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LLS Chapter 621 – An extremely wise decision

Chapter 621 – An extremely wise decision
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
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The lake and the shore shook.

At first, the clown thought the noise was created by female giant after burning the last bit of her life, causing an explosion that contained the power surpassing Heaven Rank Level 5. But, he quickly realised something was amiss. With only female giant, no matter how powerful she was, she would not have been able to make something like this happen. All of the Bandits, who were searching on the lake, flew away in terror.

The more timid ones escaped to four five hundred meters up in the air.

Even the leaders ranked above Earth Rank Level 5 flew two hundred meters up in the air and hid behind the Heaven Rankers.

The bald Wise Demon Marshal, Skeleton Man Rachel, Golden Armor Marshall Long Xiang and the brightly-dressed clown stared at the lake intently.

Five abnormally large whirlpools appeared on the surface of the lake. Countless Soul Devouring Demon Sharks and Man-eating Fishes started to flee in desperation. But their struggle was useless and they were all sucked into the whirlpool.

“It’s an Ancient Creature!” Wise Demon Marshal frowned, making the right judgment.

“The two halves of the cruise wreckage must have roused the dormant Ancient Creature in their deep slumber.” Long Xiang also found this explanation logical. The biggest issue now however, was how many Ancient Creatures were there in the entire man-eating lake? If there were as many as 5, that would really be a headache.

“After escaping to the bottom of the lake, could Raging Flame have gotten into a battle with the Ancient Creature? The energy in the lake is so chaotic that even whirlpools have formed. We should retreat for now!” Skeleton Man Rachel felt that it was not wise to put themselves in danger now. Anyway, the Dragon Plague was enough to kill Raging Flame Leader. Even if she escaped to the bottom of the lake and was discovered by the Ancient Creature, to engage in battle would mean that both of them were heavily injured. It was just enough for them to simply reap those benefits.

“Everyone be careful.” Long Xiang felt that now the Ancient Creature had just woken up and was not aware of the situation, it might easily mistake the people above the lake surface as its enemy.

Two Heaven Rankers and the traitor Fu Tou looked at each other, and felt that it was not the time to be too close to the surface of the lake.

Although they were all Heaven Rankers, but they could not compare to Wise Demon Marshal and the clown. If they had to face the Ancient Creature, they would most likely lose. So they felt that the best thing to do was to escape to thousand meters up in the sky, to quietly observe the situation. If Raging Flame died in battle beneath the lake, they would not have to use even a single soldier to eliminate a powerful enemy. If Raging Flame escaped from the lake, they would outflank her in the air and attack.

Just when the three quietly left from behind the clown and rose into the sky, the whirlpools turned abnormal.

Huge waves shot into the sky.

Several shadows emerged from the water, like cheetahs that had been waiting in ambush to cull the prey before it. The shadows pounced to attack with such speed that even the clown and Long Xiang could only stare in shock. It was more agile than a cheetah, more crafty than a fox, more precise than a poisonous snake. In a flash, the three Heaven Rankers who had just left from behind clown, including Fu Tou, all three wound up coiled by the shadows…… the clown’s heart sank. If these shadows attacked the four of them, they would still have been able to escape.

But the shadows did not attack the strongest four, and instead attacked the three Heaven Rankers who were slightly weaker than them.

Among the three Heaven Rankers, even the strongest Fu Tou was only Heaven Rank Level 2.

Previously, Fu Tou had self-mutilated himself multiple times to fake being seriously injured.

His ability was already weakened. At this point, he should only have the ability of a Peak Heaven Rank Level 1…… For three Level 1 Heaven Rankers, who in terms of reaction time and ability could not even compare to them, to be under such an attack was dangerous!

“Save them!” The clown screamed piercingly. He sped downwards, racing with the shadows, attempting to save his men.

The loss of even a single Heaven Ranker would greatly weaken the Clown Group’s strength.

The clown definitely did not wish for his Heaven Rankers to die under such random attacks.

Compared to the clown, Long Xiang had already raised his sword and upgraded his power in the first instant to land a heavy blow on the enemy. At this time, he could not be bothered to think about whether this would anger the enemy anymore. Saving their lives were of utmost importance.

On the other hand, Wise Demon Marshal’s face paled. He, who had acute senses, realised that the awakened Ancient Creature was Heaven Rank Level 6. Not only so, there appeared to be more than one Heaven Rank Level 6. If they did not escape, not to mention their companion, even they themselves would be in danger. However, before he could react, a giant shadow rose into the sky from the lake. It shot to the sky, covering everything under it. It opened its mouth, and the entire sky became its gluttonous mouth.

“Ancient Demon Shark…….” The clown could only stare in shock. His eye twitched uncontrollably.

This was because he was looking at a shark, that was larger than even the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, in the sky.

Its ability was as high as Heaven Rank Level 6. Up against this kind of Ancient Giant Beast with its superior size, even someone on the same level would not be a match.

What made the clown give up all hope was that when this Ancient Demon Shark soar into the sky, it lifted the Boundary of Death. The Boundary of Death was without a doubt a seal made by a Ranker from the ancient times. It was ineffective against small sized creatures, but for giant ancient creatures like the Ancient Demon Shark, it was almost impossible for them to escape. These giant ancient creatures were meant to only move within a specific area, like a small fish stuck within a big bubble.

Now that the Boundary of Death was lifted, all the members of Black Skeleton and Clown Group were trapped within in.

It was difficult to leave after entering the Boundary of Death!

Of course, the clown did not actually think that anyone could even escape from the enormous mouth of Ancient Demon Shark…… The three Heaven Rankers, including Fu Tou, gave out blood-curdling screams. The clown also sorrowfully realised that wrapped around their waist, was an octopus-like tentacle.

Those shadows were these tentacles.

As these tentacles could camouflage, it was impossible to notice anything amiss among the waves. Only when the waves shot out, and there was no need for camouflage that they had looked like shadows. Multiple extremely long tentacles wound around Fu Tou and the others and started dragging them madly. No matter how the three of them tried to attack, these extremely tough tentacles were not the least bit affected and lazily dragged the trio towards the lake. Long Xiang attacked with his sword with all his power, but his slash only appeared as an obvious wound and could not cut through it.

“Fire wheel!” The clown swiped his hands and hurled multiple burning fire wheels at the tentacles.

Those fire wheels landed accurately on the wound Long Xiang made, as a sizzling sound appeared.

Burning flames made those tentacles retreat slightly. It threw Fu Tou and another Heaven Rankers away as if in pain. Multiple tentacles then all wrapped around the unlucky Heaven Ranker and dragged him down.

Wise Demon Marshal who had come forth to help, shot out countless threads of silk from his hands to form a giant silk cable which intercepted a few tentacles midway.

Skeleton Man Rachel shouted with slight fear.

The ‘Heartrend’ in its hands was swift as the wind.

In an instant, after slashing a hundred times at the wound Long Xiang made and that was burnt by the fire ring, they finally cut through one of the tentacles. The clown rushed down immediately, and reached out to pull the unlucky Heaven Ranker from the grasp of the tentacles. The forceful pulling made the unlucky Heaven Ranker scream in pain terribly. His entire body broke out in a mist of blood. His skin and muscles were forcefully torn apart from the suction pads, forming bloodied holes on his living body.

“It’s the Hundred Tentacle Cuttlefish King, quickly run!” Wise Demon Marshal shouted and rose to his highest ability, shaking away multiple tentacles that just shot out from the lake.

Long Xiang could not be bothered to save the members of Clown and Black Skeleton Group who were being swallowed by the Ancient Demon Shark anymore. It was already extremely fortunate that they were able to save the three Heaven Rankers. An Ancient Demon Shark was already troublesome enough, now combined with the Cuttlefish King, who was definitely one of the water overlords, these two were unbeatable.

He pulled on one of the Heaven Ranker’s hand, preparing to leave with him quickly.

Suddenly, a shadow that hid the skies and covered the earth appeared.

It was not the Ancient Demon Shark, but an Ancient Island Whale that was even bigger than it…… Although this Ancient Island Whale was only Heaven Rank Level 3, Long Xiang would still rather face 2 Ancient Demon Sharks than to face the Ancient Island Whale. The Ancient Island Whale itself was an existence that could not be confronted with human ability. Even though its attack power was low, its defence was completely impenetrable. This sort of giant body carried with it an inherent domain that could be compared to the Boundary of Death. With the insignificant power of a human, it could not be resisted. Ancient Demon Shark was bigger than the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, while Cuttlefish King was also roughly the same size.

But those two compared to Ancient Island Whale, were simply a small fish and small prawn.

“Hello everyone, you all appear to be very busy. We hope that our appearance has not disturbed you all too much.” On the very edge of Ancient Island Whale’s left fin stood a grinning young man. This man was Yue Yang. He greeted everyone politely like he was simply greeting old friends whom he had not met for a long time.

“Hng!” the female giant was standing right beside him.

She did not look too well. Her fists were clenched and she stared at Fu Tou with flames burning in her glare.

Fu Tou was going to lose his head from fear and could only think about escaping by first avoiding being engulfed by Ancient Demon Shark before escaping to the other side like a shooting star.

A black shadow shot towards the sky. It was extremely tall and long, shooting thousand of meters into the sky, but even that appeared to be less than a tenth of its body. It continued to rise. It was a Dragon Electric Eel. Among the Ancient Creatures, the Dragon Electric Eel ranked at least among the top 100 most ferocious creatures. Fu Tou banged against its body in a panic but the Dragon Electric Eel did not realise it at all. But, the electric domain surrounding its entire body, that was activated by touch, burnt Fu Tou to a black crisp in an instant.

Even though Fu Tou was not dead, he was barely alive. Now, even if a random kid were to punch him, he most likely would die.

Yue Yang threw out Binding God Chains from afar, catching Fu Tou who had fainted.

He leisurely pulled it back up, as if he was fishing, and dangled him under the Ancient Island Whale’s fin.

“This damned Dragon God. Even after a hundred thousand years, this damned Boundary of Death could still confine me. Ahhhhhhh…… I really hate seals the most. Curse all those who make seals.” A very skinny shadow was the last to float up from the lake surface. His appearance made the raging lake surface turn as still as a mirror in an instant. Even the giant waves that shot to the sky shrunk back mysteriously, as if afraid to go past his ankle. Compared to humans, this man had black skin and a thick beard. On the sides of this nose, positioned two meat whiskers that humans did not have.

The appearance of this man made everyone fall silent.

Even the Ancient Demon Shark that was swallowing the Clown Group and Dragon Electric Eel that was shooting up in the sky suspended in the air, as if regarding the man as their leader, waiting for him to speak.

This man who seemed to be a mere Heaven Rank Level 1 suddenly knelt on the water surface. He clasped his hands together as if praying to someone and suddenly burst into tears: “Supreme Dragon God, is it not enough for me to admit that I made a mistake? A hundred thousand years have passed, you have punished me enough. Please send someone to release this damned Boundary of Death! I swear, I will not do bad things anymore…… I have truly repented, please release me from this Boundary of Death. A hundred thousand years have passed, the oceans of the past has become a lake. If you don’t release me now, this place is going to turn into mountains!”

After crying for a while, he saw that there was no reaction from the skies and quickly stood up. He pointed at the skies angrily, scolding: “Dragon God, if you don’t release me, I swear to be up to no good and do bad things everyday once I escape. I will definitely not forgive you!”

After cursing for quite a while, he then knelt on the floor: “Supreme Dragon God, I beg you, just treat me as a fart and release me!”

Making a pledge did not work, cursing also did not work.

Left with no solution, he pointed at the clown angrily: “No, I am very depressed today. I will not be able to stand it if I don’t kill some people. I really cannot hold myself back, please come over and let me just kill a two people. If I am still very depressed tomorrow, I will have to kill two more all the way until the Supreme Dragon God releases me. If not, you will all have to die!”

“……” The clown and the others were speechless. Who did this black guy think he was? How could a mere Heaven Rank Level 1 be so arrogant. If he was a Level 5 Heaven Ranker like them, then would it not be that even the Region Emperors would have to bow to him?

“A very wise decision.” Yue Yang stretched out his thumb, praising the black bearded man: “King Jiaolong, I will support you!”
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