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LLS Chapter 608 – Embarrassing? You are the one that is embarrassing!

Chapter 608 – Embarrassing? You are the one that is embarrassing!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

Shiro: Sorry guys, we didn’t have the mood to translate during the festive seasons. Give us a few days of breaks ya? 😛
Happy New Year and (belated) Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

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Many busybodies thought that a fight would ensue.

No one expected such a disappointing outcome. After the stone-like leader left, the mercenaries all dispersed. One-eyed dragon looked at Yue Yang and Yi Nan again and again pensively. The skinny man looked at them with a strand of respect. At first, he was indifferent towards Yue Yang who was of much lower level than him. But after he saw Yue Yang’s attack, he was completely won over.

Protecting one’s beloved to attack a much more powerful enemy was already very brave.

But to be able to beat the inspector in front of everyone and then face the enemy’s powerful leader, all the while unafraid and calm, was out of anything the skinny mercenary could ever imagine.

What kind of person, with what kind of mentality, could do this? He had seen arrogant masters before, but he had never met a commoner who had carried himself with the same arrogance.

“This young man…… how should I put it. He seems similar to Big Sis.” The skinny mercenary came to such a conclusion. But then suddenly he denied that thought in shock. How could it be, Big Sis was a Heaven Rank ranker. This guy was only an Earth Rank Level 1 commoner, he was only able to chop of the inspector’s hand because of his Platinum Rank blade. Without the blade, the other crew member would have already attacked him.
(Last: I wanted to make Big Sis into Aneki, but meh)

Skinny mercenary left with the crowd, looking at Yue Yang and Yi Nan from afar.

He still felt that this young man was very ordinary.

Other than being handsome, powerful weapons, his ability was nothing to talk about…… Just now, that feeling should only be because he was shocked!

Skinny comforted himself this way. On the other hand, one-eyed dragon also turned to look at Yue Yang and smiled at him. His smile seemed to have a hidden meaning, as if he already discovered a secret.

“Where should we go to play? How about, we go find something to eat first!” Yi Nan realized that the boat had already started moving. At first, she wanted to suggest going to the ship’s bow to feel the sea breeze while looking at the land’s beautiful scenery. But seeing that around them were still many people sneaking looks over and pointing fingers commenting, she pulled Yue Yang away and did not want to the center of attention any more.

“Welcome, welcome!!” When the crew member who had his teeth loosen from the punch saw Yue Yang and Yi Nan walking over, his legs almost gave out. He quickly bowed, welcoming them the same way as aristocrats.

“Handsome, do you want to drink together?” Different from the aristocrat’s lounge, here in the ordinary lounge, there was a different view. Here, there were many women dressed to the nines and wearing heavy makeup. All of them were posing seductively to attract the guests. These women were from many different clans, tall, short, fat, skinny, everyone had their own charms. They stood on the two sides of the staircase and when the mercenaries walked over, they will say hi coyly, hoping for someone to notice them.

“Of course I will be drinking, but we can do something more important!” One-eyed dragon walked in front of them stuffed a gold coin into a woman’s deep cleavage, and pulled her over by her corseted waist skillfully. His hand slid down quickly and squeezed her firm buttocks. When the lady moaned, he laughed in victory and left the group with the women he chose.

The other mercenaries also picked up girls one after another, and brought a big group of women away.

Even the expressionless skinny mercenary picked an Ocean Horse Clan’s strong woman who was two heads higher than him. The contrast between their bodies, was stark.

“Ji Zai, are you sure that you can ride such an Ocean Horse? Be careful that she will suck you dry!” The mercenaries all started laughing.

“Scram, leave me alone!” Skinny mercenary replied angrily.

These women dressed to the nines and wearing heavy makeup were actually very mature.

Seeing that Yue Yang and Yi Nan were obviously a couple, no one approached them. They also did not blow out smoke rings coyly as when the single mercenaries passed by. They were very clear what kind of people will be their customers. But at the wide dance hall below, there were some men who were obviously too dense to realise what was good for them. Despite already being with a woman in their arms, their eyes lit up like wolves when they saw Yi Nan.

A Small Fatty with a pretty lady companion came over. He showed interest in playing together, or exchanging, any way Yue Yang preferred.

Yue Yang’s answer, was to kick that guy, sending him more than 10 meters away.


A loud boom sounded and scared everyone in the dance hall. Everyone stopped dancing and twisted their heads to take a look……. That Small Fatty’s nose was spewing blood. He laid on the floor like a pig, unable to crawl up even after a long time. On his belly full of fat, everyone could see a clear footprint.

The mercenaries that recognized Yue Yang all thought that this was normal.

A kick was considered going easy on him.

That perverted inspector just now, was crippled by Yue Yang. Especially that step on the crotch, everyone felt a pain in their balls for that guy!

The fact that the Small Fatty still had his balls was a blessing from the ancestors.

“Bring it over!” Skinny mercenaries and his companions had placed bets for one gold coin over who would win, and he had won.

“Who cares about exchanging, but how can you hit people?” Small Fatty’s woman scolded loudly in fury. But she did not dare attack Yue Yang, and only ran to help Small Fatty up, grumbling: “It’s all because of you, useless thing. You even said that you were top five in some academy, but you were hit by such a country bumpkin. Don’t even think of me coming out with you next time, embarrassing!”

“Damn it, watch me beat that boy up for you!” Small Fatty was triggered by his female companion. His entire face red, he rolled up his sleeves ready to fight Yue Yang.

“What happened? Stop!” Some cruise security guards rushed over. At the sight of Yue Yang and Yi Nan, they were stunned: “You two again?”

At this moment, someone went to Small Fatty and whispered into his ear.

This person had seen Yue Yang hit the inspector just now, and quickly said that this country bumpkin was maybe actually an aristocrat in disguise. It is very possible that he has someone powerful supporting him because even after hitting the inspector outside, even the leader of the security did not dare say anything.

Hearing this, Small Fatty’s face paled. He took several deep breaths, forcing the anger within him down.

Even cruise security were having a headache over Yue Yang.

This guy was not that powerful, but he was the best in the world at creating trouble, starting fights every few minutes. Before they even reach Rainbow City, this guy most likely would have fought with everyone on the boat. Some of the cruise security guards looked at each other in dismay, no one knew what to do. That such an arrogant person was a country bumpkin with no powerful support? Impossible! He was for sure the son of a lord who liked to disguise as a commoner to play with people, if not why would he have such a pretty female companion? If not how could he be so bad-tempered?

If this guy had just come out from the countryside, he should be curled up like a quail.

Which country bumpkin dared to hit people on Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship?

For sure, he must be some aristocrat, or at least the illegitimate child of some great sect leader, those that even though private, he still had powerful support!

“If you don’t like to dance, why not go to Jewel Cabin to play a few rounds! It is bigger there, and the service is better!” Some of the cruise security felt that to leave the aristocrat here would definitely keep trouble brewing. They would just persuade Yue Yang to gamble in the cruise’s casino. One must know that with all that money in their pockets, aristocrats love gambling.

“Jewel Cabin?” Just nice, Yue Yang wanted to earn some money for him to spend. For a man to have no money in his pockets ws really too insufferable.

“……” That fatty stared at Yue Yang’s back, fury flashed across his eyes.

“Do we just leave like this?” The female companion was still bitter.

“Come, let’s go to Jewel Cabin too. We will play that gigolo to death.” Small Fatty did not feel confident in fighting fist to fist, but he was richer. He could make the country bumpkin broke through gambling even if he seemed like he had powerful backing. To fight brains and not fists, the Small Fatty, who thought he was smart and rich, pulled his female companion to quickly follow after Yue Yang and Yi Nan. One-eyed dragon and skinny mercenary glanced at each other and nodded secretly, following into Jewel Cabin laughing: “Let’s go gamble 2 rounds, Lady Luck seems to be on our side today!”

While saying that, one-eyed dragon’s other hand was caressing a woman’s round butt.

At this time, that skinny mercercenary seemed as if he could not wait a second longer and rushedly pulled that giant woman to open a room. When he and the woman went into the room, they did not roll onto the bed, but instead within the skirt of the Ocean Horse, he took out countless demon crystals and formed a strange crystal diagram.

The diagram shone and sent out an extremely strange signal.

It seemed to be sending out a message.

Even the boat’s correspondent who was in charge of monitoring all received signals knew nothing about this. Only Yue Yang, who was holding Yi Nan’s small hand, frowned slightly.

He glanced at one-Eyed dragon, and realised that skinny mercenary was missing.

“What’s wrong?” seeing Yue Yang stop moving, Yi Nan thought that he was looking at the Small Fatty that had trailed along and gently persuaded: “How about, I will leave for a while, and after you have sorted everything out, I will come to find you?”

“It’s not important.” Yue Yang would never even worry about Small Fatty. He was more worried about those mercenaries that were like perverts.

Yue Yang was a pauper.

He was rich in Tong Tian Tower, but in Heaven Realm, he did not even have a single gold coin.

A few demon crystals could only exchange for one gold coin, holding onto this smallest denomination made Yue Yang’s heart bleed…… The currency exchange rate in Heaven Realm was really a scam. He had used Level 7 demon crystals. If this was Tong Tian Tower, the number of gold coins exchanged could bury someone in it. Here, it was only worth one gold coin, and there was even a tax of a level 3 demon crystal.

Yi Nan knew that Yue Yang was a penny-pincher who never spent any money. She giggled: “Let’s use it as our capital. We will at least win two three hundred gold, and earn back all our losses!”

Yue Yang disagree: “No, we should at least win twenty thirty thousand. Two three hundred? That is not even enough to pay for my mental damage!”

The Small Fatty behind who exchanged ten thousand gold chips laughed loudly: “Haha, two paupers who only fantasise wildly! Just admit it if you are broke, just kneel and call me young master. Young master will immediately reward you with a few gold coins! After exchanging for just one chip, you still want to earn face. Do you know what is called embarrassing?”

“Of course, a person like you, would be embarrassing.” Once Yue Yang said this, the mercenaries standing behind almost fell down in laughter.

“Nonsense……” Small Fatty’s face looked worse than death.

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