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LLS Chapter 619 – Glowering, looking at each other helplessly

Chapter 619 – Glowering, looking at each other helplessly
Translated by: crayon
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Despite the whole crew’s best efforts to rescue the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, the ship in the sky was unable to be saved in the end.

It broke in half in the skies high above.

The boat tilted, dangling like a sharp sword.

Eventually, it landed one after another straight into the center of the man-eating lake.

The wind barrier that was originally barely maintained collapsed completely the moment the ship’s wreckage passed the boundary of death. Without the protection provided by the wind barrier, the countless fragments and various equipments on board were tossed everywhere into the air. The deck that broke the water surface let out a terrifying creak and broke and exploded into pieces from the impact of the fall, causing waves. Lake water gushed onto the hold of the ship, letting out a startling boom. The water splashes reached up to a kilometer in height. The entire lake was as if an ancient giant monster, swallowing the cruise ship’s wreckage greedily… The passengers had long escaped far far away while the crew members only reluctantly escaped from the ship at the last minute, gazing at the slowly sinking Starry Sky Liner.

The clown made use of the situation and ran into the ship with lightning speed, in an attempt to escape from Yue Yang’s attack.

The cunning clown took advantage of the coverage provided by the ship’s shadows.

“Come quickly!” the clown shrieked into the sky. The clown entered from the center of the ship’s body and then exited again from the other side. He won a breath of time from the instant where Yue Yang did not have enough time to continue pursuit.

The clown’s shout only then roused Skeleton Man Rachel and the Wise Demon Marshal from their shock.

Skeleton Man Rachel and the Wise Demon Marshal immediately abandoned the female giant and flew down to aid the clown. Long Xiang then sighed silently and attacked female giant against his own wishes, stalling this strong enemy. Today’s fight was the one that Long Xiang hoped to never happen, but he was unable to reject it as the clown was his ally at the moment.

As a righteous Royal Knight, Long Xiang could not defy his master’s orders, and could not desert his allies.

Even if it meant to go against his own principles!

Fu Tou, who pretended to be heavily wounded, whispered secretly with the two other Heaven Rankers, they seemed to be discussing a countermeasure.

“So you were actually a Heaven Ranker disguised as a commoner, you little rascal.” Wise Demon Marshal thought that Yue Yang could not be just a commoner. He must had used some special powers to disguise his original Heaven Ranker identity to an Earth Ranker. If that was not the case, then everyone would not have been duped, and the clown would not have landed himself in such a pathetic mess. Towards Yue Yang, Wise Demon Marshal did not hold back at all once he started attacking. Golden lights shimmered in his hands, and countless silk-like energy thread spread out, twisting towards Yue Yang as if a living organism. That was Wise Demon Marshal’s [Twisting Silk Inherent Skill]. It was similar to Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill but different.

This Twisting Silk Inherent Skill was only limited to trapping the enemy’s body or weapons.

The effect was remarkable in a close-range fight.

It had no effect on the enemy’s mind and soul, unable to truly control the enemy but only bind and trap the physical body with strong silk thread…. If the enemy’s rank was lower than the Wise Demon Marshal’s, then this Twisting Silk Inherent Skill was very deadly. If the enemy was stronger than the Wise Demon Marshal, then it would serve as a distraction to create an opening for him to exploit.

Yue Yang could tell the characteristic of this Twisting Silk Inherent Skill with one look. He then kicked the clown mercilessly and used the momentum to fly back and away.

Skeleton Man Rachel behind, brandished Heartrend and slashed down ferociously at Yue Yang just as he avoided the twisting silk. A perfect slash! This attack imitated Yue Yang’s perfect slash, and a rather good imitation that was at least eighty percent similar.

“You must be tired of living!” Yue Yang did not took the blow head-on but instead used Xiao Wen Li’s Binding Inherent Skill. In the instance that it ‘froze’ in place, Yue Yang pierced Rachel’s upper and lower palate with Tao Tie Blade, directly attacking towards the soul flame protected by the two rows of teeth. Rachel was shocked, but fortunately for him, the Binding Inherent Skill was just a mere fraction of a second. It immediately reactd and gave up on its attack. It hurriedly clamped Yue Yang’s Tao Tie blade between its two rows of teeth while warding off the Tao Tie Blade brandished by Yue Yang.

The two rows of teeth were usually loose but in a fight, it was exceptionally strong.

Yue Yang burst with great power, and kept on poking and stabbing.

Yet, he was unable to thrust in at all.

On the contrary, Skeleton Man Rachel was sacred to its bones. It had never thought that its weakness would be seen through by its enemy in a single moment, and that the enemy would immediately aim for its fire of soul.

It kept on stepping back in an attempt to dispel the force of Yue Yang’s stab.

Meanwhile, Wise Demon Marshal at the back was unwilling to stop his relentless pursuit. He waved his countless twisting silk, wanting to catch and trap Yue Yang.

Yet, Skeleton Man Rachel’s retreating speed was extremely fast, such that Wise Demon Marshal could not actually catch up. Wise Demon Marshal was cursing in his head, calling Rachel a coward. If only it would stop, even if only just for a second, the Twisting Silk Inherent Skill could firmly trap the enemy. He was shouting while chasing “More to the left, do an arc motion in our direction. No, more to the left…”

Skeleton Man Rachel was cursing just the same. If it was to listen to him, he would then really be courting death!

Why not you try to let someone stab your mouth with a knife?

Arc motion?


It was a pity that it could not curse that out, if not it would had made sure to cover Wise Demon Marshal in a torrent of curses.

The battle situation now became comical again. Skeleton Man Rachel was having a small blade fight with Yue Yang while at the same time retreating, while Yue Yang’s Tao Tie Blade was impaled in its mouth. At the back, there was Wise Demon Marshal who was even more powerful, but due to a lack of speed, could only watch hopelessly, not helping the situation at all. Rachel did not dared to risk taking Yue Yang’s soul-piercing blow head-on and therefore maintained the deadlock situation.

There were three shadows in the sky, descending like a big bird.

They were Fu Tou and the two Heaven Rankers from before. The three of them calculated the timing and intercepted halfway.

What was even faster than them was the female giant, who had already beaten up Long Xiang because he did not attack with his full strength. Long Xiang was beaten till his armor shattered, and then retreated pathetically. The female giant arrived in time like a war goddess. She reached out her gigantic arms and with only one arm, took on the attacks of three Heaven Rankers head-on. The other arm, scrunched into a fist, banged right-on onto Skeleton Man Rachel’s head ruthlessly, almost killing Rachel immediately, its soul flame was almost extinguished… Countless twisting silk, as if living organisms bound the female giant’s body… the female giant let out a roar, and struck Wise Demon Marshal with a punch. With just a wave from both of her arms, the solidified silk threads were almost completely shaken apart.

The clown who managed to catch a breath then finally arrived.

He blocked Yue Yang, who used the God Killing Dagger to help the female giant sever the silk threads. A flurry of kicks and hundreds of kicks were sent in just a second.

Yue Yang did not moved an inch, standing in defense right behind the female giant.

Rachel was still clamping on the Tao Tie Blade by his mouth, affecting Yue Yang’s moves to a small extent. However, even though that was the case, “leg-fighting” with the clown was of the same difficulty, equally matched. On the other hand, he was using Crescent Blade to fight with Rachel’s Heartrend. Golden Armor Marshall Long Xiang was a bit hesitant; it was below his prideful and honourable heart to attack his enemies in their vulnerable situation.

That was unless his allies were in danger.

So, he decided to just observed for the moment.

Wise Demon Marshal on the other hand did not have such a worry at all. With powerful swirl of his arms, those silk threads severed by Yue Yang miraculously “revived” and rapidly formed a python-like giant silk rope, which twisted crookedly around female giant’s body.

“Go, leave this to me!” Female giant hollered towards the sky, her muscles flexed even more powerfully, bracing the giant silk rope squarely.

In that terrifying outburst, both Yue Yang and the clown were blown away by the the shock waves from the female giant’s outburst, since they were both not able to react in time. The giant silk rope that Wise Demon Marshal confidently believed that even the Ancient Titans could not break free from actually broke into pieces. The shock waves caused Wise Demon Marshal who was using his skill full out to bleed from his mouth and brought excruciating pain to the joints of his fingers as if they were broken.

Rachel who just released its clamp on Tao Tie Blade and ready to deliver an unexpected slash to female giant screamed in horror upon seeing how she freed herself from the giant silk rope.

He turned around and fled immediately.

That was absolutely terrifying. Who would be able to rival such brute force?

Just as Skeleton Man Rachel scooted and escaped, it suddenly saw Yue Yang shamelessly delivering back a flying kick. Rachel then found himself jolted back to female giant’s side again.

“Running away? I’ll let you run to your heart’s content!” Female giant caught Skeleton Man Rachel and pressed down on his skull, she then captured Wise Demon Marshal who was trying to escape on the other side. This was a special ability that Ancient Dragons were born with, the Dragon Claw. Wise Demon Marshal knew the situation turned bad when he saw the image of the Ancient Dragon appear in the sky, and a giant golden claw cmae towards him from the emty sky. He hurriedly wrapped himself up with silk threads like a silkworm, protecting his body.

However, it was too late!

His bald head was caught by the female giant. She now had a head in each hand, with Skeleton Man’s head on the other side.

The female giant then mercilessly banged the two heads together while shouting with a thundering rage…

In that earth-shattering impact, the shock waves caused raging waves of tens of meters to rise from the lake’s surface. The stream of air that exploded engulfed the entire battlefield.

Wise Demon Marshal was bleeding from his eyes, ears, nose and mouth, and was in a state of dizziness with his eyes rolled back. He fell head first towards the lake, unable to even maintain his body’s suspension in mid-air; as compared to him, Skeleton Man Rachel was even worse, its teeth was knocked out of its mouth all over the floor, and it was highly unlikely to find them again. The sturdy skull that was almost impenetrable also suffered numerous cracks, the soul flame inside dimmed and dark.

The clown saw that the situation was bad, immediately ran away from the battlefield.

He could tell that the female giant was overdrafting her life, using her life to strengthen her battle power. She was, at that moment, without doubt invincible. If he was to end up in her hands, he believed that he would not be able to even save a single bone of his.

On the contrary, Long Xiang attacked Yue Yang at that moment, preventing him from killing Fu Tou and the other two Heaven Rankers.

“You’re too slow!” Yue Yang slid out from Long Xiang’s net of blades like a swimming fish. Even though Long Xiang’s sword managed hundreds of hits in one blow, it was all superficial injuries, nothing critical. Yue Yang flashed past Long Xiang’s side. Long Xiang staggered, because a deep punch mark appeared on his chest was. The punch broke the golden armor’s defense, strangely breaking the body-protecting energy, and penetrated directly to his internal organs, making him suffer.

Long Xiang realized in shock, could it be that even he was no match to him?

As a confident Royal Knight, it was Long Xiang’s first time in life to doubt his own abilities… He realized something, the opponent’s speed was really too fast. Even though it looked like a single punch on the surface, in reality, it must be a layering of at least a thousand punches, if not it was impossible to create such an effect.

Compared to the opponent’s layering of a thousand punches, he only made five hundred and eighty eight stabs with only three hundred and two hitting the target.

What if the opponent did not deliver that punch but escaped and not fight?

Would he be able to hit him at all?

Long Xiang could not help but break out in cold sweat from the shock of this thought.

“I will kill you all.” Yue Yang readied his stance, prepared to execute an earth shattering heavy blow. Fu Tou, the traitor and the other two Heaven Rankers were scared witless at this point in time, and hurriedly flee.

However, Yue Yang did not attack. Instead, he threw out his God Binding Chain and used it to wrap around female giant, who was still strengthening her powers and prepared to used her life and fight to death. The attacking blade tip transformed into a air stream that split space. In a flash, the lake waves rose to thousands of meters in height. Yue Yang and the female giant entered through the waves, it seemed like they entered a crack in space, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

Only then the clown understood; Yue Yang had never intended to go all out, but only thought of escaping. The clown was immediately filled with regrets…

By the time he rushed back, where could he still find traces of Yue Yang and the female giant?

Wise Demon Marshal, who only came around after falling on the water surface, covered his head and groaned in pain: “Forget it, stop chasing. Raging Flame had been struck by the Dragon Plague anyway, she will die for sure. If we were to go after her, we will only sacrifice another person in vain.”

“That is right. The appearance of that fellow was an accident. Fortunately our plan to kill Raging Flame succeeded.” Skeleton Man Rachel, who only had a few pieces of broken teeth left in its mouth, also miserably counted the few pieces of broken teeth it just picked back. Even though it could still continue fighting, its morale was heavily damaged with the heavy bang of its head by the female giant, unable to raise any intention to fight again.

“…” The clown was puffing in anger. He felt that Yue Yang and the female giant must have not escaped far, but all his allies no longer had the intention to fight again, and if he was alone, he would be unable to do anything to his enemies. He was seething in anger yet unable to do anything. He clenched his long fingers tightly in a fist and breathed in deeply. After regaining his cool, he slowly said: “That was not teleportation, what that fellow executed was just a false image. From my judgement, that fellow and Raging Flame must be still in the vicinity, they might just be hiding at the bottom of the lake. I suggest that we stay here for the moment and take our time to search. As for the losses, I will take full responsibility… In conclusion, just a sentence, I will never give up till I see Raging Flame’s body.”

“If the search is only confined to the vicinity, then we will just stay a while more!” Skeleton Man Rachel and Wise Demon Marshal decided to stay after exchanging their opinions.

Long Xiang decided to stay too.

However, the Thunder Griffin Army had to escort the passengers and crew who were too traumatised to leave.

Led by more than ten Silver Armor Generals, the majestic procession went further and further. Everyone more or less suffered from the shock wave, regardless if it was the passengers, the crew members or even the security guards of the cruise, and some people even unfortunately died. But overall it was still not bad, the majority of the people were saved by the Thunder Griffin Army.

Amongst the crowd were one-eyed dragon who changed his attire rapidly and skinny mercenary and crew who all managed to sneak into the passengers crowd.

They looked back sorrowfully, watching the lake.

While leaving with the team…

Countless members of the Black Skeleton Bandit Group and the Clown Bandit Group were patrolling the surface of the lake.

According to the clown’s deduction, Yue Yang’s last blow definitely did not split open space but instead cleverly opened the lake’s surface boundary of death, which he then escaped down to with the female giant, hiding somewhere at the bottom of the lake.

That was really the case in reality.

At the pitch black bottom of the lake, Yue Yang and female giant were looking angrily at each other.

Staring at each other helplessly!

Both of them had the ability to see in the dark. The pitch black of the bottom of the lake was nothing to the both of them.

The reason behind Yue Yang’s and female giant’s angry glares was very simple; The female giant did not approved Yue Yang’s actions, she thinks herself as the boss, and that Yue Yang had to listen to her, and even if he did not listened, he should not have stopped her from fighting. Meanwhile Yue Yang felt that female giant was an inflexible person, and that a stupid person should listen to the smart person, therefore she should listened to him, a boss or a group leader was nothing.

“I already have the Dragon Plague, and cannot live for long. Can I not even have a good fight before I die?” Female giant glared at Yue Yang.

“Use your abandoned brain to think, would I save a dying person? Forget it, you better not think about it, the only thing you have to do is to listen to my commands, if I command you to go east, you cannot go west. If I ask you to stand tall, you cannot sit on the ground, understand?” Yue Yang glared at the female giant, with the thought that female giant had very good fighting skills but she was just too inflexible, and that if she was to listen well to his commands, she could still be a free qualified fighter. As for gender, we could just forget about it, she was not a woman at all but a barbarian!

Since she was a barbarian with brains formed from muscles, why bother with gender?

There was no need!

Therefore, Yue Yang ignored the female giant’s gender…
(Last: Explanation: Boundary of Death, this is what they call the surface of the lake. It got its name because anyone who falls in the water dies by being eaten to death.)

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