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LLS Chapter 603 – Not surrendering? Beat him up!

Chapter 603 – Not surrendering? Beat him up!
Translated by: Shiroyukineko, Last
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The three great codes that Yue Yang set were only wills in the meantime.

Unless he possess a half god’s power or the power of god that only exist in legends, his words would not carry the weight of a Code. With regards to the power of the Code, Yue Yang could only control a small part of it with the help of the Destiny Code Power that was sealed within the Destiny Card. It was not the will from within him. He was still very far from that level.

Of course, if he continued to cultivate, Yue Yang would definitely be able to use his own will to create the power of the Code in the future.

“Your Highness.” After Queen Qi Ge paid respects to Yue Yang, she suddenly bowed in respect to Xia Yi too. Her way of addressing caused Xia Yi to jump in shock.

“No, no, I’m not a ‘Highness’.” Xia Yi shook her hands in panic as she gazed pitifully at Yue Yang for help. She hoped that he would explain their relationship clearly, she didn’t want a bunch of Innates kneeling on the ground, respectfully addressing her with ‘Your Highness’.

“You are a ‘Highness’. The founder’s blood is in your body. Amongst the Heaven Realm Draconians, those who had the founder’s blood are nobles and kings. Although all this time only males could inherit the blood, the founder’s blood is definitely within your Highness’s body. Furthermore, inside your body, the founder’s blood is even thicker and purer than most of the males here, it is even purer than the Wyvern King’s blood thousands of years ago!” Queen Qi Ge regarded Xia Yi as Her Highness Holy Princess. When Xia Yi comes of age, she planned to enthrone her as the new ruler, Holy Blood Queen.

“Ah…” Xia Yi wanted to faint. She was obviously a human girl. How could she be related to the Draconians’ Holy Princess or Holy Blood Queen?

“It is indeed so.” Yue Yang nodded, confirming Queen Qi Ge’s words.

“When the Heaven Realm destroyed the passageway to Heaven Realm and closed the Heaven Realm’s gate, we, Heaven Realm Draconians, lost hope to return to our homeland, so we split into two branches. One branch hoped to unite with humans to create a new homeland and they were led by the previous Holy Princess who inherited the founder’s blood. They then connected with humans through marriage with human Innates. The other branch was our ancestors, who were determined to open the Heaven Realm passageway, and return to the Heaven Realm through the Heaven Stairway. That time we were the bigger group, our numbers made up a whole army of more than 10,000 people. The Holy Princess, on the other hand, was only left with a few hundreds of her personal guards.” Queen Qi Ge explained to Xia Yi, “Your Highness, you are the Holy Princess’ descendant. Furthermore, the blood in your body is extremely pure. Among our races, other than you, only Her Highness Holy Princess possessed such a pure Founder’s Blood.”

“But my mother is just an ordinary person, she is not Her Highness Holy Princess! Furthermore, I’ve never known anyone called Holy Princess before!” Xia Yi was extremely confused. She looked at Yue Yang, hoping that he had some kind of explanation.

“This is an ancient secret.” Yue Yang smiled slightly.

Actually, if Yue Yang hadn’t excavated the ancestral tomb in Wyvern Valley and receive the information about the records from the ancestral box in Xia Yi’s hands, he wouldn’t have found out so many secrets about the Heaven Realm Draconians. He excavated the tomb because he wanted to know more about the internal truths. By pretending to be the Dragon Emperor, he would have more persuasive power. It was really as Yue Yang had planned. Those old people who had died in the Wyvern Valley, the previous generations Wyvern Kings, they had indeed recorded the truth within the tomb.

Since it was that way, Yue Yang had an even stronger persuasive power.

Yue Yang gestured for Xia Yi to come over and gave her the golden box that contained generations of Wyvern Kings’ ashes and the history records: “Actually, your ancestors were not a natural race. They were a kind of man made human or man made organism. When the previous Heavenly Dragon Emperor conquered Heaven Realm before, he had many loyal subjects. Some of them lived until the end, some of the them died during the battle… In order to reward his subordinates’ loyalty and also to recognize their meritorious deed, Heavenly Dragon Emperor created a man made human using his deceased subordinates’ blood, treating them as their descendants.”

“So that was what happened.” A lot of people didn’t know about the truth, only Queen Qi Ge heard about it before.

“Those first generation Heaven Realm Draconians who didn’t have parents were extremely lonely as they didn’t have the company of their loved ones. They begged the previous Heavenly Dragon Emperor to create some female counterparts to become their lifelong companions. Hence, the female counterpart of the Heaven Realm Draconian was created. However, as the Draconians were initially created to be males, the female counterparts were more like males, in another words, they were not pretty enough. The original Heaven Realm Draconians, no matter male or female, were very loyal towards their love relationship. Their hold their lifelong partners in high esteem, and their love was unchanging until they die.” The history that Yue Yang was speaking was actually the information he had gotten from the golden box, that was the record passed down since the ancient times. There were many historical records of the various past generations of the Heaven Realm Draconians.

“Afterwards, how did the race deteriorate?” Xia Yi didn’t understand.

“The first few generations of the Heaven Realm Draconians lived more happily, and they were also much stronger. The weakest ones were at least Heaven Rank Level 1 and above. In the later generations, as their numbers grew and they became a society, monarchy was established. Then, they started comparing who possessed the most superior blood. Males who possessed the blood, that the previous generation Heavenly Dragon Emperor had rewarded them, were especially strong, clever and talented. The blood of females, on the other hand, started to get thinner and less superior. Due to this, they respected the males greatly and slowly, their society become patriarchal, where males were regarded as superior to females. Actually, the first generation of Heaven Realm Draconians were born equal, no matter if they are male or female. They lived lovingly together as one, and they definitely didn’t have any thoughts of males being superior to females.” The reason why Yue Yang said this was because he wanted to change the deep-rooted belief that females were inferior to males.

“That’s very good, we have to inform more female Draconians about this .” Xia Yi happily clapper her hands.

“Yes, we obey Holy Emperor’s and Her Highness’s command.” Queen Qi Ge and the others knelt again.

“Quickly rise!” Xia Yi panicked. Why did these women kneel down to every little thing?

“The reason why the previous Heavenly Dragon Emperor created the male Heaven Realm Draconians was to remember his loyal subordinates. He created them so that his subordinates had descendants. He created female Heaven Realm Draconians so that their kind could multiply, it was definitely not because he wanted to give the male Heaven Realm Draconians female slaves! Hence, you all should contribute your powers to fix this mistake. Xia Yi will guide you all and release even more female slaves. You guys are all lives created equally by the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, you must not be disrespectful to him.” Yue Yang used the previous generation Heavenly Dragon Emperor as an excuse to make these women do something for him.

“You want me to lead them?” Xia Yi almost fainted when she heard him. She didn’t know anything about leading armies and fighting wars!

“Listen to me, you will definitely be okay. I will be there for you!” Yue Yang patted her shoulders lightly.

“Alright!” Xia Yi also needed a reason to stay at his side. Otherwise, being a single woman, how could she follow a guy all day round? Right now, she had an excuse as she was helping him with something.

She suddenly remembered something, which was related to her blood.

That Holy Princess’ descendant thing, she was definitely not one!

Why did Queen Qi Ge think that she was?

Xia Yi actually wanted to ask afterwards, but it was like Yue Yang read her thoughts. He said: “Actually you are just a normal human girl, but that Heaven Realm Draconian Holy Princess had actually channelled all her blood energy into your body, become the sole inheritor. Only you have it while your brothers don’t. But, they still have a tiny bit of the blood inheritance because your parents should be the marriage of a human Innate and a female Heaven Realm Draconian. Otherwise, Her Highness Holy Princess would not even give you her blood……”

After thinking for a long time, Xia Yi finally started to accept this reality, then, she started feeling a little inferior.

Could it be that the reason she wasn’t beautiful was because she possessed the Heaven Realm Draconian blood?

Although Xia Yi was a girl, glancing through the crowd, she couldn’t find any beautiful female Heaven Realm Draconian.

These women weren’t ugly per se. Actually, all their features were okay, if they were seen separately, their features looked nice. However, when these features were mixed together, the result was barely average, Xia Yi couldn’t see them as beautiful at all.

Their bodies were also a little taller.

Even the youngest female was more than 2 meters tall. Furthermore, their muscles were bigger, not lean like a female’s. Their skin didn’t have the white satiny feel of a human female, instead, they were coarse and black, as if they were exposed to the sun for a long time. When Xia Yi saw these female Heaven Realm Draconians, she could only sigh. No wonder they all feel inferior. Even she, whose chest was a little small, felt extremely inferior about it. If she were to look like these Heaven Realm Draconian females, she would probably not dare to walk out of her house.

“You think having looks can feed you? Your abilities are more important!” When Yue Yang saw Xia Yi’s unconfident look, he comforted her: “Actually, I like to eat apples too.”

“…” Xia Yi blushed, she was so embarrassed that she didn’t dare to lift up her head.

Looks were not important? Then why would this brat have so many beauties on his side. Furthermore, each of them were even more sexy than the other, each of them had bigger breasts than the others!

Of course, she didn’t dare to refute him, afraid that Yue Yang would tease her again. If there were only the two of them, she wouldn’t mind, but Bloody Queen Red and Ah Man were also there. Xia Yi really couldn’t put down her pride. She knew that Red and Ah Man were both his Guardian Beasts, but in her eyes, these two were women, not beasts.

After the Tao Tie Blade finished absorbing the blood, Yue Yang ordered Queen Qi Ge to command the Draconians to clean up everything. Yue Yang then tried to make a contract with the Wyverns in the valley.

Queen Qi Ge understood that this new Heavenly Dragon Emperor wanted to bring her people out of this place, hence she was very happy.

Freedom was the dream that she and her people had dreamt of for thousands of years.

“We wouldn’t be able to bring them out with grimoires. There are seals on their bodies. Although you have the Tao Tie Blade, the dimension inside the Tao Tie Blade couldn’t fit 300 people.” Lord Mo Long suddenly stood up from the ground and bowed towards Yue Yang: “If third young master is willing, I’m willing to ask my Lord to use the Holy Artifact ‘Space Cradle’ to extract all these Heaven Realm Draconians out. As long as third young master and my Lord can work together, this is definitely possible.”

“I don’t need that at all…” Yue Yang pulled out the Tao Tie Blade which was shining with a red light and smiled: “I am the master of the Heaven Stairway. The previous Heaven Stairway warriors’ seal is nothing to me.”

“Pu!” Lord Mo Long almost puked blood. This brat faked too many identities! He had not even finished talking about his identity as the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, he still had the gall to say he was the master of the Heaven Stairway?

“You are the master of Heaven Stairway?” Xia Yi tugged at Yue Yang’s sleeves cutely, expressing her suspicions.

“Bullshit, if it is not me, then who?” Yue Yang boasted shamelessly.

“Cough cough, third young master, you are already the new generation of Prison Emperor. You are the strongest and noblest Prison Emperor of the Soaring Dragon Continent, you can’t be the master of Heaven Stairway too right? Furthermore, it was said that only females could become the master of the Heaven Stairway.” Lord Mo Long was almost defeated by Yue Yang’s shamelessness.

“My fiancee Yi Nan is Heaven Stairway’s number one successor. She would listen to everything I say, so why wouldn’t I be the master of Heaven Stairway? What’s more, I have obtained the previous master’s blood inheritance. If I am not the master of Heaven Stairway, then is it Black Hell King?” Yue Yang boldly and confidently used his cunning logic to say that he would sooner or later by the master of Heaven Stairway.

“Please pretend I didn’t say anything. Third Young Master, killing Mo Long is easy, but wishing for Mo Long to admit defeat is hard.” Lord Mo Long expressed that he would rather die than submit.

“I also hoped that you would surrender. No problem. You can be my war prisoner. In any case the Abyss Manatees are my captives, so having one more is not a problem.” Yue Yang waved his hands, and Hui Tai Lang pounced on Lord Mo Long, beating him up.

Since it was just a captive, then Hui Tai Lang would not be polite.

Elder Ning Hai would beat people up even if they surrendered, what more of a captive? Bestowing a ‘Sha Wei Bang‘ on the enemy was unavoidable.
(Last: Sha Wei Bang means to punish an offender in order to quell his rage/killing intent through means of beating them with a stick)

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