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LLS Chapter 62 – I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!

Chapter 62 – I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!
Translated by: Sephilia
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Shiroyukineko

“You?” Shen Tu Hao was so furious he almost puked blood. His face twisted, as he howled terrifyingly, “I’ll kill you!”

“It’s always nice to dream on.” Yue Yang shrugged and turned around. “Hui Tai Lang, play around with this clown for a while. Although this clown is a bit weaker, he still knows how to be funny…”

Hui Tai Lang perked up when it heard this. It howled towards the sky, psyching itself up, targeted the Manticore and pounced towards it.

Although the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Manticore was a level lower than Hui Tai Lang, under Shen Tu Hao’s guidance, it roared without fear and faced Hui Tai Lang. Exposing its sharp teeth, it fiercely tried to bite Hui Tai Lang’s hind legs. If it wasn’t for the fact that it was a contracted beast, it would definitely have chosen to attack Hui Tai Lang’s throat instead. Trying to bite an extremely agile Ironbacked Demon Wolf that was a level higher than itself, the difficulty level was abnormal… But Shen Tu Hao was seasoned in battling, and was unrivalled in his knowledge of various beasts’ weak points. In his school, he had also learnt skills to counter the nimbleness of agile beasts such as wolves, dogs, foxes and others.

First, the throat. Second, the spine. Third, the hind legs.

In order to kill a more agile beasts like a wolf, dog or fox with a larger-sized lion, tiger, or panther type beast that relies on sheer power, it would have to launch a surprise attack on the biggest weakness of the opposition, or destroy the specialty of the opposition.

The Ironback Demonic Wolf’s throat could not be bitten, and its spine was no longer a weak point. Thus, it was necessary to destroy its specialty, and dispose of its claws.

Otherwise, with Hui Tai Lang’s agility, a Manticore that was lower than it by a level, would only be tired out to death by it. Shen Tu Hao had confidence in his Manticore, as Hui Tai Lang was not a contracted beast. No matter how smart Hui Tai Lang was, without a master’s command, it could only rely on its own instinct. Even if it were a level higher than his Manticore, it could not defeat the Manticore which had his wisdom directing it.

Within Shang Jing Academy, there was a popular saying: Only contracted beasts can be called war beasts. If not, they are called wild beasts.

Hui Tai Lang twisted its body in midair, dodging the razor-sharp teeth of the manticore.

The moment Hui Tai Lang landed on the ground, it jumped back rapidly. Its claws scratched the Manticore’s big mouth, who was unable to withdraw in time.

Blood suddenly appeared… When the Manticore angrily tried to bite back, Hui Tai Lang had already jumped up into the air, nimbly avoiding the Manticore’s strike. At the instant when the Manticore had turned to attack, Hui Tai Lang’s claws caused multiple bloody marks to erupt from the Manticore’s backside…

The mercenaries were drooling as they spectated. As expected from a Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ironback Demonic Wolf!

Even just by being a level higher, it was possible to disregard the difference in size and completely shut down the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Manticore. It was already in this level when it was still relying only on its instincts to battle. What if it was contracted and had a master to command it? Wouldn’t that increase its power by multiple times? If only they could contract such an Ironback Demonic Wolf. It was too bad the Bronze-ranked beasts could not be contracted as one pleased. Not to mention Level 2 Bravemen, even Level 3 Heroes would choke when trying to contract it. This Ironback Demonic Wolf being Bronze-ranked Level 4 would probably require at least a Level 4 Champion to contract it…

“Hui Tai Lang, you idiot! Is there any use scratching its butt wildly? The Manticore’s skin is thick, how many millenia do you want to fight on for? You should bite its balls and burst its p*nis! Do you know what vital points are even called?” Yue Yang shouted loudly. Everyone started emitting cold sweat at his words.

Biting its balls, bursting its p*nis?

The moment everyone thought of this strategy, they felt cold wind entering their pants.

Although they did not want to admit it in their hearts, but if this kind of strategy succeeded, it would be the most painful, most devastating blow to the enemy.

Yue Yang originally did not want Hui Tai Lang to battle. He wanted to rush ahead by himself and beat down Shen Tu Hao with his fists until he was finding his teeth on the ground, all scattered. Then, he would use his feet to ruthlessly step on him, causing his entire body’s bones to become fine powder. He would then loosen his pants and pee on him. Finally, he would let Shen Tu Hao kneel in front of him like a dog and lick his shoes, begging for his life while crying. But, there was one more person in the crowd that suddenly appeared. The cotton-clothed beauty who was the master of Luo Hua City was secretly observing him like a curious little baby.

Aside from her, there was another person.

This person’s looks were ordinary. He was the kind that could not be recognised in a crowd even if he walked past a hundred times.

However, under Yue Yang’s divine vision, he saw that this person had strength. This guy could assert his superiority even against a large group of mercenary warriors, and was only barely less ‘dangerous’ than the cotton-clothed beauty who was Luo Hua City’s master.

On the surface, this man dressed up like an ordinary mercenary, and there was nothing special about him.

Yue Yang did not notice his presence at the beginning. Only when that light jump before destroyed the War Puppet’s head did this person’s eye shine brightly, blowing his cover and revealing that he was a strong person.

What made Yue Yang alarmed was that this person’s hand was holding an extremely weird hexagonal crystal that was aimed at the battlefield, as if it was recording the entire process.

This person’s movements calmed Yue Yang’s heart down in a moment.

It was necessary to teach a lesson to Shen Tu Hao, but he could not expose the secret that he was the new Innate Ranker.

Thus, Yue Yang whipped up a trap for him.

He would trick everyone here, and let those smart alecks go along their tricked senses to stretch their imaginations wildly. They would never suspect that he was an Innate Ranker after this… Therefore, he had sent Hui Tai Lang up to battle against Shen Tu Hao’s Manticore first.

“Be careful, Shen Tu Hao might use a contract scroll when Hui Tai Lang is hurt. A beast’s spirit is weak when it’s gravely hurt, its weak willpower easily allows the other person to sign the contract.” Ye Kong hurried over to Yue Yang’s side and reminded him in a low voice. But, seeing Yue Yang’s eyes that had a glint of a smile in it, he knew that his heart was slightly too worried. He paused for a while, and said again, “I’m still wondering why Shen Tu hao would want to target Yue Bing so… It could be because of competition, the Shen Tu family also had a little girl with great talent who’s nearly the same age as Yue Bing. Both of them took the notice of the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion and become the top choices for the examiner who invited disciples to study under their Sect… So, if Shen Tu Hao suppressed Yue Bing’s power, the Northern Moon Fairy Pavilion would definitely choose his younger sister as their priority.

“Is that so.” Yue Yang understood a little why Shen Tu Hao had enthusiastically invited Yue Bing’s team over to Tong Tian Tower after hearing this. So it was because he wanted to destroy Yue Bing with his own hands, causing her to constantly be unable to progress. After allowing her to enter Tong Tian Tower, not only would she fail when participating in trials, her strength would fall greatly too.

Shen Tu Hao had the audacity to openly suppress Yue Bing. There should be some connection to the Yan family supporting him from behind.

The Yan family was also trying to surpass the Yue family for a long time. To suppress such a talented girl like Yue Bing, the Yan family could not pass up on this opportunity.

As for Yue Yan, Yue Yang did not rule out the possibility of him being in cahoots with the enemy…

Yue Yang’s heart was burning with anger, but he smiled even wider now. Wasn’t this just playing along with a small scheme? Who couldn’t? On this game stage where the families fought each other, he would see who could destroy the other and who could smile to the very end.

Scanning for the ‘expert’ within the crowd with his sight, Yue Yang took off his shirt, and tore it into pieces of cloth belts.

Then, he wrapped up Yue Bing who was still unconscious…

These movements caused everyone to be puzzled, including Ye Kong. Using torn pieces of cloth to wrap Yue Bing up, what could this mean?

Ye Kong could not think of why. Everyone who had taken notice of Yue Yang was frowning slightly. Normally speaking, this guy wouldn’t make any wasted movements, why would he not care about the progress of the battle between Hui Tai Lang and the Manticore, and do this kind of useless movements? Tearing his clothes up to form cloth belts to wrap around his younger sister, what was the use of it?

Anyone with a bit of a head would not feel that this was a random movement, this little brute must have some plan being carried out…

The problem was, no one could guess what his plan was, this was what made everyone’s head hurt.

On the battlefield, the battle raged on.

Multiple wounds dripping with blood had appeared on Hui Tai Lang’s body. This was caused by the claws of the Manticore. Even if it were any faster, without the awareness of a master, it was unable to dodge every single attack by relying on its own instincts.

However, the Manticore who was a level lower and had a more ragged look than Hui Tai Lang.

The Manticore was already completely covered with wounds, with fresh blood gushing out. Although there was not a single fatal injury, its fighting ability was starting to weaken slightly. Even a blind person could see that it was not Hui Tai Lang’s match. A normal-ranked Level 1 Lion might be able to defeat a Level 2 wolf, but it was almost impossible for a Level 3 Lion to win against a Level 4 Wolf. Between higher level beasts, a single level could cause the beast to be stronger than the other by a few times. Not only that, a Bronze-ranked elite beast would have an even greater disparity in strength. Thus, even with the master commanding the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Manticore, it was not unusual for it to be unable to defeat Hui Tai Lang who did not have a master to control it as it was not contracted.

“Scorpion Tail Hook!”

Shen Tu Hao did not panic. As if he had predicted the outcome, he sneered and commanded the Manticore to use its trump card, the scorpion tail.

That scorpion tail had not moved to attack all this while.

Under Shen Tu Hao’s orders to attack, the Manticore who had stored its power for a long time sprung around. The scorpion tail that was as fast as lightning cut across the air and accurately sprung towards the underbelly of Hui Tai Lang… Hui Tai Lang rolled over and dodged the scorpion tail. Instead, Hui Tai Lang let the scorpion tail wrap around it once, following that, its sharp teeth bit into the root of the Manticore’s tail, not willing to let go.

With its weak spot being attacked, the Manticore miserably howled.

Its long scorpion tail flailed wildly, but Hui Tai Lang bit into it tightly.

Shen Tu Hao did not show any signs of regret, but was rather strangely fanatical, and ordered the Manticore to flee back.

Hui Tai Lang used some force, and bit off the entire scorpion tail.

The Manticore painfully fled back to Shen Tu Hao’s side, continuously crying out pitifully. However, Shen Tu Hao did not pacify it, but rather took out a refined runic scroll and opened it. The scroll shone with a burst of white light that enveloped Hui Tai Lang. “Good boy, now you are mine. I’m not that garbage, he’s unable to contract with such a good demon wolf, I’m different, I’m a high leveled hero. Come, make a contract with me…” (TL note: /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ )

Ye Kong panicked, but seeing that Yue Yang was just staring at the scene coldly and did not move, he immediately fell over.

He knew that Yue Yang did not like Hui Tai Lang, after all, he had kicked it and trampled on it.

But, should Shen Tu Hao even be allowed to contract with Hui Tai Lang right now? Hui Tai Lang was not only a Bronze-ranked Level 4 Ironback Demonic Wolf, it was also sensitive and obedient, and was basically a good beast that was one in ten thousand.

But Ye Kong did not know that the balancing point and the evolution point for the demonic ki within Hui Tai Lang’s body was Yue Yang’s Innate Qi, it wouldn’t leave Yue Yang even if it died…

“Good boy, my precious, come.” Shen Tu Hao continued to coerce Hui Tui Lang.

Hui Tai Lang’s sight seemed to become blurred, shakily walking towards Shen Tu Hao.

Ye Kong nearly fainted at this sight.

Against all expectations, Yue Yang did not move a single muscle at all… When everyone was anxious for Yue Yang, Hui Tai Lang suddenly moved. It pounced like a tornado into Shen Tu Hao’s embrace, then bit hard with its sharp teeth towards Shen Tu Hao’s contract scroll. The scroll emitted a “Hong” sound, and exploded.

Shen Tu Hao’s contract had failed, and the scroll was destroyed. At the same time, he was also counterattacked by Hui Tai Lang’s mind, and he started clutching his head painfully, exasperatedly screaming out.

The Black Armoured Warrior who was being worn as armour, due to the master’s mind weakening, and its connection cut off, immediately separated itself. It was unable to maintain its strengthened state with its master. Before the Black Armoured Warrior even had enough time to return to the crystal, a spear had thrust towards it with lightning speed, and stabbed into the hole in the Black Armoured Warrior’s eye sockets as if stabbing through bamboo. The Black Armoured Warrior did not have an actual body, but was merely a soul that wore an armour. After suffering such a fatal attack, black ki flowed out endlessly from its nostrils and mouth as if a balloon had been released.

At last, it blew up explosively… The Black Armoured Warrior was instantly killed on the spot.

A few broken pieces of armour clanged as they fell onto the ground.

A strengthening-type beast was weakest at only one point of time, which was the time when it separated from its master. When receiving a heavy wound at this point of time, there was no doubt that it would die. Although Yue Yang was not familiar with the basic knowledge on beasts, but by reading the tragic guy’s parents’ diaries, it was not the first time seeing this type of record.

In reality, this strategy was the tragic guy’s father’s favourite way to destroy the enemy.

Shen Tu Hao’s Black Armoured Warrior blew up on the stage, causing his mind to be rattled heavily. He screamed again, his body wobbling, and almost fell onto the ground.

The two pieces of summoning crystals in his hands had cracked into many pieces.

When he looked towards his own Manticore in despair, Hui Tai Lang was tightly biting on the Manticore’s throat, and the spear that instantly killed the Black Armoured Warrior had also penetrated into the uret*ra of the Manticore, causing it to have an extremely huge p*nis…

“Master Shen Tu, how does it feels like for a genius to turn into a useless person in an instant? Do you feel good? I know a naturally-born masochist like you wouldn’t have any reason not to be ecstatic now. Don’t worry, there’s more to come. Master Shen Tu, don’t you have a lot of beasts? Let me tell you this. If you have a beast in the future, I will instantly kill it. I believe a beautiful world without justice will be satisfying for you, after all. Ye Kong, Li Qie, Li Ge, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and serve Master Shen Tu!” Yue Yang immediately pulled back his spear, the spear that had the Manticore’s fresh blood and organs, and swept it across Shen Tu Hao’s face, instantly causing his teeth to shatter and his blood to be splattered all over the place.

Without enough time for Shen Tu Hao to even scream, Ye Kong, Li Qie and Li Ge who were covered with wounds had pounced on him like mad dogs, hitting Shen Tu Hao madly, violently bashing him up.

By the time the crowd of people snapped back from their daze, Shen Tu Hao had already been beaten up into a bloody pulp.

The normal-looking ‘expert’ finally moved. The first thing he did was not to save Shen Tu Hao, but to seize Yue Bing.

As if he had been waiting a thousand years for this, Yue Yang started moving at a blistering pace after being still for so long. He flew through the sky, and using his spear that could not be more normal but yet instantly killed the Black Armoured Knight and the Manticore, as if thunder fell from the skies, he thrusted the spear in between the legs of the ‘expert’ who was preparing to seize Yue Bing.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Offer up your p*nis obediently.” Everyone fell over as Yue Yang said this.

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