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LLS Chapter 623 – Hornless Dragon VS Heaven Silkworm

Chapter 623 – Hornless Dragon VS Heaven Silkworm
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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With regards to Yue Yang’s scolding, the female giant felt so angry that her lungs almost burst.

If there was no one around them, she would definitely beat him up with everything she had. If she didn’t beat his head to a pig-shaped head, it would be difficult to pacify the hatred in her heart. However, they were surrounded by Mo Long, Lionheart King and other formidable enemies. She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. Although unwillingly, she understood that there is nothing wrong listening to him. With regards to crafting an ingenious plan, this brat was more skilled than her.

“Humph!” the female giant humphed and agreed with Yue Yang.

“Is this real?” Long Xiang, the clown and the others were very surprised. Those who knew the female giant also knew her temper. She would rather die than follow someone else. Someone like her would never compromise. Who would have thought that this brat could actually tame her within a day?

How did this brat do it?

Skeleton man Lei Qie almost wrote a calligraphy of the word “Respect” for Yue Yang.

Even Lionheart King was surprised. In his understanding, Leader Lie Yan would never listen to a man’s orders, even if he was a Heaven Ranker.

A stubborn lioness who believed in violence would actually listen to others? Lionheart King suddenly realized a more important question. If even Leader Lie Yan, who was a strong and independent Heaven Ranker would listen to this brat, in the future when this brat solidified his position and joined hands with Leader Lie Yan to recruit even more Heaven Rankers, wouldn’t they be unstoppable? Immediately, Lionheart King had an impulse to kill Yue Yang… Of course, this thought only flashed past in that instant. It disappeared as quickly as it appeared. This young person seemed to have a very close relationship with the Mo Long. If, by chance, he was really someone related to the legendary Supreme Dragon God, even if he was just a tribe member, killing Yue Yang would also be affect him.

Although Mo Long was just released from his seal and that his strength had not fully recovered, Lionheart King didn’t have the confidence to defeat Mo Long.

Furthermore, if he failed, the consequences would be unimaginable.

With Mo Long’s hatred, when he recovered his strength, the unlucky one wouldn’t be only him but the whole of South Heaven Realm.

Lionheart King didn’t want to incur Mo Long’s wrath, yet he was unable to see through Yue Yang’s identity. In order to prevent trouble from his own meddling, he decided to do nothing for now. In any case, power decided everything. Without power, even if one was given a position of high authority, one would not be able to hold the position.

As for this young person, his growth had got nothing to do with him, he would just pretend he didn’t see him.

“Firstly, I would like to thank Mo Long and Lionheart King for upholding justice. We are willing to spar with everyone to learn from each other and make new friends, but my power is inadequate, so I hope that you guys will show me some mercy and hold back your power.” Yue Yang carelessly pointed to traitor Fu Tou who looked anxious and completely intimidated: “In order to prevent everyone from teasing me that I overestimate my abilities, I hope to get some pointers from the Heaven Ranker Fu Tou. What does Mr. Fu Tou think?”

“…” Long Xiang and the others were speechless when they heard him.

Your power was inadequate? Your power was inadequate yet you can beat the clown until he didn’t know which way is north?

Although it may be partly attributed to crafty plots, without sufficiently powerful abilities, the clown wouldn’t end up so miserable. Even with the help of Demon Marshal Zhi Guang, Lei Qie and three other Heaven Rankers, he was still able to make the clown cry out miserably. How could he say that his power was inadequate?

The clown’s face froze. If he could choose, he would rather pick the female giant Lie Yan to spar with.

Compared to her, this abnormal brat’s abilities were his nemesis.

Especially in his current wounded situation, their compatibility was even worse than before… Of course, the clown still had enough confidence that if there wasn’t any tricks or plots, even if he couldn’t defeat Yue Yang, he would at least be able to fight evenly with him, or even gain a slight upperhand.

However, the first person this brat picked was Fu Tou. The clown didn’t think that Fu Tou would last ten strikes against Yue Yang.

Naturally, Fu Tou understood his own capabilities. Picking a fight with Yue Yang was equivalent to seeking death.

However, he couldn’t reject the fight because this was the battle that will determine the alliance of Mo Long and Lionheart King. If he rejected the fight, it would be equivalent to disrespecting the Mo Long and Lionheart King. That would be worse that digging his own grave. Currently, his only hope was that among the clown, Lei Qie and Demon Marshal Zhi Guang, one of them could step forward and volunteer themselves to fight and put a stop on all of this. Otherwise, he would definitely die today.

The clown stood coldly without any expression. His face which was painted colourfully seemed to be smiling, but was actually filled with rejection and coldness.

Skeleton Man Lei Qie dug out a big fat maggot from his eye socket and pretended not to see Fu Tou’s pitiful, begging look. He threw the maggot into his mouth and slowly chewed…

Only the bald Demon Marshal Zhi Guang suddenly stepped forward with a slight smile. He first paid his respects to Mo Long and LionHeart King, then smiled warmly at Yue Yang as if they were old friends that had not met each other for a long time: “Fu Tou is injured, it’s inconvenient for him to fight. Furthermore, he is too rough, so he may not be able to control his strength. It wouldn’t be good if one couldn’t receive the attacks and was injured. If this little friend and Leader Lie Yan agrees, Zhi Guang would like to volunteer sparring with you and exchange some pointers. In order not to take up too much of the two seniors’ time, I propose that we only exchange 100 blows and stop afterwards.”

“Your honor Zhi Guang’s suggestion is splendid, however, you are missing a prize.” Yue Yang pretended that he had a severe gambling addiction and must wager something with his opponent no matter what.

“Since you said so, how about the winner can have a favor from the loser? If it is not too difficult, I will accept it.” Demon Marshal Zhi Guang understood that the prize that Yue Yang wanted was definitely the traitor Fu tou. If he loses, he wouldn’t be able to protect him, so he might as well be more generous instead.

When the traitor Fu Tou heard this suggestion, his complexion immediately paled.

He could only pin his hopes on Demon Marshal Zhi Guang now. He must win, or at least have a draw. Otherwise, he would definitely die in a very ugly way…

Skeleton Man Lei Qie, the clown and Long Xiang looked at each other. They felt a little pressured over Yue Yang’s suggestion of a wager and a prize. It could be said that this brat’s motive was that if he lost, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang couldn’t ask for Leader Lie Yan’s life. However, if Demon Marshal Zhi Guang lose, Fu Tou would be handed over. This brat didn’t lose anything and could only stand to profit from this suggestion. Even if Demon Marshal Zhi Guang was stronger, he would definitely feel some pressure.

With regards to this brat who was always smiling and didn’t flinch when killing a person, they were completely terrified of him.

This brat had not completely matured, but he was already this powerful.

In another hundreds of years, what would happen if he matured?

The clown looked at Mo Long and discovered that the black-bearded guy was already 100% on Yue Yang’s side. He sighed a little. It was a pity that Mo Long appeared. Otherwise even if he had to give his all, he would definitely kill this brat. If he was unable to kill him this time, it would be difficult to get this kind of opportunity to kill him in the future!

“Your honor, I’m leaving this to you.” Fu Tou quickly bowed to Demon Marshal Zhi Guang. Zhi Guang was willing to fight on his behalf, so he was naturally grateful to him. If it wasn’t because the clown was watching at the side, Fu Tou would have sworn eternal loyalty to Zhi Guang. Fu Tou understood that he was currently relying on the clown’s group. Even if the clown’s group was defeated here, the clown was an extremely sinister person. If Fu Tou changed his loyalty to Demon Marshal Zhi Guang, even if he didn’t die today, he would definitely be killed by the clown in the future. Fu Tou definitely didn’t dare to offend the clown too much.

“I shall try my best!” Demon Marshal Zhi Guang wouldn’t even feel this pressured if he was fighting the female giant Lie Yan, who was the stronger one. At this time, he didn’t dare to guarantee his words.

“This junior hopes that your honor Zhi Guang can teach me some pointers. This junior will definitely gain much from this battle, hence I will thank you first in advance.” Although Yue Yang sounded modest, his actions was completely the opposite. He continued to summon his beasts from his grimoire one by one.

The first to come out was the Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying who was an expert in water battles.

When Mo Long saw this, he was a little astounded, yet he nodded his head slightly. He felt that it was reasonable that Yue Yang would have such a Guardian Beast. He was a guy who dared to pretend to be the Supreme Dragon God’s brother after all. Without the Eastern Goblin Tribe’s Hornless Dragon, it would really be hard to pull it off.

The second one to appear was the Spirit of Heaven Fire.

She was Yue Yang’s first choice to deal with Demon Marshal Zhi Guang who possessed the Binding Silk Threads Inherent Skill. As for Nirvana Flames, Yue Yang didn’t plan on revealing it to them.

Following closely behind was the Bloody Queen Red who was holding the Crescent Moon Blade in her hands… Her super speed, Banshee Scream and Whip of Agony were all very effective for victory. Before knowing Demon Marshal Zhi Guang’s ultimate technique, Yue Yang needed Bloody Queen’s speed for support to put pressure on his opponent. The last one to appear was Xiao Wen Li. This little lamia loli was his biggest asset.

“Just how many Guardian Beasts do you have?” Skeleton Man Lei Qie’s chin almost dropped to the ground. Four Guardian beasts? Wasn’t that too much?

“…” At this time, female giant Lie Yan started to believe that Yue Yang was Supreme Dragon God’s brother a little.

If he wasn’t Supreme Dragon God’s brother, how could he be so abnormal?

The clown, Long Xiang and Demon Marshal Zhi Guang became completely white. They almost had a heart attack. They knew that this brat was hiding his true strength, but they never thought that he actually had four Guardian Beasts. Forget about a Guardian Beast, other people may not even have a grimoire. Even if they had one, they would probably only have one Guardian Beast. Who else could have four Guardian Beasts like him? Furthermore, all of them were actually Holy Beasts!

Even Lionheart King, who was floating in the sky, and Mo Long, who was lazily sitting on top of an Ancient Island Whale and crossing his legs, were a little affected. They had seen high-levelled Guardian Beasts before, but they had never seen someone possessing so many Guardian Beasts.

Yue Yang didn’t seem to know when to stop. When everyone was still disoriented and in shock, he once again summoned another Guardian Beast, Giant Phantom Shadow, and stuck them to Hornless Dragon Girl Jiang Ying, Bloody Queen Red and himself.

“Gods, you are too unfair!”

At this time, Skeleton Man Lei Qie ran and banged his skull on the cruise ship ruins on the lake. He looked very sad, as if he didn’t want to live in this world anymore. He was a Heaven Ranker without a grimoire, so he was destined to have limited potential in this lifetime. Due to a very special series of circumstances, he managed to level up to Heaven Rank Level 4. However, he wouldn’t be able to grow stronger anymore in the future.

To him, the saddest thing in his life was being unable to form a contract with a summoning grimoire.

Now, seeing that Yue Yang not only had a summoning grimoire but also five different Guardian Beasts, he was so sad that he became a total mess. He wanted to cry, but he didn’t have any tears!

Demon Marshal Zhi Guang at this time was also grumbling bitterly.

Although he had a summoning grimoire, his Guardian Beast was a Heaven Silkworm. Coupled with his Binding Silk Threads Inherent Skill, his abilities were not so bad, so he was actually quite contented in his heart. However, when he saw Yue Yang’s Guardian Beasts ensemble, each stronger than the previous, each more bewitching than the previous. He almost felt embarrassed summoning his ugly Heaven Silkworm.

“Please guide me well!” Yue Yang pretended to bow politely. However, Spirit of Heaven Fire and Bloody Queen Red thought that it was some kind of signal, they immediately attacked Demon Marshal Zhi Guang.


There was someone quicker than the two of them. It was Hornless Dragon Jiang Ying who was standing on top of the lake.

Other people would have been affected by this Boundary of Death. Jiang Ying was the only one whose power was amplified many times. When she stepped on the surface of the lake and threw a punch towards Demon Marshal Zhi Guang, the surface of the lake seemed to become her weapon. The body of water actually turned into a water dragon that looked like the Dragon Electric Eel. It possessed such a powerful dragonic power that even the black beareded man was a little surprised. The water dragon rose to the sky with a loud howl and headed straight towards Demon Marshal Zhi Guang.

This was bad!

Demon Marshal Zhi Guang initially could easily avoid that. Who would have known that the water dragon’s unique power actually locked his movements. Furthermore, there was some kind of pressure on the dragon power that made him unable to move even an inch. He could only watch helplessly as the water dragon prepared to engulf him.

Lionheart King could see that this was definitely not the Hornless Dragon girl’s power!

This was the power of the Supreme Dragon God’s seal!

And she had borrowed it…

“Heaven Silkworm Protection!” Demon Marshal Zhi Guang was deeply worried and he quickly summoned his giant Heaven Silkworm and ordered it to protect him.

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