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LLS Chapter 604 – Return to Heaven Realm

Chapter 604 – Return to Heaven Realm
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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Soaring Dragon Continent, Da Xia Palace.

The shocking news that Heaven Realm Draconian’s Queen Qi Ge leading more than three hundred of her tribesmen, all of them Innates, to pay a visit to the emperor of Da Xia Empire, Jun Wu You, caused a sensation to the entire Tong Tian Tower. Putting a figure to it, she had brought more than three hundred Innates. None of the superpowers in Tong Tian Tower could compare to that. Even the Winged Clan of Guang Ming Continent, Underworld Clan of Hei An Continent, or Eastern Goblin Tribe, who were known for being the strongest in the whole of Tong Tian Tower could not compare to these Heaven Realm Draconians who emerged from nowhere…… As implied through the name, the Heaven Realm Draconians definitely came from Heaven Realm. Almost everyone guessed that they were comrades that the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master had brought over from Heaven Realm.

Some people even felt that the Heaven Realm Draconians had been tricked here by Yue Yang using the pretty boy tactic.

There was actually ample evidence to back that theory up since all of the Heaven Realm Draconians were female, and they were not that pretty.

Yue Clan’s Third Young Master’s power over women had long been recognised by the entire Tong Tian Tower. Even though each tribe had different beauty standards, if anyone were to ask who was the most attractive man in all of Tong Tian Tower, the answer would always be the same.

All women would definitely answer with the Yue Clan’s Third Young Master.

This could not be helped. After all, power was also a charm!

“You do not have to be so courteous, Queen Qi Ge…… Your Highness Xia Yi, please take a seat.” Seeing that Queen Qi Ge did not dare take a seat in front of Yue Yang, Jun Wu You gave Elder Yue Hai a look to take Yue Yang out of the room. If these Innates do not take a seat, these bunch of old men would all have to stand while talking. The tribe women that Queen Qi Ge had brought were all Yue Yang’s slaves indeed, but nonetheless they were still all Innates. In Tong Tian Tower, power speaks. Even though these women were of lower status than them, but nonetheless they were still more than three hundred Innates!

They would all be considered Heavenly Imperial Guardian level by Tong Tian Tower’s Innate Alliance.

Now, they actually did not dare sit in front of Yue Yang.

If outsiders were to see this, they would mistake that it was them old men who were disrespecting the Innates.

Elder Yue Hai coughed lightly. He waved his arm behind him, hinting at the younger ones standing behind to bring Yue Yang away. Yue Yu, the sharpest of them all, understood immediately and went forth immediately: “Xiao San, Shuang’er missed you so much. Also, Fourth Mother made you new clothes. Go and try them to see if they fit!”

Seeing Yue Yu bringing Yue Yang away, Xia Yi was suddenly at a loss on what to do. In her state of panic, she too wanted to leave with him.

But at the same time, she was afraid of being laughed at. She was really at a loss.

Jun Wu You and the cunning Old Fox these old men actually understood, how could they not? They were just too embarrassed to say anything. The Empress rushed forth, and quickly greeted Queen Qi Ge before enthusiastically pulling on Xia Yi’s small hand: “Your Highness, do not worry. Third Young Master has only left for a short while. Your Highness, if you wish you could also move to Rear Hall to sip on tea.”

“No, I am not her Highness, call me Xia Yi instead!” Xia Yi waved her hand in embarrassment. But seeing everyone insisting on addressing her by her Highness, she could only accept it.

“We thank Da Xia Emperor.” After sending Yue Yang and Xia Yi off, Queen Qi Ge greeted everyone and took a seat.

Seeing her sit, the old men finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Man! Yue Yang this lad was a true conman. The last time he brought two Abyss Manatees, this time he outdid himself and brought back hundreds of Heaven Realm Draconian. Even thinking of ways to cover up for him had become burdensome for everyone. Of course, such gains was welcomed by all, including Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and the masters of each household.

Only with these hundreds of female Heaven Realm Draconian would Soaring Dragon Continent be safe.

Naturally, Jun Wu You could not treat these women as slaves like how Yue Yang does. He was already content with being on par with Queen Qi Ge. Moreover, to have Queen Qi Ge’s Level Seven Innates greet him out of respect due to being Yue Yang’s elder, he was already more than delighted.

Yue Yang was not concerned with what Queen Qi Ge and Jun Wu You were discussing.

He had no interest in politics.

Anyway, he did not have to care.

No matter what trouble, as long as Yue Yang decided to do it, Jun Wu You, Elder Yue Hai and Old Fox would all do their best to help him.

After meeting Fourth Mother, Yue Yang returned to the flower garden with the little girl in his arms.

Other than Yi Nan and Sickly Beauty, the others have all went to cultivate with Zhi Zun and Night Empress.

The reason why Yi Nan stayed behind was because she trained differently from the others.

Not only was it Yue Yang’s decision to bring this girl to play in Heaven Realm, he had to make up to her all the sweet affection that had been delayed by all those battles that happened one after another. Originally Yue Yang had intended to bring Princess Qian Qian, Xue Wu Xia and Luo Hua City Mistress along, but Night Empress would not allow it. She felt that what the girls needed was cultivation, not love. Without Yue Yang by their side, they had improved by leaps and bounds. This was why Night Empress had personally asked Princess Qian Qian to bring them away.

Not to mention them, even Phoenix Fairy Beauty was brought away by Zhi Zun.

Since Phoenix Fairy Beauty was almost going to break through Heaven Rank Level Three, Zhi Zun decided to guide this younger sister personally…… After the battles at Death Arena and Heaven Realm, Phoenix Fairy Beauty had became aware of the difference between herself and her elder sister and started to reflect upon her past willfulness.

Although Phoenix Fairy Beauty had not been able to apologise to Zhi Zun, her willingness to accept her elder sister’s training was a sign of admitting her mistake.

Sickly Beauty seemed to have stayed back to learn from Fourth Mother, but she was unwilling to tell Yue Yang exactly what knowledge she was acquiring.

Maybe, it was Fourth Mother who did not want Yue Yang to know her secret.

Other than when Yue Yang was researching battle dolls, Yue Yu would not spend time with Yue Yang alone. Recently, she would only hide a far distance away from him. Even when they met, she would only display the airs of an elder sister. Yue Yu did not want to follow Yue Yang to explore Heaven Realm. On the other hand, what Yue Bing hoped for the most was to train with her elder brother. Despite the numerous hints Yue Yu dropped, Yue Bing would still puzzledly ask: “Why can I not go when Sister Yi Nan gets to go?”

Yue Yu could not answer this question.

“Oh, if you tag along, you will become the lightbulb your elder brother always speaks of…….” Before Fatty Hai could complete his sentence, Ye Kong already sent him flying with a kick: “Pig head, don’t taint Bing’er, scram to the side!”

“You can go, but that would mean your elder brother would have to protect two people. But if you don’t go, he would only have to protect Yi Nan, which would be much easier for him. Next time, ask him to bring you along again. Since he has the Three Realms Compass, he could go anytime. Wait for your elder brother to become stronger. Then, not only could he bring you, he could bring us all too.” With Liu Ye’s explanation, Yue Bing’s intention to go was dispelled.

“Oh, is that the case. I thought that it was because my level was not high enough to go to Heaven Realm.” Little Yue Bing’s heart was so pure, she did not overthink. She was only aware that her elder brother was closest to her, how would she know that her presence would disturb her elder brother and Yi Nan’s intimate time together. She grasped her fist and nodded her head energetically: “I will definitely work hard to become more powerful and not be elder brother’s burden. Train, train hard!”

Staring at Yue Bing’s back as she ran off to diligently train, Fatty Hai’s tears streamed down his face: “She has already surpassed me……”

Ye Kong poked Fatty Hai: “Dumb Fatty, if she was not trying to save our face, she would long have entered Innate Realm. What are you still doing here? Go train quickly, don’t you have any shame at being stuck at Lesser Innate Level for so long? If I were you, I would long have hit my head and killed myself. Are you that dumb? Your improvement this time has been zilch!”

Fatty Hai was furious: “Monkey, you too are a Lesser Innate. If you can, show me how you can breakthrough Innate today?”

Xue Tan Lang, who had been silent this entire time, suddenly piped up: “You two are indeed trash, I am considering if I should break off all ties with you two. Being friends with such trash is truly embarrassing.”

“You!” Fatty Hai nearly choked in anger. But he could not retaliate since Xue Tan Lang had already reached Innate before them, and could say anything he wanted.

“Dumb Fatty, come train!” Ye Kong was also seething with anger. While he clearly knew that Xue Tan Lang was testing them psychologically , but nonetheless, he could not stand it. Actually, he and Fatty Hai already had ability above Innate Level One. But the more anxious they were, the more they were stuck before Innate Realm and could not breakthrough. Since Yue Yang had been too busy to guide them, their cultivation had become stagnant. Not only so, they were also competitive and did not want to rely entirely on Yue Yang’s guidance and breakthrough with their own ability instead……

When Yue Yu came to bring the little girl away, Yi Nan was bouncing in excitement.

A world for two people!

A world of only her and Yue Yang that she has been longing for, it was finally here.

Actually, she did not care whether they went to Heaven Realm. As long as she was with Yue Yang on a romantic date, it did not matter wherever they went. Turns out her dating plans with Yue Yang was to go to Heaven Stairway to trace the ancestry. Since Yue Yang was not in a hurry to explore Heaven Stairway now, there was also no rush to explore God’s Ruins.

With the Three Realm Compass, the place Yue Yang wanted to explore the most was Heaven Realm.

Since Thousand Goblin King is dead, and the other clone did not make any moves, there was no need to take action for now. Black Hell king was also in hiding and would not let Yue Yang seize any chances easily. Scarlet Emperor had also escaped to Heaven Realm, so Yue Yang could only go up to Heaven Realm to seek for news. Scarier than Scarlet Emperor was Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao, who were gradually recovering little by little. Back then, Xu Kong and Jiu Xiao were the Heaven Realm Great Leaders who fought against the Prison Emperor.

No matter what, Yue Yang wanted to go up to Heaven Realm to take a look. To know yourself and know your enemy was the most important.

Exploring, widening one’s horizons and at the same time picking girls up, what could be better in this world? Yue Yang had been wanting to play with Little Sister Yi Nan for a long time, but he had not had the chance too. Now, the alone time he had been longing for with Nan Yi was finally here. Without Princess Qian Qian and Xue Wu Xia, without Sick Beauty and Luo Hua City Mistress around, during this romantic Heaven Realm journey, Yue Yang would secretly push Yi Nan down…… This was Yue Yang’s great wish and was also the fruits of love that was to be expected. To have to look for Xia Yi previously was a slight waste of time. Fortunately, they reaped the harvest of saving the Heaven Realm Draconians.

“I am so nervous, what clothes should I wear. Right, prepare some bags, I have to bring some Heaven Realm specialties back for everyone as gifts.” Yi Nan was twirling in excitement.

“Don’t bring too many things, actually forget it, do what you wish!” Yue Yang gently caressed her small face.

The first close female friend he met was Yi Nan, she was also the first to be engaged to him. But the time he spent with her was the least.

This time, no matter what, he had to properly make it up to her. He had to give her the most romantic Heaven Realm journey, the most most most romantic honeymoon…… Yue Yang bent down to kiss Yi Nan gently. This time, she did not reject him. She only bowed her head, and ran off bashfully and continued packing. Even if Fourth Mother and Yue Yu had long finished packing for her, she could not resist checking once more in fear of missing anything out.

With everything prepared, Yue Yang bid everyone farewell and activated the Three Realm Compass once more.

Return to Heaven Realm.

The destination, was the mechanical battle doll he had buried below God’s Statue.

Heaven Realm, and the Heaven Realm of six thousand years ago, what had changed? The mysterious Heaven Realm, what were its true colours? This, Yue Yang believed, he would properly understand after stepping into Heaven Realm.

When Yue Yang stepped onto Heaven Realm’s grounds, he recalled the fierce battle of that day. He could not help but sigh: “Heaven Realm, I am here……”

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