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LLS Chapter 625 – Traitor? Let him become dog food!

Chapter 625 – Traitor? Let him become dog food!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
TLCed by: Last

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The unrivalled Dragon Power made everyone’s expression change.

Fortunately the duration of the power was short, otherwise the lower-levelled bandits would be shocked to death. When the golden light was shining the brightest, Jiang Ying’s body transformed into a rainbow coloured light and returned to Yue Yang’s grimoire world. Furthermore, Yue Yang had this feeling that in that same instant, Jiang Ying invited the surprised Qilin girl Bing Yin to the second Divine Grimoire.

Jiang Ying disappeared without a trace, it was as if everything was just a dream.

The thousands of water-shaped dragon all turned back into water and fell back into the lake.

The Ancient Demon Shark, Ancient Island Whale, Electric Dragon Eel and Cuttlefish King that were worshipping Jiang Ying just now immediately returned to normal once the Dragon Power disappeared, reverting back to their majestic, Ancient Giant Beast pride.

In reality, with their power, they would not even be this respectful towards the strongest being here, the Lionheart King or their fellow prisoner inmate Mo Long.

The one that they truly respect was also not Jiang Ying, but the God’s Power that she had inherited… that was the Supreme Dragon God’s God Power. Even if there was only a little, it was still able to invoke a sense of fear from within their soul. Not only them, even the black bearded man Mo Long also felt a sense of respect. Although Supreme Dragon God had imprisoned him for hundreds of thousands of years, making him very angry with Supreme Dragon God, he had never truly hated Supreme Dragon God. He also didn’t dare to harbor any disrespectful feelings towards him.

“What do you think about this?” Skeleton Man Lei Qie secretly asked Long Xiang.

“Demon Marshal Zhi Guang has already been intimidated. We will definitely lose this battle.” Long Xiang didn’t think that Demon Marshal Zhi Guang was in a good position. Let’s forget about the abnormality of the brat first, even the Hornless Dragon had inherited Supreme Dragon God’s Power. This had completely thrown Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s mind in disarray, he was completely unable to continue the battle.

“Let’s call this battle a draw!”

Yue Yang suddenly put away his Tao Tie Blade. If they continued to fight, he would definitely still have the upper hand, but it would be difficult to inflict heavy damage to Demon Marshal Zhi Guang.

It would be even more difficult to kill him!

Furthermore, in front of the Lionheart King, Yue Yang definitely wouldn’t reveal his World Exterminating Wheel and Nirvana Flame. Even previously, when he revealed the Invisible Innate Sword Qi “Gui Cang Sword” to attack the clown, Yue Yang was a little regretful. That time, he thought that he would be able to mortally wound the clown. However, unexpectedly, even though he managed to hit that fellow’s weakest point, the forehead, he was still able to escape quickly. In this battle, Yue Yang’s biggest improvement was his sword’s potential, not sword’s power… Gui Cang Sword’s power was definitely enough to kill the clown, but because he was still unable to fully utilise his sword’s potential, he was unable to intimidate the clown and failed in killing him.

If he was able to master “Elder’s Heart” and attain the true Elder Innate Realm, the result would be completely different.

In another words, if Zhi Zun had used the same power to kill the clown, he would definitely be dead…

This was the difference between Zhi Zun and Yue Yang.

It wasn’t that Yue Yang didn’t have enough killing power, it was just that he had not attained the kind of ultimate power that Zhi Zun had, the true Elder Innate Realm!

Yue Yang realised that this kind of Elder Inante Realm did not exist within the Heaven Ranked clown, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang, Long Xian, Lei Qie and the others. The only one who had attained such a realm was the black bearded man Mo Long. Even the 400 million gold bounty Lionheart King only had a little. He had not attained the kind of ultimate power that Zhi Zun and Mo Long had, the kind that could ignore the existence of every single being.

Through this comparison, Yue Yang really couldn’t imagine how Zhi Zun managed to attain her power.

“In three months, in Lionheart King’s Royal Griffin Palace, I hereby invite Leader Lie Yan and this little friend to come and fight. The clown actually wanted to fight a battle with Yue Yang, but he understood his limits.

He had managed to cover the heavy wound on his forehead, but his body had taken a huge toll.

He had the confidence to fight Yue Yang and not lose, but it seemed impossible if he wanted to take a step further and kill him.

Helpless, he could only choose to fight again after keeping his wound under control. Although three months was too short for him to recover, the clown knew that he wouldn’t have a chance if that Hornless Dragon Girl who inherited the Supreme Dragon God’s Power finished evolving. He estimated that the Hornless Dragon Girl would still be in evolution after 3 months and wouldn’t be able to fight. After all, the Supreme Dragon God’s Power was not a power that could be easily inherited… The clown had come to this decision after careful deliberation, he needed to carefully plan it out and even think about how to counter attack the Spirit of Heaven Fire and the Bloody Queen.

As for that little lamia loli that never left Yue Yang’s side, the clown didn’t want to think about her at the meantime, because he didn’t have any way to counter her.

Even Lionheart King also felt that the little lamia loli would not be able to be handled easily.

When every single beast was worshiping the Hornless Dragon after she inherited the God’s Power, only she remained unmoved. This was definitely not because of her pride as a Divine Beast, it was because her own bloodline was of a superior race. Even if the Hornless Dragon Girl was able to inherit the God’s Power, she was not as powerful as her original race.

“No problem, we can fight again after three months.” Yue Yang nodded and agreed. After this battle, he had already had some kind of revelation. Although he was still unable to fully grasp the concept of Elder’s Heart, he was quite close, and he was even able to understand it a little. As long as he had some time, he would definitely be able to attain the true Elder Innate Realm. Three months wasn’t a long time, but to Yue Yang, it was more than enough.

“Senior Mo Long, farewell for now.” Seeing that Yue Yang had agreed, Lionheart King respectfully bowed towards Mo Long, then rode the Golden Griffin that was shining brightly like the sun away. He quickly left and disappeared without a trace.

Long Xiang also quickly paid his respects to Mo Long then quickly follow behind his master.

After bowing his head in respect, the clown, Skeleton Man Lei Qie and the others ignored Fu Tou’s pleading gaze and brought two other Heaven Rankers and their remaining subordinates and left heartlessly.

“No, no!” The traitor Fu Tou shook his head in despair and reached out towards the clown, hoping that he would bring him along.

However, the clown didn’t even glance at him.

Fu Tou was really regretful this time, he felt that he had been abandoned.

Of course, this was extremely normal. Under the situation where he was no longer useful, who would would want to get on Yue Yang’s bad side for a useless person? Furthermore, behind him, there was still the ancient criminal Mo Long supporting him. After Lionheart King left, staying here one more second meant putting oneself in danger for one more second. Mo Long had not recovered his power, but the Ancient Demon Shark, Ancient Island Whale, Electric Dragon Eel and Cuttlefish King were all not vegetarians. Furthermore, Mo Long even stopped Long Xiang’s all out attack with just his tail before. Whenever he thought about all these, the clown and Lei Qie couldn’t help but to be bitterly disappointed.

Demon Marshal Zhi Guang looked at Fu Tou and sighed: “I’m sorry, I can only do so much.”

He bowed slightly towards Yue Yang and Mo Long.

Then, he turned around and left.

“So boring!” Mo Long yawned, he was completely uninterested towards the traitor Fu Tou who was currently prostrating himself in front of the female giant Lie Yan, begging for mercy. He floated towards Yue Yang and observed him carefully, as if he wanted to get to know him once again from the beginning. He the patted Yue Yang’s shoulders and said: “Brat, I’m seeing you in a good light. Maybe you are Supreme Dragon God’s brother. Otherwise, how would your beast managed to inherit the Supreme Dragon God’s Power? Even I haven’t been able to although I’ve been stuck here for the past hundreds of thousands of years. However, this way is also good. The Heaven Realm needs more capable young people like you, otherwise, it would be very lonely! Oh right, you haven’t built up your family fortune, right? As your boss, I shall gift you with this Ancient Island Whale. In the future if you meet with good fortune, don’t forget about this boss here, okay!”

“Who’s the boss? You want to be my boss? No way, you are not qualified!” Yue Yang disagreed strongly.

“If I’m not your boss, then are you the boss? I’m older and also stronger than you. No matter what we compare each other with, I will definitely win over you. You still want to be my boss?” The black bearded man grabbed onto Yue Yang’s collar and threatened him: “Why don’t we fight it out to decide who’s the boss?”

“Don’t have to fight it out. I suddenly realised that it’s a good thing to have a dependable boss temporarily. I shall receive the Ancient Island Whale.” Yue Yang definitely wouldn’t fight against Mo Long. That was simply asking for a beating!

“Temporary boss?” The black bearded man didn’t understand. How could there be a temporary boss?

“You are a little stronger than me now, but in the future I might be a little stronger than you. Since it is like this, it wouldn’t be proper if I call you my boss. Why don’t we do this instead: We take turns being the boss. Whoever is stronger will be the boss, so for now you are the temporary boss. In the future if I’m stronger than you, you will have to call me your boss!” Yue Yang had never gotten the short end of the stick in his life.

“Brat, you want to overtake me?” It was as if he black bearded man Mo Long heard something funny, he laughed until his body convulsed.

“That’s a possibility.” Yue Yang was fully confident.

“Alright, I shall give you a chance. If you can overtake me, then I will call you my boss.” The black bearded man reached out and patted Yue Yang’s shoulders, laughing out loud: “Hopefully you can quickly overtake me, don’t make me wait too long.”

“Why don’t we sign a contract?” Yue Yang pulled out a contract out of nowhere.

“Put that away quickly! I immediately get headaches when I see a contract. This stupid thing makes me suffer my whole life. Until now, I regret signing a contract with humans. I will never be duped by anyone anymore.” The black bearded man was not stupid. He rejected signing the contract. Seems like he had been tricked by someone else previously. It was really befitting of the idiom ‘once bitten, twice shy.’

“With your IQ, it’s normal to suffer losses. However, suffering loses is also a form of happiness, it won’t hurt to suffer a bit more.” Yue Yang’s smile was really asking for a beating.

“You are going to be the death of me!” the black bearded man immediately became furious. He really wanted to beat Yue Yang up, but he was afraid that once he beat him, the Ancient Island Whale that he gave to this brat as a bribe would be wasted, hence he restrained himself. Before he left, he didn’t forget to remind Yue Yang: “Brat, see how good it is when the boss is me? I could give you a whale just like that. In the future, if you have good fortune, don’t forget to show filial respect to me… Ah, right, If you see that old fellow Supreme Dragon God, remember to speak well of me. I shall go back into hiding. That whatever meeting in the plaza, you can go by yourself, but remember to mention my name. With my name’s protection, that Lionheart King wouldn’t dare to harm you!”

“Understood, in the future when I become your boss, I will also extend my protection onto you.” Yue Yang chuckled and waved his hand.

“You…” the black bearded man was so angry that he fell from the Ancient Demon Shark’s back.

The Ancient Demon Shark carried the black bearded man and swam around in the sky.

The Cuttlefish King followed.

That extremely long Electric Dragon Eel coiled around them and floated away under the sunset.

The extremely well-behaved Ancient Island Whale stayed behind. It wasn’t Mo Long’s beast actually, it was just prison-mate. It initially wanted to follow Mo Long, but seeing that Yue Yang, this young person, seemed to have a bright future ahead of him, it felt that it didn’t matter too much if it didn’t follow Mo Long and happily stayed behind.

It didn’t have high expectations, as long as it was able to enjoy some freedom, it would be enough.

On its back, the female giant was wildly beating up Fu Tou. She controlled the strength in her hands so that the traitor wouldn’t die easily. He needed to suffer through the greatest torture. Fu Tou begged with his life as he hugged his head with his hands and curled his body to protect himself. Against the female giant, he didn’t have any chance of retaliating. Furthermore there was that abnormal Yue Yang. Other than pretending to be pitiful, he had no other way out.

“Wait a minute, don’t beat him to death.” Yue Yang advised the female giant leader Lie Yan, hinting that the traitor was still useful.

“What?” the female giant didn’t understand. What kind of thing would this person be useful for?

“I have a watchdog that really need a good meal to nourish its body. If it can eat this traitor, it should be able to level up.” Yue Yang explained that the traitor could still be used as dog food.

“No, no… Big sister, please just kill me. I don’t want to become dog food!” The traitor Fu Tou who was begging for his life with all his being was scared shitless. Now, his wish had become completely the opposite as he begged the female giant to kill him quickly. He really couldn’t image himself becoming a dog food, he couldn’t imagine the pain of a dog slowly eating through his body. Rather than being eaten by a dog, he would rather die.

Of course, the choice was not in his hands…

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