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LLS Chapter 620 – Hidden Beneath, Curing the Dragon Plague

Chapter 620 – Hidden Beneath, Curing the Dragon Plague
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Last
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The female giant couldn’t win the staring contest against Yue Yang. She never met anyone who wasn’t afraid of her glare.

Normally, the moment she sharpened her eyes, everyone immediately withdraw with their tails between their legs.

But Yue Yang was different. Yue Yang had already been trained under the killer eyes of the tigress, Princess Qian Qian, and he had already attained the realm of “Unmoved by Hundred Glares”. Xue Wu Xia used to tease him and said that his skin was so thick that he could probably survive Ah Man’s Doom Eyes and Blood Eye Double Kill. Although she was a little exaggerating, Yue Yang’s resolution was indeed different than ordinary people. Forget about going through countless life and death battles, even when he just transferred here, his guts were bigger than most people. Hence, towards that kind of frown and glare, it had no effect on him!

Yue Yang wasn’t scared of anything. The only ones who could keep check on him were Fourth Mother and Zhi Zun.

“Meeting you is my bad luck. Get away from me, I’m digging a grave.” the female giant was feeling very gloomy right now. Not only was she unsuccessful in glaring this brat away, she was also unable to go outside and fight. This was because her body was bound by God Binding Chains. If she forced her way out, she might even implicate this brat and cause him to die with her.

She felt that she should die brilliantly in the midst of explosions.

However, with Yue Yang causing problems here, she wasn’t able to do it even if she wanted to.

Hence, she could only gloomily dig a deep hole at the bottom of the lake to serve as her grave after she died. The Dragon Plague on her body wouldn’t kill her instantly, it would kill her slowly and painfully over a few months, or even years. She would definitely not become a bed-ridden patient and wait for her death. She had decided to commit suicide and die in this lake.

Although dying at the bottom of the lake was not as brilliant as dying on the battlefield, it was better than dying on a bed.

As a Heaven Ranker, she had her own pride!

A Heaven Ranker could easily dig a grave effortlessly.

After the female giant dug the hole, she laid inside it to test it out and realised that it fits her body perfectly. She was about to kill herself when she realised that Yue Yang had also laid right beside her. She was immediately at a loss. Was this brat also thinking of commiting suicide, accompanying her to die? That was not possible. He still had that little wife of his, why would he commit suicide?

Yue Yang had not only lied down in the grave, he even used the God Binding Chain and pulled a big piece of rock, placing it on top of the grave.

Towards his actions, the female giant was almost driven insane.

What was this brat thinking?

“Shh!” Yue Yang comfortably lied on the grave, and shushed the female giant who was completely frustrated.

“?” The female giant didn’t understand. However, in an instant, she suddenly felt that there was a strange tremble from the bottom of the lake. It was like an earthquake, but the trembling become stronger and stronger. It was as if something was trying to break away, bursting out from the ground. In an instant, the female giant understood. It was an Ancient entity who had been sleeping at the bottom of the lake for a long time, but was awakened due to the fall of the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship. That entity, who had been awakened, was trying to drill out from the underground.

This was most likely done by this brat!

The reason why he cut the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship into half, first was to deceive the clown. He made the clown thought that his strength was his blade techniques. In reality, his killing skill was Sword Qi. The second reason was to break the Boundary of Death. He made the wreckage of the cruise ship shake the bottom of the lake and awaken the sleeping Ancient being.

On the lake surface, their enemies were definitely still looking for them.

When the ancient being awakens, it would definitely attack those enemies… It was all this brat’s plan!

No wonder he didn’t stop her from digging a grave and thick-skinnedly lied down beside her.

Turns out that he wanted to use the ancient being to kill his enemies!

She could imagine, when the ancient being attacks the clown, she would appear right at the moment when the clown was in trouble. The enemy would definitely lose miserably that way.

“Humph!” The female giant glared at Yue Yang again. Although she looked like she still couldn’t accept it on the surface, she still respected him in her heart. He had thought so far in the battle right from the beginning and planned out every single detail. He definitely had a brilliant brain. She quickly hid her presence, trying her best not to attract the ancient being’s attention. She also tried to quietly sense the surrounding, trying to guess what kind of ancient being was it. How did it cause such a strong earthquake when awakened?

“Ten minutes.” Yue Yang gestured to wait.

“I can’t wait anymore, we’ll die in 10 minutes.” The female giant had also wanted to say that if she wanted to show off her battle prowess, she had to do it before the Dragon Plague affected her whole body.

“Don’t be noisy.” Yue Yang didn’t care about her opinion at all. This made her so angry that her lungs almost exploded. She really wanted to choke this brat to death.

Yue Yang suddenly reached out to the female giant’s abdomen.

The female giant froze.

When she managed to come back to her senses, she realised that he was trying to detoxify the Dragon Plague in her body.

She felt extremely moved, yet sad at the same time.

To normal people, Dragon Plague wasn’t poisonous. However, if a Giant Dragon was afflicted with the illness, the stronger, the older, and the purer the Giant Dragon was, the more damage it would suffer from the Dragon Plague. It was said that the Dragon Plague was originally a god’s curse that had gone through million years of evolution to turn into a plague.

If she wasn’t battling by burning her life’s essence, she might recover from the Dragon Plague after nursing it for a few years.

However, in the previous battle, she was too angry, so she didn’t hesitate to use her life force to increase her strength. Hence, the Dragon Plague’s poison had reached her inner organs. She was already incurable.

“I am incurable, you don’t have to waste your energy curing me. I will go and kill some other bastards again later, then my life would not wasted.” The female giant felt a special kind of energy from Yue Yang’s hands that had the ability to dilute the potency of the Dragon Plague. However, as the Dragon Plague had reached her inner organs, it was like pouring a cup of water into a burning cart of firewood.

“Shut up.” Yue Yang dismissed her easily and asked her to shut up so that he could concentrate, causing the female giant to be so frustrated that she wanted to choke him to death and whip him for three days three nights.

The female giant was actually not a fool.

On the contrary, she was extremely clever.

It was just that she was used to do things in her high-moraled way, which made her seem too inflexible and conservative to others.

There were many weaknesses and strengths in her personality. If she made a friend, as someone who had such high morals, she would undoubtedly be the most loyal friend and would never betray her friends. If she was hired for a job, then she would be the bes since she would definitely be able to wonderfully complete her tasks, or even exceeded the requirement. She wouldn’t have any selfish motives. However, if she were to become a leader, it would be the end. She would never be able to impose her ideals and high morales on her subordinates.

Even if she managed to do it, she would be forcing her subordinates to comply. It wouldn’t be up to their own sincerity.

Yue Yang had already known from the beginning that the whole Raging Flames Bandit Group was held together by her alone.

Without her, they would be nothing!

Other than one-eyed dragon, the skinny mercenary and a few dozens mercenaries, the Ox-clan brothers and the dead Deer Hunter, the rest of the members were just paying lip service, appearing to obey her on the surface but doing something else behind her back.

Especially in the test of life and death, those members actually abandoned the fight just because their loved-ones were held hostage.

Just based on this, it was obvious that she was no leader material! From what Yue Yang could tell, she could not even be a general that led the troops, let alone a commander that planned battle strategies, the most she could be was a front line soldier. Therefore, Yue Yang did not help at all as he watched the Raging Flames Bandits disband since there was no point in keeping a group like that. Doing it would only be a waste of time. However, he felt that the female giant Raging Flame must be saved. She was a skilled fighter and if she was willing to obey commands, then she would definitely be a great killing machine.

Yue Yang did not expect himself to tame her, hence he decided to be the bad guy instead.

It was okay if she did not listen to him.

If he handed her over to Xue Wu Xia or Princess Qian Qian, they would definitely have a way to control her to do things… This was a human resource skill, Yue Yang had it all planned already.

If Yue Yang had helped the female giant during the Plague Dragon Nail incident, she would not have been tricked. However, it was Yue Yang’s intention to use this incident to ‘tell’ her who were the traitors and what kind of things could not be handled well using morals.

It was not a problem of morals but the way she handled things.

The same tactic cannot be used to handle both good guys and bad guys.


The bottom of the lake quaked. And finally, numerous humongous living beings with terrifying energy levels emerged from the broken lake bottom like a huge earthquake, and let out thundering noises.

The female giant was surprised and curious at the same time.

How did this fellow know that there were sleeping ancient entities below the bottom of the lake? He did not even know general knowledge such as the Sky Region Emperor, how could he know that there were sleeping ancient entities in the man-eating lake? Even she, who lived nearby, did not know of this secret. What made her even more puzzled was that the place he brought her to was coincidentally an area far away from the ancient entities at the bottom of the lake, she was safe at where she was even with numerous ancient entities emerging out.

Could it be that he planned it?

“You rascal…” The female giant realised that he was an enigma, one that she could not figure out no matter how.

“Nine minutes left, there is not much time, can you cooperate? Do not resist the energy and relax your whole body!” Yue Yang calculated the time, and felt that they were a bit tight on time for healing, and yet the female giant was not cooperating, he was so angry he scolded her “Are you a pig, don’t you even know how to relax your whole body!”

The female giant raised her fist prepared to hit Yue Yang, but suddenly, a gigantic being swam over.

With a terrifying energy level, it must have been at least a Level Six Heaven Ranker.

She then hurriedly lowered her fist, held her breath and cooled down, cooperating with his curing.

She was definitely not convinced, but she was not stupid to have a confrontation with him, after all he was smarter. For the time being, she decided to listen to him, but just this time round!

Yue Yang was initially worried that she would resist, hence he did not release his full Innate Invisible Qi but just a thread. After she cooled down and opened her mind, he immediately increased his input of his Innate Invisible Qi. This energy transformed like a spring into a stream, then into a brook, and finally into a river, surrounding the Dragon Plague in her body, and pushed it together into a ball.

The female giant glanced at him in surprise. If she did not see for herself, she would not believe that his energy was actually this pure and large.

An unceasing flow, as if a river.

“Ah!” What made the female giant experienced excruciating pain was not only the healing of the Dragon Plague but also the Nirvana Flame that Yue Yang channeled into her body. This kind of purification was a hundred times more painful than the world’s most painful injury. That was because the Nirvana Flame was a purification process from the outside to the inside, from the inside to the outside, from body to energy, and from energy to soul.

If one did not had the sufficient energy level or a pure soul, the Nirvana Flame could destroy a life directly, disintegrating it into nothingness, and returning it to its original state.

On the contrary, if one was able to successfully bathe under Nirvana Flames and be purified, one would be reborn anew, experiencing an evolution.

The female giant was in excruciating pain, but she endured it with all her might.

She knew that this was the best opportunity to level up.
(I made a mistake: Boundary of Death was the surface of the lake but it was also a seal that kills any who touch it)

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