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LLS Chapter 61 – Little Clown, Slowly Perform For Me!

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Chapter 61 – Little Clown, Slowly Perform For Me!
Translated by: Zaza
Edited by: Rango
TLCed by: Zaza

Sweat beaded on Shen Tu Hao’s forehead, and he swallowed a mouthful of saliva nervously, stubbornly trying to act cool: “You are indeed strong, very different from the rumours, but, if you think that you can win against me, then you’re wrong. I am different from them, I am the true elite of the Academy.”

He first let the Bronze-ranked Level 3 Manticore stand in front of him to guard, preventing Yue Yang from launching a surprise attack, then summoned a Black Armoured Warrior.

A large burst of black light was emitted from the feet of the Black Armoured Warrior, which finally turned into black smoke. It seemed to have a life of its own when it drifted, light as a feather, it enshrouded Shen Tu Hao’s body. The Black Armoured Warrior also ‘embraced’ Shen Tu Hao, and quickly, within 3 seconds, the Black Armoured Warrior disappeared, and surfaced on Shen Tu Hao’s body, becoming a thick layer of Black Armour. Even his face and eyes were protected by the thick and solid Armour. Anyone familiar with Shen Tu Hao would know that this is one of the Shen Tu Clan’s renowned beasts that were passed down for generations, the ‘Black Armoured Warrior’. It was a strengthening-type beast, when it was summoned, it could increase its master’s offensive power by 5 times and defensive power by 10 times for an hour. This defensive ability far surpassed the other defense type beasts, like ‘Stone Skin’ and ‘Ironhide’.

“Eh, this is? Black Armoured Warrior!” A sharp-eyed warrior was the first to recognize it.

“Heavens, this battle seems like it’s going to be terrible.” The surrounding warriors felt that the current battle situation was unexpected.

A strengthening type beast like this Black Armoured Warrior was rarely seen, and one that could change into armour to protect its master after it was summoned was even rarer since it had to be higher than Level 3.

Right now, in the eyes of the mercenaries, this arrogant team leader Shen Tu did have the means to be this arrogant. This team leader Shen Tu not only have a powerful Bronze-ranked Level 3 beast, the ‘Manticore’, he even had a beast that was not inferior to the Manticore, the ‘Black Armoured Warrior’. By combining the 2, his strength was definitely not as simple as being one plus one equals two.

If that brute force was astonishing, the youngster who had remarkable battle skills also had a contracted beast, by letting it restrict the Manticore, the amount of stress would be greatly reduced.

Now, using combat skills alone to fight 2 valiant summoned beasts, would be a strenuous task.

“Careful, the ‘Black Armoured Warrior’ is a strengthening type beast than can change into armour, not only is it able to increase its master’s combat strength, it can even evolve in the middle of battle, morphing the armour, becoming spikes that can injure its opponents.” Ye Kong, who was afraid that Yue Yang did not know about beasts, and would be at a disadvantage when fighting with Shen Tu Hao, urgently reminded him in a loud voice.

“Without a beast, relying just on your battle skill is useless. No matter how strong your skills in battle are, at most, you can only be a useless mercenary… “ Shen Tu Hao was most afraid of Yue Yang launching a sneak attack while he was in the middle of summoning. Yue Yang’s speed when attacking just now had given him a large shock. However, he saw that Yue Yang did not attack, but had waited for him quietly to finish summoning, and in the blink of an eye, had regained his enormous confidence. Seeing Yue Yang standing there quietly, he even thought that Yue Yang had felt crushed due to him, and couldn’t help but laugh arrogantly: “Did you think that it would be over just like this? No, no, this is just the beginning.”

Shen Tu Hao then retrieved a crystal with a jet-black shine from his chest with an air of complacency, flashing it towards Yue Yang to dazzle him, his voice full of ridicule: “You, do you know what this is? Sharp Bladed Puppet, a Yue Clan product.”

Following Shen Tu Hao’s summoning, the crystal flashed with rays of light, a metal puppet that was over 4 metres tall was summoned.

The metal puppet had a pair of extremely thick mechanical arms with three sharp blades attached to each wrist joint.

Below it as its ‘feet’ were cylindrical rollers, covered with spikes.

When the crowd saw this metal puppet come out, they were sweating in nervousness for Yue Yang’s sake. With this fearsome Sharp Bladed Puppet helping him, it would be hard for this young master Shen Tu to lose, even if he wanted to… Next, even though the battle had not been fought, everyone knew what tactics Shen Tu Hao would use. The Sharp Bladed Puppet was the main assault, the Manticore would mount sneak attacks, and Shen Tu Hao who used the Black Armoured Warrior as armour for his body would only need to keep defending, and it would be possible to tire out the opponent, and obtain the ultimate victory.

“See this? This is the difference between you and me, it’s also the difference between heaven and trash.” Shen Tu Hao arrogantly waved a hand, and the cylindrical rollers beneath the Sharp Bladed Puppet immediately rolled towards Yue Yang. The 6 blades on its wrists rotated at a high speed, becoming 2 frightening ‘Circular Cutting Edges’, one on the left and one on the right.

As long as it touched him, no matter how lightly, it would result in limbs being cut off and the body being destroyed.

Ye Kong’s heart just kept sinking…

He was very anxious. Ye Kong had combat experience, but because he had lost his beast, he was of no help now when it came to battle situations.

It was not impossible to fight against the Sharp Bladed Puppet, the best way to do so was to break its wrist joints, as long as it lost the 6 blades that could rotate at a high speed, this puppet would be rendered useless. But Ye Kong did not have a beast, by rushing towards it, he would only be sending himself to die. He could only watch anxiously as Yue Yang fought. He did not know if Yue Yang had studied puppet techniques, if this Yue Clan’s third young master had not studied puppet techniques at all, only focusing on practicing his battle skills, then there would be danger.

A junior of the Yue Clan, being defeated by a puppet beast made by the Yue Clan, this really was full of bitter irony.

Yue Yang did not dodge, looking on unfazed as the Sharp Bladed Puppet rolled towards him.


The mercenaries all clenched their fists, they really could not bear to see the miserable carnage that would soon follow.

Why did he not dodge?

Nobody could understand, could it be that this brute youngster had been scared silly?

When the corner of Shen Tu Hao’s mouth rose in a victorious smile, Yue Yang suddenly flew into the air lightly. When both legs landed lightly on the Sharp Bladed Puppet’s shoulder, the Sharp Bladed Puppet’s response was rather fast. It twisted its arms in an inconceivable way, both the left and the right, the Circular Cutting Edges cutting towards Yue Yang’s legs.

Yue Yang did not stop, and somersaulted as lightly as a swallow, jumping off to land on the ground.

Behind him, sparks from the cutting of metal flew around violently.

After a burst of harsh, ear-piercing sounds that made anyone who heard it uncomfortable, a few blades broke off, shooting off one after another, flying high into the sky.

The Sharp Bladed Puppet which had suffered 2 deep wounds to the neck area suddenly convulsed a few times, its body flashed with sparks that crackled, then with a rumbling sound, it fell in front of Yue Yang. A metal brain broke apart from its neck, and rolled until it stopped next to Yue Yang’s feet. As if playing with a toy, Yue Yang stepped on the Sharp Bladed Puppet’s brain, which had been severely deformed and had sparks flying from it, showing a disappointed expression: “This is a genius? Using a Yue Clan Puppet to fight against a junior of the Yue Clan? Coming up with this idea, are you really a genius? Are you really an elite of the Academy? Good, if even you can be counted as a genius, then I’d rather be called trash by others.”

Ye Kong was so excited that he nearly fainted, an ordinary warrior had no way of winning against a Sharp Bladed Puppet. In front of this Yue Clan’s third young master who had been called trash by the world, it was practically equal to a joke.

“Good!” The mercenaries were also so excited that they waved their fists, applauding Yue Yang.

Although everyone knew that breaking the head part of the puppet, damaging the puppet’s circuits, that these were the smartest ways of fighting against a puppet beast.

However, almost no one could carry it out. Whenever someone met a puppet beast, they could only use the stupidest way, which was to keep on running away, no one dared to take the risk of getting near it… Puppet beasts had ferocious attacking power, after enduring for a while, ones small life would be destroyed.

It was not the first time they had seen a warrior break a puppet beast’s head region, contrary to that, they had seen so many ways of doing so, but they had never seen a method as easy or as effective as the one they had witnessed just now. When they had seen Yue Yang’s face which had been full of ridicule, they could not help but get heated up, and were unable to control themselves and applauded this youngster heartily.

This was too effective, it was really too elegant… Without using an ounce of strength, he could play with the enemy, as if the enemy was in the palm of his hand.

What was this? This youngster wasn’t playing with battle skills, but was playing with art.


If using one word to describe the hard to constrain emotions everyone was feeling at the bottom of their heart, that would be the word, ‘refreshed’.

(TL Note: 爽 – refreshing. This is the word that the author uses here, it can be described as a pleasurable feeling. It’s used when you take a refreshing bath, or when you eat this satisfying piece of ice cream on a hot day. That’s the kind of feeling it’s referring to.)

No one knew how long it had been since they had seen a battle as refreshing as this.

The ashen faced Shen Tu Hao stood flabbergasted for a while, then suddenly resumed a appalled attitude, he shouted with a bit of frenzy: “Do you think that you can beat me just by doing that? I admit that summoning a Sharp Bladed Puppet in front of you is a small mistake, but, let me tell you, my strength is not limited to just this… “

Yue Yang nodded, then retrieved a bronze coin, throwing it in front of Shen Tu Hao: “Clown, slowly perform for me, this young master has been amused, this is a tip for you.”

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