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LLS Chapter 612 – Powerful enemies are like cloud, happy occasions are impossible

Chapter 612 – Powerful enemies are like cloud, happy occasions are impossible
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“You can’t even guarantee you own safety, what wedding.” Yue Yang laughed.

“What?” Female giant was stunned to hear that.

Immediately turned her head to look around.

Lastly, her face changed slightly, looking at the east.

In the clouds at the extremely far away east, a black spot appeared, then became clearer and clearer, transforming into a marshall clad in golden armor and riding a giant dragon. This marshall crossed his arms in front of his chest as he stood on the head of the giant dragon arrogantly. Numerous densely packed black spots, flew out from the clouds, turning into aerial knights that all wore silver armor.

This group of aerial knights totalled 10,000.

Their mounts were Thunder Griffins which had the head of a vulture, body of a lion, steel claws, iron tail and silver wings.
(Last: vulture = chinese thing)

A Griffin Army appeared bearing a distinct flag and clanking armor. When the bugle horn was blown, the great and mighty Griffin Army quickly split to two sides, forming a semicircle neatly like they were one, completely surrounding the cruise ship. They seemed to have rehearsed this millions of times, thus the interval between every individual, horsemen weapons, flag and cloaks were exactly the same. They were as silent as metal, carrying murderous looks. These aerial knights had such a strong rapport as if they were a single entity. It was clear that they were very well trained brave men.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

The golden armor marshall raised his right hand, the whole army started shouting, as their voices shook the world.

Then immediately, all of them stood in respect.

They were like steel troops, waiting for their next order.

More than ten of the silver armor generals stepped forward from the row. They followed closely behind the golden armor marshall, and flew towards the cruise ship simultaneously.

Yue Yang used his Heaven Eyes Divine Vision to tell that the 10,000 strong Griffin Army was composed of mostly Earth Rank Level 6 units. The silver armor generals were stronger, and the weakest few were already Earth Rank Level 8, while most of them were Earth Rank Level 9.

There were even 3 of themat Earth Rank Level 10.

Although they do not have grimoires, their abilities were comparable to the Emperor of the Underworld, Sky Emperor and Ocean Emperor.

“Thunder Griffins?” The female giant frowned and shouted: “Could it be that you, the subordinates of the self-proclaimed righteous Lionheart King, are trying to interfere with the Raging Flame Bandit Group’s business? Long Xiang, although you are the one of the three great marshalls under the Lionheart King, you only bootlicked your way up there, don’t think that you can interfere with my business with your little abilities! Scram now, or else I will not give you face even if you are the Lionheart King……”

“The Raging Flame Leader’s title is well known in South Heaven Realm to the point that it could even stop children’s tears. However, let me say this, it might be easy for you to scare little children, but you don’t have enough qualifications to intimidate me!” The golden armor marshall arrogantly replied, while standing on the giant dragon head.

“Big Sis, things don’t seem to be going well, we should not fight the enemy.” One-eyed dragon’s eyes flashed as he quickly spoke.

“Don’t worry, it’s just one person Long Xiang, I can take him down with one hand.” The female giant waved her hand: “You guys go prepare the wedding for that little sister. I will handle those puny Thunder Knights. Remember, whatever I say must come true.”

“It seems that today is a festive day for the Raging Flames. Hahaha, let this senior give a toast to the bride and groom.”
(Last: Toast – http://www.chicago-toast.com/img/big-toast-img.png)

A bald man descended from the sky like a meteorite, falling extremely fast.

Everyone thought the bald man was going to collide with the deck, even if he did not fall and become a meat pulp, he would put a hole in the deck and into the cabin.

Unexpectedly, this man turned over, the meteorite-like descent disappeared immediately, and he descended down lightly like a feather, his toes touching the deck, not stirring up any dust. His head was like a treeless hill, no grass grew on it. That bright and round head looked like a comical and funny big lightbulb in Yue Yang’s eyes. Other than the trademark bald head, the way he dressed was also very unique, he wore a very luxurious silver fur coat, like a gentleman; he was bare-breasted, showing off his thick chest hair, boorish like a barbarian.

He wore bright red pants, with a pair of black leather shoes with a pointed tip. His entire attire was extremely awkward.

What was most intolerable was that this guy wore different colored diamond rings on all of his ten fingers.

He looked like a country bumpkin who just became rich!

Of course, based on his appearance, this countryman who just became rich just looked like he was asking for a beating and did not look important.

In fact, this bald man who looked like a countryman who just became rich, was a notorious bandit for South Heaven Realm, his rank was higher than the female giant. South Heaven Realm’s bounty for him was as high has 650 million.

“It’s you, baldy? You can walk your sunshine path while I walk my single-log bridge, why have you entered my territory?” The female giant’s face darkened. As if the appearance of Thunder Griffin’s commander Long Xiang was not enough, now the ‘Wise Demon Marshall’ that had a bounty of 650 million gold even appeared. The sudden change in reality caused her to start thinking and considering. If there were no special conditions, the self-proclaimed righteous Long Xiang would never work with the Wise demon marshall, this kind of demon. Were they coming for her? Or was there a royalty, who was concealing himself on the cruise and summoned Long Xiang for protection? Wise demon marshall always kept to himself, he might be trying to take advantage of the crisis for personal gains!
(Last: took me a while to realize the joke here. Wise here can also be TLed as Wisdom Light, or in a pun-ish way means Bright Head = Shinny bald head = Baldy XD)

“It’s just a wedding toast, why do you have to be so stingy, Raging Flames?” The bald Wise Demon Marshall laughed.

“Big Sis, there is a ghost down there.”

Two mercenaries dressed as Heaven Rank Rankers flew up from the bottom of the lake shore, rushing to report to the female giant.

Actually they did not need to report it, since the female giant already saw it.

In the forest on the lake shore, a ‘force field’ that was disguised by a Heaven Rank Ranker’s special treasure was removed. Numerous thieves that had a black head scarf tied on their head were waving black skull flags. They flew out like waves from the forest and there were tens of thousands of them.

Leading them was a skeleton man with a bent blade behind his back and a blade of grass held between his teeth. He did a few flips and landed easily in front of the female giant.

The skeleton man that looked like he could fall apart anytime, wore clothes that were tattered and torn, as if he just climbed out of a grave.

This skeleton man was really ugly, but he acted like he was a gentleman. First he bowed like noble to the female giant, then used an accent that upper class men used: “Duke Saul de Harmondale Edwards Mullifabel Rachel greets Raging Flame Leader. It’s been a few years, Lie Yan Group Leader. I have thought of you constantly. One day apart seems like 3 years. Raging Flame Leader, you are still graceful and beautiful. Under this soughing windy night, evening sunset, I can’t help but fall in love with you.”
(Last: If you have a better suggestion for the name, just comment it: 萨乌·瑟·哈蒙代尔·爱德华兹·穆里法贝尔·雷切公爵)

“Pu!” Yue Yang spat once he heard it.

“……” The female giant did not look happy at all, it was as disgusting as if she saw a maggot on the ground swaying its butt and crawling around.

In reality, there really was a maggot that climbed out of the duke’s nose. When it climbed to his teeth, the skeleton man opened his mouth and starting chewing on the maggot, as if he was eating a delicacy.

While he was chewing, a shaky tooth fell out by accident.

Skeleton man screamed, quickly picked up the tooth and turned around, using the robe to shield him from other people’s gaze, then carefully placed that tooth back into his mouth. Lastly, he bowed to everyone else, expressing his apology: “I’m very old, my body is rotting, my teeth are loose, I hope everyone will be understanding about my predicament.”

After saying that, he told out a silk handkerchief from somewhere, and wiped the non existent cold sweat from his head.

Yue Yang was speechless.

He made a hypothesis in his heart, that if he punched the two rows of teeth with his fist, he would be able to cause all the guy’s teeth to fly out. Then, let the guy pick the teeth up one by one by himself. That would be an incredible feeling.

Although this skeleton man looked dumb, his abilities were not to be dismissed.

Skeleton man was ranked above the female giant. He was South Heaven Realm ranked number 9 ‘Black Skeleton Bandit Group’s leader, Rachel. The bent blade on his back was the Holy Ranked Treasure ‘Heartrend’. In the entire South Heaven Realm’s top 1000 magic weapons handbook, it was among the top. The only regret was that this skeleton man, Duke Rachel, with 550 million bounty was weaker than the female giant although his bounty was slightly higher.

This was also why he purposely acted like he was of a lower position.

“Marshal Long Xiang is here, Demon Marshall is here, the Duke is also here, how can I not be here? You must know that this area is also a my occasional hunting ground!” A tall man dressed in colourful outfit like a clown appeared behind the female giant. Compared to skeleton man, his attitude was lower. This clown with a half smiling half crying silver face, bowed to female giant respectfully: “Big Sis, it’s been long since we last met! Excuse me for not meeting you earlier. I did not know that you were hunting here, otherwise I would have came to welcome you.”

“Go away, I am not your Big Sis, go die somewhere, you and your Clown Bandit Group has got nothing to do with me.” The female giant laughed coldly, this was the first time she rejected someone calling her Big Sis.

“How sad, I fought by your side in the past. Although Big Sis refuses to accept it, I will always treat you as my Big Sis.” That clown laughed evilly. One hand twirling the magic wand in his long fingers, the other hand was tossing a small tri-colour ball. He suddenly looked at Yue Yang and Yi Nan and laughed evilly: “It seems that you forgot me over the new recruits. No wonder Big Sis refuses to acknowledge me. These newbies are not bad, boundless potential, if these two newbies grow, they would at least be Heaven Rank, right?”

Yue Yang could sense from the clown’s words that he had a strong desire to kill them.

Even though others had it as well, adding up everyone else’s would not even be half of what the clown had.

He had a premonition.

This entire event could have been planned by this seemingly respectful clown. He was the one who caused all these problems…… As for the proud golden armor marshall, the sly baldy and the disgusting skeleton man, those were just helpers that the clown invited.

“Where is the wedding gown?” The female giant stretched her hand out, and one-eyed dragon quickly handed over the snow white wedding gown the subordinates found in the hold of the ship: “Big Sis, someone got married on the cruise coincidentally, but the wedding gown may not be suitable for the young lady.” It was as if female giant did not hear him, took it, ignored everyone else, walked to Yi Nan: “Little sister, I want to give you a grand wedding as a gift, but now, it seems impossible. Although I am a chivalrous thief, I have many enemies, and some people that are not cautious will always come looking for trouble. Today, I am not able to honor my promise so I apologise. Little sister, you are not my people, what happens today has got nothing to do with you, you must live happily after you marry this lad. If he bullies you, look for me and I will beat him up for you!”

“Thank you big sister, it’s the thought that counts.” Yi Nan accepted the wedding dress emotionally. Although this was stolen, to her, it was the best gift ever.
(Last: it’s late but a bit of explanation. The Big Sis means Anego (jap) or female boss. Here Yi Nan does not call her Big Sis(female boss) but big sister(older sister))

“Lao San, you guys will send them off personally. The activities of the Raging Flame Chivalrous Bandit Group will never involve the innocent.” The female giant waved her hands, commanding one-eyed dragon and two Heaven Rank subordinates to send Yue Yang and Yi Nan off the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship. On the other hand, she turned and left, facing the enemies, she shouted in a bold voice: “Since you came for me, then come forward! I will not disappoint you, who is up to commit suicide first?”

“No rush, no rush!” Skeleton man waved his hands and laughed: “these two newbies should not rush to leave yet as there are still many other people coming for the wedding feast……”

More people were clearly appearing from the forest.

A part of the people were escorted there by others.

Among them, many were women and children.

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