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LLS Chapter 614 – Dance in the air, Spirit Petals

Chapter 614 – Dance in the air, Spirit Petals
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The female giant’s knees went weak, and she almost collapsed onto the deck.

But, she gritted her teeth.

Using her will that was stronger than steel, a staggering power exploded from within her. She supported herself with her limp knees and stood upright again. The Plague Dragon Nail that had entered her shoulder and abdomen had already poisoned her wounds blue. When faced with such a weapon, even though she was Heaven Rank Level 5, the female giant could not bear the pain.

“Clap clap clap!” the clown clasp the magic wand between his elbow and applauded in delight.

“Fu Tou?” The eyes of Ox-clan brothers whose hands were tied up with Touch Dragon Whisker turned red with fury. They roared like maniacs at Fu Tou whom they had once called their comrade.

“Big Sis…….” One-eyed dragon and the others wanted to rush forward to support the female giant. But she waved her arm and shooed everyone away. Surprisingly, the female giant was not angry. Instead, she calmly ask Fu Tou, who was stepping back slowly in shock: “Why? If I die, among the Raging Flame Bandit Group, you are the most powerful. You have the most potential. Sooner or later, you would be the leader. Why must you conspire with outsiders to harm me? What have I done wrong to you? Don’t worry, I will not kill you. People like you, if I kill you with my hands, I would be dirtying my own hands. Now, I just want to ask you, why?”

“Big Sis, I don’t want to die. They forced me, I had no choice!” Fu Tou bawled in shame.

“Can you not make yourself seem so pitiful?” the clown laughed coldly. His extremely long fingers pointed at Fu Tou and sneered heartlessly: “Who was the one who caused all this trouble? It was you! If you did not come running into my territory, trying to snatch the beauty I had reserved, you would not have been captured by me. If you had not been so horny, and wanted to abduct the woman I was planning to gift Wise Demon Marshal, I believe Wise Demon Marshal would not have easily come into conflict with Big Sis…… Fu Tou, one word from me, it was you who caused this chaos. After being captured by us, who was the one who went on his knees to surrender. Who was the one who even leaked Raging Flame Group’s latest movements and their next hunt? It was you, you traitor! If you did not tell us their plans to raid the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, Marshal Long Xiang would not even bring his troops here to rescue people. Fu Tou, you not only betrayed them and leaked their secrets, you also took the initiative to get on board the our plans. You killed your comrade ‘Deer Hunter’ and pretended to be heavily injured to use the Plague Drgon Nail against Big Sis…… Hahahahaha, such scum like you, compared to the past me who was chased out of the Raging Flame Group for being afraid of facing a strong enemy in battle, you are worse by a hundred thousand times. Big Sis, I have to say, this time, you made a wrong judgment of character!”

“You guys were the ones who forced me, everything was not my choice!” Fu Tou shouted hysterically. He realised the clown pretended not to hear him, and then cried to the female giant in repentance: “Big Sis, I reached Heaven Rank at such a young age. You said it before too, I have great potential. I have such a bright future, I really don’t want to die! They were the ones who forced me. Deer Hunter big brother was not supposed to die, but he refused to listen to me and even wanted to kill me. I had no choice, I did not kill him. They killed him together. I was only acting by the clown’s orders to chop his head down. At that time, he was already dead. Even if I did not chop Deer Hunter big brother’s head off, he would still be dead! And, plotting against you, it was their order. If I did not do what they said, they would have killed me…… Big Sis, they have many people on their side, we cannot win this battle, let us surrender!”

“There is no we, there is only you!” One-eyed dragon spat: “From today onwards, all our ties are cut. We are no longer brothers with scum like you, but enemies until death!”

“I don’t want to talk to fools like you guys. You guys are not even Heaven Rank, do you think you have a right to talk? You lowly cannon fodder, what right do you have to criticise me? If it was you guys who had been captured, would you not have done the same as me? I bet you would do worse than me! One-eyed dragon, if not for what has happened today, you are all beneath me. Big Sis said before that she will pass the position to me in the future. You think I really wanted to surrender?” Fu Tou shouted at One-eyed dragon furiously.

“Understood.” the female giant nodded expressionlessly: “Actually, it is good that such a thing happened. At least now, I can see through people clearly. I hereby announce the disbandment of the Raging Flame Bandit Group. From now on, there is no more Raging Flame Bandit Group in South Heaven Realm. Ox-clan brothers, I recommend for you two to work under the Lionheart King. Even though he is the enemy, he is fair in his dealings. You two will not suffer under him.”

“No, Big Sis, we brothers will only listen to you. If Big Sis is no longer alive, we brothers cannot continue to live.” Ox-clan brothers fell to their knees on the deck.

“This is an order, I am not asking for your opinion.” The female giant shouted strictly like thunder shooting from the sky.

“Yes.” Ox-clan brothers kowtowed over and over again before standing up. They shouted to the crowd in unison: “If today we, Ox-clan brothers, leave here alive, we will seek revenge. Fu Tou, you will be the first!”

“…….” Fu Tou’s face paled slightly, but did not say anything. He only stepped back quietly and stood behind the clown.

“Long Xiang, representing His Highness the Lionheart King, welcome Ox-clan brothers as one of the eight generals of my troop, bestowing the title of Barons and a manor in the imperial capital. As the commander-in-chief, I allow for Ox-clan generals to not participate in this battle.” That Golden Armor Marshall Long Xiang took in Ox-clan brothers on the spot. Even though the clown, skeleton man and bald guy were not happy with that, they did not want to offend the Lionheart King, who was one of the big guys in South Heaven Realm. Actually, the clown predicted that Long Xiang would disregard their former hatred. After all, no matter where they go, people will fight over Heaven Ranked Rankers.

“We thank the marshall.” Ox-clan brothers had intended to die. But now, they will live, because they had to seek revenge.

They understood Big Sis’ intentions. If they insisted on what they wanted, everyone here would die.

She chose to fight alone.

Now, although it was Ox-clan brothers’ wish to die in battle with her, there was still one person not dead. That person was Fu Tou. This guy was Heaven Ranked. Other than themselves, no one can seek revenge against him.

Ox-clan brothers decided to live on for now. After they had achieved their revenge, they will die for Big Sis.

The two brothers looked at each other and nodded.

They knelt and kowtowed, bidding the female giant farewell: “Big Sis, we will be leaving. When one day we obtain the severed head of the enemy, we will meet Big Sis again!”

To die in battle was easy and it would grant an extremely content death!

But, to keep on living for revenge was very difficult.

It was very bitter…….

Ox-clan brothers gritted their teeth. Under the escort of six Heaven Rank Rankers, they fought back the tears in their eyes and howled to the skies like injured wild wolves. They quickly left the cruise, and headed to the east following a team of aerial knights on Thunder Griffins.

For revenge, they were willing to serve the Lionheart King temporarily and give up the thought of fighting beside Big Sis in battle to their deaths.

“Are you guys leaving?” the female giant looked at one-eyed dragon and skinny mercenary.

“We…… Big Sis, please let us stay. As the leader of a chivalrous bandit group, how can you not have a few tiny soldiers die with you. Moreover, we are all trash. Even if we want to surrender, no one will give us a chance!” When one-eyed dragon said this, the comrades beside him all started laughing. They pulled out their weapons together, fearless in the face of enemies that were thousand-fold larger in number than them.

They were not even afraid of death, what in the world could scare them?

They were ready to die wholeheartedly.

What force in this world could stop them?

Those group members who were burdened by their family bowed their head in pain at this point of time. They wanted to fight too, but they could not.

Their loved ones were in the enemy’s hands. If they even resisted a little, their loved ones would die. Most importantly, in the eyes of many members, this was a battle that would surely be lost. Even if they included the women, children and elderly, the enemy had more than ten times the amount of people on their side. No matter how hard they fought, it would all be useless sacrifices.

Moreover, Big Sis has already disbanded the group.

Now that even she had chosen to abandon the battle, what was there left to fight for?

“Bring it on!” the female giant pulled out the Plague Dragon Nail from her body, and threw the two bloodied long nails onto the deck. Fresh blood, blue with hues of purple, spout out from the holes in her abdomen and shoulder like a spring. the female giant remained expressionless and did not bother to wrap up her injuries, as if the injuries were on someone else’s body. She waved at the clown: “Attack me together, I want to see, who will end up as the terrified weakling that cushions the corpse pile! I will not brag, but I will at least be able to bring down one person, we shall see who is the unlucky one!”

“This humble one has always been extremely respectful and fearful of Big Sis. How could I possibly dare to touch Big Sis, don’t make fun of me.” the clown laughed sinisterly.

“That’s right, I too, have always admired Raging Flame Leader wholeheartedly.” Skeleton man answered along the same lines.

“Don’t get angry, Raging Flame Leader. Let’s take a seat and discuss it all properly. Raging Flame Leader, you are injured. You should receive some treatment, haha!” The bald Wise Demon Marshal was truly the most hypocritical. He obviously knew that the female giant had been stabbed by Plague Dragon Nail and was seriously injured. In fact, the plague was breaking out right now. He was deliberately dragging the time out so that he could attack after all the poison in Plague Dragon Nail has seeped into the bloodstream.

“…..” the female giant took a deep breath. Her body slowly increased in size. She knew that there was not much time left and was ready to fight to the last battle.

“Wait.” At this moment, Yue Yang suddenly came forward. He smiled and said: “I am sorry, I accidentally joined the battle between you all. But coincidentally, I do have something to discuss with the Raging Flame Leader. I hope that everyone can give us a moment and let me cut the queue. Actually, I will not be wasting too much of everyone’s time.”

“It’s you?” The clown’s eyes revealed a strong desire to kill.

“What matter do you have with me?” the female giant was stunned at Yue Yang who had suddenly appeared. She quickly waved her hand: “Lad, you are not one of us, scram to the side, this is none of your business.”

“Who says so?” Yue Yang objected: “You said that you will help us organise our wedding. Now that all our guests are here, you want to quit?”

“That’s right, Sister, you cannot go back on your word!” Yi Nan smiled and nodded her head, playing by Yue Yang’s story.

Everyone was shocked by Yue Yang and Yi Nan’s words.

This young couple, were they not afraid of death? Even if they had not drawn the connection to the Raging Flame Bandit Group just now, they might still have been killed by the Black Skeleton Group and the Clown Group to silence them. But now, they even dared to stand out, disregarding the many Heaven Rank Rankers. Not to say a wedding, were the two of them seeking a death wish?

The female giant was immensely moved. She knew that Yue Yang and Yi Nan were supporting her.

Her comrades of many years in battle could not compare against some newly-met strangers.

She did not even know their names, it was just a single meeting, but at this most dangerous point of time, the two of them bravely stood out to support her……

The female giant took a deep breath and suppressed the fire that burned at the bottom of her heart. Using her softest and gentlest voice, she said to Yi Nan: “Little sister, I cannot help you arrange your wedding now. But I send my blessings and hope you two will be happy and safe forever.”

Yi Nan held onto Yue Yang’s hand.

With his support, she was filled with confidence and courage.

Yi Nan was not the least bit afraid despite facing countless strong rankers. Using a voice clear as a stream, her graceful works shocked everyone present: “If it is not convenient for Big Sister, then we are willing to help. We will let the guests who have come for a drink understand which kind of guests are welcomed. At our hometown, the dishonest people usually are asking for a beating. With a beating, they will become wise. I think that this method can also be used here.”

Yue Yang gave her a thumbs up.

After countless battles, Yi Nan this girl had become stronger. If this were in the past, she would not have possessed such courage.

Turns out, it was not just himself that had changed. Everyone had also grown.

Even Yi Nan, she too had become a warrior who is unafraid of anything!

Seeing his lover made such improvements truly warmed Yue Yang’s heart……

The clown’s glare was scarily cold. He gently waved his hand and four Earth Rank Level 5 death warriors stood out, ready to crush Yue Yang and Yi Nan.

Just as Yue Yang was ready to attack, Yi Nan held him back with a confident smile: “Leave these few to me! I will leave the much stronger ones to you, I can settle these. Don’t worry, Night Empress and Fourth Mother have taught me some very special moves. I have not had the chance to show you, but with you here, I want to give it a go and see my improvements…… Bing’er and I, and everyone actually, have been training hard. Today, let me prove myself!”

Yi Nan did not actually leave Yue Yang’s side.

She would not leave his side carelessly, she would not give the enemy a chance to ambush.

Moreover, her mental attacks could traverse space and distance. She could easily attack from afar with no need to leave Yue Yang’s side.

Gold rays shone when she summoned her Platinum Grimoire in an instant. When the four Earth-Rank Level 5 death warriors charged at them, Yi Nan calmly summoned Spirit Mirror, Hallucination Butterfly and her Guardian Beast, Small Fairy. But unlike in the past, she did not first use the attacking methods Yue Yang taught her, but instead used a method Yue Yang had never seen before.

She shut her eyes and stretched her hands out elegantly like a flower swaying in the wind.

All of her spiritual energy formed an arena similar to a domain.

Compared to the domains that Innate Level Fives were capable of using, this arena had a magical will that was similar to the Code’s power.

Even Yue Yang was stunned. He almost thought Yi Nan was using the Code’s power. But after sensing it, he realised that was not the case. It was a will similar to the Code’s power. It was very powerful but it was not as difficult to control and could completely be controlled by Yi Nan.

“Spread!” Yi Nan’s body spun beautifully, the energy around her body turned into flower petals dancing around her. About half a meter before the attacks of the four Earth Rank Level 5 death warriors reached Yi Nan’s head, they were all repelled by the flower petals formed from Yi Nan’s energy. Those seemingly harmless flower petals disregarded the strong bodies of the death warriors and even their armor and sliced into their body.

In an instant, the spirit of these four death warriors were destroyed.

The power from their attacks were also absorbed by the beautiful flower petals turned into even stronger repelling shocks and threw those four corpses a hundred meters away.

Even though the four death warriors did not die, they have become empty husks. Their consciousness now completely cease to exist, only their physical bodies were left.

Such a defeat could be said to be ten times scarier than death!

Seeing Yi Nan’s attack, everyone paled.

The clown even shouted: “The Code’s power? What Code’s power is this?”

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