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LLS Chapter 616 – As mysterious as a riddle.

Chapter 616 – As mysterious as a riddle.
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When Yue Yang stood out, Yi Nan slightly retreated.

Although the wedding dress did not fit her, she still took a strip of white muslin from it and wrapped it around her neck.

There were thousands of enemies surrounding them and tens of thousands of strangers watching them. They were currently in Heaven Realm and not at home, but Yi Nan still wanted to be married to him at this moment, becoming his new wife. The wedding dress and the ceremony did not really matter, as long as their two hearts beat as one, even Hell would become Heaven. She hoped that she could carry the image of a new bride, standing behind him.

Supporting him.

Supporting her husband.

With ten thousand enemies in front of him, he still went forward without a sign of retreat…… This great hero was the one she loved, her lover!

“I will support you no matter what you do!” Yi Nan looked at Yue Yang and reminisced the day they met, the details of their meeting. Her heart filled with happiness, and her entire body was filled with comfortable warmth. She firmly and confidently nodded her head at him: “I will stay here, watching you, waiting for you! Whether it’s today or in the future, whether it’s in Heaven Realm or else where, I will always accompany you.”

“Okay.” Yue Yang did not say much. He extended his hand and stroked her soft hair. He lowered his head while holding her in his embrace, going towards her petal-like tender lips, and lightly kissed her.

He then gave her a smile.

He confidently turned around, facing the numerous enemies, and raised Crescent Moon.

His words were simple but the intent behind them was clear: “I will only say one thing, those who want to join the wedding feast can stay, those who don’t can just beat it! Those who want to look for trouble should ask the blade in my hand first.”

Without Yi Nan’s shocking performance, the people there would probably laugh their heads off after hearing Yue Yang’s words. A puny Earth Rank Level 1 human actually wanted to face thousands of enemies that were a lot stronger than him? Could it be that he was making a death wish? Was he crazy or mentally ill?

But after experiencing Yi Nan performing instant kills that surpassed levels, they began to feel that this boy should not be so simple.

His strength should be higher than the girl.

The entire place was quiet as no one dared to reply to Yue Yang.

Forget about the Heaven Ranked, if normal people speak and instantly die under the boy’s blade, it would be too tragic!

Actually, if it was not because they could not see through his strength, the clown, Skeleton Man Rachel, the Wise Demon Marshal and the others would have already flipped out. But, this human boy was too strange that no one could see through his strength.

An experienced person could also make mistakes, that’s why the clown and the others were being cautious.

After all, stalling for time was much more advantageous for them.

“This duke loves to toast with young people the most. It cannot be avoided that I would stay for a drink.” Skeleton Man Rachel looked at the clown and decided to do something. Otherwise, it would obtain nothing when they were going to share the loot. It first used its bony finger to loosen his gums and arrange its crooked teeth. Then, it brought out a snow white handkerchief to wipe his hands like a noble man. Behind him, two bandit leaders walked forward, their strengths were at Earth Rank Level 8, carrying with them an unusual presence. They stood out the most among the enemy with regards to strength and level.

“Where’s the wine? We also want to drink a cup.” Although the expressions of the two bandit leaders were slack, they were secretly on alert, guarding against Yue Yang’s attacks.

“You want to have a toast with me?”

Yue Yang sneered: “You are not qualified!”

When his words had just left people’s ears, his figure moved towards one of the bandit leaders.

These two bandit leaders were seasoned warriors with rich battle experience. The moment they saw Yue Yang attack, they immediately split apart. The bandit leader that Yue Yang charged towards immediately brought out a huge ax and directly face Yue Yang’s attack. The other bandit leader took a crafty detour and charged towards Yi Nan, preparing to ambush her and strike at the weakness.

The female giant thought of intervening, but after seeing Yi Nan’s relaxed appearance and disregarding the enemy’s attack without defending, it was clear that she truly believed in Yue Yang.

She suppressed her urge to rescue her and continue being an observer.

Not only her, even the Heaven Ranked Rankers including the secretly furious clown, the prideful Long Xiang, the disgusting Skeleton Man, and the crafty Wise Demon Marshal, all quietly observed. Their gazes were firmly locked on Yue Yang with the intent to see through all of his cards in this exchange.

A normal person could not even see anything, they could only see flashes of light.

Only Heaven Rank could see the changes in the battle…… Yue Yang’s speed and power, which were originally Earth Rank Level 1, increased in a split second, 100 times, 1000 times, 10000 times. He was originally as slow as a snail but it continuously increased, and in the end, reached a speed 100 times faster than lightning. When you looked at the originally lightning fast bandit leader and compare it to Yue Yang. you could only see that the bandit leader was even slower than a snail. Before his ax was even brandished, Yue Yang was already in front of him.

Moreover, Yue Yang instantly passed through his body and made a beautiful turn to chase after the other bandit leader, who went to ambush Yi Nan.

The leader felt that something was wrong and hurriedly looked back.

He saw nothing behind him but when he looked to the front, he suddenly found Yue Yang standing in front of him, as if he did not even leave Yi Nan’s side.

The Skeleton Man Rachel did not even need to look to know that its two subordinates were finished. But, when it looked at them, he became more shocked because it discovered that its subordinates were not instantly killed but sadistically killed.

The leader that had an ax still did not know that the enemy had passed through him and continued his chop.

Immediately, his body became minced meat. Armor, flesh, meat and bones, they all scattered on the ground following the strength of the ax. Only a person who had reached Heaven Rank could see what he really did. Yue Yang only needed on beautiful slice to separate the skin and bones without even touching the muscles and bones. Even the best chef in the world could not reach this kind of level when butchering a cow.

However, an Earth Rank Level 1 human was actually able to turn an Earth Rank Level 8 into countless pieces of meat in front of everyone.

This kind of skill would even earn an applause from the clown and skeleton man if Yue Yang was not an enemy.

But now, their mouths seemed to have eaten a gall bladder, so bitter that they were completely speechless.

The other leader that wanted to ambush Yi Nan was frightened to the point of retreating. He quickly retreated beside Skeleton Man Rachel, only then did he pat his chest and sigh in relief.

However, this pat was fatal.

In an instant, an extremely small red scar appeared on his neck. It was originally invisible but it gradually turned into a red line and immediately burst, letting out an unstoppable blood fountain. In the end, when the bandit leader thought of covering the wound with his hands, his head soundlessly separated from his body and fell on the ground, rolling away a few meters, frightening everyone there……

The headless body spurted blood into the air. The hand that wanted to cover the wound was still there with a frightening posture, making everyone’s hair stand on end.

It seemed that until the end, he still did not know that he had been beheaded!

The commander of the Black Skeleton Group, Skeleton Man Rachel, was an expert in blade handling. With Heartrend in its hand, beheading people or cutting them to pieces was an easy thing to do. However, it admitted that it could not do it as confidently as Yue Yang. In front of the thousands of observers, in front of the oppression from the countless Heaven Ranked Rankers, being able to skillfully insta-kill and cut his enemy was something that it could not replicate.

Skeleton Man Rachel begun to admire Yue Yang to some extent.

Because in using blades, Yue Yang had already turned killing people into a piece of art.

It was something that it could never do.

“…..” The magic wand in the clown’s hand stopped being turned around. He tightly grasped it as his fingers turned pale from the excessive amount of strength he put in.

“What a fast balde.” The Golden Armor Marshal, who was standing proudly on the giant dragon’s head, suddenly flew over and landed on the ship’s deck. A strong interest was born as he found Yue Yang a hard to come by rival.

“That guy had been killed by 3600 slashes, but I like the chop on the neck of that other guy.” The bald Wise Demon Marshall rubbed his shiny head as he inspected the two corpses. Then, he extended his hand on one of the meat piece, threw it into his mouth and chewed it. In the end, he gave a final verdict: “Oh! I finally understood. The meat was cold to prevent blood from flying out. The boy used the ice attribute of his blade to beautifully and temporarily freeze the neck and the head together. As a result, it did not fall down with any movement, but the energy usage was small and the temperature control was extremely good. Thus, when we saw him pat his chest, his head immediately fell. I cannot help but say that this move is worthy of praise.”

“In the future, I will definitely use a perfect slice to kill people with all my skill.” The Skeleton Man expressed that this move was too cool and that he would learn to use it.

“That’s right, this is a supreme feat!” The Golden Armor Marshall Long Xiang also nodded his head.

“Are you guys finished or not? What we should be doing now is not discuss how beautiful the cut is. In front of absolute power, skill is nothing. What we need to do now is to get rid of the brat and eliminate future threats.” The clown crazily screamed.

“It would be difficult for a normal person to kill him……” The Wise Demon marshal frowned as he felt that he needs to dispatch a Heaven Rank Ranker.

“Please let this subordinate give it a try!” An aerial knight came down from a Thunder Griffin. He was one of the Earth Rank Level 9 silver armor generals following Long Xiang.

Normally, an Earth Rank Level 9 aerial knight fighting an Earth Rank Level 1 civilian would be called bullying. But, everyone felt that the aerial knights behavior was deserving of praise. This was because no one was optimistic about him. Even if he was an aerial knight, even if he was Earth Rank Level 5, even if he wore a strong silver armor, no one believed that he could win.

One-eyed dragon and the skinny mercenary were beginning to get used to Yi Nan and Yue Yang killing above their levels.

They were secretly making bets.

But, they were not betting victory or defeat because they felt that Yue Yang would definitely win. They were betting on how long the enemy would survive. The skinny mercenary felt that one minute was enough, but one-eyed dragon felt that it only needed 30 seconds.

Long Xiang’s prideful face changed and turned into one with a bit of hesitation.

He knew the special abilities of his subordinates. This subordinate did not feel any fear of receiving injuries. No matter how many pieces of meat was cut, he would immediately recover his original appearance. He was also not afraid of being beheaded because once his head was placed back on his neck, he would return as before. Even if his subordinate had this special recovery ability, Long Xiang did not believe that his subordinate would win.

This was because the boy in front of him was too strange. With so many Heaven Rank Rankers looking at him, no one could see through him at all.

What was the actual level of this boy?

Long Xiang was unable to guess it.

“Please enlighten me!”The aerial knight thought that he was accepted while Long Xiang was still pondering over it, so he confidently went ahead and walked facing Yue Yang. He raised his knight sword above his head and slightly greeted him. Then, he quickly spaced out to start the battle. It could be said that his movements were all perfect. Whether it was his vigor, confidence, to attitude, they were not weak. He raised his strength and body’s state to its peak. In addition, he used his best and most defensive stance. If it was another opponent, not even an Earth Rank Level 10 could break through his defense.

“Get lost!” Yue Yang only made simple move which was outside of everyone’s expectation. They only saw him use a flame whip to hit the aerial knight’s body.

The aerial knights body seemed to be uninjured but he flew ten meters away.

At the beginning, he was still able to gradually stand up, as if nothing was wrong with him, and he still wanted to fight.

But very quickly, his body began to tremble fiercely as if he was enduring an unimaginable pain.

Large beads of sweat seeped out from his forehead. He gritted his teeth as blood begun to pour out. In front of the thousands of terrified gazes, the aerial knight’s trembling body slowly kneeled down. His hands deeply scratched the deck with the intent to endure the tormenting pain.

However, it was useless as flames came out from his nose and mouth.

The Heaven Rank Rankers could see that these flames came from within him.

And immediately, the aerial knight’s endurance crumbled as he painfully howled towards the skies……



The aerial knight, who would not even bat an eye to any injury, who was the most prideful knight due to his strong will, was now kneeling in front of the enemy while howling. This was the first time this happened in history. Actually that aerial knight kept enduring it, but he was unable to persevere anymore. This was because the pain that he felt was not only pain from the body but also the mind and spirit were whipped. Even if his internal organs were not on fire, he would still be unable to endure it.

Being able to endure not groaning for more than ten seconds was already above normal people. It was already the limit of his steel-like will.

Hearing the aerial knight’s howl, the entire Thunder Griffin Army’s troops turned pale in fright. They truly could not imagine what kind of attack could deal pain that not even an aerial knight could endure.

Long Xiang complexion instantly changed. He once again re-evaluated Yue Yang.

However, he still could not see anything.

This youth was as mysterious as a riddle!

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