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LLS Chapter 601 – Refining, Tao Tie Blade

Chapter 601 – Refining, Tao Tie Blade
Translated by: Last

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The Heaven Realm Draconians knew they were no match as they tried to flee.

If Yue Yang wanted to kill these Heaven Realm Draconians, it would only take a few seconds that will not exceed a minute. But, he did not make a move and instead summoned out Hui Tai Lang from his Grimoire World, and then kicked its butt: “Chase but do not kill them. Bring them back to let out their blood, do you understand? Their bloods cannot be wasted!”

“Meow!” Hui Tai Lang quickly nodded and raised its paw, mimicking a soldier’s salute.

It opened its wings and quickly chased after a male Heaven Realm Draconians.

That Heaven Realm Draconian was not resign to getting caught so it used its strength to counterattack.

Hui Tai Lang’s tail was like a steel mace. With once fling, it had destroyed the Draconian’s backbone, and with one swipe of its claws, it ripped the Draconian’s wings apart. That person naturally howled out miserable, but Hui Tai Lang was not worried and bit his legs, flinging him towards the blood pool.

Bloody Queen Red ywned with boredom. She thought that there was a strong opponent so she happily came out. Who knew that Hui Tai Lang alone would be able to finish the task.

The Reaper Mantis was different.

Seeing that the skies were filled with Wyverns and Heaven Realm Draconians, an instinctive thirst for Dragon Blood and Dragon Cores aroused her desire to kill.
(Last: I’m not sure if its typo but the Reaper Mantis seems to be a girl as well, i can’t remember other instances where it was mentioned as a girl.)

She opened her wings and followed behind Hui Tai Lang. She specialized in capturing back those Heaven Realm Draconians, that were injured by Hui Tai Lang, and those fleeing Wyverns. If it was a weak Wyvern, she would just eat their cores in mid air. Seeing their natural predator appear in Wyvern Valley, the entire Wyvern Valley was filled with fear.

The Spirit of Heaven Fire did not join the attack. She looked at the blood sucking Demonic Mirror and tried to devour it.

“Stay far away from it, this is not for you.” Yue Yang immediately shooed her away. Other treasures were fine, but this Demonic Mirror was something that could help Yue Yang evolve Hui Jin Magic Blade.

“……” The Spirit of Heaven Fire was reluctant but she did not dare disobey Yue Yang.

She slowly floated away as she impatiently looked at Hui Jin Magic Blade, devouring the Demonic Mirror. Yue Yang had wanted to evolve the Hui Jin Magic Blade for a long time now, but he it would only level up to a Holy Weapon and this was not Yue Yang’s ideal anymore. Yue Yang wanted HUi Jin Magic Blade to become a Divine Weapon or at least a Divine Soldier!

Divine Soldiers were normally beast-shaped.

For Hui jin Magic Blade to become a Divine Soldier, it needed to be in a type of living state. Even if it was metallic life form, it would still have a life, or else he would not succeed.

Yue Yang had killed Thousand Goblin King inside the world of snow and obtained a Scarlet Demon Orb. With the Orb of the Dark Gold Specter, that the Phoenix Sisters killed, and the Orb of the Golden Shadow, he had three different types of orbs. Yue Yang prepared to purify them, to combine them with Hui Jin Magic Blade and give it life, becoming a Divine Soldier. Naturally, there needs to be many things in between them. For example, he needed large amounts of fresh blood and a living battle doll. Only this could truly level up Hui Jin Magic Blade into a Divine Soldier.

The question was, where was he going to get a living battle doll?

He did not have the resources to make another battle angel, so where was he going to find enough materials to level up his Hui Jin Magic Blade?

He had always shelved this problem until he saw the Demonic Mirror…… The Demonic Mirror was not alive but it was similar to being alive and evolve by sucking blood. Moreover, the more frightening thing was that it had intelligence. After drinking the blood of countless sacrifices, it had developed a special spirit that kept demanding for blood. From a human’s point of view, the Demonic Mirror could be counted as a living creature with an extremely sinister spirit.

The other condition for refining was a huge amount of blood.

The blood pool contained the blood of hundreds of Heaven Realm Draconians and tens of thousands of Wyverns. Although the Demonic Mirror had absorbed half of it, Yue Yang predicted that killing the male Heaven Realm Draconians should be enough.

Hui Jin Magic Blade gradually merged with the Demonic Mirror so Yue Yang also threw in the three Demon Orbs.

The Blazing Core and the Demon Dragon Crystal that were originally inside Hui Jin Magic Blade had already grown. They were not on par with the three Demon Orbs but they also contained a certain might. At this time, the Demonic Mirror, three Demon Orbs, Blazing Core and the Demon Dragon Crystal were being refined by Nirvana Flames so they could not not merge together. They all had a will and were not willing to merge with others, but hey had no choice. If they did not agree to Yue Yang’s will, they would forever disappear. On one side, Yue Yang was transmitting the Innate Invisible Qi and on the other was using Nirvana Flames to refine the Hui Jin Magic Blade, Demonic Mirror, three Demon Orbs and the two nucleus as they began to merge.

Yue Yang also never imagined that one day a Divine Soldier would be born from his hands.

Even though it was only a Holy ranked Divine Soldier, it was a Divine Soldier that had not yet hit its limits. It was already enough to make Yue Yang proud!

When the Divine Soldier appeared, the entire Wyvern Valley was covered in a bloody red light.

The ground shook just like how the legends described the appearance of a Divine Soldier.

Heaven and earth had changed colors as thunderbolts danced in the skies……blood red demonic qi surged to the skies like a Heaven Devouring Demon. Those female Heaven Realm Draconians were frightened to the point of hugging each other while trembling. They did not dare to raise their heads to look at the slowly changing uncomplete Divine Soldier in Yue Yang’s hand. In their minds, there was already no doubt that their legendary founder, the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, was an ultimate ranker that had control over Divine Soldiers and commanded all under heaven, that it was a god-like existence; Otherwise, how could the Heaven Realm Draconians worship it as their founder?

The youth in front of their eyes had an unfathomable strength. He knew about the Heaven Realm Draconian’s history and wielded a Divine Soldier.

Even if he was not Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s reincarnation, he might be a later generation Heavenly Dragon Emperor.

The most important thing was that when the youth raised the Divine Soldier, the Tong Tian Tower Beast on his wrist let out a dragon’s might…… Although they had only heard it from legends, when they saw that the Tong Tian Tower Beast, that could change into anything, they knew that he was definitely the Heavenly Dragon Emperor’s disciple. This was because only the Heavenly Dragon Emperor knew how to command the Tong Tian Divine Dragon. And, the Tong Tian Tower Beast was the Tong Tian Divine Dragon’s young.

When the Tong Tian Tower Beast appeared, every Heaven Realm Draconian could feel its supreme draconic might suppressing them, making their soul tremble.

There was a resonance.

If the youth that was refining the dragon blood into a Divine Soldier did not admit that he was the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, then the owner of the Tong Tian Divine Dragon was definitely the Heavenly Dragon Emperor. The Heaven Realm Draconians did not doubt this.

“Sacred founder……” Every female Heaven Realm Draconian kneeled down. They did not even dare let out a single gasp as they prostrated in admiration and kowtowed.

“I’m busy right now, move to one side.” The metal beast on Yue Yang’s wrist turned into a divine dragon shape, surrounding his arms. It raised its head at the Hui Jin Magic Blade, as if it was saying that even if the Hui Jin Magic Blade becomes a Divine Soldier, it couldn’t even compare to it. Of course, by doing this, it also showed how it viewed the Hui Jin Magic Blade as its rival, since the newly upgraded Hui Jin Magic Blade was truly impressive.

It had become a completely new magic blade.

In other words, it had become a new metal beast.

It was a weapon and also a beast. It carried a sinister appearance that was never before seen from the monsters of Tong Tian Tower. This was from a draconic monster that Yue Yang had seen before he was sent to this world. It long horns pointed to the sky. Its sharp fangs devoured a person. Its size was close to a lion and its hair seemed to look like spikes. At the same time, it had a tail that was fill of barbs.

The blood sucking gem that was inlaid on the Demonic Mirror had become its eyes.

The three Demon Orbs had become the magic crystal, that continuously rotated on its head without stopping.

The Blazing Core and Demon Dragon Crystal had merged together to become its heart. Its two sides were like a lion, but they were clearly made from fragments of the Demonic Mirror, as they glowed with sinister red light. Its tail was forever ignited with demonic fire and goblin fire. The world inside the Demonic Mirror had become its stomach. If it could not bite its enemy to death, it could at least swallow a hundred people. If it were to evolve again the world inside would definitely expand and become a bottomless stomach.

Actually what Yue Yang wanted the most was the interior world.

The Holy ranked Demonic Mirror was second.

With an interior world that could suck blood, it would become his enemies’ nightmare…… Not only would their bodies die, their souls would forever be trapped inside. Yue Yang still wanted to wait until he becomes stronger before merging the Demon Suppressing Pagoda as well. Let alone normal Heaven Ranked warriors, even the likes of Cang Yan, Yan Zong and Yan Zun would forever be trapped.

Naturally, Yue Yang’s goal was the Scarlet Emperor and the higher goal was Jiu Xiao and Xu Kong of the Heaven Realm Three Great Leaders.

If he wanted to trap them, Yue Yang felt that he needed to reach the level of the Black Hole World.
(Last: world where Empress Fei Wen Li is trapped)

He would not think about this right now, but there would be such a possibility in the future.

“You are temporarily incomplete, but I will give you a name. In the future, you will be name ‘Tao Tie Blade’!” Yue Yang extended his hands as the beast instantly changed shape and wrapped Yue Yang’s arm. It had tightly wrapped his arm that there were no seams and even look like his natural skin. It could be said that it had completely become an extension of Yue Yang’s arm, as if it had always been a part of Yue Yang.
(Last: Tao Tie means gluttonous)

In its Tao Tie form, the head was the blade and the mouth, tongue and teeth were the blade edge.
(Last: Tao Tie form = sword form)

Yue Yang held the waist as its four limbs and tail extended, merging with the head, teeth and tongue. It had become a half-sawtoothed half-crescent heavy saber.

The other metal beast also impatiently transformed, becoming the Tong Tian Sword. It took the initiative to lightly strike the Tao Tie Blade.

The collision let out a ‘ding’ sound.

Although the sound was not loud, it was enough to shake the soul of others.

Lord Mo Long’s helpers had been shaken that blood flowed from their seven apertures as they died. Even Lord Mo Long had his eardrums destroyed and sent coughing out blood, as if he heard Bloody Queen Red’ Banshee Scream.

Yue Yang was elated and sent out a slash with his hands.

The Tao Tie Blade was chopped forwards. The mountain wall thousand of meters away suddenly had a deep scar. The scar reached 100 meters long and 10 meters deep……. En route, it had even bisected a fleeing Wyvern. Even Hui Tai Lang who had been catching male Heaven Realm Draconians was startled. The other Tong Tian Sword did not take it lying down. It took the initiative to send out a bit of sword qi and deeply penetrated another mountain wall by 100 meters.

Compared to the earth saking slash, this moved had much more destructive power.

This was the first time that the metal beast boasted like this. If it wasn’t because of the Tao Tie Blade, it would never reveal its strength.

“Here’s your reward!” Yue Yang naturally understood the metal beast’s heart. He rewarded it with one of the Ancient Demon Brother’s Demon Crystal. It became so happy that it rolled around Yue Yang’s arms.

In its Tao Tie form, Yue Yang had pierced it into the blood pool, letting it absorb the energy from the fresh blood to continue evolving.

Xia Yi waited for him to finish before stealthily pulling his sleeves: “It’s fine that you saved them but why did you have to pretend to be their master? Pretending to be the Heavenly Dragon Emperor is bad, isn’t it?”

Yue Yang smiled when he heard this: “Nonsense, if I don’t pretend to be the Heavenly Dragon Emperor, would they even listen to me? Look at how obedient they are. They would even do what I say. If I did not pretend to be their founder, how would I be able to excavate their ancestral tombs?”

Xia Yi had a headache: “Murdering people is enough, yet you still want to excavate their ancestral tomb? You are too cruel, why not let it go.”

Yue Yang used his forefinger to lightly tease her chin: “If I don’t excavate their ancestral tomb, how could I inspect your Draconian bloodline? Moreover, there must be treasures inside. I had already felt it when I entered. If I don’t take it, then I would miss this opportunity!”

“I have Draconian’s bloodline?” Xia Yo was stupefied.

“Ah?” Let alone her, even Queen Qi Ge and the others who heard it were flabbergasted as they looked at Xia Yi. Only now did they notice that there was a sense of familiarity as they looked at her.

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      Patterns showing the face of a "voracious" beast appear as early as on the pottery of the Liangzhu Culture 良渚文化 of the Lower Yangtze area. In central China, zoomorph pictures on the pottery of the Erlitou Culture 二里頭文化 are the direct forerunners of the bronze vessel masks of the Shang period, but most of these early pictures mainly show fixing eyes, while the horns and patterns of the face only appear in the late Shang period. In the flourishing age of taotie patterns, these have some common features, namely symmetrical horns, no lower jaw, and a mask-like appearance, which might be a prove that they were used as masks worn by shamans during certain ceremonies. Various scholars tried to identify the taotie with some existing or mythological animals, like tigers, goats, serpents, or dragons. In some cases, the bodies of taotie are seen, making them appear like crocodiles, oxen, or stags.

      Immortal Mountain _ Insight into the World of Chinese Fantasy Novels
      Chinese Bestiary
      The Four Fiends (四凶 sìxiōng) – in mythology, a group of monsters which were banished by Emperor Shun to bring order to human society.

      Hundun (混沌) – represents Chaos. It’s a faceless being, sometimes described as resembling a dog or bear. It attacks the virtuous and obeys the commands of the wicked. “Hundun” is also the name of the Primordial Chaos in Chinese mythology.

      Taotie (饕餮) – represents Gluttony. It has no body, only the head of a ferocious beast. It seeks to devour everything.

      Taowu (梼杌) – represents Ignorance. Sometimes described as resembling as tiger or boar. It spreads ignorance among humans.

      Qiongqi (穷奇): represents Deviousness. It looks like a winged tiger. It eats people, instigates wars, and commits many other evil deeds.

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