue Yang’s feet, wagging its tail intensely.

“Go further away! I’m annoyed just looking at you.” Yue Yang did not buy into its flattery.

“Little thief, as the saying goes, ‘An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’. Hell’s evil spirits attacked my domain of humans, so we must pay them back too. Do you dare to follow me through the teleportation portal and launch a counterattack against Abyssal Magic? Although your battle skills aren’t put to good use right now, as an elite among humans, you should follow me and train in the abyss, to work on your heart’s courage… Do you dare to launch a counterattack against Abyssal Magic along with me?” The silk-clothed Master of Luo Hua City had finally completed the condensation of the different energies. Within her hand, there was a big ball of light holding a scary amount of power. As long as it shot out, everyone in the straight line would almost instantly be turned into dust.

“Counterattack against the Abyssal Magic?” Yue Yang’s forehead was covered in cold sweat. Whoever said that devils were crazy? Humans were certainly crazier than devils. Even if a counterattack was launched, would sane people do it? What if the transportation door disappears, before even accounting for the Demon Lords that could be seen. If the transportation door closed, how would they come back?!

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