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LLS Chapter 611 – Big Sis

Chapter 611 – Big Sis
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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On the deck of Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship.

The originally incomparably spacious deck had already been filled with people. Many of them were not dressed properly. It was obvious that they did not have time to put their clothes on properly while rushing to escape. However, all those people that escaped were captured back by the Raging Flames Bandit Group. Other than a few guards that were still defending till the end, majority of the crew and nobility’s bodyguards had already stopped fighting and thrown their weapons on the floor.

Facing the Raging Flames Bandit Group, all kinds of resistance was useless.

That’s because Raging Flames Bandit Group was one of the top ten bandit groups in the entire South Heaven Realm.

They normally do not attack people, but once the other side attacks, no one was currently able to defends against its fierce attack. With regards to the superpowers behind the scenes, Raging Flames Bandit Group would not provoke them. With regards to huge cities with a sufficiently large number of guards protecting, they would not disturb it but walk around it.

Raging Flames Bandit Group did not usually commit crimes. They generally aim for a target, plan before moving, obtain the loot, then hide in secret for a long time.

Originally, its the destruction they caused and influence on the masses was not enough to be considered part of the top ten.

The top ten bandit groups in South Heaven Realm were all very evil people that kill without batting an eyelid. They travel around South Heaven Realm, and everywhere they went, they were like locust, not even leaving a single strand of grass behind. Compared to them, Raging Flames Bandit Group’s total bounty was just barely 1 billion. Compared to the Skeleton Bandit Group which was ranked first with a 9 billion bounty and Blood Thorn Bandit Group which was ranked second with an 8.5 billion bounty, they were not even mentionable.

There were two reasons why the Raging Flames Bandit Group could squeeze into the top ten bandit groups of South Heaven Realm.

Firstly, it was because of their powerful leader ‘Raging Flame’. Just Raging Flame alone was worth a bounty of 530 million gold. Raging Flame had attained the strength of Heaven Rank Level 5. This level was not something a city master, an feudal lord or even a small king was able to attain.

Secondly, under the Raging Flame there were actually 4 more Heaven Ranked Rankers. They had more Heaven Ranked Rankers compared to the bandit groups in the seventh, eighth and ninth rank.

One must know that Heaven Ranked Rankers represented hard power.

The Raging Flames Bandit Group consisted of 5 Heaven Ranked Rankers; Furthermore, the leader was a Level 5 Heaven Ranked Ranker. This, it was able to push down many large infamous bandit groups that were known far and wide, becoming one of the top ten.

Compared to large bandit groups that were able to send out tens of thousands of people, Raging Flame Bandit Group was actually considered very small.

Thus, the total number of members it had was not more than 3000 people.

“The one with the red hair is our Big Sis, she is the Raging Flame Leader that you guys are talking about. Don’t look at her fierce face, she is actually very kind-hearted, positive, well-tempered, brave, loyal and a very good friend.” One-eyed dragon introduced her like this. Yue Yang almost thought he was working for marriage agency.

“Lao San, are you saying bad things about me behind my back? Be careful that I might dig your eye out! How do I appear fierce? This is called character, I am going for that kind of character route, if you don’t know anything about it, don’t talk about it!”

A 3-meter tall female giant with bulged muscles that were robust as a tiger and riddled with scars walked over with loud thuds.

When she walked, there seemed to be an earthquake. Every step she took seem to shake the cruise ship.

She did not look too ugly.

Thick brows big eyes and distinct facial features portrayed her as a strong character, in addition, her faintly discernible scar was super cool. If her looks were on a man, Arnold Schwarzenegger would feel so inferior that he would hit his head against the wall. She was only wearing a black singlet, her strong muscles and abundant breasts seems as if they would burst out of the small singlet at any moment…… If there was something about this female giant that was very noticeable, it would be her hair that were like raging flames.

That messily curled and casually spread blood red hair seemed as if they were burning crazily like raging flames.

Anyone who saw it would gasp in surprise.

Because, this kind of beautiful hair that caused people to stop breathing would never grow on a woman who was more ferocious than a man, but hair that should belong to a goddess. What a pity, reality was too cruel. This woman with muscle all over her body and tough and stocky build, had raging flame hair that could make the sun lose its brightness.

This hair was not really flames.

But, it was more dazzling, more beautiful than real raging flames. It carried a mysterious magic, that give people a feeling that they would rather become moths and dive into that ball of raging flames without caring for its own safety. Even if they were burnt to death, they would have no regrets……

Just because of this head of raging flame hair, this female giant, that was originally very ugly, had extra points as it gave others a feeling that she was not very ugly.

“?” Yue Yang realized, although this female giant was Heaven Ranked Level 5, if she fought with Hei Hu, who was of the same ranking, Yue Yang could bet all his family inheritance that she would win.

This female giant was totally different from Hei Hu.

Although Hei Hu was an elder of the Central Palace, it was obvious that he lived like a prince that rarely fought. Otherwise, how could he have gotten himself killed?

The female giant was the total opposite. Yue Yang believed that the female giant fought more than the amount of times a normal person ate. Even if she was just Heaven Ranked Level 5, once she used all her potential, he believed that she would be far more stronger than her level.

In other words, this female giant was like him, able to fight above their own ranks.

With regards to a female warrior that had so much experience in battles and returned from the brink of death on numerous occasions, Yue Yang was not confident in winning against her.

Heaven Ranked Level 6 Yan Zong, Yan Zun and others were powerful, Yue Yang was not able to win against them yet. But, he was confident that he would not lose within 1000 moves…… With regards to this female giant, Yue Yang was temporarily not able to make an estimate. Maybe he could tie with her, maybe not. Of course the law energy was a different thing, since it was not something that Yue Yang had full control of.

The female giant was the first opponent that Yue Yang had not been able to fully see through since his arrival at Heaven Realm.

If he had a choice, Yue Yang would not be willing to fight with the female giant.

Regardless of who was fighting the female giant, it would deffinitely give people a headache.

Among the people that Yue Yang knew of, Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao and Ming Yue Guang, these 3 Heaven Realm Great Leaders do not even need to be mentioned. He also had not yet seen through all the cards in Scarlet Emperor’s hands. Other than the 4 of them, there was only one person that could steadily suppress this female giant and that would be Zhi Zun! Other than Zhi Zun, it was believed that even Night Empress would not be able to win against her. Naturally, this female giant might also be unable to deal with Night Empress who possessed the Starry Sky Domain……

A mere leader of a bandit group was so powerful?

Yue Yang sighed inwardly.

Heaven Realm was indeed full of rankers.

“These two are the new people? The young girl has a great potential, very good, with some grooming, I believe she could attain Heaven Rank. As for this young man… Oh, thats weird. I am unable to see through him. So strange, he seems weak yet strong. I am a Heaven Ranker, but how am I not able to see through this immature and inexperienced brat? This is truly weird, how could a human like this be born in the South Heaven Realm?” Female giant stooped down, her body casting a large shadow, covering Yue Yang and Yi Nan.

She first looked at Yi Nan and gave her a very good evaluation.

Then looked at Yue Yang, but started to frown.

Once one-eyed dragon heard this, he immediately started boot-licking: “Big Sis, with your all-knowing eyes that sees through everyone, how could you not see it? This guy must have some kind of Innate Skill, which also means that he must have a grimoire and his Innate Skill must be a concealing type; Thus, others are unable to understand.”

Yue Yang felt alarmed, this was the first time that someone managed to guess his gift.

Apparently, this one-eyed dragon was not a simple character, although he was not very powerful, but in the bandit group, he must be the knowledgeable one.

“You guys can call me Big Sis from now on!” Female giant gave up studying them as there were many things that were waiting for her to get done. She waved her hands and made the decision.

“We have not yet agreed to join.” Yue Yang expressed that he needed to think.

“What?” The female giant was immediately angered, used one hand to pick up Yue Yang, till he was right in front of her, used her eyes and glared at him: “Whatever I say is an order! No one is allowed to go against it, understand? I have chosen you guys, that means you belong to me and will be my subordinates. If you don’t agree, I will smash your balls, then throw you to the rocks so your brain would explode, I’ll see if you still dare to go against my orders!”

“……” Yue Yang was stunned. So this was not really girl but a feroucious bandit.

“This sister, quickly put him down, you have a bad temper, so does he. You two should discuss things amicably.” Yi Nan was really scared that Yue Yang and this female giant would start fighting.

“Take note, I am not an older sister but a Big Sis.” Female giant first corrected Yi Nan’s words.

Turned around, and stared at Yue Yang again. This imposing manner was as scary as an axe violently chopping down.

She roared at Yue Yang: “What? A small lad like you dares to have a temper? Even if you do, you can’t use it on me! I am the leader, the Big Sis. You guys are the subordinates, and will all listen to my instructions. If I tell you to go east, you would go east. If I tell you to go west, you would go west without any sort of hesitation, understood? If you dare to say that you are unwilling to join, I will strangle you till your death, then twist all your bones like a doughnut……”

Yue Yang started getting angry: “Other than rape, I am not afraid of anything. No matter how much you say, it’s just nonsense. This is just a lousy bandit group, if I say I won’t join, means I won’t join.

Female giant was totally mad and stamped her foot hard on the ground, causing the whole cruise to shake.

She first put down Yue Yang, then crazily hit the bow of the ship till it became scrap iron.

When she calmed down, she waved her hands and ordered: “Trying to anger me? Not so easy! Lao San, tie this lad up, lock him up and starve him for a few days. Let’s see how stubborn he can get!”

Yue Yang did not say anything, but gestured his pinky, showing that this method of hers was just child’s play for him and it was useless.

But the female giant started to laugh: “You may not be scared of going hungry, but your lover is. You won’t bear to let her go hungry, haha you still want to fight me? You are a little too inexperienced for me! Wait, you two are a couple, that makes things easier. I order the two of you to get married today, then I will adopt her as my younger sister. This way, you would be part of the Raging Flames Bandit Group, and can’t get away from us no matter what…… Someone come, prepare their wedding, I want to host a wedding that would become a sensation in South Heaven Realm.

“Yes, Big Sis!” Thousands of thieves that wished for the whole world to be in chaos replied loudly.

“Thank you sister; However, I want to ask him if he is willing first.” Yi Nan was happy and shy. Happy because she could hold her wedding with him in the Heaven Realm. Shy as this was too sudden and she was not mentally prepared. Joining the Raging Flame Bandit Group or not was all just a joke. She and Yue Yang were not citizens of Heaven Realm, they would go back to Tong Tian Tower in a few days, who knows what would happen then?

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          But yeah the main issue with her is probably the fact she’s not pretty besides her hair and her personality is a bit …. annoying.

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