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LLS Chapter 602 – Yue Yang’s Three Great Codes

Chapter 602 – Yue Yang’s Three Great Codes
Translated by: honey
Edited by: Last
TLCed by: Last

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The Heaven Realm Draconians were all captured. They were all injured as they kneeled beside the blood pool, awaiting execution.

Hui Tai Lang’s tail waved the Origin Fire Scythe, attempting to severe the arm of one of those desperately struggling. There was only one outcome for anyone who did not abide by Yue Yang – death by torture. All the men, including Prince Bo Lun who was still alive, were horrified. They all realised that their final fate was to end up as the blood sacrifice of Tao Tie Blade!

In the past, they had been the ones who massacred women by the masses as sacrifice for the Demonic Mirror. They had not felt an ounce of remorse, and only felt an animalistic freedom from inhibitions.

Now that they were the ones being sacrificed, they finally understood what this thing called pain was.

Many men were bawling in fear.

Some even defecated on the spot.

With Crescent Blade in her hand, Bloody Queen Red spat in contempt: “You all should come to an awareness. After killing so many of your comrades, how is it any strange that you have now been reduced to sacrifices? You good-for-nothings, keep kneeling, otherwise, I promise you will die an even more painful death!”

Barbarian Cow Shadow did not even spare a glance at these trashes, and merely waved her hand to instruct the women who were trembling in fear at the back to carry out the execution.

This was according to Yue Yang’s orders. Before he brought Xia Yi to the ancestral tombs within the canyons, he had ordered all the women to personally kill the men led by Prince Bo Lun. Everyone had to participate, including the children. His purpose behind not killing them himself and ordering the women of the Heaven Realm Draconians to do it was to completely eradicate their deep-rooted slave mentality. It could be said that other that Queen Qi Ge’s inkling of resistance, the rest of the women of the Heaven Realm Draconians were simply slaves through and through. Even in the face of death, they would not resist……. This was truly a tragedy.

Yue Yang wanted to change them. First, he had to borrow Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s name; second, he had to reverse their thinking from its fundamental roots.

Without using Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s name, these women would not listen to him.

By riding on the coattails of the name of their Ancestral Founder and the contrast of the preceding events, these women had completely lost their own view, making this the best opportunity for change.

“First, we execute the greatest sinner of all – Bo Lun. As a son, he had the audacity to kill his father to usurp the throne, massacre the tribe, sinned and raped, deceived his ancestors, possess contempt for the Heavenly Emperor. May the Lord pardon him, he is guilty, execute him!” Bloody Queen waved the Whip of Agony and flogged Bo Lun’s crippled body out from the crowd to the front of Queen Qi Ge. In complete seriousness, Bloody Queen said: “Queen Qi Ge, lead the execution!”

“This servant will solemnly obey the Heavenly Emperor’s decree.” Queen Qi Ge and the women hurriedly knelt and answered loudly.

She would not dare to neglect Yue Yang’s orders by the slightest.

She did not know that Yue Yang was a fake ‘Heavenly Dragon Emperor’. In fact, even if Yue Yang himself denied it, she did not dare to deny him. After all, only the legendary Ancestral Founder Heavenly Dragon Emperor possessed the Tong Tian Divine Dragon. Anything else could be faked, other than the one and only Tong Tian Divine Dragon. Moreover, if Tong Tian Divine Dragon had not come to Wyvern Valley, who would have come to save the poor women?

Other that Heavenly Dragon Emperor, who would dare execute these noble men?

Only him, the only Founder of all Heaven Realm Draconians had this right, this power!

If Yue Yang had not received Elder Nan Gong’s book, if he had not known the history of Heaven Realm Draconians from the book, he would not have pretended to be Heavenly Dragon Emperor.

Now, he is not only pretending to be Heavenly Dragon Emperor, he even intended to take a look at the Ancestral Graves of the Heaven Realm Draconians to uncover more secrets so that he could take over this ‘Slave Group’ formed by the women of the Heaven Realm Draconians. If obedient women like them filled in as hired thugs, Soaring Dragon Continent would be much safer. Even if Black Hell King wanted to create trouble, it would not be easy…… Also, making them his subordinates was merely the first step of his plan. There was more to come such as going up to Heaven Realm to take in more of women of the Heaven Realm Draconians. With the name of Heavenly Dragon Emperor, these free hired thugs would keep coming.

He had to make full use of such convenience.

Of course, Yue Yang would not be courteous with these free hired-thugs. Moreover, this could be considered as saving them from staying enslaved to male Heaven Realm Draconians.

“Mother, you are my mother. When you gave birth to me, you were the one who secretly hid us brothers from father. You were the one who brought us up. Mother, have you forgotten it all?” Prince Bo Lun did not want to die. He crawled up in pain and knelt before Queen Qi Ge. He started bawling to show his repentance: “I was wrong, mother, please forgive me! It was all in a moment’s folly. I was tired of being stuck in Wyvern Valley. I only made those mistakes because I was desperate to get out. Now, I realized what I have done wrong…… Mother, you have always been the kindest, can you not forgive my one mistake? Do you remember when I was young? No matter what I did wrong, you would always forgive me. You used to dote on us so much, I am still your son do you remember? Mother, are you really going to kill me heartlessly?”

“Sigh, if I only I knew things would come to this stage, I would do things all over again.” Queen Qi Ge put down the dagger in her hand. With trembling hands, she caressed Prince Bo Lun’s face: “I was the one who spoilt you in the past. I was the one who made you like this, I was wrong, I was wrong!”

“Mother, let me go. Ask them for forgiveness, beg them to let me go. I can do anything, I can do anything for them. I have a handsome face and a tone healthy body. I also have power. If I can live, I am willing to do anything for them.” After he saw Yue Yang leaving with Xia Yi, Prince Bo Lun hoped to seduce Bloody Queen Red and Barbarian Cow Shadow.

“Meow…….” Hearing all these, Hui Tai Lang could only laugh. This guy was too shameless, he even dared to seduce owner’s girl? Even killing him is going easy on him, he has to be gnawed slowly to death.

“Hahaha, this is hilarious! Even at death’s door, you still feel good about yourself. So what if you have some looks? Compared to owner, you are practically a pig. Queen Qi Ge, I order you to skin that shameless face off. Skin it off slowly, do it bit by bit. Also, castrate him with your own hands. This will be the punishment for even trying to challenge my owner’s dignity. In this world, anyone who even tries to challenge my owner’s dignity will receive the greatest punishment!” Bloody Queen first laughed loudly before issuing the order coldly, ordering Queen Qi Ge to carry out the execution.

“Spit!” Barbarian Cow Shadow’s attitude showed the most contempt disdain.

Hui Tai Lang decided to take matter in his own hands. It would also take part in the skinning as Queen Qi Ge carries out the castration and skinning. Only then, could it vent its anger.

How could this garbage even fathom any thoughts of provoking its owner? Even pickling this garbage could not warn the world enough. Hui Tai Lang had never seen such a shameless scum. Its owner’s many formidable opponents, Black Hell King, Scarlet Emperor, Xu Kong, Jiu Xiao, not one had ever tried to touch his women. This disgusting fellow, did he really think he was any bit attractive?

Prince Bo Lun started bawling. He clinged onto Queen Qi Ge’s legs, crying for his life.

Not to mention how much Hui Tai Lang despised him, even the women and tribesmen who called him Wyvern King found his current cowardly state disgusting.

Was it not just death?

Was there a need to cry like this? Everyone felt as if they had finally seen Prince Bo Lun for who he was. He was only trash, how could he be any king? A supreme king who reigned the world should be like that guy, with a divine army at his whim, the ability to turn any undesirable situation around with a single order, the ability to behead a thousand people strong army with a single line from his mouth. That was the real king, the real master.

“All of you, scram! Otherwise, I will kill her!” Prince Bo Lun suddenly flew up and grab Queen Qi Ge’s arm. He snatched the dagger from her hands and held it up to Queen Qi Ge’s neck in a frenzy.

“I thought she was your mother?” Bloody Queen pretended not to see anything.

“All of you retreat. It is useless to say anything now, back off further. You must know, she is one of you now. She no longer has anything to do with me. If anyone dares to step forward even one step, I will die with her.” Prince Bo Lun threatened the women and tribesmen who were ready to rush forward to save Queen Qi Ge, while trying to fan his comrades who were kneeling by the blood pool into action: “Brothers, we are all going to die. Are you all just going to do nothing and wait for death, and become blood sacrifices? We are still in the prime of our youth, why do we have to die? No matter how strong they are, it is just a few of them who are strong. As long as we work together to hold them hostage, they have nothing against us! Come quick, help me capture those sluts. If we have hostages, we can survive!”

“Really?” Without any warning, Yue Yang suddenly appeared behind Prince Bo Lun.

Prince Bo Lun turned back to see a beaming Yue Yang slowly raising his palm to slap him in the face.

He wanted to avoid it, but his body seemed to be bound by an irresistible force, and he could not move at all……. Yue Yang’s slap knocked his teeth flying. Blood and broken teeth splatted over the floor.

That dagger also fell to the floor. Just when Prince Bo Lun mustered up the last bit of strength to pick the dagger up, a foot stepped on his arm.

That foot crushed his palm into a mound of broken bones and flesh.

This, was Yue Yang’s doing.

Yue Yang smiled: “Prince Bo Lun, do you know why an idiot like you is able to hold someone hostage? It was exactly what I ordered, do you understand? I order Qi Ge to go with what you do. Otherwise, with you intelligence, with your ability, with your so-called handsome face and fit body, you think you can hold anyone hostage with my Beasts watching? I think that everyone, after seeing your performance, will understand what is considered unforgivable, and also what is called a tiger’s return to the mountain…… Anyway, I don’t think I have to say any much more, everyone should know what needs to be done!”

Standing behind Yue Yang, Xia Yi who was holding onto a golden box also spat at Prince Bo Lun in anger.

To let such trash live for one more minute, to take one more breath, was wasting oxygen.

Queen Qi Ge knelt on the floor.

Leading the tribe, she bowed to Yue Yang three times. She then picked up the silver dagger from the floor and stared at Prince Bo Lun blankly. While castrating him, she said calmly: “If you still see me as your mother, then I will only kill you. I will not delay your death and torture you like this. It is a pity, you gave up the last chance the Heavenly Emperor gave you. Leaving such scum like you in this world is indeed a disaster!”

“No, have mercy, I, I know I was wrong. I really know that I have done wrong, spare me……” Prince Bo Lun’s cried in pain, begging for mercy. But this time, everyone ignored him.

“You raped me fifteen times, I will cut you fifteen times in return.” One woman came forth and took the dagger from Queen Qi Ge’s hands. She cut down fifteen small pieces of flesh from Prince Bo Lun’s body. She then passed the dagger to another woman, starting Prince Bo Lun’s death of a thousand cuts. All of the Heaven Realm Draconian men started shivering in fear. Some could not take the shock and fainted onto the ground. Some were more strong-willed, and started bashing their heads on the floor, trying to end their life to escape their impending destiny.

Some even knelt before Queen Qi Ge, hoping for her to administer the torture herself to redeem their past sins.

Queen Qi Ge wiped her tears, and raised the sharp sword high in the air: “I hope you all reincarnate to become good persons. Never be scums that are despise by the world anymore! A cow, horse, pig, dog, any animal is above you all!”

With that, each of them was beheaded.

Hui Tai Lang had a little objection, and barked in ridicule.

Hui Tai Lang hope that everyone would stop using dogs negatively. At least from its point of view, he was proud of being a dog.

“Throw away his face after skinning it. There is no need to show me.” Yue Yang was not interested in seeing Prince Bo Lun’s skinned face. After seeing all of the female Heaven Realm Draconians participate in the execution, he waved his hand and acted solemnly to issue the second ‘Heavenly Dragon Emperor’ decree: “From today on, all women of Heaven Realm Draconians have to follow the Three Great Codes. First, women of Heaven Realm Draconians have to protect their own tribe to ensure its survival. Second, while abiding by the first law, women of Heaven Realm Draconians have to ensure their own safety. Third, other than I, the Emperor, the women of Heaven Realm Draconians are not slaves of anyone. Any woman of the Heaven Realm Draconians who enslaves themselves, will be considered as violating these laws. These women, will be killed with no mercy!”

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