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LLS Chapter 627 – True Selflessness, Grasp Heart

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Chapter 627 – True Selflessness, Grasp Heart
Translated by: Last
Edited by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

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Soaring Dragon Continent, Forgotten Sorrow Valley.

Amidst countless sword shaped rock formations, these was a draped figure, standing silently.

He was very patient and did not move at all for three whole hours. To him, time was the most meaningless thing in the world. If patience could be measured in terms of wealth, he was like a billionaire that did not lack money at all. The Black Hell King was hiding in secret while observing the figure for three hours. After determining that there was no danger, he floated up and cautiously landed a thousand meters away from the figure.

“Black Hell, you have changed.” The figure evaluated Black Hell King.

“Who are you?” Black Hell King was slightly bewildered. He did not recognize the man, but the man was able to recognize him. Moreover, the man seemed to be familiar with him.

Black Hell King hated this kind of feeling. He hated people that he could not see through like that brat Yue Yang. Because Yue Yang rose in power and Black Hell King was not able to eliminate him, Yue Yang became a fishbone that was stuck in his throat. Not moving up nor down, giving him an unbearable feeling……

Now, there was another figure that gave him the same sense of uneasiness.

If it was someone else who sent the letter, he would never turn up for the appointment.

He did not want to allow Sky Execution to find a chance to attack him. In order to level up and enter Heaven Realm, Sky Execution was already prepared to kill him to sharpen his power and level up. Black Hell King would absolutely not give him this chance. Before everything happened, he did not fear Sky Execution at all, but his body had not yet fully recovered, as a result he did things cautiously.

However, the letter was too strange. It contained confidential information about him, so he had no choice but to come.

The figure did not answer him. He had his back to Black Hell King and did not turn around. He said: “Do you know why I had asked you to meet with me? It is because I want to see if you have any value…… Black Hell, you disappoint me very much. When you came back from the failure in the Death Arena, you have already lost your guts against Yue Yang. Even meeting with me had put you on the edge; you are sneaking around like a little girl! You have already lost the ability to fight against him. It is impossible now, and even more impossible in the future. You have already lost your worth!”

Black Hell King became even more suspicious when he felt the familiarity in the figure’s voice.

He became more vigilant and sneered: “Who do you think you are? If you have the ability to kill, why waste words? Other than Zhi Zun, not even Yue Yang can think about killing me!”

The figure did not deny him. On the contrary, he admitted it: “That is true. The [Betrayal] Inherent Skill is very practical, but it also has a fatal weakness.”

“Weakness?” The Black Hell King knew of his own inherent skill’s weakness, but he never imagined that others knew about it.

Even if they knew, they would not be able to take advantage of it.

If it was exploitable, Yue Clan Third Young Master would have already used it, why wait until now? This was the reason came to this meeting. The other big reason was because he was sure that he could safely leave this place alive. With his [Betrayal] Inherent Skill, no one could kill him other than the Prison Emperor or Zhi Zun, and that was only if she wielded any of the Prison Emperor’s Divine Weapons. Not even Yue Yang with his Nirvana Flames and World Exterminating Wheel could kill him!

The figure lightly brushed his hands in the air.

With extremely graceful movements, a Divine Grimoire floated out, releasing a brilliant splendor……

The Black Hell King’s heart skipped a beat. His Heaven Ranker’s intuition alerted him of how dangerous the person in front of him was. The strangest thing was that the person in front of him did not release any killing intent at all. Black Hell King was extremely puzzled about this. Could it be that the figure was only showing off?

“Your [Betrayal] Inherent Skill was mutated, so you should understand that inherent skills could change. Levelling the inherent skill is also a type of change, but it is not a qualitative change. When a warrior’s body, ideals, energy and level completely change, then the inherent skill could also change, just like what happened to you.” The figure slowly raised its right hand. The hand looked young and powerful with five slender fingers. It was full of vitality and desire. The figure did not turn around and only pointed at the Black Hell King with his finger: “ You might not know what my inherent skill is but I shall tell you. My inherent skill is [Mutation]! With my inherent skill, I could mutate any person, any object, any life, any energy and even any inherent skill.”

“What?” The Black Hell King finally understood what the other party meant. This figure could use its inherent skill to change his [Betrayal] Inherent Skill.

“From now on, your body and inherent skill has a 50% chance to change for the better or for the worse.” A silver light shot out from the figure’s forefinger and quickly hit the area between Black Hell King’s brows.

Black Hell King’s heart shuddered.

He could not believe in his own reaction. He had already prepared himself for all kind of scenarios previously. How could he not find a way to escape at all?

What was the reason for this? Was it because the enemy was too strong? No! It was not like that……was it because of the enemy’s artifacts? Special ability or domain? No, that was not it…… It was all a deception, an open deception. The opponent did not have any killing intent in his actions, thus he was able to deceive his own instincts, fooling his subconscious. Moreover, the silver light that shot out from his inherent skill was way too fast for him to react.

In other words, he was deceived by the simplest of skill.

Under the condition of being impossible to be deceived, he was easily deceived by his opponent…… The Black Hell King’s complexion darkened and filled with killing intent.

“Your body has weakened, but your inherent skill has became stronger. It can be a good thing, it can be a bad thing. Haha, I wish you good luck.” The figure waved its hand and prepared to disappear.

“Hold on, who are you?” Black Hell King was determined to kill this mysterious figure.

“Actually, I have no need to tell you, because you are close to dying. Telling you would only be a waste of words. But, I want to see the surprise in your expression. Do you want to know who I am? Come, I will let you see……” The figure suddenly appeared in front of the Black Hell King. His face was barely three inches away from him.

“Huh, it’s you? No, you are not him. Oh my god, it is, it is really you!” Black Hell King looked like he had seen a ghost, as his face was filled with fear.

“You have guessed right. It is me!” The figure spoke with a relaxed tone. The Black Hell King’s face was full of sweat, and his hands trembled.

“You, you, you should be finding Yue Yang, not me!” The Black Hell King clenched his fists.

“I will definitely go look for him, but I don’t have any guarantee that I can kill him yet. He is actually very strong and very cunning. Killing him is currently impossible for me, so I am using you and the Thousand Goblin King to cause some trouble for him, helping me to earn some more time. I am the same with that brat, we both needed more time. Black Hell, I originally admired your intelligence. It is very unfortunate that you had been scared witless by the Prison Emperor and also by Yue Yang. It is impossible for a person to have infinite chances. I can let you go, but I believe that many others would not agree. Black Hell, stay well.” The figure patted Black Hell King’s shoulders as if saying goodbye to an old friend, and disappeared into thin air.

“……” Black Hell King became extremely quiet and then hatefully muttered: “Why? Why am I always below others?”

“That is because you do not suit being above others.”

A man, whose entire body was flickering with purple lightning, appeared from the distant sky and walked down, step by step.

The man appeared soldierly yet pretty. He had black hair that stood up like sharp blades. His eyes were as deep as black holes devoid of any human emotion, like the eyes of a death god that could suck the soul. He wore a reduced shirt, the sleeves were just the right length but his shirt was halved, showing his perfect abs.

He wore black pants embroidered with two silver dragons.

This type of silver dragon was a huge dragon that had wings and both of them were Divine Dragons of the Eastern Goblin Tribe.

The most eye-catching thing was the strange weapon on his waist. The weapon was covered in purple cloth. Its shape was like a blade yet not a blade, a sword yet not a sword.

Just by his appearance, most people in the Tong Tian Tower wouldn’t have recognized him. However, everyone knew his name. He was the number one ranked Sky Demon, the leader of the Demonic Palace that not even Sky Law, who was an Elder Innate, could surpass. He was Sky Execution!

“It is you!” Black Hell King nodded his head: “In the entire Tong Tian Tower, only you would be in a hurry to kill me.”

“That’s right. I will not allow Yue Yang to find the chance to kill you…… If he killed you, there would not be any benefit for me, it would only decrease my chances of leveling up. Other than being a Heaven Ranker, he had already caught up to me in all other aspects. I will absolutely not allow him to surpass me. The number one position in the Demonic Palace belongs to me. Sky Wolf might be destined to surpass me in the future, but not today.” Sky Execution walked towards the Black Hell King and coldly stared at him: “It is time to say your last words. I promise to kill you before Yue Yang arrives!”

“You…… It seems that you have obtained enlightenment to the Innate Elder Realm. No wonder you are so sure to kill me.” Black Hell King’s gaze grew cold and nodded: “If I had gained the same enlightenment in the past, the one to die would be you. So unfortunate.”

“If I wasn’t so stupid, so trusting on my comrades in the past, I wouldn’t have lived up to this day.” The old Dragon Turtle had also arrived, wielding the Prison Emperor Divine Staff in his hands. He had changed his appearance to an old man that looked withered and senile. However, compared to when he met Yue Yang, his weak state seemed to have turned for the better. The reason why he was able to regain his strength was probably due to the Prison Emperor Divine Staff. Even if he was not at his peak strength, he would be able to fight equally against the Black Hell King thanks to the Prison Emperor Divine Staff.

“Yuan Long, you are too late.” Black Hell King did not find it strange for the old Dragon Turtle to show up.

“No problem. Whether it is Sky Execution, Yue Yang or me who kills you, the results will be the same.” The old Dragon Turtle spoke indifferently: “As long as you die, I would be indifferent towards the process.”

“Unfortunately, the third young master is not here; Otherwise, I would have picked one of you to send me off.” The Black Hell King suddenly laughed.

“Since the third young master is not here, how about letting me send you off?”

Yue Shan’s voice suddenly echoed at the foot of the mountain. Black Hell King immediately reacted when he heard it.

His face became extremely ugly.

Elder Nan Gong supported the weakened Yue Shan and flew to the summit. He lightly placed Yue Shan down: “This is the only thing I can do for you. Are you sure you want to do this?”

The one Elder Nan Gong asked was naturally Yue Shan. Yue Shan respectfully bowed, ”Elder Nan Gong, thank you very much. This is my choice. I have no regrets.” He turned around and smiled at the Black Hell King while cupping his hands: “Black Hell King, this is the first time I have met you. But, that doesn’t matter. I think that we are fine as acquaintances. Otherwise, you would not have chosen me as your substitute! The reason I came here is nothing much, I just wanted to give you this body…… The [Betrayal] Inherent Skill can betray anything, but it shouldn’t be able to betray an offering…… An offering is selfless. You can only betray others or even yourself, but you cannot betray true selflessness.”

Black Hell King wanted to kill Yue Shan instantly, but he did not move.

In the end, he slowly opened his mouth and asked: “You really want to do this? What will you gain from this? Do you think that Yue Yang will be grateful to you? That is unlikely, you would never be able to change his impression of you, because you were never a good person. Stop deceiving yourself. Your ambitions are not inferior to mine. Your unwillingness is also not inferior to mine…… Why don’t we work together? Yue Shan, as long as you are willing, we can start anew. As long as we could manage our bodies properly and live till the end, defeating Yue Yang is not impossible!”

Yue Shan replied: “If I was not a father, I might have agreed. You are not the father of a child so you would never understand the meaning in my actions.”

He pulled out a dagger and deeply pierced his chest.

He opened the wound, showing his warm innards. Fresh blood spattered out like rain in the sky…… Yue Shan smiled as if he did not feel any pain. He cut out his heart and held it in his palm. Then, he exhausted all of his strength to say one last thing: “This is for you!”

Black Hell King painfully closed his eyes.

On the other hand, Yue Shan maintained his posture until the mountain winds grew stronger, blowing him. Only then did he fall down towards the deep ravine.

“By the order of Sky Execution, judge all evil, Grasp Heart!” Sky Execution raised his right hand and slowly clenched it.

The heart in Yue Shan’s hand and the beating heart in Black Hell King’s chest shattered at the same time……The [Betrayal] Inherent Skill lost its effect due to Yue Shan’s sacrifice. Black Hell King spoke while blood was coming out of his mouth: “[Mutation] Inherent Skill. So it was like this. He was the one who killed me, not you guys, it was him……”

Black Hell King wiped the blood that was coming out of his mouth.

His entire body surged with strength and instantly leveled up to Elder Innate Level 2.

He waved his hand and revealed the Dark Divine Armor. He raised the Dark Divine Sword and pointed it at Sky Execution: “Since its like this, let us have a final match, Sky Execution! Let me see whether your strength is superior to mine!”

Elder Nan Gong did not watch the decisive battle. He floated down and carried Yue Shan, who died with a victorious smile on his face. Nodding, he said: “The true victor is you!”

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