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LLS Chapter 629 – Who could control fate?

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Chapter 629 – Who could control fate?
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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When Yue Yang met Yue Yu, he found that she had turned into a watering pot from all her crying. She was sobbing as she lay on Fourth Mother’s embrace.

Liu Ye and Bao Er were all present, silently shedding their tears.

Even the naughty little girl Yue Shuang was obediently sitting on Yue Bing’s lap and did not make a sound. Her big eyes focused on one thing then another, she was unable to comprehend the meaning of death.

Seeing that everyone was crying, she also cried.

However, she had gotten tired from crying, and she still didn’t understand why everyone was crying.

Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others sat silently on the ground. They wanted to offer their consolation but did not know what to say. Hence, they could only sit on the ground silently.

When Yue Yang saw them, he was rather surprised. He never thought that in just a few days of training, all of them would actually reach the Innate Realm. Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and Prince of Tian Luo even almost reached Innate Level 2. Xue Tan Lang was the fastest, he was already Innate Level 2. Without Yue Yang teaching them, they were all able to reach the Innate Realm. Yue Yang was very surprised at this. Seems like natural aptitudes and bloodline were just some factors, learning through experience and power of understanding were more important… No matter what, since Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others had overcome this hurdle, their future cultivation would be much easier.

Yue Yang had a feeling that humans reaching the Innate Realm was even more difficult than Earth Rankers in the Heaven Realm to reach the Heaven Rank.

Reaching the Innate Realm was like entering the main door of a Palace Hall. If one was unable to cross the doorstep, they would not be able to gain a revelation.

The moment they become Innates, it would be easier for them to improve in the future…

If Yue Shan hadn’t just died in battle and if Yue Yang weren’t rushing to console Yue Yu, Yue Yang would have given some pointers to Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others to help them improve to the next level.

“Big brother Xiao San!” Yue Shuang had good eyes as she was able to see Yue Yang outside the door. She immediately jumped out of her sister’s arms and bounded towards him. Jumping into Yue Yang’s arms, her eyes turned a little red and she pouted her mouth, as if she was about to cry. Today was really not easy for her, trying to become an obedient child for the whole day. Everyone was crying, making her so uncomfortable that she dare not break the atmosphere. She even thought that she had made some kind of mistake.

“Don’t cry, Shuang’er is a good girl!” Yue Yang wiped away the tears in the little girl’s face and kissed away the tears that were about to come out from her eyes.

“En!” The little girl was weak to Yue Yang’s praises. She would feel proud of herself when he praised her and would immediately smile.

Yue Yu looked up and saw that Yue Yang had returned.

Immediately, sadness rushed back to her. She struggled free from Fourth Mother’s arms and jumped into Yue Yang’s, hugging her little brother tightly as she cried out loud. Her father was gone, she only had her little brother to be her support now. Actually, she did not need much to be satisfied with her life. As long as her father was healthy and her little brother continued to grow stronger, she had no other wishes. However, reality was harsh. Her father, who had betrayed his clan previously, before obtaining forgiveness of his clan members, had died together with the Black Hell King…

Right now, she only had her little brother.

Liu Ye also wiped away her tears and mumbled: “He was still telling me stories in the morning, how could he die in the afternoon!”

Fourth Mother stood up and hugged both Yue Yu and Yue Yang. She was unable to comfort both of them with words, but she wanted to tell them that although she wasn’t strong enough, she would always be there for them when they needed her.

First uncle and third uncle had died in battle, even her husband was killed by someone. However, the family still had her…

As long as she was still around, they would still be a family!

“Second sister, don’t be sad. That was first uncle’s choice. This battle will happen sooner or later, we don’t have a choice in this matter. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter if we are strong or weak, our enemies will still come to fight us. What we can do now is to wipe away our tears and continue our older generation’s mission. Let’s continue on and carve our own road with our strength!” Yue Yang wiped away Yue Yu’s tear-stained face, his heart feeling especially painful looking at her tear-stricken face.

Destiny wouldn’t reduce her sufferings just because she was kind.

In reality, as long as they were born in the Yue Clan, born in the middle of the whirlpool of battle, they would not be able to break away from this destiny.

At first, Yue Yang did not understand why a trifling clan like the Yue Clan would have so much schemes and conspiracies, would face so many battles…

Actually, it was not because he was other worlder.

It started much earlier, fifteen years ago, when Yue Qiu died. Or even hundreds of years earlier, when the Ghost Genius Yue Gong revived the Yue Clan with his puppets. Or even thousands of years earlier, when the Yue Clan was first established by the first Clan Master of the Yue Clan… From then on, they were fated for this destiny. The whole of Yue Clan history was made from battles with enemies from different generations. No one was able to avoid being involved in these battles, the only difference was the extent of their involvement.

If one were to trace the source even further into history, it may even be further than Thorny Flower Fairy’s era three thousand years ago, Prison Emperor’s era six thousand years ago, or Empress Fei Wen Li’s era ten thousands of years ago. Even further ago, through the history of countless warriors, destiny had formed through this continuous, seemingly unpredictable, rhythm of fate.

No one was able to avoid this fate.

Unless there was someone who was capable of controlling fate…

Yue Yang closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He felt Yue Yu’s helpless arms and Fourth Mother’s supporting and determined arms. He felt them deeply as a myriad of thoughts came into his mind. Everything that happened since he was transported to this world flashed through his mind, making him realize something. It seemed like he never had control on his own fate, but strangely, his fate seemed to entice him to control it. Maybe this was the purpose of his transfer. Maybe this was the truth of fate. Maybe this was his true destiny!

Since no one was able to control fate, he would try to control it. Things that Thorny Flower Fairy, Prison Emperor and Empress Fei Wen Li were unable to do, he would do it all. This, maybe this was the true destiny of an other worlder like him!

To Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others’ surprise, Yue Yang who was closing his eyes in deep thoughts was suddenly enveloped in rainbow-coloured light.

The light started faintly but slowly became brighter.

A kind of unseen force seemed to envelop the whole place.

In their eyes, Yue Yang seemed to become a giant who would be able to shake the heavens and the earth by moving his arms or legs.

Of course, Yue Yang’s body did not change at all. It was an extremely weird feeling. It felt like the Code’s Power, yet not completely. It felt like it was a power that belonged completely to Yue Yang, similar to the mental power that Yi Nan used during the battle in the Heaven Realm. However, it felt more mysterious and unfathomable.

Everyone couldn’t move, as if they have fallen into an ocean of soft foam.

Everyone felt very comfortable and did not want to move at all. Even Yue Yu who was crying in grief stopped sobbing, quietly basked within the rainbow light that felt like mental power field…

Only Fourth Mother was caressing Yue Yang’s head.

It was as if she understood the situation Yue Yang was in, hence she wanted to caress his head to comfort him.

Only love was reflected in her eyes.

That was the warmest and gentlest gesture she could give him!

With regards to this child, she couldn’t help him much, she was powerless to help him. However, she understood his hardship and difficulty. Yue Yu could cry and pour all of her sadness to him, because he was her brother; Yue Bing and Yue Shuang could smile and share all their happiness with him, because they were his sisters; Ye Kong, Hai Da Fu, Xue Tan Lang and the others could work hard and look at him as a role model, because he was their team leader; The older generation could relax and see him off to battles, because he was everyone’s hope!

Only him, only Yue Yang didn’t have anyone to share his heart with.

It was like the heavens had already arranged his fate beforehand. It would befall on him no matter if he had the ability to receive it or not.

“It’s been hard on you!” Fourth Mother stroked Yue Yang’s face, that was shining brightly with colorful light. He was her greatest pride, yet the sight of her child trying to fight fate was extremely painful for her. It was not something she wished to see, but she had no other choice. The only thing she could give him was support. Other than a comforting hug, she couldn’t help him with anything.

“Fourth Mother, I will be going!” Yue Yang opened his eyes after a while. The rainbow coloured light immediately returned to his body, and everyone was awakened right at that moment. They immediately recovered from being entranced in the beautiful, comfortable state they were in a few moments ago.

Yue Yang nodded towards Fourth Mother and slowly let Yue Yu go.

He turned around and shouted loudly towards Ye Kong, Fatty Hai and the others outside the door: “Let’s go, new battles await us. We don’t have time to cry here. We are all grown men, we can bleed but we cannot cry. Let’s fight to our hearts’ content! No matter if this was our destined fate or an accident, we still can’t avoid the battle approaching us! Since it is like this, let’s fight till the end. One day, we will definitely grab hold of our own fate…”

Hui Tai Lang was the first to respond. It flew straight towards Yue Yang and stood in front of him.

The purpose of its existence was to be his most loyal follower.

Following closely behind were Fatty Hai, Ye Kong and the others. Although they did not know what kind of battle Yue Yang was talking about, they did not have any fears. They were determined to follow him to the ends of the world. Whether it was the Tong Tian Tower or Heaven Realm, they would follow him.

They did not know what kind of future awaited them, but they knew that following Yue Yang would be the best choice in their lives.

Yue Bing said goodbye to her mother.

She was also a warrior, not just his little sister!

Liu Ye, Bao Er and the others were also filled with determination to follow him……

“Xiao San!” Yue Yu wiped away her tears and caught up with them. She shouted with a sobbing tone: “Bring this second sister with you, your sister swear to not hold you back!”

Yue Yang looked at Yue Yu. When she was worried that he might reject her, he reached out with his hands.

Her tears immediately gushed out like a geyser.

This was not the sorrowful tears from a while ago, but tears from being moved!

She gripped her little brother’s hand and used all her strength to chase after his footsteps. She passed through the door, passed through the border of light and darkness, passed through the barrier in her heart, and dashed forward. In a hill not far away, Princess Qian Qian, who carried the Prison Emperor Divine Sword behind her, Xue Wu Xia, who held the Ancient Book in her hands, Luo Hua City Mistress, who brought her Nine-tailed Fox, Hai Ying Wu, who wore the Ocean Emperor Divine Armor and held the Ocean Emperor Halberd, and Sky Law, who was floating up in the air like a sleeping beauty……

They had already been waiting in front.

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