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LLS Chapter 610 – Are you stealing or recruiting?

Chapter 610 – Are you stealing or recruiting?
Translated by: ape
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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“Noble guest, your card has been prepared. There is 9090 gold inside, the tax is 10%. This chip is a present from the Jewel Cabin as a keepsake. This was the first chip that dear guest used to win the gamble twice. May dear guest be forever blessed with fortune.” A beautiful woman from a different tribe, knocked on the room door almost immediately once Yue Yang returned to his cabin. Other than offering a thin bronze card with a heaven rune spread across it to Yue Yang, she also passed the delicately wrapped gambling chip to Yi Nan.

“Wow, thank you!” Yi Nan also felt that this token could bring her luck and accepted it blissfully.

“……” However, Yue Yang remained calm and collected, accepted the bronze card and quickly closed the room door.

“We became a household with savings of 10,000 gold in such a short time, why are you unhappy?” Yi Nan asked with a smile as she placed her arm around Yue Yang’s neck, tiptoed and gave him a kiss.

“We might be in for a bit of trouble, this boat might be destroyed. I am considering whether to go back into the Grimoire World. If we go back, we wouldn’t be able to see what happens here. But if we do not go back, it might be dangerous.” Seeing that Yi Nan did not understand, Yue Yang said in a low voice, “Someone wants to cause an explosion on the boat, I felt a very powerful energy wave.”

Once he finished his sentence, a loud explosion could be heard instantly.

After the huge explosion, a huge shock could be felt.

But with Yue Yang protecting her with both hands, Yi Nan was not injured at all. She used her white fingers to cover her ears. Seeing the whole room collapsing and things breaking, she stuck out her small pink tongue.

The surroundings stopped for a few seconds, then the noise started. Without waiting for people to figure out what had happened, an alarm bell sounded off. Then, a crew member’s voice sounded out in the broadcast: “Noble guests of the ship, there is a bandit group on the ship. Please remain calm. Our bodyguards will repel the enemies, protecting everyone’s lives and assets. Ah ah ah……”

Before the guy finished talking, he seemed to have been killed by someone.

Instantly, blood-curdling screams that seemed like a huge stone thrown into a still lake, like a stick hitting onto a beehive, caused a huge disturbance. In the boat cabin, screams sounded one after the other, there were also people shouting out for help. Some even destroyed the cabin door to escape to a safe location. The crowd of people that were all trying to escape. Those who rushed out without even dressing up properly were mostly mercenaries and beautiful women from the ship.

“My god, there are thieves on the boat, thieves are robbing things. Run quick, run quick!”

“It is a bandit group, there are so many people……”

“Shit, I can’t find my pants. Damn it, who can lend me a pair of pants?”

“Humph!” that skinny mercenary and the ocean horse woman were also escaping amidst the crowd.

They even tripped mercenaries around them purposely, causing more panic.

Yue Yang shut his eyes, waited slowly, until the chaos outside settled down, then lightly nodded his head to Yi Nan, who was in his embrace, and said with all certainty: “There is really someone robbing the boat, and a large number of them. There are around a thousand people surrounding the boat, and there are also explosive spots on the boat, and even someone supplying the people outside with information. As for the guide here, it should be a form of activation signal, allowing the people lying in wait to attack at the same time…… The leader of these thieves is not simple, attacking such a big cruise ship, and the plan is going smoothly. Such a capable person doing such a good job!”

“Then, you should stay here to watch how things unfold, I will go back first.” Yi Nan kissed Yue Yang’s cheek lovably, and chuckled.

“Actually, you can also stay. Don’t forget our identity, we are commoners with little power and status, these thieves would not rob us. I guess that their targets are those nobles with a lot of gold. Haha, we can take advantage of this crisis and get something out of it! Come, let me bring you to do something exciting!” Yue Yang wanted to send Yi Nan back initially, but seeing that the thieves robbing the ship were not simple people, he was sure that they were not interested in someone as insignificant as him, and wanted to bring Yi Nan out for an adventure.

“Steal something?” Yi Nan was eager to give it a try after hearing it.

Yi Nan used to dress as a thief, but she had never stolen anything in her life.

With regards to the act of stealing, it was something that she would never do due to her excellent upbringing.

But she was not against Yue Yang doing it, because they were stealing from nobles. Those people were not good people, even if Yue Yang stole their things, it would still be considered as a heroic thief. Thus, she also became interested and decided to take this risk with Yue Yang, watch him take advantage of this crisis and get something out of it.

Yue Yang pulled her along, overturning trunks and boxes in various boat cabins, and obtained a number of gold coins that were scattered around.

But these mercenaries did not have a lot of money from the start, thus the harvest was not much.

It was very different in the boat cabins that belonged to the nobles in the upper levels. There were all sorts of rings and necklaces of various kinds, and even small amount of jewelries and branded alcohol. These nobles were enjoying the cruise so they did not expect something to happen on the boat, and rushed out, allowing Yue Yang and Yi Nan, these two thieves to profit from the incident. Yi Nan was smiling throughout the whole incident, because Yue Yang was a mean spirited individual, who threw out all the useless items, such as expensive clothes, shoes and hats out of the ship. This was the typical action of harming others without benefiting oneself.

After the number of thieves in the cabin increased, Yue Yang brought Yi Nan to hide from them, and returned to their own cabin.

They looked at each other happily.

Actually the things they stole were not very useful. Some could be traded for money, some were just decorations….. This was because the truly precious items were definitely with the nobles. Those could not be left behind.

But taking advantage of this crisis and getting something out of it was actually quite fun. When Yi Nan thought about how the thieves would not even find a single piece of clothing when they enter the nobles’ VIP room, facing the boat cabin foolishly as it was totally cleaned out, she could not help but laugh. She was not interested in the big bag of accessories at all. She liked the mood when Yue Yang brought her to steal these items. Be it a good thing or a bad thing, he always held onto her small hands.

She would follow him like this for her whole life.

He, was like her other half.

Yi Nan looked at the items that Yue Yang stole, solemnly packed everything up, then opened up the boat cabin, and threw them out of the boat window.

She was laughing so hard that she could barely stand. She needed the support of his arm to be able to stand stably.

What a disgrace!

With Yue Yang’s disturbance, both the thieves and the nobles would suffer big losses. The worst thing about this boy was that he threw out the large bag only after the bout was above a lake.

Even if someone saw it, it was unlikely for anyone to get anything back.

“How regretful that we didn’t have enough time and only searched a few boat cabins. There were over 20,000 boat cabins, and the true VIP cabins were not on this side.” Yue Yang purposely sighed endlessly. Yi Nan covered her small mouth with her hand and laughed for a long time. Finally, she stopped laughing: “there are guards at the 1st class cabins, we will never be able to go in. Moreover, it is not good to be greedy, we will be in deep trouble if we get caught.”

“……” Yue Yang frowned. He realized that a thief was coming towards them.

“All of you come out and go to the deck. This is a robbery and I am not joking. Whoever does not listen to me, I will cut you with my knife.” Few men dressed in black with a fiendish look walked onto this level, kicked down doors and went in, to search.

Actually, they were just searching through it roughly, and scaring people without thinking.

They initially thought that there was no one left in the normal cabins, and were prepared to leave. But one of the guys was sharp and sensed Yue Yang and Yi Nan’s life force.

After walking past the cabin door, he walked back with uncertainty, and burst out laughing once seeing Yue Yang and Yi Nan: “Gou Zi, Gou Zi, look what I found, a stunningly beautiful woman! My god, this is a human beauty, the human beauties we saw at Fei Yan City are uncomparable to her. Compared to this girl, those beauties were like dog feces!”
(Last: Gou zi means doggie but its like a pet name)

Their companions also ran there noisily, crowded at the door like male wolves in oestrus.

Saliva was almost dripping out of their mouths.

A man with thorns all over his head stuck out his tongue and licked his lips: “too bad Bid Sis would not allow us to rape, otherwise…… Anyways, let’s just touch her secretly, Big Sis would not find out right? Er Mao, you can go be the lookout, we will break the rules today, and take liberties with this small beauty! It would be a let down to myself if I do not take liberties with such a beautiful lady!”


A slap, landed on the back of his head.

One-eyed dragon appeared behind these people, and shouted loudly: “Scram, if any of you do anything, Big Sis would not even have to do anything since I will chop you guys up personally! I can pretend like I did not see it if it were other things, but if you guys dare to break the first rule, your punishment will be death!”

The thieves immediately became spiritless once they saw one-eyed dragon.

They quickly smiled, “Third Brother, we are just talking, and teasing her. We wouldn’t dare to actually take liberties with this young lady.

One-eyed dragon kicked everyone of them, shouted loudly: “Scram, just looking at you bastards make me feel vexed.”

When they left, he gave Yue Yang and Yi Nan a very kind smile: “Little brother, Little sister, I was looking for the two of you! Don’t be afraid, although I am a thief, I still have morals. We, the Raging Flame Bandit Group, are very famous. We never rape nor loot nor do things that harm others. We are top notch thieves! Who wouldn’t give us a thumbs up when they hear about us, the Raging Flame Bandit Group? Fat sheep that see us would not even be afraid for its life. We would only extort it for some money, negotiate terms under a friendly and warm atmosphere. We promise to never use violence.

Yue Yang’s face dimmed. It seems that one-eyed dragon had already noticed him.

However, Yi Nan did not have that much experience in the society and thought that one-eyed dragon was really taking care of her and Yue Yang, so she bowed slightly and thanked him: “Thank you uncle, we were not very afraid just now. You guys are really different from normal thieves. However, we do not have much money, other than 9000 gold that we won just now. Uncle, we are heading to Rainbow City later on, can you ask your boss if you guys can leave us some money. If it is possible, we will cooperate with you guys. If it is not possible, I am sorry as we will have to fight you!”

One-eyed dragon laughed: “No no no, little sister you are mistaken. I am not asking for your money, but to invite you two to join the Raging Flames Bandit Group. If the two of you work in the bandit group, you would get paid every month, get bonuses at the end of the year and after missions, have a working attire. Other than sudden missions, you would get days off twice a week. To sum it up, we treat our employees very well in the Raging Flames Bandit Group.”

Yue Yang and Yi Nan were stunned. Was this guy here to steal or to recruit people?

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