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LLS Chapter 607 – Inspect? Inspect your sister!

Chapter 607 – Inspect? Inspect your sister!
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Waterfall City to Rainbow City was a journey of more than 2000 kilometers.

As the two cities were not on friendly terms, there was no connecting teleportation circle. They could only stop at Stallion City to transit, and switch to take an airship to continue their journey.

Actually, Yue Yang and Yi Nan could have teleported nearer. But Yi Nan wanted to ride on the ‘Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship’ that Waterfall City master had strongly recommended. This extremely luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship was an enormous airship. It could contain tens of thousands of travellers. It was splendidly decorated, on the cabin deck there were even man-made lakes and beaches, a water theme park and a themed garden.

People who are active can take part in rock climbing competitions and passionately surf; People who are quiet could quietly watch graceful musicals.

This sort of Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, was the most iconic means of transportation of Rainbow City.

Almost every visitor to Rainbow City would take a ride on it.

“What a scam!” If Yue Yang had not come to Heaven Ream, he would never have realised how poor he was. Turns out, the demon crystals that he obtained in Wyvern Valley were almost depleted. But it was still not enough. To ride on the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, even the cheapest ticket cost a hundred gold. Two people would cost two hundred gold. To Yue Yang who did not have a penny on him, seeing his demon crystals flow from him like water made him want to pull out his sword and rob someone.

A hundred gold just to take a lousy ship?

Moreover, after boarding the ship, the expenses for drinking and eating still had to be calculated separately.

But to coax this girl, to chase her, Yue Yang went all out. Since these demon crystal were robbed, since it was not enough, he would think of how to get more.

After buying the ticket, they waited for another half hour.

Finally, the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship appeared on the horizon.

First, it was a small black dot in the distance. It slowly became clearer as it came closer, and turned into a colossus that no one could imagine.

When it reached the skies above Stallion City, it was as big as an entire city area. Standing in its shadow, Yue Yang estimated that just this ship’s width was at least a thousand meters. Its length, was even three times of its width.

This colossus that was almost as tall as a hundred storey building at almost five hundred meters, Yue Yang could not imagine how it could stay afloat in the sky. Moreover, at the speed that it flies, it was comparable to aeroplanes. What was most impressive was that this huge cruise was surrounded by winds that were domain-like which could turn air into soft breezes. Countless passengers were standing on the deck, standing while facing the wind. But this wind only gently caressed their hair and clothes, they were not affected in the least by the strong wind power that was pushing the airship forward.

When the Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship stopped, everyone on the cruise and the city below started cheering with the steam whistle blowing in the background greeting everyone.

From the giant cruise, a small airship was sent down to receive the passengers boarding from Stallion City.

Following protocol, the royalty who spent 3000 gold for a first-class cabin went first.

The rich merchants who purchased the middle-class cabin for 1000 coins went next.

While normal-ticketed passengers like Yue Yang and Yi Nan could only board the last, together with a group of mercenary dressed in tatters.

“Are you two travelling to get married? Or is this a honeymoon?” A big one-eyed dragon man who was on the same trip asked curiously after seeing Yue Yang and Yi Nan, this couple, hold hands sweetly.

“Oh, we have not gotten married yet. But, soon…….” Yi Nan answered shyly.

“Congratulations, you two are a match made in heaven.” One-eyed Dragon fished out a wine gourd and passed it to Yue Yang. Seeing Yue Yang reject it, he laughed loudly while opening the cap to take a large swig. He smiled: “Actually when I was young, I was handsome too. In fact, I was as handsome as you are. And my wife, back in the day she was also as pretty as this young lady. Looking at you two brings me back, as if I was looking at my wife and I back then.”

“Is that so?” Yue Yang secretly smiled.

Yue Yang was very speechless.

Uncle, there was no need to blow your own trumpet to such an extent right? Forget that you are one-eyed, your face that looks like old tree bark with your half beast-like body and that palm leaf fan-like hand, how could you be a handsome man back in the day? To not be scared to death after seeing you in the middle of the night, would already be laughable. That is to say, who would marry such a half-beast? Unless she herself was a barbarian who was extremely bulky herself, or an Ox-head person.

If according to Fan Lun Tie’s standard of beauty, this one-eyed dragon might even be considered handsome. But in a human’s eyes, that would be impossible.

Yue Yang estimated that unless that woman was blind, she would not have married this one-eyed dragon uncle.

When the surrounding mercenaries saw the one-eyed dragon striking up a conversation, they started waving at Yue Yang enthusiastically to send their blessings. Some people were even catcalling. Their noisy ruckus made the royalty in front frown. These arrogant royalty did not care about Yue Yang and Yi Nan who had no clan symbol nor a sect medal. In their eyes, Yue Yang and Yi Nan were peasants from the countryside. To even look at them one more glance, their status would drop.

“What arrogance!” A skinny mercenary standing beside one-eyed dragon sneered.

“He is a Great Master, don’t talk rubbish.” One-eyed dragon quickly gave his companion a slap when he saw the aristocrat’s security look over. He then quickly bowed in respect to the aristocrats. Yi Nan disliked these sort of people the most and turned away from them. But Yue Yang frowned, he felt that something was amiss.

“Get on the boat quickly, we can’t be here waiting for you peasant mercenaries! Do you know that any extra second we wait here, how much energy we will be wasting? Even if you are Heaven Rank, even selling your body will not be enough to pay for it. Quick, quick, stop dragging your feet!” One of the crew members waved his hand angrily to rush Yue Yang and the normal-ticketed passengers while welcoming the aristocats walking in front onto the boat with the most formal etiquette.

Another crew member laid out the red carpet to welcome the arrogant aristocats.

They pointed Yue Yang and Yi Nan to another entrance. In there, there was nothing at all other than a man holding a torch who looked like he was going to conduct a body check to check for any prohibited items.

When one-eyed dragon was checked, he was very open. He removed his pants himself and even let out a huge fart that made the inspector order him to leave.

More than 10 mercenaries passed easily.

Finally, it was Yue Yang and Yi Nan’s turn.

“Come to this side and stand properly. Raise your hands high and put them on top of you head. Face the side of the ship and your back to me. I am going to check for any prohibited items. Many women keep prohibited items in their bras and underwear, cunning like foxes. Come over here, you two be careful. Don’t make trouble when I’m inspecting, otherwise there will be trouble!” When the inspector saw Yi Nan’s beauty, he almost could not control his saliva. Since Yue Yang and Yi Nan seem weak, both Earth Rank Level 1 when he was Level 3, he was sure he could destroy them two.

The perverted inspector could not stop sneering. Right in front of Yue Yang’s face, he stretched his hairy hand towards Yi Nan.

That skinny mercenary seemed triggered, but one-eyed dragon pulled him back.

The surrounding crew members seemed used to this sight. They whistled away and pretended not to see. The aristocats did not care and simply walked away.

That inspector’s vulgar and insulting hand stretched over without the slightest scruple…… When it was half an inch away from Yi Nan, Yue Yang smiled and raised his hand. Crescent Blade flashed. He chopped that hand off straight off the bone.

And before that inspector could even scream, Yue Yang sent his leg flying toward the guy’s crotch.

Almost everyone heard a shattering sound.

At this sound, all the men’s legs could not help but give out. They could almost feel the breeze between their legs.

Even though the other crew members rushed forward, Yue Yang did not stop his attack. He stomped on that guy’s crotch ruthlessly, even using his toes to grind forcefully. He seemed to have no intention to stop until he stomped it to a pulp. Yi Nan watched quietly. Not only did she not stop him, her anger was being vented too. This was because she was furious. To such trash that had no respect for her, such scum that dared threaten Yue Yang, she did not have an ounce of sympathy. In fact, she felt that the worse off the punishment, the better.

“Dogs that bite do not bark. Oh my, this guy is really ruthless.” At this sight, one-eyed dragon shuddered.

“Stop, stop!” Many crew members did not dare go forth and only dared to shout from the sides in fear of Yue Yang.

Yue Yang turned a deaf ear.

He picked up the inspecting device and showered down blows on the inspector who was already spitting blood and fainting. Only when the inspector was completely battered, disfigured, smattered, did Yue Yang stop. There was nothing left to hit. Yue Yang casually threw away the distorted inspecting device and heavily spat on the inspector’s face.

Then, he slowly looked at those crew members and smiled brightly: “Who else, wants to inspect us?”

His smile made many crew members step back in fear.

Even one-eyed dragon trembled, shouting: “This guy is very dangerous, everyone stay away. This guy cannot be provoked!”

A few aristocrats looked over with a face of disgust, as if they were looking at trash, and continued walking away calmly.

If not that their strides seem a different from usual, no one could tell that their legs were trembling under their long robes and simply be fooled by their calmness and arrogance. Actually, even they were scared. They were just pretending to show disdain for everything.

In the distance, a few Earth Rank Level 5 cruise security guards flew out.

Leading, was a Earth Ranked Level 7 leader.

This guy was bald, his body blacker that ink itself. His eyes though, were silver and had no pupil. No one could tell who he was looking at, as if he was a black stone statue. Before he even spoke, a few crew members rushed forward to report what happened. Of course, they exaggerated and lied about Yue Yang’s misdoings to make him seem like a lunatic out for blood. That if Yue Yang did not fight for a day, he would not be able to stand it.

“Is that so?” That black stone like leader looked towards Yue Yang.

“…….” Yue Yang shrugged his shoulders confidently. He did not say anything. People could say what they want, it was their own mouths, he could not care and did not care.

Yue Yang was already unhappy with the pent-up anger from before, when he had to spend 200 gold coins to buy a normal ticket, wasting hundreds of his Level six and seven Wyvern demon crystals. To Yue Yang who was so always so stingy and only saved, never spending, it was already something to be furious over. Now, they were fussing over some inspection. Inspect, inspect your sister! It wasn’t as if Osama bin Laden was here to bomb the twin towers! That was why Yue Yang decided not that enough was enough. Wasn’t he already penniless? He should just rob this entire Luxurious Starry Sky Cruise Ship, anyway he was here to create chaos in Heaven Realm, the timing did not matter!

Yi Nan too felt that these people were being overboard. They just wanted to travel happily, but things were such a mess now.

She was a little unhappy.

That was why when Yue Yang wanted to flare up, not only did she not stop him, she helped him.

Do not think that just because they were low ranked, they were easy targets. If they decided to take action, everyone would feel the wrath of Hallucination Butterfly and Spirit Mirror, and they would die in a terrifying nightmare…….

The leader who seemed like black stone looked at the mercenaries around.

One-eyed dragon smiled: “That was what happened. It’s okay to do inspections, but to use this opportunity to take advantage of another man’s woman really isn’t that great. Oh, pretend I didn’t say anything!”

That skinny guy had more loyalty, his answer was a powerful ‘spit’, and a face full of disdain.

“Leader, they are all on the same side.” Those crew members quickly defended themselves.

“Slap, slap slap!” What was the most unexpected was that the stone statue-like guy actually slapped each of the crew members: “Apologise, then get rid of this trash. Our cruise only has staff of the finest quality, there is no need for trash.”

“Wait, leader, he, he is…….” A crew member with loose front teeth wanted to say that the trash Yue Yang had beaten up had someone powerful behind him.

“I don’t care who brought this trash in. Trash is trash, the disposal method is all the same!” That black statue-like leader picked up the unconscious inspector easily and with everyone watching, like throwing trash, he threw the inspector out of the boat. He turned to Yue Yang and Yi Nan, and bowed slightly. Expressionless, he said: “Welcome to Starry Sky Cruise, please have an enjoyable journey.”

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