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LLS Chapter 628 – A terrifying guess

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Chapter 628 – A terrifying guess
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Yue Shan died in battle.

Yue Yang had just returned from the Heaven Realm, and he heard this news.

When he returned to the Tian Luo Palace where Fourth Mother was staying, he realised that Fourth Mother was not around. The Drunken Cat Big Sis who was still training to upgrade her skills told him this news and asked him to comfort Fourth Mother. When Fourth Mother heard that Yue Shan died, she was extremely saddened and already went back to the Yue Clan Castle to accompany Yue Yu. When Yue Yang returned to the Yue Clan Castle, before he even met Fourth Mother, he realised that Jun Wu You and the old fox had come. Even Elder Nan Gong and the old Dragon Turtle who rarely made appearance had come and were waiting for him.

Elder Nan Gong didn’t say much, he simply once again explained that Yue Shan had sacrificed his life to stop the [Betrayal] Inherent Skill, allowing Sky Execution to kill the Black Hell King.

In front of the group of warriors, Elder Nan Gong naturally didn’t say that Yue Shan was actually the Black Hell King’s body double.

But Yue Yang understood the moment he heard it.

If he wasn’t Black Hell King’s body double, Yue Shan would never be able to remove the Black Hell King’s [Betrayal] Inherent Skill no matter how much sacrifice he offered. Actually, he had already been suspicious about it from the beginning, but because Yue Shan did not make any unusual moves, Yue Yang pretended to not know. He never imagined the Yeu Shan would be so admirable as to sacrifice his own life to eliminate the Black Hell King. This heroic feat truly surprised Yue Yang.

However, Yue Yang was suspicious about one thing, even if Yue Shan had sacrificed himself, there was no guarantee that it would be enough to force Black Hell King to death.

If Sky Execution was able to kill Black Hell King now, why were both him and the Dragon Emperor unable to kill him earlier on? Was it really that easy to kill the Black Hell King with only Yue Shan’s cooperation?

This was something only a few people would be suspicious about, so Yue Yang had pondered for a long time.

He thought that there must be some other inside information.

Yue Yang would never believe that Yue Shan and Sky Execution alone could kill the Black Hell King. He believed that there was someone in the background who messed with the Black Hell King.

But who was it? The Thousand Goblin King’s doppelganger? This was not probable. The Thousand Goblin King’s doppelganger could not even protect itself, so it had no power to influence the Black Hell King. The Scarlet Emperor? YueYang had his suspicions, but the Scarlet Emperor was banished by Zhi Zun, forcing him to escape to Heaven Realm. It was impossible for him to stay in the Soaring Dragon Continent. Moreover, the most important thing for the Scarlet Emperor to do now was to recover……. There was one more person that Yue Yang was very suspicious about. That person was the vessel of the Ancient Demon King’s soul! Yue Yang had already suspected that this vessel was someone inside the Yue Clan Castle or someone, who was very good at hiding, in Da Xia. Unfortunately he had no way to confirm this.

If the the vessel of the Ancient Demon King’s soul had encountered the Black Hell King before Sky Execution and Yue Shan worked together, then it was possible to successfully kill him.

Yue Yang had confidence in this deduction.

“There was a mysterious figure draped with a cloak there, but we were unable to clearly see that person’s face. Mr. Nan Gong and I guessed that it was extremely likely to be that person. You must take care of yourself in the future.” The old Dragon Turtle quietly told Yue Yang. when Yue Yang heard it, his body shook. It was the same as what he had guessed…… The old Dragon Turtle patted Yue Yang’s shoulder and then passed the Prison Emperor Divine Staff to him. He lightly sighed: “The Black Hell King is now dead. My dream has been fulfilled. I have nothing to worry about anymore.”

“Don’t forget that there’s still the Scarlet Emperor. That bastard is still alive!” Yue Yang was afraid that this old Dragon Turtle would commit suicide, so he immediately tried to stop him.

“The Scarlet Emperor is yours. I am already too old. I can’t fight anymore.”

The old Dragon Turtle laughed.

Actually, the old Dragon Turtle accepted Jun Wu You’s suggestion.

Jun Wu You and the old fox had already discussed about it. They were prepared to dig up an area near the Yue Clan Castle and create a man-made lake to build a Divine Dragon Underground Palace, letting the old Turtle Dragon to live in seclusion. The first reason was because they respected the old Turtle Dragon and wanted to enshrine him as a Divine Beast that would protect the Soaring Dragon Continent. The second reason was because of Yue Yang. When Yue Yang’s bad temper flares up, they could ask him to intervene. After all, the old Dragon Turtle had previously accompanied the Prison Emperor, so his word carried a lot of weight.

Another extra reason was because Yue Yang had brought a few hundred Heaven Realm Draconian from the Wyvern Valley over here.

Those women were not willing to return to the Heaven Realm, unless Yue Yang would lead them to war. If they were to join any single country in the Soaring Dragon Contient, they could heavily influence the balance of power, and this might even influence the entire Tong Tian Tower. Jun Wu You and the others had already discussed this. They decided to give them a neutral territory, build a Divine Dragon Palace, and treat it as Yue Yang’s temporary residence.

This way, they would not be able to leave Yue Yang and not be able to establish contact with any of the powers.

This reason caused the emergence of the plans to build the Divine Dragon Underground Palace and the Divine Dragon Palace.

With the Divine Dragon Palace, no matter what different races Yue Yang would bring back from the Heaven Realm, they would be able to stay in this neutral zone. The Divine Dragon Palace’s power would could not be controlled by anyone nor restricted by anyone, everybody would be satisfied..

“We wanted Senior Yuan Long to rest! It’s like this……” Jun Wu You immediately found an excuse to settle the dispute and whispered to Yue Yang.

“Dig a man-made lake? Build an underground palace and a palace?” Yue Yang felt that creating a man-made lake close to the Yue Clan Palace was a pain in the ass move. There were so many lakes and seas in the world, why did they want to create a man-made lake close to a mountainous area like the Yue Clan Castle’s vicinity? In other words, they were afraid that Yue Yang would not return to the Soaring Dragon Continent after going to the Heaven Realm, so they would build him a house. At the same time, they would have the old Dragon Turtle seize the opportunity to educate him, preaching how a Prison Emperor should be! Yue Yang was very clever as he had seen through Jun Wu You and the other’s plans. He bluntly clapped his hands: “Since it’s like this, then let us make it a bit bigger. I have met a bigger old turtle in Heaven Realm. We would probably need a bigger lake to contain it. How big? That thing is an Ancient Island Whale, it is ten time bigger than a normal whale, tell me how big it is?”

“Pffff!” When the old Dragon Turtle heard about it, he spat out the tea in his mouth.

“Cough, cough!” Jun Wu You and the old fox kept on coughing.

They knew that Yue Yang, this abnormal brat, would not return empty handed from Heaven Realm.

However, they could never have imagined that in just a few days, he would bring back an Ancient Island Whale. With his current speed, Heaven Realm would probably be empty sooner or later, while the Soaring Dragon Continent would be filled with creatures from Heaven Realm.

In the end, Jun Wu You gave an edict.

He decided to increase the size of the man-made lake by a hundred times…… In any case, the war between the Soaring Dragon Continent and the Demon Abyss was in a ceasefire. Every country had amassed a huge amount of soldiers, turning them into a construction force to build the Divine Dragon Palace and the Divine Dragon Underground Palace was the optimal way to transform the military force. Moreover, this could help unite the city lords. Whether it was those who betrayed, those who were selfish, those who were loyal, all of them would definitely agree to devote a bit of power to conduct this impressive feat…… What’s more, as long as they had money, the Soaring Dragon Continent would not fear that there was no one who would work. Even if they did not have enough manpower, they could reach out to other continents of the Tong Tian Tower.

It needs to be known that once the Ocean Empress of the Tong Tian Tower’s Sea Clan hears about constructing Yue Yang a Divine Dragon palace and Underground Palace, she would not say anything further and immediately dispatch 30,000 people to help. The Underworld Emperor would not be slower than her one bit, same with the Eastern Goblin Tribe, Golden Elf Tribe and others.

As long as Yue Yang agreed, everything could be done.

They were only afraid that he would be stubborn and disagree.

Jun Wu You had originally planned to have her daughter enter the ring to win against Yue Yang’s stubbornness. But now, it seems that there was no need to do it. It would be bad to piss off Yue Yang, but he was normally easy to talk to.

Before Elder Nan Gong took his leave, he shot Yue YAng a glance and nodded his head. Yue Yang naturally knew what this meant. It meant that Yue Yang should be careful when he meets any kind of situation.

Those hidden enemies were definitely hiding trump cards. He should never rush into them; Otherwise, he might fall into a trap.

Seeing Elder Nan Gong’s actions, Yue Yang fell into deep thought.

He had slightly guess the identity of the mysterious figure……

If his guess was true, then it was a bit thorny. He must be extremely careful in responding to the enemy. If he made a mistake, he could easily suffer losses.

The old fox placed his arm around Yue Yang’s shoulder and whispered: “You don’t need to be worried about the old marshall. He already understood about Yue Shan’s wish. Moreover, Yue Shan’s actions were seeking repentance. Although the old marshall was very sorrowful, he changed his attitude for his son. The thing that we are most afraid of id the other person. It would be best if we don’t inform him of this. We are afraid that he might not be able to hold back.”

“Understood.” Actually, Yue Yang actually felt a bit restless. If that person was truly the Ancient Demon King’s vessel, it would be extremely thorny.

“You have arrived, take a seat!” Elder Yue Hai sat in front of Yue Shan’s coffin. He quietly sat there. When Yue Yang arrived, he nodded his head and indicated that he should take a seat: “Xiao San, accompany your grandfather and drink!”

Yue Yang approached and took the cup of wine that was offered to him by fifth grandfather. He paid his respects to Elder Yue Hai and drank the wine in one gulp.

He drank three cups in succession.

It was only then did Elder Yue Hai stop and nodded his head: “I represent Ah Shan for these three cups. I knew that he had been in an unpleasant mood in these few years. He was smart and diligent. His Innate Skill was not bad, but he had received a heavy pressure from the outside every since he was small. From small, he was surpassed by your father. He felt ashamed as the big brother. When your father left, you had suddenly rose in power when he had just received the position of clan head for a few years. Moreover, you had surpassed your father by hundred of times…… Ah Shan is someone who desired power and carried ambitions. My eyes are not blind to not see it. I watched him grow up knowing what kind of person he was. I had originally planned to pass down the position of clan head to him. He would definitely be a better clan head than your father. But, everyone did not think like this. Everyone thought the more powerful one was, the more they fitted the position of clan head…… Under this pressure, Ah Shan changed and did many things. He was even used by bad people almost to the point of no return.”

Yue Yang immediately comforted the lonely old man: “Uncle already cleansed his error with his blood. He was a good person worthy of being called a son of the Yue Clan.”

Yue Hai nodded his head: “Your grandfather thanks you. Without you, Ah Shan might have sunk even deeper to the point of no return. He might not even be able to become a praised hero! It was you who gave him this chance, you who gave him the chance to become a hero. Xiao San, there are many things in the past that you didn’t know about. Seeking about the truth too much would hurt many people. Do you understand what I am saying?”

“If……. that person appears, what should we do?” Although he was warned repeatedly by the old fox, he still could not help saying it.

“I had actually thought about it. The body was his, but the soul is of the Demon King. What is the point of existing? XIao San, you are a good child. Your grandfather will now tell you a few words. There are somethings that your grandfather could not personally do. I hope that you would bring out courage to turn around the mistakes and free him!”

When Elder Yue Hai said this, he looked at Yue Yang with great seriousness: “I believe that this is also your father’s greatest wish.”

Fifth grandfather comforted Elder Yue Hai on one said and said: “Brother Hai, it might not be necessary. THere might be another method. Let Xiao San think about it!”

Elder Yue Hai raised his arm and stopped fifth grandfather’s words. He once again looked at Yue Yang with a serious expression. He whispered hoarsely, but the words were filled with power: “Remember. If it is truly him, there is no need to worry. Quickly kill him. This is your grandfather’s only wish.”

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