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LLS Chapter 622 – Three hundred billion gold bounty Mo Long

Chapter 622 – Three hundred billion gold bounty Mo Long
Translated by: Shiroyukineko
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Skeleton Man Rachel > Skeleton Man Lei Qie
Wise Demon Marshal > Demon Marshal Zhi Guang
Raging Flames > Lie Yan
界主 Boundary Master > Realm Lord

“Who are you?” That black beareded man yawned as he glanced over Yue Yang. His demeanour was like a sleeping tiger who heard a buzzing mosquito.

“I am the one who came to release you…” When Yue Yang said this, Ancient Demon Shark, Ancient Island Whale, Dragon Electric Eel and Cuttlefish King that floated to the lake surface all looked at Yue Yang with anticipation. Actually, other than them, everyone present knew that this brat was lying. Forget about claiming that he knew the Supreme Dragon God that was at least hundreds of thousands of years old, he didn’t even recognise the current Sky Region Emperor. He was definitely just a country bumpkin who was pulling all these nonsense in an attempt to ally with the black beareded man.

“Humph.” the clown didn’t believe that the black beareded man would be fooled.

“Among the Supreme Dragon God’s subordinates, even the cleaners are at least Heaven Rank Level 5. You are just an Innate Level 7, no, an Innate Level 8 brat, how dare you pretend to be Supreme Dragon God’s messenger?” Obviously, the black beareded man didn’t believe Yue Yang. He immediately uncovered Yue Yang’s lie with a sentence, making the female giant Lie Yan feel especially embarrassed. However, the black beareded man still praised Yue Yang a little: “You dared to pretend to be Supreme Dragon God’s subordinate, so you must have some guts. Initially, I want to kill you first, but you are still okay to look at, although just barely. Alright, I’ll just kill you last!”

“Thank you.” Yue Yang continued to smile. The smile on his face was as bright as sunshine: “What if I said I’m Supreme Dragon God’s younger brother?”

The female giant covered her face with her hand and almost screamed out at Yue Yang to stop embarrassing her.

Supreme Dragon God was a Ranker from the ancient times. If he had a younger brother, at the very least he would be an old monster that was hundreds of thousands of years old. How could he be a snotty-nosed 20 year old brat? Even a blind person wouldn’t be fooled. These lies were simply too unbelievable that even an idiot would not be convinced!

The clown almost couldn’t hold in his laughter. If you wanted to pretend to be someone else, why didn’t you pretend to be someone more believable?

Oddly, the black beareded man didn’t refute Yue Yang straight away.

He slowly thought and then asked: “Can you tell me the reason why you are pretending to be Supreme Dragon God’s brother?”

Yue Yang answered: “I thought it would be a little difficult to pass off as the Supreme Dragon God himself; and I can’t pretend to be his disciple as I already have a master, it wouldn’t be respectful to my master. I thought of pretending to be his son, but I feel that it would belittle my position. So I decided to pretend to be his younger brother. Who would have thought that you didn’t believe me?”


The female giant couldn’t stop herself from laughing.

Forget about trying to pass of as someone else, he even confessed directly to the other side. Was there anyone else who lied like him?

Long Xiang, the clown, Demon Marshal Zhi Guang and the others were speechless for quite a while. Was this brat clever? He was especially cunning and always plotting against the others. Was this brat an idiot? He was really so foolish that he could say whatever he was thinking. Even a fool wouldn’t believe such a reason, right? Was this brat actually clever or dumb? Why was he so different than the others?

The most surprising thing was that when the black beareded man heard this, he frowned and said: “Although you look like a normal human on the surface and not a Draconian, I just have this feeling that you are somehow related to the dragon clan. The dragon power in your blood is even purer than mine, who is a dragon. You said that you are the Supreme Dragon God’s brother, I’m really suspecting that…”

“Ah? You must be joking!” Everyone shouted in shock when they heard him.

“Hey, hey. I was just blabbering lies to you at a whim. It was just a joke. Don’t be too serious, or else it wouldn’t be fun that way!” Yue Yang quickly shook his hands.

“You may not be Supreme Dragon God’s brother, but you definitely have some relations with our dragon clan. The problem is that you are very weird. I can’t see through you, it is as if something is protecting you? Forget it, since it is like this, I shall make an exception and let you go. I have decided to become a good person recently. If you meet a draconian next time, tell them that I, Hei Jiao, have changed. Ask them to forgive me and help me ask for Supreme Dragon God’s mercy. If I continue to be locked up this way, I may get mental sickness soon!” The black beareded man wiped his tears sadly. However, everyone had already realised that this fellow was an expert in shedding crocodile tears. Although tears rolled down his face, there was no sense of regret at all.

“Okay, I’ll be going now then!” Yue Yang didn’t hesitate on the offer and started making his way out as he waved his hands goodbye.

“Wait…” That black beareded man suddenly called out to Yue Yang as if he was holding a thread of hope. He thought for a while and asked: “Can you really unseal this Boundary of Death? Wait, nevermind… This is not something you can unseal. Go on ahead, the more I think about it the more depressed I will be.”

“I can’t unseal the Boundary of Death, but I can use a little technique to deceive the Boundary of Death and let you out.”

“Really?” The black beareded man suddenly dropped on the lake surface and rolled about, as if he was having a heart attack. When everyone was looking at each other in confusion, he jumped back up and appeared right in front of Yue Yang as if nothing had happened. He held Yue Yang’s hands tightly: “Then what are you waiting for? Quickly, let me out of here quickly. I can give you whatever you want, except for my virginity as a man. (Shiro: .__.)(Last: ._.) I have sworn to the heavens that only a beauty can take away my virginity, others can continue to dream on… Sorry, I digressed. Quickly, let me out. If you want anything, just tell me. Do you want mountains of gold, or do you want a harem of beautiful girls?”

“It’s like this… I have accidentally provoked an extremely powerful fellow, the Sky Region Emperor.” Yue Yang expressed that he himself was a fugitive, so he didn’t have the motivation to save others.

“Sky Region Emperor? I never heard of him!” The black beareded man shook his head.

“…” The clown and the others were speechless.

This was the second time they met someone who didn’t know Sky Region Emperor in one day.

However, according to the black beareded man, he had been locked away in this Man-eating Lake for hundreds of thousands of years. Maybe it was not very strange for him not to know the Sky Region Emperor. After all, the Sky Region Emperor wasn’t very famous hundreds of thousands of years ago. When this fellow was imprisoned, the Sky Region Emperor might not even been born yet.

Yue Yang already knew that the black beareded man would say that, so he smiled and said: “Actually it was just a misunderstanding. When I was fighting, I accidentally cut down his ship, which is actually the ship wreckage that had fallen into this lake. Without it, I wouldn’t be able to open the Boundary of Death, and I wouldn’t be able to release you all. Hence, I have accidentally done a bad thing out of good intentions. If you could just find some time to help me explain this to the Sky Region Emperor, I believe the misunderstanding will be solved.

The black beareded man smacked his chest, as if saying “Leave it to me!”.

Yue Yang first praised him for being true to his words, then smiled and pointed to the sky: “Actually, there is a witness above. Although I’m not very familiar, the one who is overlooking us from the sky should be his highness Lionheart King. With Lionheart King as witness, Sky Region Emperor’s misunderstanding with me would definitely be resolved!”

At this time, an invisible pressure suddenly appeared in the sky.

Even the Ancient Demon Shark and the Dragon Electric Eel which were floating in the sky dropped a few hundred metres down.

The members of the Clown and Black Skeleton Group, who had not been eaten, all fell rapidly. Those who were low levelled immediately fell into the lake. Only those above Earth Rank Level 5 barely managed to stay afloat the water surface. Even the clown, Long Xiang, Lei Qie and Demon Marshal Zhi Guang had to increase their power to resist the invisible force.

Although the female giant was a Heaven Ranker, she could still feel the pressure on her body.

She was worried that Yue Yang couldn’t withstand the pressure. However, she was shocked when she saw him. In that whole place, there were only two people who didn’t have any reaction to the invisible force. Those two were the black beareded man and Yue Yang!

The black beareded man was an ancient being who didn’t die after hundreds of thousands of years. If he was able to ignore the invisible pressure, that was understandable. However, Yue Yang was only 20 years old. To many of the Heaven Realm tribes, he was just a baby. How could he have no reaction at all?


That was the only word that the female giant could use to describe him!

No other words, there were no other words more suitable to describe this brat… Even if he was from the human race, whose growth was extremely quick, she had never seen such an abnormal human being before!

“Are you the Lionheart King? You are quite the arrogant one!” The black beareded man picked his ears with his tails leisurely, almost as if he was bored. He then blew off his ear wax, then sighed as if he couldn’t care less. When Long Xiang heard this, he was immediately enraged. The Lionheart King to him was a god that shouldn’t be insulted. Even if the black beareded man was a senior, he shouldn’t be so shameless. The enraged Long Xiang waved his sword and released a powerful slash.

Soaring Heaven Sword Qi!

With all of his fury channeled onto this ultimate attack, he would even be able to fatally injure a Level 2 Heaven Ranker.

A Level 1 Heaven Ranker would be instantly killed.

Unexpectedly, beyond everyone’s belief, the black beareded man who was only Heaven Rank Level 1 very easily stopped Long Xiang’s attack with just his tail, that he used to dig his ears a moment ago.

A sky-splitting and earth-shattering Sword Qi slash was actually stopped with just a tail, completely disappearing into nothing, as if Long Xiang had never waved his sword. Seeing this, the clown and the others were completely shocked speechless! Long Xiang could only foolishly watch the black beareded man in front of him. He couldn’t believe what was happening, he was so shocked that he even forgot to pull back his sword. The black beareded man kept his tail away as if nothing had happened, and glanced at Yue Yang, who was yawning, and Long Xiang, then laughed out: “Actually your attack is quite good, but you are too hot-headed. Young people shouldn’t be too hot-headed or you’ll suffer easily in the future. You should learn from me and this brat here, keeping it low-key although we are powerful… Nevermind, I don’t think the Heaven Realm has many people like him. I shouldn’t expect an ordinary person like you to be like him.”

When Long Xiang heard this, he almost vomited blood.

In the sky, the invisible force slowly disappeared as a gigantic Golden Griffin slowly descended from the sky above, emitting light as bright as the sun.

On top of the Golden Griffin, there was a mightiful man who was like a God.

He cupped his hands in respect: “Senior Mo Long, Lionheart pays respect to you.”

Following that, he flared at Long Xiang: “How dare you! Do you know what kind of prestigious being Senior Mo Long is? Long Xiang, you actually dared to draw your sword against him. Beg for his forgiveness now!”

Long Xiang hurriedly kept his sword away and knelt down to beg forgiveness… The clown, Lei Qie and Demon Marshal Zhi Guang all turned speechless as they stared at the black beareded man. Their shocked expressions seemed to show that they wouldn’t believe that the black beareded man was actually Mo Long even if they were beaten to death.

In Heaven Realm, there were many Ancient Giant Dragons, but not every Ancient Giant Dragons was called Mo Long. Mo Long, in the Heaven Realm, was a title that represented one single being, who was a like a killing god from a nightmare. It was said that Mo Long once devastated the whole of South Heaven Realm all by himself. Even the Realm Lords, the Three Great Leaders and the various Region Emperors couldn’t do anything. In Heaven Realm, Mo Long’s bounty was more than three hundred billion gold. His bounty was the highest in the whole South Heaven Realm for the past hundreds of thousands of years.

Who would have thought that this black beareded man who was only Heaven Rank Level 1 on the surface was actually that legendary Mo Long!

The female giant was scared speechless.

She had never heard of Mo Long before, but she knew that the bounty for this name was three hundred billion gold.

Normal people may not know, but as the leader of the bandit group, she would naturally know about it. Three hundred billion bounty, what kind of abilities would he have to be qualified for that amount of gold?

No, it wouldn’t be enough with just abilities!

He must have caused a huge harm to the Heaven Realm, causing the Heaven Realm to lose control of laws and orders, to have a three hundred billion bounty on his head. Normally, those that had ten billion bounty would have caused a certain level of harm. In the whole of Heaven Realm, there were not more than 1000 of them. Those that had bounties of a hundred billion and above would either be Realm Lords, Great Leaders, or Ancient warriors who didn’t have any territories.

Those who had two hundred billion bounty and above could be counted with one’s fingers.

The female giant had seen Mo Long’s name in the bounty list before, but she would never have imagined even in her dreams that the legendary being was actually this black beareded man…

“Brat, did you already know that Lionheart King is coming and used me as a shield? Did you trick me? You have guts, don’t you!” The black beareded man suddenly flared up. He grabbed Yue Yang’s collars and shouted incessantly. Yue Yang maintained his calm smile until he finished hollering, then replied unhurriedly: “I even dared to pretend to be the Supreme Dragon God’s brother, why wouldn’t I dare to trick you, the Dragon God’s prisoner? Furthermore, if you don’t quickly flatter me now, I might just leave you here. You would probably need to wait here for another hundreds of thousands of years.”

“You will walk out on me? Aren’t you afraid that I will kill you with one slap? You should know that you are nothing but a mosquito compared to other people!” The black beareded man become even angrier.

“Then why don’t you try?” Yue Yang’s smile was extremely bright, but that only further the black beareded man’s desire to punch his smiling face.

“…” The female giant also felt the same. She realised that when the brat’s smile was the brightest, other people would be unlucky!

“Meeting you, brat, was probably the unluckiest thing that happened in my life.” The black beareded man hit his chest frustratedly a few times, then regained his calm. He even revealed a smile and help Yue Yang fix his collar: “Little fellow, you are quite handsome. Your smile is also very good looking, I believe you managed to seduce many ladies out there. Is this flattery good enough for you? Such a good looking brat like you don’t seem like you will die young. Lionheart King, what do you think?”

“This little friend is probably someone with god’s blessing and protection… Forget about Senior Mo Long, I believe even the Sky Region Emperor would also praise you.” The Lionheart King sounded polite and modest on the surface: “It’s just that, some of my allies seems to have some kind of misunderstanding with you. Would everyone be willing to unanimously bury the hatchet? If it’s really impossible, why don’t we hold a match to sort it out? According to Heaven Realm rules, we determine superiority with one’s abilities. The winner is the right one, the loser will need to apologize. Otherwise, does Senior Mo Long have any other ideas? I can guarantee that no matter if we lose or win in the future, we will not ask you to take responsibility. Conversely, can you also do that, little friend?”

“…” If it wasn’t for the fact that the black beareded man had not recovered his full strength as he was just released from his seal, he would never negotiate with Lionheart King. However, after being sealed for a long time, his abilities were greatly reduced. He didn’t have the confidence to defeat Lionheart King, so he could only endure this anger for now.

He was depressed in his heart, yet he had no choice but to agree.

His eyes looked to Yue Yang and realised that this brat seemed to have already calculated Lionheart King’s reaction. He was extremely surprised, and his impression of Yue Yang immediately increased a few more points. He then nodded: “We settle it that way then. The strongest one sets the rules!”

When he said this, the female giant was the happiest. Initially, she thought that she wouldn’t be able to get her revenge today. Unexpectedly, an opportunity had come and they could fight each other again.

However, her happiness didn’t last two seconds. Yue Yang had suddenly stepped forward and scolded her: “You, stay at the sides. There’s nothing to do for you here!”

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