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LLS Chapter 609 – Is it Luck?Or is it Cheating?

Chapter 609 – Is it Luck?Or is it Cheating?
Translated by: Crayon, Last
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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When it comes to gambling, Yue Yang was an amateur.

On top of that, today was the first time he saw the Heaven Realm’s style of gambling, making gambling even more unfamiliar to him. For example, the Heaven Realm had this gambling game that was similar to the dice game. However, it was not as simple as shaking a few ivory dices. The dice was a type of dice-shaped battle doll, once it starts spinning, no one would be able to correctly guess when it will stop, nor hear any sounds.

In fact, these dice-shaped battle dolls would create false images and use fake sounds to deceive gamblers.

In one word, normal human beings can only rely on luck and nothing else to win.

This of course did not include people with extremely special abilities…

“Does that pauper from the countryside even know what is a battle doll dice?” Small fatty mocked and ridiculed while tailing behind Yue Yang. Worried that Yue Yang would lose his temper and hit him, small fatty hired two cruise security guards in advance to ensure his safety at all times.

“So silly!” Upon seeing how disgusting that guy was, even the initially good-tempered Yi Nan felt like beating him up.

The battle doll dice that Small Fatty mentioned is a way of gambling in the Jewel Cabin

There were 10 battle doll dice in each giant dice cup.

If a person was able to guess the total correctly, then the payout was more than 10 times the bet.

Of course, very little people would guess correctly. Other than guessing the total, there was also guessing by individual dices. A person can guess once for every dice, if the guess was correct then the payout was 1:1. The more correct individual guesses the higher the payout. If six guesses were correct then the payout was 1:6; if eight were correct then the payout was 1:8.

There was also the most difficult gambling method.

If a person was able to guess the value of all 10 dices, its total, and their sequence, then the highest payout was 1:100.

Yue Yang decided bet into this type, marching towards the hardest challenge, the highest payout.

With this kind of payout, he would become a millionaire with just a few wins!

“Which one are we betting on?” Yi Nan had never gambled with money before. She held Yue Yang’s arms and excitedly raise up the sole gambling chip that they had. She felt that betting on anything would win, but also felt that betting on anything would lose, she simply could not decide.

“Dear guest, please finalize your bets.” A hot & sexy female demon clan dealer chided Yi Nan to quickly decide.

“Anything is fine.” Yue Yang randomly threw out his chip, landing on the place with a sum of 55. Afterwards, he took the betting booklet that the female dealer handed over.
(Last: Just imagine roulette table until 60)

He placed a check mark on the line up of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Yi Nan was stunned for a while and expressionlessly asked: “We only have one chip. What should we do if we lost by betting on this sequence?”

Even if it was Yi Nan, who believed in Yue Yang the most, she did not believe that the next result of the battle doll dice would be a sequence from 1 to 10. Although there was probability for this type of sequence to appear, that probability was too small to the point of impossibility. This was really the case. Ever since the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship set sailed, the battle doll dice had never produced this kind of results. The appearance of a sequence from 1 to 10 was simply impossible.

The small fatty laughed to tears as if he was about to fall on the gambling table.

At the beginning, he thought that Yue Yang was some kind of expert, winning a lot with just one chip. He never imagined that Yue Yang was simply trash!

“An idiot, this country bumpkin is a natural born idiot. If this sequence could win, then this young master will eat the dice cup on the spot. Using a single chip to win 2-3 thousand? Peh! You are dreaming too early. You are only a frog in a well who doesn’t know that immensity of heaven and earth. What kind of place do you think this is you country bumpkin. This is the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship. How could a poor natural born idiotic pauper like you win anything? Quickly jump down and commit suicide, your next life might be better. You might not even to check your own reflection to win a lottery.”

“I never imagined that someone, who grew so handsome, could be a mental patient!” The female companion was still reminded of Yue Yang’s rejection.

Naturally, if Yue Yang said that he would get on top of her right now, she would most likely strip immediately.

The flames of jealousy of obtaining something she could not burned inside her.

The one-eyed dragon was watching the play from the crowd. He chuckled like a mercenary that loved to go where crowds were.

The female demon clan dealer waited until everyone placed their bets and then clapped her hands. She pressed a bell behind her, indicating that the cups will be opened. The small fatty jumped up and down and pulled faces. Other than the box that Yue Yang bet on, he placed his bets on all other gates, preparing to ridicule Yue Yang after he wins. This kind of bet was guaranteed to lose, but he did not care as long as he could suppress and attack Yue Yang.

The small fatty swung his hips from side to side: “Lalala, you idiot. Once the cup opens, you will be stunned…… You will forever be an idiotic loser……”

He sung as he spoke, pleased with himself.

However, when the dice cups opened, his laughter seemed as if cut by a knife, ending spontaneously.

His eyes expanded as big as a cow’s. But no matter how he tried to expand his eyes, it was unable to change the truth. The opened cup in front of everyone made them stunned in disbelief. The cups revealed the sequence of 1 to 10 without a single one lacking. Let alone the fatty, even the one-eyed dragon, even the female demon clan dealer were shocked. She did not dare believe that this kind of sequence actually came out from the battle doll dices.

“Ah? Eh!” Yi Nan excitedly jumped, disregarding everyone and gave Yue Yang a kiss.

She could not understand the reason for this.

However, she knew that Yue Yang definitely used one of his special abilities, changing the results of the battle doll dice.

Winning money was a small matter, making a fierce counterattack against the opponent’s provocation was what gave her the most joy.

Yi Nan felt her hatred disappear after seeing the small fatty’s appearance of being slapped in the face by Yue Yang.

“This is simply impossible. You cheated. You definitely cheated else it is impossible for this sequence to appear!” The small fatty seemed as if his entire family died. He exasperatedly clutched his hair and angrily pointed at Yue Yang, accusing him of cheating.

Actually, everyone was suspicious.

If this was not cheating, then it was too much of a coincidence.

But, how could you cheat in battle doll dice? No one had ever heard of such a thing before. These battle doll dice were made by battle doll grand masters, who vowed to the gods that they would never gamble. Other than their owners, these battle doll dice would never listen to others. Even Heaven Rank Rankers were unable to change their independent personalities. Moreover, if Yue Yang cheated, how could no one from the huge crowd see it?

The most important thing was that the female demon clan dealer’s immediate clarification: “Dear guest, please take note. It is eternally impossible to cheat in battle doll dice. They each have their own personality, their own turning speed, their own will, no one could change that. I can assure you that no one can cheat. Being able to win this round was all due to these two guests’ luck! Congratulations, this is your payout!”

The female demon clan dealer’s assistant immediately returned 100 chips back to Yue Yang.

Although the payout was small, this was due to Yue Yang’s small bet. A loss of 100 gold coins was simply a drop in the ocean for them, and it did not even fall short of the small fatty’s bet.
(Last: 1 chip = 1 gold coin)

“Impossible, you must have used some unknown method. If this was really luck, then lets see him win another round!” The small fatty was unable to pull back. After seeing how everyone was laughing at him like laughing at a clown, he became even more ashamed. His face turned red as he gnashed his teeth and pointed at Yue Yang, wanting Yue Yang to bet another round. Everyone shook their heads while looking at the small fatty’s crazed appearance.

Some meddlesome people even brought up the earlier grudge between Yue Yang and the small fatty.

As a result, everyone came to a sudden realization.

Everyone looked at the small fatty with a sneer as if seeing a moronic second generation rudely making trouble, loathing him.

One-eyed dragon was first shocked at Yue Yang’s win and then smiled as he muttered: “Interesting, it seems that I had underestimated him. Sigh, Big Sister’s words were not mistaken. This business transaction truly had a surprise in it!”

Yue Yang once again tossed to a random sum and then let Yi Nan choose a sequence.

Yi Nan happily counted for a while and finally marked a sequence that she believed would win and returned it to Yue Yang. Actually, she did not care whether they won or not, but winning would be a slap on the opponents face, spreading her lover’s awesomeness, only then would she be happy. She knew that only those Heaven Realm Citizen who did not recognize Yue Yang would underestimate him. If it was inside the Tong Tian Tower, even an idiot would know that a battle of wits with Yue Yang was the greatest mistake.

In Heaven Realm, Jiu Xiao and Xu Kong, who knew Yue Yang, regarded him as a formidable enemy.

Yi Nan felt that if they did not show their might to such a worthless small fatty’s provocation she would be unable to calm down.

“We must win!” Yi Nan clenched her small hands and fervently looked at Yue Yang.

“Of course!” Yue Yang confidently smiled.

“Yes!” Yi Nan knew that Yue Yang doted on her. For her happiness, he would definitely let this round be a win. Although this was cheating, it was for her sake…… happiness instantly filled her heart.

“Dreaming, you are only dreaming. You will lose, you will definitely lose this time……” The small fatty’s companion repeatedly cursed.

“If you have the guts then duel with me. Let us do a show down for 100 gold, no 1000 gold!” The small fatty was utterly enraged. He kept howling at Yue Yang as his lungs almost exploded from rage. He actually wanted to punch Yue Yang but he was very weak. Moreover, fighting was not allowed inside the Jewel Cabin, whoever started the fight first must compensate for all the damages. The small fatty did not want to offend the owner of the cruise ship just because of Yue Yang because that owner was a strong person.

“Why is there a housefly buzzing here? So annoying!” Yue Yang made a gesture of shooing a housefly and everyone watching laughed at it.

“Dear guests, please finalize your bets.” The female demon clan dealer was joyful about the customer’s fighting spirit. This was because the more the situation escalated the more the Jewel Cabin earns. Normally, the place was unfrequented and quiet, the Jewel Cabin itself would even hire people to pretend to be gamblers to provoke others and raise the mood.

Yue Yang betted all of the 100 chips again, betting with the highest payout.

There was an uproar among the gamblers upon seeing this.

Had this guy gone mad?

Although 100 gold coins was not considered a lot, but it was uncommon to bet it all on one stake.

He correctly guessed the sequence that was almost impossible to appear out of luck, and he still wanted to try his luck again? Even if he was a favourite of the God of Luck, it was not possible for him to win two consecutive rounds. That was even more difficult than getting hit on the head with a pie that fell from the sky!

The female demon clan dealer felt the pressure as well. If Yue Yang was to win this round again, then the payout would be ten thousand gold coins…

“Convert the chips that I won into gold coins, then make me a bronze card that is accepted anywhere. Send it to room 0068, and please be quick, I hope to receive the card in five minutes at the latest.” With just a few words of instructions, Yue Yang took Yi Nan’s hand and left the gambling table. Everyone was stunned upon hearing his words. What did this guy meant? Did he really think he would win for sure? The dice cup had not even been opened yet! Out of the 10 battle doll dice in the dice cup, there were at least three battle doll dice that would only stop the moment when the dice cup was opened. This guy actually thought he could win for sure when the dice cup had not yet even been opened?

Yi Nan was very curious too. How did Yue Yang know that this bet will win?

However, she did not ask him.

That was because Yue Yang lightly scratched her palm a few times; a secret code between the two of them which signaled the oncoming danger and that they need to avoid it immediately…

The one-eyed dragon kept on looking at Yue Yang, the more he looked, the more perplexed he got. This guy was really mysterious? Even he who had the ‘single eye peek’ was unable to look through the dice cup.

The female demon clan dealer’s fingers lightly trembled. She held her breath, and reach out to gently open the dice cup.

As a result, everyone was in an uproar…

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