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LLS Chapter 617 – No such thing as the craziest, but only the even crazier

Chapter 617 – No such thing as the craziest, but only the even crazier
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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(Last: Because it is too wordy, changing Earth Rank Ranker and Heaven Rank Ranker to Earth Ranker and Heaven Ranker respectively, rankers from Heaven Realm will be called Heaven Realm Ranker do not mistake them. :))

Long Xiang waved his right arm and countless rays shone from within his hand to strike the howling aerial knight, making him lose conciousness.

Immediately, two aerial knights came forward and carried their unconscious comrade away.

At the side of the aerial knights that were mounted upon Thunder Griffins, there was no longer anyone who came out to battle. Even if they sent someone out, it was no use. The only reason why they still had not sent out large troops to attack from all sides was because they could not let go of their pride. The honor and pride of a knight made them unable to attack a human who was only Earth Rank Level 1 together. This holds even though this human had perverted abilities that far exceeded his opponents.

Skeleton man Rachel also retreated.

Even though it was from Bone Clan, and had the form of a skeleton, that did not mean it was stupid.

In reality, this guy, compared to the other Bone Clan member Weng Jin, whom Yue Yang also knew, was much more cunning.

Now that two leaders of the Black Skeleton Bandit Group died, Rachel had done all that Earth Rankit could. Even if clown was unhappy, he could not do anything. After all, to let his follower die for nothing was not something even a fool would do.

“Hehehehehe!” From behind his half smiling half crying mask, the clown suddenly let out a chilling laugh. His laugh, was definitely not one of joy, but one of immense fury. Facing Yue Yang and Yi Nan, this pair of human, who were able to affect his entire plan, it would be a lie to claim that the clown was not furious. He had thought that this battle would mean he could successfully get rid of the Raging Flames Bandit Group and eliminate Raging Flame Leader, who was such a huge problem. He would never have thought that at the last moment, such a teeth-grindingly hateful thing would happen.

He twirled the magic wand in his hand quickly, as if such an action would help him think.

On his other hand, he nimbly threw a three-coloured ball.

Was the clown himself going to attack?

Everyone was confused. Could it be that a Peak Heaven Rank Level 4 ranker was going to attack an Earth Rank Level 1 civilian?

Under normal circumstances, everyone would be roaring in laughter and no one would believe it. But under these circumstances, everyone thought that it seemed pretty normal.

Only the clown, a Heaven Ranker, would be able to defeat the abnormal youth with perverse ability…… Of course, if a Peak Heaven Rank Level 4 ranker the clown were really to attack, it would still be ridiculous! Peak Heaven Rank Level 4 was almost equivalent to the existence of a Heaven Realm King. For such a person to attack a commoner, even if he emerged victorious, he would be said to have had an unfair advantage.

“You all are after me, come at me while I still have some strength!” Female giant walked out thumping.

Because of the Plague Dragon Nail, majority of her ability was already reduced.

Not to mention the Wise Demon Marshall, who was originally the same rank as her, even skeleton man Rachel, Golden Armor Marshal and the clown who were inferior to her could defeat her easily. Even though the female giant had the blood of an Ancient Dragon, the Plague Dragon Nail that was harmless to normal people, was her greatest nemesis……

All of the blood in female giant’s body had turned into a purplish-blue by the Plague Dragon Nail. Her skin that was originally tough as steel was dotted with corrosion by the Dragon Plague.

If this dragged on, in less than an hour, she would collapse to the floor.

Even without a battle, she would be on the brink of death.

This female giant, whose entire body was consumed by the Dragon Plague, was almost completely drained of power. What remained unchanged was her hair that was like a raging flame. It blew in the wind gently, like a flame burning. None of the Dragon Plague’s negative side-effects could affect its shape. Female gragon looked at one-eyed dragon and skinny mercenary, who have followed her to the end, and did not say a word. She then looked at Yue Yang and Yi Nan, nodding her head, she said: “I am truly thankful to you two. Even though we do not know each other, but just this single meeting has shown that you two are better than those friends whom I have lived with and fought with. I am delighted that I have gotten to know you two. Actually, life is as such. As long as we do things that we are unashamed of and live with no regrets, it is enough! Goodbye!”

Female giant shouted loudly, all of the muscles in her body expanded and her height dramatically increased with her bones echoing.

Within seconds, she rose to four meters tall.

Her ability also restored to peak state temporarily.

With just one step, the entire Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship shook. A loud sound also echoed from underneath her feet.

From underneath her feet, a crack that was hundreds of meters long appeared on the deck. It went deep into the hundred storey hold of the ship, all the way to the bottom of the ship made of dragon bone. With the booming explosion, the huge bow of Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship was completely stomped by her. The front of the ship’s bow snapped off completely, and lost its support. It tilted greatly and fell directly towards the lake thousands of meters beneath……

Countless people started screaming in fear.

As for the rankers who were on the ship’s bow, they were desperately fleeing for their lives. If they fell with the broken ship’s bow into the lake, other than Heaven Rankers, no one else would survive. Although the lake beneath looked beautiful and clear, it was an infamous man-eating lake. Beneath the lake was the boundary of death. Any prey that fell into the lake would become confused and disoriented, before they could escape, they would be torn to pieces by the man-eating demon fish and be buried in its stomach.

Long Xiang remained in the sky. He waved his hand and all the aerial knights mounted on Thunder Griffins swooped down in unison.

They were in charge of saving those passengers who had fallen but were unable to escape. At the same time, they were keeping an eye on those Raging Flame Bandit Members to prevent them from escaping in the chaos.

The Clown Group and Black Skeleton Group members were keeping their hold on the women, children and elderly from the Raging Flames Bandit Group. With their large number of people, they formed groups and flew away.

Only a few members who were of low rank pathetically escaped while the ship’s bow was falling.

They were terrified of falling into that man-eating lake with the ship’s bow.

Wind blew through the ship’s bow as it fell towards the lake.

The clown, skeleton man Rachel and Wise Demon Marshall remained still from their original positions.

They stared at the female giant coldly.

It was as if such a move of breaking the ship’s bow to cause chaos was completely within their expectations. Yue Yang and Yi Nan were exactly standing at the edge of the split. Right by their feet, was a neat breach. Female giant had done this deliberately. She wanted to keep Yue Yang and Yi Nan on board, while she would die with the enemy.

“You two can leave, I have no intention to attack you two.” Long Xiang who stayed to keep watch of Yue Yang stated his stand.

Actually, he really admired Yue Yang and Yi Nan. He felt that both of them had unlimited potential.

Although they appeared to be Earth Rank Level 1, in reality, both had combat power that were well beyond their rank.

If not for such a hostile situation, Long Xiang would convince them to follow the Lionheart King and use their country’s best resources to groom them both. He believed that if Lionheart King knew of the two’s existence, he might accept both of them as his own disciples and even bestow them the status of dukes. But now that they were enemies, even if Long Xiang wanted to invite Yue Yang and Yi Nan, he had to show the clown some face. Afterall, the clown was the mastermind of this plan. To abandon this alliance was not something he, as a Radiant Knight who firmly abided by the knight’s code of conduct, could bring himself to do.

“Sorry, Marshal Long Xiang, the order we received was to keep them here.” The other two Heaven Rankers, who also remained, shook their head in objection.

“What?” Long Xiang’s face showed his anger, he felt that his pride was being challenged.

“I apologise, but our leader ordered to keep the two here. Marshal Long Xiang, we would stand by our leader’s orders unless you kill us.” The two Heaven Rankers showed Long Xiang respect. They did not want to make him angry, but the clown had long sent this death order. If they could not capture Yue Yang and Yi Nan alive, they would be killed.

“…….” Long Xiang looked at Yue Yang and Yi Nan and suddenly nodded gently: “Sorry, I cannot care about your matters. To ally with the Clown Group was Lionheart King’s orders. Long Xiang can not go against that. The only thing we can do, as an Aerial Knight Group, is to withdraw out of the battle between you two. Long Xiang hereby wish you all the best!”

The two Heaven Rankers were relieved at Long Xiang’s words.

If this guy, who was extremely inflexible, refused to stay out of matters, that would have been troublesome.

Fortunately, their leader, the clown, had already allied with Lionheart King. With the restriction of the contract of alliance, no matter how stubborn Long Xiang was, he would not go against his principles.

The two Heaven Rankers looked at each other.

Taking down these two strange youngsters with just one ranker seemed dangerous.

If both heaven-tier rankers attacked together, it would be easy.

No matter how powerful the two were, they could not be Heaven Ranked.

Heaven Rank was a realm.

Between two Heaven Rankers, there was a certain type of resonance. This could not be hidden. Since the two infront of them did not have such a resonance with them, this proved that they were not Heaven Ranked. A non Heaven Rank against a Heaven Rank? No matter how perverted their abilities were, even if they could transcend tiers in battle, they could not possibly win against them! No matter how powerful they were, an Earth Ranker could not defeat a Heaven Ranker – this was a record that no one in Heaven Realm had ever been able to beat.

“Thank you.” Yue Yang raised Crescent Blade and nodded towards Long Xiang: “At first, when I was feeling extremely displeased, I wanted to kill everyone on this ship. But I will spare them, to give you face. If this entire ship were to sink, the displeasure in my heart would roughly be removed.”

“Don’t be foolish, this is Sky Region Emperor’s boat.” When he saw that Yue Yang was going to destroy the entire ship, he turned pale with fright and quickly stopped him.

“Who is the Sky Region Emperor?” Yue Yang had really never heard of this name before.

“…….” Long Xiang was stunned. He did not understand why Yue Yang had never heard of ‘Sky Region Emperor’. In South Heaven Realm, other than Boundary Master and three Great Leaders, beneath them was the Sky Region Emperor and the other hundred Region Emperors. Within the Hundred Region Emperors, Sky Region Emperor definitely ranked within the top 5. This was to say that regardless of whether through rank, ability, or fame, no matter how it was ranked, Sky Region Emperor was within the Top 10 in South Heaven Realm. To this young man who lived in South Heaven Realm and yet did not know who Sky Region Emperor was, Long Xiang could not help but smile bitterly: “Put it this way, my bounty is 400 million. The bounty of my master Lionheart King is 40 billion. And the bounty of Sky Region Emperor is 100 billion. This way, do you understand?”

“That is right.” The stone statue-like leader of the security who had helped Yue Yang before stood forward: “Although Starry Night is not one of the outstanding huge warships in Sky Region Emperor’s ninety five thousand fleet, but if you destroy this boat, it would be equivalent to challenging Sky Region Emperor. No matter which corner of Heaven Realm you escape to, the adjudication knights under Sky Region Emperor will follow you and kill you. Please do not be rash. It is easy to destroy a ship, but the trouble you will attract is not what you and your lover can bear.”

“I completely understand.” Yue Yang turned to look at Yi Nan, and Yi Nan nodded her head firmly: “Yeah!”

“No, no, stop……”

The two Heaven Ranker, leader of the security and all of the ship passengers cried out in surprise as Yue Yang raised Crescent Blade and unleashed the first form of the Armageddon Slash.

Earth Splitting Slash!

That blade tip that even Heaven Rankers feared cut through the entire Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship like it was tofu. It cut from the tip to the end, splitting the ship into 2 halves. A Sword Qi that was thousands of meters long completely blinded everyone. Even the clown, Skeleton man Rachel and Wise Demon Marshall who hurriedly looked towards the sky were completely stunned.

Female giant was also astonished. She thought she had guessed Yue Yang’s true ability, but did not expect herself to be completely wrong.

“Lunatic!” Long Xiang looked at Yue Yang with shock.

“Kill, kill him……” the clown lost it, he almost instantly abandoned the female giant and shot into the sky, ready to kill Yue Yang with his own hands. He would definitely not let this young man grow. Behind him, female giant also abandoned the traitor Fu Tou who was cowering and chased after the clown. Her large fist sent a fatal blow to stop the clown from returning.

Before Skeleton Man Rachel and Wise Demon Marshall could react, Yue Yang had already raised Crescent Blade and slashed again in a way that could split heaven and earth.

Heaven and Earth Collapse!

His target was actually the clown…….

“What the, he is a lunatic!” Skeleton Man Rachel and Wise Demon Marshall could not help but scold loudly. They had met crazy people before, but they had never met an opponent as crazy as Yue Yang. For an Earth Rank Level 1 to attack a Peak Heaven Rank Level 4? Was there really anything more crazy than that in this world?

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