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LLS Chapter 615 – Man and mirror unite, one hit kill master

Chapter 615 – Man and mirror unite, one hit kill master
Translated by: crayon, Shiroyukineko, Last
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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A small and weak human being like Yi Nan instantly killing four Earth Rank Level 5 Death Warriors in one blow left everyone in shock.

Let alone the normal bandit group members, even the steel fort like Thunder Griffin Army appeared to be slightly shaken, with mild disturbance. The impact on their morale from the instant kill that surpassed ranks was definitely a hard one. In addition, everyone could see that this ‘small and weak female human being’ surprisingly possessed a Platinum Grimoire, what is happening?

There were countless Heaven Ranked Rankers who did not have a Grimoires.

Even if they did, they were unable to rise to the rank of platinum.

Yet, this female human being’s Grimoire was able to rise to the rank of platinum with just the realm of Earth Rank Level 1. If it continued to rise, wouldn’t it advance to a Diamond Grimoire, or even a Holy Grimoire?

The female giant gaped at Yi Nan, completely unable to believe what she just saw.

Even though she possess Heaven Rank Level 5 strength, she did not have a Summoning Grimoire. The small girl in front of her was so small and weak that a blow of breath could almost kill her. However, this small girl had a Summoning Grimoire. She was able to accept, barely, that the small girl had a Summoning Grimoire. She did have a huge potential after all, so being able to contract a Grimoire was not that surprising. What she was unable to accept was that the Summoning Grimoire in the fragile looking girl’s hands actually rose to the platinum rank. Evidently, this girl had went through countless battles and was definitely not as weak as she seems.

The problem was, no matter how strong an Earth Rank Level 1 was, it was still impossible to instantly kill four Earth Rank Level 5 Death Warrior in one blow.

Could a small ant bite four lions to death?


“No, that was not the Code’s power, we did not felt suppressed, and the four people were still able to attack. That is proof that it was a unique power.” the Bald Wise Demon Marshall stroked his round and smooth head, and with a ghastly expression, he came to a conclusion: “This small girl is able to fight beyond her rank, and a close range fight warrants death.”

“Since we cannot fight in close range, then let’s do a long range fight then!” The clown’s eyes flashed coldly.

With just a pointi of his extremely long finger.

Another four Earth Rank Level 5 Divine Archers stepped out.

The four of them dispersed to a distance of 100 meters away at the same time, all with arrows nocked and bows drawn, aiming at Yi Nan.

Yue Yang realised that this bald Wise Demon Marshall was actually quite smart. He discovered the disadvantage of the type of force field Yi Nan used. When it came to disadvantages, this type of force field which contained a very strong will was indeed very small. It was only effective within 10 meter radius of Yi Nan. Even though Yi Nan had the strongest spirit power, the force field wielded was only 10 meters in radius as it required the mind to be very focused and even transform into flower petals. If it had been Yue Bing instead, the radius of the force field would only be one to two meters.

Of course, the advantage of this force field was very obvious too.

Similar to the Code’s power, it was an unrivalled existence within the 10 meter radius. Enemies were unable to kill or injure Yi Nan as long as her spirit power did not run out.

Or, unless the enemy possessed an extremely strong Heaven Ranked power which could directly eliminate the force field formed by Yi Nan’s concentrated spirit power…

For that, how strong a power would be required?

It was most likely impossible for an ordinary Heaven Rank and only a Heaven Rank Level 3 and above would be capable of such a feat. In addition, it must be an intelligent type Heaven Rank Rankers who possessed an extremely strong spirit power and not those Heaven Rank monsters born with Heaven Rank powers.

Yue Yang used Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to observe the enemy and discovered that the only people who had the power to destroy this type of force field were the bald Wise Demon Marshall and the clown.

The Golden Armor Marshall Long Xiang and Skeleton Man Rachel were both frowning, not perfectly sure of being able to destroy the force field.

Night Empress and Fourth Mother actually taught Yi Nan a secret move of theirs?

They had actually given her such a powerful spirit power force field? Was it only Yi Nan who possessed this power or did Princess Qian Qian and the others also possess it? Was the spirit power force field all they could do, or could they create other types of force fields? The more Yue Yang thought about it, the more mysterious he thought Night Empress and Fourth Mother were. Especially Fourth Mother, she obviously had zero fighting capabilities. Even when he observed her with Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, he could only identify her as a ‘normal person’. However, through her actions, she seemed to be more and more mysterious.

Fourth Mother, what was her true identity?

Yue Yang would never believe Fourth Mother to be a normal person. However, without her confession, Yue Yang had no way to confront her about it. He could only pretend to know nothing…


Four sharp arrows flew swiftly like lightning, forming a trail of deathly light and fire behind them, shooting directly towards Yi Nan. No one present thought that Yi Nan would be able to dodge those four deadly arrows. Just a mere Earth Rank Level 1 human girl would definitely be instantly killed facing against four Earth Rank Level 5 Divine Archers. There wouldn’t be an alternative conclusion.

These kinds of arrows, if used as an ambush during a battle, had the power to kill even higher levelled enemies.

This was because the arrows contained all of the condensed powers of these four archers.

Those arrows were unrivalled once released.

Yue Yang did not move a muscle. The female giant seemed like she wanted to step forward and swat the arrows away, but seeing that Yue Yang did not have any intentions to interfere in the battle at all, she forced herself to stay put.

Yi Nan spread her arms calmly and a brilliant Spirit Mirror appeared in front of her.

Just when all enemies thought the arrows would collide with the Spirit Mirror and cause an earth shattering explosion, a strange phenomenon occurred. Those unstoppable arrows that could penetrate even the hardest of iron walls just disappeared without a trace, as if they had never appeared before. Even the clown, skeleton man Rachel and Golden Armour Marshall Long Xiang widened their eyes, unable to find the whereabouts of the arrows.

“Reverse Mirror.”

Yi Nan touched the Spirit Mirror with her dainty fingers, and it rotated once.

Bright light shone out, blinding everyone.

Those four deadly arrows appeared once again, but this time, the direction they flew in had completely changed.

They did not fly beside Yi Nan. Instead, they shot out in the direction of the way the Spirit Mirror was facing. During the time that the four Divine Archers were too stunned to react, the four arrows streaked across like meteors, straight towards the four Divine Archers’ foreheads, leaving blazing trails of fire.

There didn’t seem to be much of a struggle as the four Divine Archers collapsed to the ground altogether.

Instantly killed.

The whole area was in an uproar.

However, in Yue Yang’s eyes, Yi Nan’s move ‘Reverse Mirror’ wasn’t that weird. Forget about her Spirit Mirror’s abilities, and her spirit power force field. Even when they were in the Prison Emperor Divine Palace, Lei Shen Shi, who was still a powerful Innate Level 10 even if only his soul was left, wasn’t able to hurt Yi Nan from a far distance with his Black Light. In reality, Yi Nan was unrivalled in long ranged attacks, but weak in close ranged attacks.

Yue Yang guessed that because of this, Night Empress and Fourth Mother taught her that kind of Code-like power, the spirit power force field, to protect herself.

“Once more, I don’t believe it. Let’s see how much difference in level you can overtake!” The clown was furious. He waved his hands sinisterly.

This time, two monsters stepped forward.

The two monsters looked like fleas and were identical to each other. There were round shields on their backs and short claws on their hands. There were also special-looking bloody thorns on their elbows.

The flea monsters jumped very high towards the sky. They leapt around hundreds of meters high in the sky, as their feet stepped on empty air. It was obvious that they could jump in the air, and their speed became even faster the more they jumped. In the end, their movement became too fast that their bodies disappeared without a trace.

Most importantly, they were both Earth Rank Level 7. They were much more powerful than the Earth Rank Level 5 Death Warrior and Divine Archers. Any one of them would be able to kill Yi Nan instantly. The clown thought that even if this weak human girl could kill enemies of a higher level than her, there must be a limit to her powers and the limit would not be too far away. It was already unconceivable for her to kill Earth Rank level 5 enemies.

Would she be able to kill these Earth Rank Level 7 enemies?

Even if she could, she would need to give it her all, right? In the Clown Bandit Group, how many Earth Rank Level 7s were there? There were at least 3000 of them, how many could she kill?

The clown had confidence that with the Flea Brothers’ lightning fast jumping power, Yi Nan wouldn’t have the time to use Reverse Mirror or other kinds of attacks. It was also because the way they fought was unique and different compared to the close-ranged and long-ranged attacks from just now. Forget about counter-attacking, Yi Nan should have difficulties defending against them. This was because she couldn’t see the Flea Brothers’ movements at all… All it would take was for her to slip up once and make a wrong judgement for it to become her last day, because the Flea Brothers were experts in catching weaknesses.

“Spirit Mirror Reveal.” The Spirit Mirror in Yi Nan’s hands shined brilliantly. Suddenly, the brilliance shrunk and concentrated its luminance on the two crazy leaping shadows in the sky.

No matter how fast the two shadows moved, they were not fast enough to escape the brilliant rays of the Spirit Mirror.

The two shadows moved even faster, leaving dozens of afterimages of themselves across the sky.

It was absolutely impossible to differentiate the real from the fakes with the naked eye.

All that was seen were flashes of movements, there a second and gone the next.

More shadows continued to move differently.

Yet, those who were careful could find the trail of an obvious pattern. It was that the two beams of light from the Spirit Mirror were always on the same two shadows. No matter how they moved, appeared or disappeared, they were always accompanied by the two light beams, unable to escape from the light.

“Spirit Absorption…”

Yi Nan stretched out her hand, guiding the Spirit Mirror remotely.

The beautiful movements of the two shadows captured by the light could not help them escape. They were dragged helplessly out into the sky as they slipped toward the surface of the Spirit Mirror.

The Flea Brothers tried to struggle free from the light rays but found it to be impossible. The pull was within them, in their soul and their bodies would not listen to their will.

All they could do was to intensify their struggle while they were slowly pulled in. This would help them produce more resistance to further slow down the pull and also coagulate their powers for a thunderous attack when they get close enough. Clown’s, Skeleton Man Rachel’s, the bald Wise Demon Marshall’s and Golden Armour Marshall Long Xiang’s expressions turned ghastly as this kind of pull on one’s soul terrified them.

Luckily, the pull on the souls was extremely slow.

Moreover, the Spirit Mirror needed to reveal itself before the light rays can lock onto the target and only after ensuring that there would be no struggle could the pull on one’s soul be exerted. Otherwise, this type of special skill would be the nightmare of all Heaven Ranks.

“To hell with it…” Seeing their unfavourable situation, the Flea Brothers were going to self-destruct and kill themselves.

“Paralyze!” Yi Nan pointed and the Hallucinatory Butterfly sprinkled a cloud of rainbow colored pollen.

In the next instant, the Flea Brothers, who were increasing their powers to fight it out with Yi Nan became zombies, at the mercy of others. Their bodies were so numb they could not even blink, much less move their fingers. Yi Nan then used her Spirit Petals to completely disperse their explosive energy. A burst of beautiful petals blew past and the Flea Brothers’ bulging bodies withered rapidly… The Hallucinatory Butterfly grabbed them with her hands and twinkling red lights shined in her palms. Her palms started to absorb as the flowing energies in the Flea Brothers’ blood surged out violently, coagulating into two blood spheres.

Despite being Earth Rank Level 7, the Flea Brothers rapidly fell in their ranking due to the withered energy in their bodies and the loss of power in their blood.

Under everyone’s eyes, they started falling continuously from Earth Rank Level 7.

Earth Rank Level 6, Earth Rank Level 5…

The Hallucinatory Butterfly sprinkled another cloud of grey pollen. The Flea Brothers were enchanted by the pollen and in a flash, they saw the most terrifying in the world.

All the muscles in their body twitched frantically, their pupils enlarged. At last struggling free of their paralysis, the Flea Brothers tore at their faces with their claws as if there were horrible creatures gnawing at their faces… As everyone watched, the Flea Brothers tore off their faces before crushing their own skulls ruthlessly.

Before they died, one of the Flea Brothers seemed to feel its fists were too slow and fished out a large hammer, forcibly smashing its head to pulp.


Now, the gazes at Yi Nan were no longer doubtful but full of fear!

Many of them were not afraid to die.

But they were afraid to die such a terrible death.

Earth Rank Level 7, being toyed to death without any means to retaliate, it was just too tragic.

“Mirror Realm shatter!” Yi Nan clenched her fist suddenly and the Spirit Mirror before her emitted a crisp tinkling sound of glass shattering. The surface of the Spirit Mirror remained as smooth as ever but the world inside the mirror had shattered into smithereens. No one understood her actions but the answer was revealed right away. Two transparent shadows were standing three meters away behind Yi Nan and Yue Yang.

They were prepared to attack when they suddenly turned rigid after being revealed.

They fell simultaneously fell dead on the ground..

When the Mirror Realm shattered, those who had their souls absorbed by the Spirit Mirror would die from the weaknesses in their spirits.

Others would never understand how they died, but to those who died, it was equivalent to bearing the punishment of the Code’s power from the Virgo Palace of Tong Tian Tower’s Twelve Zodiac Palace.

“Damn it, this is real power of the Code!” The clown was shaking with fury. He had never been this furious in his entire life. To think that this ‘weak little girl’ possessed a Spirit Mirror that could enforce the Code’s power. Although such power was very limited and only a form a defensive spiritual attack, it was still the Code’s power, the unopposable Code’s power!

In other words, in order to kill this woman, unless there were no weaknesses in a person’s spirit, both parties would definitely suffer great damage as the person must suffer punishment of the Code’s power from the Spirit Mirror’s protection.

The two men he sent to ambush them had died silently from the weakness in their spirits…

Whether it was the Black Skeleton Group or the Clown Group, or even the ship’s crew or guests, they were so afraid that they distanced themselves from Yi Nan.

This was too scary. This human girl was simply a death god, who controlled souls.

However, the death god like existence that was Yi Nan suddenly threw herself into Yue Yang’s embrace. Since her spirit power had been used up, she embraced Yue Yang’s waist, buried her head in his chest and muttered tiredly: “I’m sorry, I could only fight to this extent right now. I will rest for a while and could only watch you fight!”

“No problem. Your improvements had already far surpassed my expectation. I was pleasantly surprised. Rest well my darling and leave everything to me!”

Yue Yang lightly caressed Yi Nan’s hair as his face showed an exceptionally gratified smile.

It seems that Yi Nan, who he was most worried about, had already reached the point where she could take charge of herself……

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