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LLS Chapter 624 – Undefeatable, Divine Beast’s Divine Will!

Chapter 624 – Undefeatable, Divine Beast’s Divine Will!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

Shiro: Hey guys, sorry for the late post. We are currently lacking translators, please bear with us for a few weeks.🙇 We’ll be posting 2 chapters per week until around mid-March. Enjoy the chapter!

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Compared to the water dragon, the Heaven Silkworm that possessed a gigantic body was like a bait to a big fish.

There was completely no grounds for comparison.

The water dragon that contained the full might of a dragon swallowed the Heaven Silkworm whole.

However, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang managed to escape by a hair’s breadth. Before he could even take a breath, Bloody Queen Red had already flown towards him, unleashing her Whip of Agony that danced like lightning. Countless Binding Silk Threads then formed in Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s hands, and then it expanded as if it was a living thing, as Demon Marshal Zhi Guang prepared to bind the extremely agile Bloody Queen Red. Towards an enemy with a high speed like her, using brute force was useless as she was too agile… Spirit of Heaven Fire created a tornado and charged forward, overtaking the Bloody Queen Red who was retreating and jumped towards the Binding Silk Threads.

The Binding Silk Threads made of magic essence were completely sucked into the tornado. With the Spirit of Heaven Fire’s heat, it slowly burned and turned into smoke.

Indeed, the Spirit of Heaven Fire was the Guardian Beast summoned to disable his Binding Silk Threads.

With regards to this battle situation, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang had actually already predicted that the water and fire-type beasts were the main attacking force while that speed-type female demon and restriction-type lamia were the support. With the additional support from the special-type Phantom Shadow, they formed an almost perfect combination.

“Golden Ring.”

Demon Marshal Zhi Guang was not someone with a limited repertoire of skills in his arsenal. His bounty was over 650 million gold, higher than the female giant Lie Yan. He was whom everyone thought was the strongest after Lionheart King and Mo Long. His abilities were actually quite powerful. He released a blast of golden light energy, and his body turned into a golden statue. Then, he used the same kind of golden light energy and condense them into 2 golden rings. One of the golden ring protected his bald head while the other golden ring expanded to 3 metres in diameter and rotated wildly, protecting his body.

At the same time, black light with traces of gold exploded from the bottom of Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s feet.

The black light quickly pervade the air and morphed into a Heaven Silkworm-like appearance.

This was Demon Marshal’s Zhi Guang unique skill, ‘Heavenly Worm Domain’. It would be even more powerful if it was combined with his Guardian Beast Heaven Silkworm.

“Greedy Parasitic Worm.” Demon Marshal Zhi Guang started waving his hands, and a swarm of insect eggs shot out. Every single insect egg quickly incubated and hatched, turning into various types of ugly-looking worms. They floated to the sky and greedily swarmed towards Spirit of Heaven Fire. Spirit of Heaven Fire let out a powerful flame, but those insects were not afraid of fire. Even fire burning their bodies wasn’t enough to stop them from attacking aggressively… When their bodies burned and become charred, something suddenly broke out from those charred old shells, and they turned into Flame Moths.

On the other side, the swarm of ugly worms that flew towards Jiang Ying, who was standing on the lake surface, were shot with water arrows. However, what came out from their broken bodies were Poison Spiders.

From the Whip of Agony’s attack, the insect that broke out from the ugly worms broken shells were Demon-faced Butterflies that used mental attacks.

These ugly worms were strong lifeforms that were unkillable.

Bloody Queen Red brandished her Crescent Moon blade and cut hundreds of ugly worms and Demon-faced Butterflies to half.

However, the strange thing was that those ugly worms that were slashed apart could actually regrow from their heads or their tails. One insect multiplied and became two insects instead. Those Demon-faced Butterflies also swooped down to the ground and exploded. Their bodies were destroyed and turned into countless insect eggs…

Seeing that her flame, thunder and storm were unable to damage her enemies, Spirit of Heaven Fire had a bewildered and confused look at first. She stood still at her original location, unable to decide what to do. Then, she turned and looked at Yue Yang, hoping that her master could give her an order. This was the first time that she took the initiative to hand over the battle strategy to Yue Yang, her master. Previously, she wasn’t even able to think of this. However, as her intelligence increased, she started to understand the process of thinking. Although she could only think a little, it was still a huge improvement.

“Chi chi!”

All the insects didn’t dare to penetrate deeply into Spirit of heaven Fire’s core. The power in her core was a trace of Nirvana Flame. This was an existence that all kinds of lifeforms were afraid of.

These worms swarmed all around Spirit of Heaven Fire and tried to gain advantage through their numbers. The huge swarm of insects formed a black cloud and began to pursue Bloody Queen Red!

On the lake surface, those worms that had attacked Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying met with difficulties instead.

“Not good!” The female giant Lie Yan who only fought using physical attacks were helpless towards these Greedy Parasitic Worms that could even devour bones.

“No wonder he was ranked above us!” The clown, Long Xiang and Lei Qie started to understand a little.

Why was Demon Marshal’s bounty higher than the rest? Why was he able to win against the clown and Lei Qie even when he was just a one man show? Seemed like it was because of these ugly worms that wouldn’t die no matter how many times they were killed.

Long Xiang shook his head. He was a Royal Knight that was number one in terms of close combat sword art, but towards these worms, he wouldn’t be able to do anything. Although Skeleton Man Lei Qie would be able to avoid being devoured, he wouldn’t be able to destroy those worms. The clown was feeling a little proud in himself as he had an idea on how to kill those worms and even how to break Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s ‘Heavenly Worm Domain’. However, he would never say it to others.

The more Yue Yang suffered and became miserable, the more advantages he would have.

Of course, the clown didn’t think that Yue Yang would lose.

This abnormal brat wouldn’t be a threat to him if he was that easily defeated from these worms.

Forget about this brat, even that girl, who could use the Code’s Power, was an expert in mental attacks and artifacts would be able to defeat these worms easily. These worms were aggressive in nature because it was their natural instinct. However, their true battle power was actually very low.

“Boring!” Yue Yang yawned widely.

The swarm of worms filled up the whole sky, looking like black clouds.

He ignored all these, as if he didn’t see anything at all. That kind of calm attitude made the female giant Lie Yan worry about him.

However, the only one who was worried about him in the whole place was her. People like the Lionheart King and black beareded man didn’t think that Yue Yang would lose. After all, these ugly worms were small fries. The truly powerful monsters in Heaven Realm wouldn’t try to win through numbers. Usually they would only have 1 body, or at least two bodies. Those monsters, that depend on their numbers to survive, were actually quite weak. It was just that amongst those with restraining attributes, they were able to show off some skills.

They forced Bloody Queen Red to fly about and Spirit of Heaven Fire to be at a loss on what to do. They quickly flew to Xiao Wen Li.

The little lamia loli looked extremely calm as she raised her hand. Her small, white and soft hand slowly danced.

A bright white light that was pleasant to the eyes lighted up from her hand. The light was harmless to people, and it was warm, clean and spotless. It made others feel that they were bathed in the warmth of spring wind, their bodies feeling like they were submerged within a warm and comfortable hot springs.

However, this harmless white light actually made the Skeleton Man Lei Qie’s body burn with black smoke. He miserably cried out in pain.

“Dammit, I’m already unlucky enough today. My bones!” The body of Skeleton Man Lei Qie who was a Heaven Ranker started burning ablaze. He hurriedly use a tattered robe to wrap himself up and hid behind Long Xiang to protect himself from being exposed to the white light. With just this simple light, his body which was unscratchable with swords were actually filled with cracks.

It was really unthinkable. If Skeleton Man Lei Qie couldn’t move and was exposed to that white light, what would he become?

Under the white light, those swarm of ugly worms melted and disappeared like ice and snow.

None of them were left, every single one of them was destroyed.

The worms retreated frantically from the white light, trying to return back to Heavenly Worm Domain. However, they weren’t fast enough to outrun the white light. Only few worms which stayed within Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s Heavenly Worm Domain managed to survive. It was a negligible number. Hundreds of thousands of worms that filled up the whole sky were completely wiped out within a few seconds.

It was as if these ugly worms had never existed in the first place!

At this time, everyone started seeing the little lamia loli Xiao Wen Li in a different light.

“It’s a Divine Beast’s Divine Will!” At first, Lionheart King doubted his eyes, but after seeing Xiao Wen Li’s purification, he immediately deduced her identity. It was the unrivalled Divine Beast’s Divine Will hence all those ugly worms were easily purified by her. In front of this Divine beast, whatever counter attributes and rebirth abilities became a joke. Lifeforms that were killed by the Divine Will wouldn’t be able to easily revive even if they were Heaven Ranked and possessed a strong soul, let alone these small worms that had weak souls and no intelligence.

“…” Demon Marshal Zhi Guang shook his head and smiled bitterly the second time.

Actually, before he even released the Greedy Parasitic Worms, he already know that Yue Yang wouldn’t be defeated by his worms.

However, he never thought that his worms would be defeated so quickly and thoroughly.

Facing against a Divine Beast, these Greedy Parasitic Worms’ death were justified!

Fortunately this Divine Beast had not yet matured. If she matured and attain her peak realm, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang believed that he would die miserably with one attack from her. Currently, she could already kill his worm swarms in an instant, her powers were already considered very strong.

Even in this vast, limitless Heaven Realm, how many Divine Beasts were there?

He daresay that no matter how many Divine Beasts there were, their numbers were definitely fewer than those who were Heaven Rank Level 5 and above!

This number also included independent Divine Beasts. If they were to only count Divine Beasts contracted in a grimoire, the number was even fewer. Divine Beasts were an existance that Heaven Rankers could only wish but never acquire!

Other than having 5 Guardian Beasts, this abnormal brat actually had a Divine Beast amongst them. No wonder he was so arrogant… Demon Marshal Zhi Guang was so jealous he wished he could die. His Heavenly Silkworm would probably not be able to evolve into a Divine Beast in this lifetime. As for his other normal beasts, it was not worth mentioning! At this time, the ugly clown glared at Xiao Wen Li, his eyes were filled with so much jealousy that it seemed like blood was about to come out from them. He even dreamt about obtaining a Divine Beasts in his sleep, but unfortunately, he didn’t have that kind of luck… The thing that really pushed the clown to the edge was not because he didn’t have a Divine Beast, it was because his enemy had one!

Lei Qie was right, this world was too unfair.

Why were they so generous to that brat? Forget about having 5 Guardian Beasts, he even had a Divine Beast. It was really too unfair!

Skeleton Man Lei Qie pretended not to see. He couldn’t even say he was jealous. Forget about Divine Beast, he didn’t even have a grimoire!

The female giant was extremely happy. She couldn’t stop herself from smacking Yue Yang’s back.

If she didn’t do that, she wouldn’t be able to suppress the happiness in her heart.

This brat was really abnormal, but his abnormality was an inspiration… Right now, since she had already prepared her heart, she earnestly hoped that this brat become even more abnormal!

“Oh, this is getting interesting.” The black bearded man Mo Long was initially lying down lazily, but he was sitting up now. He gave Yue Yang a serious looking glance and then slightly glanced at Lionheart King, who had descended a few hundred meters down from the sky to observe Yue Yang more clearly. His lips tilted a little with a ridiculing smile. Previously, if Lionheart King didn’t care about everything at all and tried to kill this brat, Mo Long would not do anything to stop him. However, right now, he would definitely stop him with all of his power.

Let’s forget about the possibility of this brat being related to him.

If he told those old farts that there was this abnormal person in this world, they would definitely be very happy. This brat was definitely the key to him regaining his freedom.

Lionheart King felt Mo Long’s gaze on him, and he shivered. Not good, he was too impatient, seemed like Mo Long had misunderstood him.

He quickly erased his aura, showing that he did not harbor harmful intentions.

With Mo Long here, trying to kill this brat would be the most foolish thing to do in the whole world!

On the contrary, this brat was still growing. If he invested in the brat just a little, maybe he would be able to receive a huge return of his investments. Lionheart King was a clever individual who would think of hundreds of different scenarios. He made a new decision in that instasnt. Of course, no one knew what he was truly thinking, other than the black beareded man, Mo Long, who had been living for hundreds of thousands of years and was an expert in seeing other’s true colours.

The black bearded man’s mouth slanted. His ridiculing smile became even more skewed as he reverted to his reclining position, lazily lying down on the ground. Crossing one of his leg over the other, he swung his leg once in a while.

In the sky, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang, who was utterly defeated in comparing beasts, flew out, engaging Yue Yang in a close combat fight.

One was holding a golden ring while the other was holding the Tao Tie blade.

The two weapons clashed and created a huge explosion…

The weird thing was, both Lionheart King and Mo Long didn’t pay attention to Yue Yang and Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s fight. Instead, they were looking at the Hornless Dragon Girl Jiang Ying, who was standing on the lake. At this time, deep, deep into the bottom of the lake, a special kind of energy started to come out and entered Hornless Dragon Girl Jiang Ying’s body endlessly. Her body, slowly, very slowly, emitted a bright light, and in the end, she turned into a gigantic Golden Divine Dragon, flying towards the sky!

Everyone in that place felt some kind of force was pressuring against their body.

Including Lionheart King and Mo Long.

Although the power of this kind of ‘force’ was quite weak, it was definitely present. Furthermore, it was similar to the kind of force that the little lamia loli was emitting just now, it was Divine Beast’s Divine Will!

Two Divine Beasts?

This brat possessed two Divine Beasts?

The clown almost vomtited blood. He glared at the lake, as if hoping that he would be able to snatch Yue Yang’s Guardian Beast in this way.

It was really funny.

A tall pillar of light shot up to the sky, and Jiang Ying’s grimoire voluntarily floated in front of her. The Golden Divine Dragon coiled around the pillar that came out from the grimoire and descended, entering Jiang Ying’s body. The Boundary of Death that supported the Ancient Demon Shark, Ancient Island Whale and Electric Dragon Eel popped like a bubble, shattering into millions of light particles and returned to Jiang Ying’s grimoire…

At this time, the water in the lake started boiling. Countless dragon-shaped water flew to the sky and all of them bowed towards Jiang Ying, who was still closing her eyes.

The Electric Dragon Eel, Ancient Demon Shark, and Ancient Island Whale in the sky, and the Cuttlefish King in the water also bowed in respect. A kind of undeniably powerful Dragon Power was born from her body. At this moment, it was as if she had become the Supreme Dragon God in the legends.

“My goodness, she has inherited the God’s Power that Supreme Dragon God had left here. It’s such a shame for me, why didn’t I get it although I’ve been here for hundreds of thousands of years!” The black beareded man jumped in that instant, his expression was both shocked and sad. Lionheart King was also extremely shocked. Fortunately, he was able to react quickly. This wasn’t the true Supreme Dragon God, it was just a Hornless Dragon that had inherited the God’s Power!

When Jiang Ying opened her eyes, the whole sky was filled with her Divine Will.

Her unrivalled Dragon Power overshadowed even the heavens and earth!

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