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LLS Chapter 613 – Betrayal, Plague Dragon Nail

Chapter 613 – Betrayal, Plague Dragon Nail
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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When the female giant saw those women and children, who were detained, her face paled.

She clenched her fist, the imposing air exuding from her could almost destroy the heaven and earth. But she forced herself to hold it down, forcibly suppressing it.

One-eyed dragon and skinny mercenary took a look and knelt down, powerless. The reason was that they have realised that the women and children, who they hid, had all been captured by the enemy, not a single one was left.

Even among the two Heaven Rank Rankers, who had stayed back to keep guard, only one of them remained.

The other had already died in battle. His bloody head had been picked up by the enemy’s spear. His eyes stared wide furiously, filled with remaining grievance….

Those Raging Flame members, whose morale were still high while surrounded by the Thunder Griffin Army and the Skeleton Bandit Group, dropped the weapon in their hands weakly at this point of time. For their family, for their parents, for their children, they could go through hell in war. Even if they died on the battlefield, their loved ones would receive money for their death. They had no worries living under the leadership of Big Sis.

But now that their loved ones had all been captured by the enemy, they could no longer wave the weapons in their hands.

“Big, Big Sis, I have wronged you!” That Heaven Rank Ranker who had been captured alive suddenly wailed loudly. He struggled desperately, but under the watch of as many as eight Heaven Ranked enemies, all of his struggles were completely futile.

Battered, he was sent to the feet of the clown. The clown used its extremely skinny and long leg to step on his head.

If this peak Heaven Rank Level 4 clown used just a bit of force, this Heaven Rank Level 2 man, who was heavily injured, would have his head explode and die…… Now, the clown looked at the female giant: “Big Sis, you must know that this humble one always listens to what you say. Now, what do you think we should do? The words that Big Sis say are cast in iron, this humble one will definitely listen!” His extremely long fingers spun skillfully and the magic wand in his hand spun extremely fast, showing his delight.

Skeleton man also expressed that it would listen to the female giant’s orders.

As it spoke, it used its finger to pull out a thick white maggot from his ear hole, and quickly stuffed it into its mouth while no one was watching.

As for the bald Wise Demon Marshall, he came out to smooth things out at this point of time, laughing loudly: “We should not trouble Raging Flame Leader anymore. Clown, it is also wrong for you to always detain people like that. No matter what, he is still Heaven Ranked. For you to detain him like such is rude. If word goes out, outsiders would think that the few of us ganged up to bully the Heaven Rank Raging Flame Leader! How about this, I will be the mediator. As long as Raging Flame Leader agrees to our condition, we will release him, and we can negotiate further. Cough, because Raging Flame Leader has a bad temper, should we use a ‘Plague Dragon Nail’ to prick the skin, and use pain to remind the easily angered Raging Flame Leader that as long as she does not act rashly, things can go smoothly. We will then immediately release him and make negotiations. Actually, this is not a big deal. We are all old friends and should easily enter discussions!”

“Wise Demon Marshall, even though you have detained our person, we have tens of thousands of people within our control. If we make this cruise explode, none of the ten thousand of people on the ship would be left.” One-eyed dragon shouted loudly, raising the detonator in his hand.

“Huk!” The passengers on the boat were terrified. Their body all turned to jelly.

If these bandits were backed into a corner, they might do anything.

Many people were hoping for a negotiation, please do not be rash. Some people even cheered for Golden Armour Marshal, saying that they were some lord from some family, hoping to be saved for a hefty reward.

But Golden Armour Marshal stood still like a mountain, not moving an inch. He ignored all the shouts, as if he were a statue.

The clown, who was stepping on the Heaven Rank Ranker quickly spun his magic wand and ask the bald guy calmly amidst all the chaos: “Wise Demon Marshall, do you see any outsiders here?”

The bald guy shrugged his shoulders: “No, not one. Is there a boat here? Are the people on the boat? Why do I not see any single one? Duke Rachel, other than you and Black Skeleton Group and Clown Group, is there anyone else?”

Skeleton man grinned to reveal an entire mouth of black teeth, it replied: “There are. There are more than ten thousand aerial knights on Thunder Griffins. As for any cruise crew, passengers such, I do not see a single one. You all must know, I have no eyes, I am blind! To ask if I see any passengers, isn’t that nonsense? In my eyes, there is not a single person!”

The bald guy was very pleased with this answer.

He turned towards One-eyed dragon: “Did you hear that? There is not a single person here!”

One-eyed dragon was shaking in fury, yet he tried to suppress his anger: “As long as I press this detonator, there will be a boat here, and there will be people on that boat!”

Bald guy smiled and did not answer. He casually threw a long glowing blue nail in front of the female giant. This nail must be the Plague Dragon Nail he wqas talking about. With his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision, Yue Yang could tell that this Plague Dragon Nail was the best weapon that could keep the female giant’s power under control. Now, Yue Yang finally started to understand. There must be some ancient dragon’s blood flowing within this female giant’s veins……

This ‘Plague Dragon Nail’ that was useless against normal humans, was the most powerful weapon against the female giant!

When One-eyed dragon saw this long glowing blue nail, he tightly squeezed the detonator and shouted angrily: “Shameless guy, how dare you try to harm our Big Sis like this? All of you, die, I will make this entire cruise explode and we will all die together!”

The female giant was now furious, she waved her hand: “Lao San, come here!”

“Big Sis, I used to listen to everything you say. But today, today, please listen to me this time. These people, their target is us. They just want to destroy us. If we want to turn things around, we have to do this, no matter how immoral. If not, us Raging Flames are done for!”

“I understand.” the female giant nodded seriously. She first stretched out her hand to pat one-eyed dragon’s shoulder: “Lao San, these years, you have silently worked hard for the group. I see it all in my eyes, and am grateful in my heart. You have done well, I am happy. But this time, you have done something wrong, I must make you realise your mistake!” She snatched the detonator over and crushed it in her hands, and slapped one-eyed dragon away.

Blood splattered through the air.

After one-eyed dragon crawled up painfully, the female giant ordered him to come over. She slapped him again, and the other side of his face swell up too: “Lao San, I must remind you one thing: Even in the face of death, do not change your nature! Do you understand what I am saying? As a man, if you are indecisive, if you have no spine and cannot stand up for what you want, what is the point of being a man? A man must have spirit, you must have backbone, you must be strong and bear responsibility on your shoulders. You must have the capability to do big things. As a man, no matter what challenges and problems that exist in this world, you cannot give up, you have to face them! Only a fellow who is brave and does not lose his true nature in the face of adversity can be called a man, you understand? Those trash that kneel to surrender and only dare to bully those weaker than them, do they even deserve to be called men? Spit! Lao San, if you do not want to be a man, you can scram. My gang, even if there is only just one man, it is still stronger than an entire group of trash!”

“Yes!” One-eyed dragon’s whole face was bloodied, but he still tried to straighten his back and use his loudest voice to shout: “Reporting to Big Sis, you hit well. Lao San is not trash, Lao San is a man, a man made of steel!”

A dozen mercenaries who did not have families rushed out beside one-eyed dragon.

Under skinny mercenary’s lead, they stood behind One-eyed Dragon.

As for those members who are looking at the their loved ones being threatened with knives to their neck, they too wanted to stand alongside one-eyed dragon, but when they looked at the infants, who were raised high in the air and could be thrown onto the floor to their death, they could not help but stop in their tracks. They shut their eyes in pain, hot tears streaming down their faces.

They did not come forward to stand with one-eyed dragon, but instead all knelt on the ground.

What else could they do other than being the meat on someone’s chopping block?

Yue Yang, however, was still smiling. At first, Yi Nan was very anxious, but she was not strong enough to help the female giant. She poked Yue Yang, at first she wanted him to console her. But now that she saw his smile, she calmed down immediately. She believed that her lover would never disappoint her, he was the most outstanding man in the whole world. Even in this adversity, he will have a solution. Even during desperate times inside the Prison Emperor Divine Palace and Death Arena, he had still been able to achieve the final victory.

She believed that will also be the case today.

She believed in him more than she believed in herself!

“Negotiation?” the female giant picked up the glowing blue Plague Dragon Nail and fiercely stabbed it into her shoulder. Her body that had been firm as a mountain shook momentarily, but she stilled quickly. She ignored the blood all over her body, as if this Plague Dragon Nail was stabbed onto someone else. She looked at the clown coldly: “I have damaged one of my arms. Are you content now?”

“?” Yi Nan looked at Yue Yang worriedly. But Yue Yang waved his hand casually, telling her to keep watching.

“Big Sis really is Big Sis, you are trully the symbol of brotherhood!” The clown stuck out his thumb. The magic wand in his hand spun a few times and he kicked the seriously injured Heaven Rank Eanker over to the front of the female giant: “I will release this one first. After the ox-clan brothers put down their weapons and tie their hands together, we will release the elderly and the children. You must know that there are too many Heaven Rank in the Raging Flame Group. Other than Big-Sis, the other two there are completely uninjured!”

“Tie us up!” Seeing the female giant shut her eyes, the ox-clan brothers that were not too impressive calmly stretched out both their hands to allow the enemy’s eight Heaven Rank Rankers tie their hands up with Touch Dragon Whiskers.

Anyway, there were twice as many Heaven Rank Rankers on the enemy’s side, and they were higher ranked.

This battle will depend on how Big Sis negotiated, they were of no use now.

If Big Sis wanted to fight to death, they did not mind. They will definitely fight to the last drop of blood. But if Big Sis had chosen not to fight, they would also listen to her. One must know that since they had met Big Sis, they had never defied her orders.

The female giant bent down and helped the Heaven Rank Ranker up: “Fu Tou, it must have been hard on you. The battle from here on, leave it to Big Sis!”
(Last: Fu Tou means ax)

That heavily injured Heaven Ranker hugged her legs and bawled like a young child.

“You are grown up now. Stop being like a child. If Big Sis is not around anymore, you have to lead everyone, do you understand?” the female giant wanted to support the Heaven Rank Ranker called Fu Tou up. But then, the situation changed suddenly. The bald Wise Demon Marshall suddenly attacked. On the other side, skeleton man Rachel brandished his bent blade with lightning fast speed. But the fastest, was definitely the clown, his target was the already heavily injured Fu Tou.

“Careful!” One-eyed dragon warned, but it was already too late.

“…….” Yue Yang saw a cold light flash. He wanted to help, but in that instant, he changed his mind. He decided to stay a spectator. The fight has just begun, it was not the time to reveal the truth. He had to wait until the truth was fully unveiled to attack. That would be the best timing.

“Ahhhhh!” the female giant swung her single arm and blocked the clown’s attack. She then used brute force to shake the bald guy and skeleton man away.

However, at the same time, drops of blood dripped onto the deck.

Her face filled with shock.

Not even in her dreams, would the female giant ever imagine that the comrade that she was protecting would stealthily attack her.

The other Plague Dragon Nail stabbed into her lower abdomen. The person who snuck the attack on her turned out to be Fu Tou who was heavily injured…… She had used her life to protect him, but in exchange, she received a fatal nail.

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