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LLS Chapter 605 – What! You have a Summoning Grimoire?

Chapter 605 – What! You have a Summoning Grimoire?
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Heaven Realm, was much bigger than what Yue Yang imagined.

Even though Yue Yang had always heard about how boundless and vast Heaven Realm was, he never never could have imagined that Heaven Realm was this big.

To a normal person, Soaring Dragon Continent was already considered huge. Excluding the oceans and the areas that no one lived in, Soaring Dragon Continent still contained three big countries and more than ten small ones. To walk from the east to the west of Soaring Dragon Continent, one would need a hundred years. Even birds that migrate long distance would need a few months to cover that distance.

But compared to Tong Tian Tower, Soaring Dragon Continent was an extremely tiny place.

To draw a comparison, Soaring Dragon Continent would be equivalent to putting a grain of rice in White Stone City. That was the difference.

Tong Tian Tower’s first floor was not considered big. It only contained Soaring Dragon Continent, the Demon Abyss, and Heaven Stairway these three continents. But the higher up you go, the space expands by more than ten times. Combined with continents similar to the size of Soaring Dragon Continent and the Abyss, that are connected by teleportation circles and also the different dimensional space between floors, the size of Tong Tian Tower was bigger than anyone can imagine……. In the map of the entire Tong Tian Tower, you would not even be able to find Soaring Dragon Continent. On a map of the 8th Floor and below, Soaring Dragon Continent was no bigger than a grain of sesame.

Even Tong Tian Tower’s first floor that contained Soaring Dragon Continent, the Abyss, and Heaven Stairway would only appear as big as a grain of sesame on the map of the entire Tong Tian Tower.

However, the humongous Tong Tian Tower could not even compare to Heaven Realm.

“God damn it!” Yue Yang had bought an atlas that was thicker than Cihai. According to the shopkeeper, this atlas was the easiest atlas of Heaven Realm to understand. The real map of Heaven Realm was said to be as big as one square kilometer, a hundred meters tall, and had one million pages.
(Last: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cihai)

Only after buying this atlas, Yue Yang realised that Heaven Realm was divided into ‘Upper Heaven Realm’ and ‘Lower Heaven Realm’.

Upper Heaven Realm, could only be entered by those with Heaven Rank strength.

The simplified atlas did not contain any information, but the shop owner whose mouth was larger than a toad’s had briefly told them. He told them that Heaven Realm was at the central region of Four Great God’s Realm and Central God’s Realm. The criteria for entering was very strict. First, one had to own a Grimoire. Second, one had to be at Heaven Rank. Without fulfilling these two conditions, it was impossible to become a Lord in Upper Heaven Realm, it was impossible to settle down in Upper Heaven Realm. Of course, if one were to enter for work as a mercenary or as someone with a peculiar ability, if a Lord was willing to be the guarantor, one could stay for a maximum of three months and could also obtain a visa……

“I would like to know, how far is this place from West Heaven Realm?” Yue Yang had flown for three days and three nights from the Ancient Battlefield Ruins, but had not yet reached the edge. Fortunately, he found a discarded teleportation circle and went straight in. He did not know where he teleported to, and only after searching through the forest for half a day did he find this small town. Now, even though he bought a map and was holding onto a simplified atlas that was as thick as Cihai, Yue Yang still could not find where West Heaven Realm was.

“West Heaven Realm?” The big-mouthed shop owner was suddenly troubled. Grabbing its thinning hair with its hand, it was going to turn bald. It suddenly remembered: “This is North Heaven Realm, how far is here from West Heaven Realm exactly? This is a headache, I cannot calculate it! However, I remember a very ancient tale. It was said that in the past, there was a group of very persistent lunatics, they swore that they were going to complete the unprecedented feat of flying from the most Eastern side of East Heaven Realm to the most western side of West Heaven Realm, in the end…….”

“They failed?” Yue Yang also thought that flying was too difficult, teleportation would be more like it.

“No, they made it. More precisely, their great-great-great-grandchildren fulfilled their dying wish. They had taken a hundred thousand years to fly from the most Eastern side of East Heaven Realm to the most Western side of West Heaven Realm.” Big-mouth shop owner answered.

“Pfft!” Yue Yang spat out the water he was drinking.

“In fact, they were the Lightning Swallow Tribe that were already the most proficient at flying. If it was another tribe, even a hundred thousand years would not be enough.” Big-mouth shop owner was sure about that.

“What about using teleportation?” Yue Yang felt that only a fool would choose to fly.

“If you do not rest in between, and teleport from one teleportation circle to another continuously along the best teleportation route, it would take about one month to go through more than ten thousand teleportation circles. If you take a short break in between or have to queue, you would take at least three months. Half a year would be the safest estimate. Many merchants who travel such distances take a year for their trips.” Big-mouth shop owner continued to say that he too used to take such trips. But the teleportation fee was really too expensive that his profits were so meagre that he gave up.

“…….” Yue Yang was very speechless.

“To be honest, there are super-teleportation circles that span extremely long distances, but only Heaven Rank Innates can use them. Those can bring you to Western Heaven Realm in a week. There are also ultra-teleportation circles that can bring you there in a day, but only rankers above Heaven Rank Level 5 can use them. Not to mention these Heaven Rank Level 5 are all in Upper Heaven Realm, there are almost none in Lower Heaven Realm.” Seeing Yue Yang giving out more crystal carefreely, big-mouth shop owner rambled on enthusiastically.

While gold coins were also used as currency in Heaven Realm, there was something different from Tong Tian Tower.

These Heaven Realm Gold Coins have a unique Heaven Rune on them. Its energy was comparable to a 6th grade crystal. Even though Yue Yang could counterfeit them, he could not bear wasting so many crystals.

Coming to this small town, Yue Yang would rather use crystal as gold coins, but he could not bear to convert them to Heaven Realm gold coins…… In his view, even though these Heaven Realm gold coins had much energy, they were practically useless to him when beasts could not absorb that energy. To him, a 6th grade crystal was much more useful. What was even more infuriating was the exchange rate of Heaven Realm gold coins to 6th grade crystals, it was ‘one to one hundred’. Not to mention the pathetic exchange rate, there was even a ten percent exchange tax.

Most ridiculous of all was that it was not possible to use gold coins to exchange back for crystals. This was what Yue Yang despised the most.

Yue Yang was definitely not one to lose out, he would not waste his crystals to exchange for those Heaven Realm gold coins that only looked good but were practically useless.

Moreover, after killing Hei Hu, Yue Yang had found a shining diamond card in Hei Yu storage bangle.

This card was Heaven Realm’s most advanced service, you can travel all of Heaven Realm with one card……. There was no such service in Tong Tian Tower.

As a Central Palace water-element Elder, Hei Hu’s diamond card should have many savings inside.

But Yue Yang did not dare take the card out. He was worried that if he used it, people from Central Palace would realize he was here.

That was definitely the sensible act.

After he bid the big-mouth shop owner goodbye, he came to a tiny mercenary guild. When he raised his head, he realised that at the most eye-grabbing location was a heavy bounty for him and Zhi Zun…… Central Palace had formed an alliance with a nameless organisation to offer a reward for Yue Yang and Zhi Zun. Yue Yang’s bounty was 100 million. Yue Yang was not surprised by this number for himself, but the fact that Zhi Zun’s bounty actually reached one billion completely stunned Yue Yang.

One billion?

While terrifying, Zhi Zun’s bounty was only at Rank 999 among the ranks of all the bounty of Heaven Realm rankers,. It barely squeezed into the top 1000.

Yue Yang could not imagine what kind of perverted bounties ranked ahead of her’s.

It was fortunate that Empress Fei Wen Li’s bounty prepared Yue Yang for this, otherwise he would have been completely blown away.

Actually, Zhi Zun’s bounty was already impressive. This bounty was the highest that had appeared in Heaven Realm these past thousand years, and her ranking had rose very quickly. Exactly so, all the mercenary guilds in Heaven Realm had made her bounty public. As for releasing Yue Yang’s bounty, it was just supplementary. Yue Yang’s bounty of 100 million only ranked among the millions. His bounty could not even squeeze into the ten thousands and in fact, it was far cry.

Yue Yang was very curious who were the amazing people who ranked in the top 1000.

Unfortunately, that old man from the mercenary guild said that there was a fee of 100 gold coins to inquire on anyone. And to get the whole list, Yue Yang would have to show evidence of being Heaven Rank Level 5 and pay a one hundred thousand gold coin fee.

“Isn’t this a scam?” If a normal person had a hundred thousand, they would just retire and rest, who would continue to be a useless mercenary.

“Registering as mercenary? One gold coin each. Replacing with crystal? We only accept the best quality crystal, we don’t want those that are bad. What is this? Wyvern’s crystal? This is bad, forget it, but looking at you two, I will consider it as two goin coins. Actually these are at most worth half a gold coin……” Seeing Yue Yang and Yi Nan standing together with their hands clasped together like a picture, the old man closed an eye to it and accepted the Wyvern crystal that Yue Yang passed over.

In Tong Tian Tower, a Wyvern crystal could at least be exchanged for a few hundred gold coins, but here, it was worth less than two.

Yue Yang was going to explode from anger.

What a scam!

If he did not have to obtain the identity of a sect disciple or a freedom mercenary to use the teleportation circles, Yue Yang would not even waste his crystal.

“Thank you old man!” Yi Nan had been idle within the Grimoire World for several days. Now that she was finally out, she was delighted and beaming from ear to ear.

“What? I have just reached adulthood today, this long beard is just a symbol of my maturity alright!” To hear the old man say that he had only just reached adulthood, Yue Yang and Yi Nan were extremely speechless.

“Sorry…… I did not know, please forgive me.” Yi Nan quickly apologized to smoothen the process of registering as mercenary.

“Since you are so sincere about apologizing, I will just forgive you.” At the sight of this prematurely aged ‘old man’ waving his hand in dismissal, Yue Yang was close to pulling out Tao Tie Blade to get rid of him. He only pulled himself back when Yi Nan grabbed his hand. This was a honeymoon trip, not a killing trip. She did not want blood to pave the streets. Seeing his girl happy, Yue Yang did not want to spoil her good mood. The ‘old man’ took out pen and paper, instructed the card-maker and inquired: “What is your name? Yi Si? Just two words? Seems like you are not royalty. Alright, your race? Human? Oh, you are human, you look so strange! Sex, female? You are female? Do human women all look like you? To speak the truth, you do not look that good……”

“You frick!” Yue Yang was furious, registering was one thing, but to make such comments, did you think you are the expert at asking to be beaten up?

“It’s nothing, nothing, his temper is bad.” Yi Nan quickly snatched over the brick in Yue Yang’s hands. That brick, was a hair’s breadth away from landing on the ‘old man’s’ head.

“You two have never registered before, so you would be Level One Mercenaries with very meager strength. Although I bet you will not have it, but I will just follow protocol and ask you.” That annoying ‘old man’ casually asked: “Do you have, oh, do you have a summoning grimoire, do you have a summoning grimoire? Forget it, pretend I never asked. I bet you two don’t have one. I’ll stop asking, to not make you two feel bad!”

“Who says that we don’t, I have!” Now, even Yi Nan was triggered by this ‘old man’s’ attitude. At first, she did not want to say that she had a summoning grimoire to stay away from the limelight. But this ‘old man’ was too infuriating for her to stay quiet, she had one!

“What?” That old man looked as if he was struck by lightning, and stood stunned. It was as if he had turned into a wooden doll and his jaw almost fell to his feet.

“You really have a grimoire, you really have a summoning grimoire?” Old man returned to his senses and quickly asked. His words fell like a bomb inside mercenary guild, causing a ruckus among everyone.

First, it was those mercenaries drinking in the corner talking softly who fell off their stools.

Everyone was in a complete mess, a pathetic state.

The bartender, who was pouring drinks, also blankly poured alcohol on the heads of those mercenaries who were holding their cups out.

And those mercenaries themselves did not realise anything, they could only stare at Yi Nan stunned. Their stunned looks were as if they had seen a monster…….

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