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LLS Chapter 618 – What a bully!

Chapter 618 – What a bully!
Translated by: want2eat
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The clown’s expression darkened when the sword came slashing down.

The two Heaven Rankers were planning to attack Yi Nan. However Yue Yang had already brought her into the Grimoire World moments before diving down to attack the clown. The two Heaven Rankers cursed secretly. They hated enemies who possessed Grimoires the most. This was because once they knew that they were no math they would flee to the Grimoire World. The two followed behind Yue Yang closely, and launched their attacks on Yue Yang together, taking advantage of the situation that Yue Yang was busy tackling the clown.

The situation appeared bleak for the clown as he was faced with both the slash by Yue Yang and attack from the back by the female giant.

At the back, the Skeleton Man Rachel and the Wise Demon Marshal also caught up as they attacked the female giant.

The cruise ship fell from the sky with its bow falling straight down. There were Thunder Griffins flying by the lake with passengers on them, and Soul Devouring Demon Sharks that would kill people. They leaped a great height out of water as they attacked their preys in the sky.

The entire battlefield was in chaos, and the situation had gone out of control.

“Puppet.” The clown with the [Puppet] Inherent Skill used his power calmly despite being attacked by both the female giant and Yue Yang. He summoned a Puppet that looked identical to him together with his Guardian Beast. His Guardian Beast was very special in the sense that it was a puppet whose level wasn’t high and that it did not possess any life. But, it could amazingly help to withstand any form of injury sustained by its master. Hence, the lethal attack by the female giant on the clown was completely absorbed by this useless puppet.

The puppet was crushed into nothingness while the clown, who had a narrow escape, remained unharmed and made use of it to rise into the sky.

The clown slid past Yue Yang eerily at the very moment the point of the blade was in front of him.

The tables had turned and the clown was at a higher position.
(Last: It’s over, Anakin. I have the high ground.)

With a deathly dark light shimmering off his finger, he pointed it to the back of Yue Yang’s head quickly… The Finger of Death was a supreme technique learned by the clown when he was a disciple under a Region Emperor. Anyone struck would die, even for those who were Heaven Rank Level 1.

A millionth second after striking the back of Yue Yang’s head, the clown realised that his body seemed to be bound by something.

At that very moment, Yue Yang charged forth, smiling as he rotated his body. With an even more violent motion, the Tao Tie Blade moved through the clown’s abnormally long fingers and went directly for his face.

The third slash, Lord of Rivers and Mountains!

Dense sword light invaded the clown’s Holy-ranked half crying and half smiling silver mask. It broke through and struck the clown’s face, slightly penetrating his skull.

The clown was in so much agony that he lost control. He threw a kick angrily, which landed on Yue Yang.

Yue Yang’s body turned like a spinning top after his kick… This was one of the clown’s killer move. He would first prevent his enemy from attacking and defending and keep him under the spinning motion. This was so that he could then control his enemy.

“Die!” The clown covered his face in defense with one hand and pointed at the top with another.

He struck the Finger of Death again.

What weirded him out was that the binding power appeared again, and the clown could only watch as Yue Yang struck under the spinning motion. The slash went through the clown’s finger the second time as it went past his silver mask and struck his face. That was the fourth slash, Universal Reversal! This wasn’t only Yue Yang’s most powerful slash, it was also accompanied with the clown’s spinning motion. The clown spun as he was struck, making it impossible to retaliate.

Just as the two were fighting, the female giant arrived.

She reached out her hand and lifted the clown as if he was a tiny chick.

She held him in her hands.

She then unleashed her power and wrung the clown, causing his bones to creak. She smashed the clown onto her knee forcefully. Finally, the groaning clown was thrown far away as a weapon, towards the Skeleton Man Rachel and the Wise Demon Marshal.

Yue Yang stepped onto the nape of the female giant. Using the momentum, he waved his Crescent Moon and resisted the attack from the two Heaven Rankers.

Even before the duo could unleash all their power, Yue Yang had disappeared into thin air.

In the next second, he had already moved past the Skeleton Man Rachel and the Wise Demon Marshal and went straight for the clown who was falling into the lake… The female giant unleashed her strength as the image of an ancient dragon formed above her head. The two Heaven Rankers were shook away from the impact, and kept puking blood. She let out a roared in rage as she gathered her energy on her fists in a furious attempt to block Skeleton Man Rachel and Wise Demon Marshal.

The duo defended without retreating as they gritted their teeth and resisted the attack of the female giant.

If not for the Dragon Plague that depleted her power, they wouldn’t have been able to take such a blow from her.

Yue Yang chased after the clown on the surface of the lake. The clown who hated Yue Yang to the core also tried to turn the tables as he waved his magic wand and fought against Yue Yang.

The honor of being Heaven Ranked was nothing to the clown.

He wouldn’t mind being even more shamless if he could kill Yue Yang!

They were only half a meter apart from each other, but the shrewd clown could still release three lethal strikes skillfully. The Three-coloured Balls he hurled collided with each other, and hit three vital parts of Yue Yang’s body. The clown pointed his magic wand between Yue Yang’s eyebrows. Its power was preceded only by the Finger of Death. One would either be dead or paralysed by it. What was even faster than this was the clown’s feet. As if dancing rapidly, he had already kicked Yue Yang ten times even before the magic wand had hit Yue Yang.

There wasn’t any remedy to the clown’s kicks.

Even his master, Qing Yi, who was a Region Emepror held the clown in high regards. He felt that the clown’s kicks had already reached its peak in terms of speed.

The clown had planned to use his kicks to break Yue Yang into pieces. The magic wand and three-coloured balls were just feints.

Only his swift kick was his masterstroke in killing his opponents.

But then the clown felt a pain in his abdomen. To his dismay, he realised that he had been similarly kicked in the abdomen.

The speed and frequency of the kick on his body were actually on par to his own swift kicks… How could this happen? The clown couldn’t fathom why, he only felt a terrifying energy invading him, and it felt as if the energy was going to burst out from his stomach. The clown could only leap into the air and forgo the opportunity to continue his attack as he fled from Yue Yang’s advances.

Seeing that the tables had turned, Yue Yang chased after the clown closely.

The fifth slash went down powerfully.

The clown was driven to the edge of madness. How could he, as a Heaven Rankers, be beaten up to this state? Furious, he used the three-coloured balls and magic wand in his retaliation. If Yue Yang were to continue pursuing him, Yue Yang would definitely get struck. The clown did not think that Yue Yang would continue…

Even if Yue Yang were to push on, he would not be able win against Heaven Rankers!

The clown realised how wrong he was in the next second.

Not only did Yue Yang continue the chase, he did so without any defense, just like a suicidal maniac!

The gilttery silver magic wand was slashed into half. Yue Yang ignored the three-coloured balls shot towards him completely, even as they were shot into his body and large amount of blood splattered out. He continued to concentrate on using his utmost strength to coagulate the most powerful sword light ever gathered by him yet. It would be powerful enough to split heaven and earth apart.

The fifth slash, Slaughter of Gods and Demons!

The entire sky split into two from the impact of this slash.

The water in the huge lake also sank, forming a crack several meters wide until the bottom of the lake.

That was the first time fear ever flashed across the clown’s eyes behind his silver mask. He threw away his beloved magic wand for the first time. His long fingers rotated around agily as he tried to break Yue Yang’s blade. Just before the Tao Tie Blade reached his silver mask, the clown gritted his teeth and took the blow directly.

“That was close!”

Even before he could take a breather, the clown made a habitual kick.

The shadow casted by the falling Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship made him recall something important.

His whole body shook… Oh no, it’s a trap!

But his realisation came too late. The binding energy appeared for the third time and was a hundred times stronger than before. The clown wasn’t able to struggle nor could he defend himself for at least a second. It was as if his soul had left his body. He couldn’t use his life saving Puppet Inherent Skill, his Guardian Beast couldn’t help to die in place of him, and his enemy still held back his trump card. The clown was scared witless as he saw Yue Yang let go of his Tao Tie Blade and instead used his hand to remove his holy ranked silver mask… All was lost, his face was exposed under the attack of his enemy… closely after, the clown saw a scary sword, one that he had never seen but could make even his soul shake.

It was a divine sword, one that could destroy all will. It was completely made up of energy. It was pitch black, dark, mysterious and deadly, like a death god’s sword.

Gui Cang Sword!

Yue Yang lifted his finger, and in the clown’s terrified eyes, the sword had been nailed deeply in between his eyebrows.

At the very moment the clown regained freedom, he summoned for his Guardian Beast immediately. But it was dispersed by Xiao Wen Li using white light when it appeared. Hence, it couldn’t help to take the injuries sustained by the clown. The clown’s pitiful groans was a thousand times louder than the previous aerial knight. The entire place was filled with his tragic blood-curdling scream.

Just as everyone was on the verge of going deaf, they went temporarily lost their hearing.

Those of lower levels, such as crews and passengers of Earth Rank Level 3 and below all went unconsciousness.

Even the Thunder Griffins soaring in the sky also fell towards the ground as if they lost gravity. They were deeply affected by the clown’s mournful scream… The clown did not dare to retaliate now. After pulling out the Gui Cang Sword from himself, he used his greatest speed to run away.

“Weren’t you so arrogant previously? I am gonna beat you up!” Although Yue Yang was also severely injured, he was on the winning end, hence his morale was boosted.

He waved his Tao Tie Blade and continued to chase the clown.

Yue Yang gained his supersonic speed after his battle with the Scarlet Emperor.

He utilised it greatly in his battle with the clown.

For a ranker like the clown who was super fast, agile, flexible and skillful, Yue Yang believed that even the female giant wouldn’t be able to defeat him. But for Yue Yang who shared similar traits, he could be considered a nemesis of the clown. Moreover, he possessed the high level Innate Invisible Sword Qi, Gui Cang Sword, together under with the aid of his capable Xiao Wen Li, it was almost certain that the clown would be on the losing end. However, what surprised Yue Yang the most when that the clown could still run with such a speed even after getting struck by the Gui Cang Sword.

The clown was too fast. As Yue Yang had more moves he wanted to use on the clown but he missed the opportunity to, he could only chase after the clown.

The female giant, Skeleton man Rachel, Wise Demon Marshal, Long Xiang and two other Heaven Rankers all paused as they watched in shock towards the scene of Yue Yang chasing after the clown.

What happened exactly?

Could they be seeing things wrongly? Shouldn’t it be the other way round, with the clown chasing after the abnormal boy instead?

“I’ll beat you to a pulp, I’ll kick you to death, I’ll chop you into pieces, fuck, why are you running!” Yue Yang sped up a little, but as it was the clown who was running away, he became more passive. Hence, the two’s battle became one where victory couldn’t be decided. The clown ran wildly around and around the surface of the lake, sliding past the boundary of death. He was wary because if he were to touch the water, he might just fall into the lake and get stuck in the boundary of death. He would then become a target of Yue Yang’s slaughter… He moved past the surface of the lake swiftly. Two columns of water spurted into the sky in the area he moved past.

Yue Yang pursued closely above the clown, swinging his Tao Tie Blade wildly at the clown. It forced the clown to keep moving forward without opportunity for a retaliation.

Yue Yang’s storm-like strikes caused thousands of water pillars to spurt out from the surface of the lake.

The Soul Devouring Demon Sharks that were previously nefarious also fled in shock.

Those who were struck had their body parts separated.

The clown wished that he had eight legs to aid in his escape… His Puppet Inherent Skill, his masterstroke, and his Puppet Guardian Beast were rendered useless and were instantly dispersed and killed when their nemesis, loli lamia, was summoned.

Without his lifesaving Inherent Skill, the clown did not dare to take any blows at all.

He might lose his life if he were to be struck again.

Hence he tried to run away using his greatest speed. He ignored Yue Yang’s kicks and slashes from behind. This depressing battle, where he couldn’t even retaliate, drove the clown to the verge of tears.

What a bully! Where did this abnormal boy come from?

The clown had never seen such a sicko in his entire life. Not only was he of lower rank, he even persisted in attacking the clown. Couldn’t he give him a breather?

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